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  1. I was asked to try this through Click 4 Riches. They were telling me I should have been getting checks every week. Which I haven’t. I’m wondering about them. I really do surveys. I haven’t got a check from the many I tried. The seller is always saying he is richer than rich. But they still call themselves helping you. Not true. They still want money. A lot more than $47. After you pay. You always have to pay more. Such as $497 to get the training programs. After that they say you have to put even more money. It is Bull. Quick make $500 a day is Bull Thank you.

      • I have started the training and about to create an account on wealth affiliate, then this message “We’re sorry but we are not able to create your account at this time because your country is not supported.”
        How can you help? What can I do?

        • Good morning, what country are you in?

          You might not be able to create an account if you’re from India, Pakistan or Nigeria and a few other countries because of a history of spam accounts (see this post).

          You could use a VPN if you know how.

  2. dear organizer,
    i intend to learn all of your work in free course, we are Asian people (Bangladesh), please advice me , how can i join with your organization, on completion of work , how can i continue with you. please provide me the details of work ,
    best regards

  3. Warrior plus should make sure the platform is not used to scam innocent netizens.i will never fall for easy money schemes.but there are naive netizens out there.

  4. I bought BrowseNbank and never got access to it! I paid for both the program and the extra special and never got access! I want my money back. This is not right to scam the people! I bought this with clicko and have no access!

    Sandra Carpenter.

    • Hi Sandra,

      It might not be easy because whether or not you get a refund is up to the vendor. As I say in my BrowseNBank review, WarriorPlus wipe their hands from it by saying they’re not responsible for what’s sold on their platform.

      If I were you I would contact the vendor (Branson Tay) and if he doesn’t reply within 48 hours, open a support request with WarriorPlus.

      Let us know how you get on! 🙂


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