Instant Guru Review: An Old Scam With A New Name?

Instant Guru Review

Hi and welcome to my review of Instant Guru.

Dan Green is not a very patient man. It only took him 3 months to give an old system a splash of new paint. I hate to break it to you, but Instant Guru is just a mere rehash of another product he peddled months earlier.

I know of serial product creators who recycle products 6 months to 1 year after. I guess the fad didn’t last long enough or people just realized early on how junky this system is. 

Whatever the case, nothing changes the fact that Instant Guru is not as brand new as what Dan makes it seem on the sales page. 

I know, for now, these are just mere accusations. So, I’ll tell you what Instant Guru is, the traffic method it uses, and if it really works so you can stand to reason how shabby this system is. 

So, stick around because you’ll be in for some jaw-dropping revelation!

Instant Guru Review At A Glance

About: Instant Guru is a review website creator that uses other people’s content to supposedly bring traffic and conversions to your offers.

Price: $29 for the front-end and a whopping $1,018 for 6 upsells.

Pros: Nothing. Turn it upside down and shake it, still nothing.

Cons: The system is a mere rehash of Click and Bank. It steals other people’s content to supposedly help your website rank on Google.

Verdict: Instant Guru is a total scam, no doubt about it. It’s just a recycled system using unoriginal content that won’t give your site even a trickle of traffic.


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What Is Instant Guru?

Instant Guru is a WarriorPlus software launched by Dan Green in July 2020. It supposedly creates your own review website and fills it with content that helps to rank in search engines, so you’ll get traffic and conversions for your affiliate offers.

Here’s the jaw-dropping truth:

It’s just Click and Bank with a new name. The dashboard is the same, the overall interface is the same. It’s merely a cut and paste website. 

Instant Guru And Click And Bank Dashboard

It’s supposed to be a rehash but either Dan still failed to notice, or he just didn’t take the time to correct all the typing mistakes. 

Instant Guru Typo

It tells me one thing: Dan couldn’t care any less because this is all churn and burn to him. It won’t matter if the sales page is not as perfect as it should be. 

What Dan Makes You Think

Here’s how he portrays Instant Guru on the sales page: 

  • It just takes a few clicks to get ranked on Google, you don’t need to work hard
  • It doesn’t matter if you have no experience and skills, you’ll earn $100s by using the system
  • You don’t have to shed cash for paid ads (but you do for the whopping upsells)
  • Instant Guru will make you an expert buy just buying the system

Basically, he’s telling you hard work is old school and you just need to get lumbered some amount and make a few clicks to make money online

Get someone to snap their fingers in your face, you have to wake up from Instant Guru’s trance. 

Instant Guru is only good in theory, but never in actual execution. I’ll show you why.

How Does Instant Guru Work?

Essentially, Instant Guru creates a website you can fill with reviews that supposedly gets you ranked on Google. 

You just have to name the website, add a banner, choose a background and logo, then the website is supposed to be good to go. 

Instant Guru Site Layout

Easy? Yes.

Limited control? Totally.

Disappointingly, if you launch your website, it shabbily looks like this:

Instant Guru Awful Site Structure

The text is barely readable, the banner looks shoddy, and the content thumbnails look squished with photos not sized right. 

You can’t do anything about it because again, you’re limited to just naming it and choosing a background. 

It looks totally awful.

The format for “your” content is no better. 

Again, barely readable and they look so tight together, you won’t get a chance to breathe. 

Instant Guru Content

Do you honestly think you’ll get someone interested in reading them? Absolutely not!

Expect a very high bounce rate if you use this. 

Instant Guru Website Content

The sales page says Instant Guru will give you a daily supply of fresh content for high-converting JVZoo and WarriorPlus products. Dan says it’ll make your site rank on Google and as the product name says, make you an instant guru. 

Hold your horses.  

Let’s take a look at what kind of content you actually get. 

Instant Guru Content Source

Instant Guru supposedly feeds you with content related to your niche. (not even guaranteed to be top-ranking on search engines) Basically, they’re from other people’s blogs and Instant Guru tells you to go and get them to be yours.

Big problem: those won’t get ranked. Google doesn’t rank duplicates and even penalizes them. 

Plus, it’s very unethical. Would you want some random person to easily benefit from the hard work you put into making content? Of course not!

The supposed solution to make them seem original?

Article spinning

Another problem: Spun content looks very offbeat, no one will understand it. Unless you’re a toddler just learning to form sentences.

Barely readable font and color plus oddly written sentences? Do you see where your website is heading?

I’m not done yet. These spun contents also come with yet another problem. 

Once you publish them, it’ll get its own images that Instant Guru generates but you won’t know if it’s copyrighted or not.

If it is, then more trouble for you. It’s just one disaster after another. 

Will your website interface get you ranked? NO

Will “your” content make up for it? Again, NO

These two are supposed to be the selling point but as you can see, they’re more of losing points. 

Here’s the truth with ranking using websites: you’ll need fresh and original content. 

You’re primarily not writing for bots, you’re writing for humans. You have to build a relationship with people using original compelling content so they can trust you enough to get your pitch a shot.

Without building authority, without building credibility, nobody will take your website seriously.

You won’t get traffic and ultimately you won’t get conversions.

Think too of all the other takers of Instant Guru, you'll have the same website and content. More reasons for Google not to rank you. 

So, think about it:

What the whole point of buying Instant Guru when you can’t expect it to deliver what you paid it to do?

Personally, I find the whole method unethical. Unethical always goes with unsustainable. Not good for reaching your online income goals. 

Speaking of not reaching your online income goals, since the hosting is provided by Instant Guru, you also have no control when Dan decides to shut it down. 

When he does, everything in your website will be gone. Poof.

Your money flushed down the drain. 

If you want to avoid all the heartbreak you can get with Instant Guru, build your own website and make your own content. If you don’t know how Wealthy Affiliate can help you. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Instant Guru

1. It’s a rehash of an old system, Click and Bank. It didn’t work the first time, this time won’t be different.

2. The website you get is awful.

3. The way it makes content for you is unethical.

4. You can’t rank duplicate content

5. The website can shut down, you’ll lose your business. 

Is Instant Guru A Scam? 

Yes, no doubt about it, Instant Guru is a scam. The sales page is utterly misleading and the actual website and content you get are trashy to a whole new level. 

You won’t get it ranked, nobody will notice your website and ultimately you won’t get commissions. There’s no money coming in and you lose what you put in.

There’s no win-win situation when it comes to Instant Guru. 

The website is awful, and the content has no value. Too far off from what Dan Green described it to be. 

Where Do You Go From Here? 

You get an instant website and content, but you’ll never be a guru by using Instant Guru. Everything it promises is just pie in the sky. 

Ditch this totally horrid quick fix and learn how to make a sustainable online income with Wealthy Affiliate instead.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get to reach your online income goals, minus all the disappointing hype. 

It tells you the real deal when it comes to making money online. It’s upfront in showing you you’ll need time and effort to build a sustainable business. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything from scratch. From choosing a niche, building your website, up to sustainably monetizing it. 

You can even test the waters out with the 1st 10 lessons.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how Wealthy Affiliate works, go and check out this tell-all Wealthy Affiliate review

What’s Your Take?

Were you dumbfounded to find out Instant Guru is the same exact system as Click and Bank? Were you convinced it’s a shabby system to avoid?  Share what you think, the comments section is ready for it. 

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