Is Jamie Lewis A Scam? Hyped-Up Or Legit Course Creator?

Is Jamie Lewis A Scam

Hi, welcome to my review of Jamie Lewis. Today we’re going to find out if he’s a scam or not.

If you’re not familiar with him yet, once you Google the name, you’ll find a Welsh darts player with the same name. No, he is not one and the same Jamie Lewis we’re going to talk about today.

Jamie Lewis Google Search Results

The Jamie Lewis we’re going to discuss today is the internet marketer and course creator.

We’re going to know who he is and talk about 4 of the courses he created. This will give us a good idea of what kind of internet marketing guru he is and if he’s the kind of guy you can trust. 

After all, if you’ve taken interest in Jamie Lewis, you’re also probably interested in one or a few of his courses. 

Come to think of it, the money you’re planning to pay for his course is an investment for your online income goals. If you’re here to find out if you’re investing in the right person, then 2 thumbs up for you. 

The internet is flooded with money-making gurus overpromising things to try and get into your pockets. Once they do, you’ll realize they can’t always put anything back in and your money will be gone with the wind. 

I definitely want to avoid that happening to you so today you’re going to know Jamie Lewis for who he really is. 

If you’re ready, then let’s dive right in!

Who Is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie Lewis is an internet marketer and prolific course creator. He’s created courses alone and others with Shawn Josiah or Matthew Neer. 

He’s got a lot of experience in the online money-making field and very skillful in crafting persuasive ad campaigns that really grab people’s attention. 

He’s sounding like an awesome guy with what I’ve just said, but here’s the kicker:

Like I said earlier, Jamie Lewis is a prolific course creator. He’s quite infamous for creating get-rich-quick type of course that’s here today, and you’ve guessed it, gone tomorrow. 

One time he launched Profit Injector 2. Just 2 weeks later he released Wealth Agency, and guess what he did another 2 weeks later?

Yes, another course launch. After Wealth Agency, it was Profit 365.

This made me think…

If he was such a great online marketer, why couldn’t he just focus on creating one course and make it as awesome as it can get instead of launching shabby courses one after the other?

Oops I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll explain the “shabby” thing a bit later. 

For now, let’s consider his deceptive claims so you won’t have a bubble to burst after reading any of his courses’ sales pages. 

Jamie Lewis Hyped-Up Course Claims

Jamie Lewis describes his CashGrab course as “one of the most effective and secret money-making methods ever seen” and “the first of it’s kind”. 

How many make-money-online systems and courses have you heard dropping these bold claims?

Your fingers are not enough to count them.

Some of the reviews I’ve made with these claims are:

There are 100s of them! If I list everything down, you’ll be long snoozing before you finish reading them all. 

Back to CashGrab (yes, the hype isn’t over yet), Jamie also says was able to help his students “make more money than they’ve ever seen”. He even brings the hype up a notch by adding one of the downsides of CashGrab is it makes “too much money”!

Imagine that!

With Profit365, he puts on a playful strategy. He says his course will help you make $2,800 per day and he shows you a video of him approaching people in the mall and showing them, using his phone, how much money he’s made.

Jamie Lewis Gimmick

He makes it seem making money is like a walk in the park… or in this case, a walk in the mall.

Jamie also talks of flying! He says with Profit365, you can watch the commissions “fly in fast”. 

And here’s the funniest strategy he used here:

Jamie made a rap video, trying to be an internet marketer version of Eminem to try to convince you how easy it is to make money.

Actually, he does look like Eminem when the famous rapper sported blonde hair. Jamie is just the older looking version. 

The hype isn’t over yet. 

He’s made a living of coming up with new hype with each course he launches!

With Wealth Agency, Jamie claims you can make a staggering $100,000 if you follow his course. 

You’ll see him driving a Bentley while telling you he’s going to show you how you make can make that much money. 

See how he hypes everything up?

He’ll try to put dollar signs in your eyes by claiming you’ll make huge money and trying to prove it to you by doing some luxurious tactic to make you feel you’ll get the same experience if you listen to him.

Basically, Jamie is good at poking your emotional buttons to make you want what he offers. 

But can he deliver?

Huge Gaps In Jamie’s Courses

For this part, I’m going to talk a bit about CashGrab, Profit365, Income League, and Wealthy Agency and tell you the gaps in each of these courses. 

There’s an in-depth review for each one if you want to know everything about each of them, but here’s will just talk about the gaps of each one to let you see how Jamie puts together his courses. 


If there’s one good thing about CashGrab, it’s the calculator feature where you get to choose how much money you want to make in a day, in a week or even a month and you’ll be given an idea of which business models help you to reach those income goals. 

The problem is there’s nothing more to it than that.

Don’t get me wrong, you get 12 training videos. The sad part is, it just covers mindset lessons and nothing about “how-to” stuff. 

There’s no practical training, you won’t get taught how you can work on the business model suggested to you. 

As a beginner, you’re most likely interested in learning the actual steps to take than just getting bombarded with mind-conditioning thingamajigs. 

There’s not even a members’ area or even a simple forum section where you can get tips and learn from other people. 

See the huge gap there? You won’t get the results you want without knowing the practical steps to take. 


Again, huge gaps. Profit365 is a course on affiliate marketing

Here’s the problem:

You’ll get course videos on buying solo ads

But Jamie won’t teach you about:

  • How to build your niche website
  • How to build an email list
  • How to choose the right products
  • What you’ll do with the solo ads and where you buy them

Personally, I don’t like using solo ads because for starters, it’s just too expensive especially for beginners. Second, it doesn’t work. No one reads spam and this is basically what it does. 

He won’t teach you how you can really do email marketing and instead give you a shortcut of his copy and paste spam emails. 

Though Jamie is right with affiliate marketing’s potential, he’s not teaching you the right way to get there. 

Income League

Just like Profit365 Jamie will teach you to spam your way to six figures using solo ads. 

Here’s the thing:

Solo ads can cost $0.35-$0.35 per click. You’ll need to budget at least $100 per month for it. 

The problem is Jamie won’t teach you the principles of making great compelling campaigns. He’s hoarding the knowledge so he can use it on you. 

Jamie will get you to rely on his spammy email templates and trust me, you won’t get anywhere with it. 

Deceptive? You got that right.

Speaking of deceptive, Jamie thinks people are dumb enough not to find out his testimonial tactics. From SpeedWealth to Wealth Ascension, down to Income League, he’s got the same friends to do the testimonials for him. 

Jamie Lewis Phony Testomonials

I’m not saying you can’t get the help of your friends. What I’m saying is, making the same people vouch for you for all your courses doesn’t make you or them credible. 

More often than not, they’re vouching because you are friends and not because they found good results with your courses. 

Wealthy Agency

By far, this is the most decent among the 4 courses. This course is about starting your own digital outsourcing agency. 

Jamie will teach you how you can make money by offering services like website creation and social media campaign handling and outsourcing the job to freelancers from or

Essentially, he’ll teach you to be a middleman. 

The problem is: 

There are still training gaps here. 

While you can just outsource the services, you still need to have a good idea of how it works, and Jamie doesn’t teach you about it. 

Think about it:

How can you present the service when you don’t even know the scope of the job? 

How will you convince people to hire you when you can’t prove your experience? 

So see, you still need a handful of knowledge in what you’ll offer. 

Is Jamie Lewis A Scam?

Jamie Lewis is not a scam but is leaning towards it. Jamie really proves he knows what internet marketing is in the way he presents his videos. The problem is there is a huge disconnect between his claims and the actual output his courses provide.

The courses have the important elements missing. He doesn’t cover the how-to parts and just babbles on about mind-setting, using solo ads, and copy pasting his email swipes. 

With the gaps, you can’t actually make the income he claims you’ll make. 


It’s not enough to know what you’re talking about. You also need to skill to present it in a way where your students can apply what you’re teaching and achieve the goals you set for them.

Jamie makes you think you’ll earn staggering amounts but fails in explaining how you reach it. 

Don’t get me wrong, the business models he teach, affiliate marketing and starting an outsourcing agency have huge potential.

However, unless he provides over-the-shoulder training you deserve, his words will remain a pie in the sky.

It’s not workable enough to make a sustainable income. 

Unlike Jamie Lewis’ methods, Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon course, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get the step-by-step training every beginner needs to build and achieve your income goals. 

Carson and Kyle everything, from scratch to finish, from choosing a niche down to driving traffic for your offers.

With their Wealthy Affiliate course, you’ll learn what it really takes to make money with affiliate marketing. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the training they offer, head on to this comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review to know more. 

What’s Your Take?

Are you disappointed with Jamie Lewis and his courses?

Do you think he deserves a worse judgment than borderline scam?

Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

8 thoughts on “Is Jamie Lewis A Scam? Hyped-Up Or Legit Course Creator?”

  1. I bought Domainer software from Jamie Lewis– made about $25,000 (so far) from selling domains. My cost for everything was less than $500 and the time investment was about 10 hours. Most people don’t spend one hour learning and figuring out how to use a product…

  2. I bought $750 worth of revenue share and a $950 launch partner program. I have received $120 from the revenue share, not the $20,000 advertised, the $950 site that was supposed to make $30,000 in the first month has been up for over 6 months, $0.

    I fell for his hype, learn from my mistake.

  3. I totally fell for this like a dumb sheep and bought Jamie Lewis’s Zombie Commissions hyped-up money-making opportunity with all upsells for $508 about 25 days ago and I have received ZERO SUPPORT on those areas in my member dashboard that don’t even work!

    I have 3 different emails I found on him that I have been emailing him for over 3 weeks now with no support help at all and I have asked for a full refund and I am being ignored!

    I filed a dispute with my bank and I have to wait to see if Jamie Lewis will comply with giving me a refund.

    I posted 3 reviews on TrustPilot and 1 review on Ripoff Report sites exposing Jamie Lewis and hopefully people will see those when researching on whether to buy his hyped-up sleezy sales pitches with ridiculous get-rich claims and empty promises!


    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience Mark. I’m linking to your Zombie Commissions’ Trustpilot page HERE if anyone wants to see your review.

      Filing a dispute with your bank I think is your best option as you can’t expect Jamie Lewis to have an ounce of human decency, unfortunately.

      Don’t expect any support or backup from WarriorPlus either, as they intentionally absolve themselves of any responsibility in their terms of service, saying:

      “You agree to hold WarriorPlus harmless for any damages that may result from your use of any product or our Platform.”

      So Jamie Lewis, Jono Armstrong, Jason Fulton, Robin Palmer, Brendan Mace and all the rest of them know they can do what they like.

      I hope a lot of people read this review and your experience, it’s time to make scamming less profitable!

  4. I bought into Jamie Lewis’ Rev-share program after falling for the hype. “$5000.00 profit with just a $500.00 investment. I should have known after I could not get to the page ; After sending in my payment, that explained all of the particulars. When payments didn’t come in and I questioned them they initially said I was part of a 2 year rev-share program and that profits would come in over that time. ( This is not mentioned in the hype). Anytime I ask where is they $$$$$ I get a put off such as, We will be re-launching soon, or Be professional and have patience

    • He’s full of it Curt, honestly. The way Jamie Lewis, Jason Fulton, Anthony Morrison and the rest of them work is they launch scammy over-hyped products every couple of weeks or so to avoid losing money because of the sheer number of complaints and refund requests that come in.

      The facts he’s just trying to fob you off with half-arsed excuses like that just makes my blood boil! ????????


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