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Cash Formula Review: SCAM Or Legit $5,000 A Day?

Cash Formula Review

I just this minute got an email telling me Cash Formula is a sure-fire ticket to earning $5K a day online starting today! With a wild claim like that I think Cash Formula deserves a proper and in-depth review!

Creator Michael Green promises to show you how to start making money with Amazon as an affiliate, but he makes it sound so easy…

what is cash formula a scam or legit review

We're expected to believe Cash Formula has created 52 millionaires and you can use it to make a whopping $100,000 in the next 30 days all thanks to a secret loophole discovered by a Ukranian coder (I kid you not!)

Is it a scam? My gut is telling me it is, but let's not jump to conclusions quite yet… 

For this review, I’m going to sign up to uncover the truth once and for all so you can decide whether or not Cash Formula is actually legit (and worth the money).

Cash Formula Review At A Glance


About: Outdated software that creates crummy affiliate websites with a few generic eBooks thrown in for good measure.


Price: $37 plus $496 in upsells, but running costs add $311 minimum to that total.


Pros: Comes with a 60 day refund option.


Cons: Fake scarcity, phony testimonials, hidden costs and crappy training.

Verdict Not Recommended

Verdict: This is a blatant scam. Avoid at all costs.

What Is The Cash Formula?

Cash Formula is a completely done-for-you money-making system where Michael Green's team do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is pay the joining fee and Cash Formula will start generating autopilot profits for you within a few hours.

At least that's what the sales video tells us. I must say, this all sounds curiously similar to a lot of other get-rich-quick scams I've exposed like Ecom Profit Sniper and Click Wealth System.

Right now, affiliates are spamming inboxes across the land promoting the heck out of this product with hyped up and totally unsubstantiated income claims to try and ramp up their earnings.

How Much Cash Formula Is Going To Cost

Cash Formula membership is priced at $37 and you have 60 days to claim a full refund because it's a Clickbank product. There are also two optional upsells, a $197 upsell and a $297 upsell that promise to help you earn “double the profits faster”

But buying the necessary tools and services required to follow along with the training is going to add at least $311.89 to your starting costs. 

Here's a quick breakdown:

SiteGroundWeb hostingFrom $6.99/month
KWFinderKeyword research toolFrom $29.90/month
EasyAzonPremium WordPress plugin$47 one-time
Jungle ScoutAmazon research tool$228/year
QuuuTraffic sharing siteFree or $19/month

On top of that, you've got to take into consideration how much time and energy you're willing to invest into this to try and make it work.

Next up I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the members' area and show you exactly why anyone signing up is going to seriously struggle to make a dime with this.

Why You Won't Make Money With This

Cash Formula's training gives you a very brief (emphasis on brief!) overview of how to create an Amazon affiliate store and offer Amazon products for a commission.

Once you get inside you'll see a link to download an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme with 10 very basic video lessons ranging from 2-4 minutes each in length that cover the technical aspects setting up the theme.  

the cash formula training videos

The only issue is these videos were made in 2018. WordPress have had several major updates since then, rendering this training obsolete.

Other than that, you're given 3 generic eBooks with only very vague information about what the Amazon affiliate program is and a few tips on what products you could possibly promote.

At no point is there any real meat or practical how-to's you can follow to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I've also come across these eBooks before. These are the exact same PDF files I've seen inside the Bulletproof Profits and Silk Road Effect scams and you can find them online for free.

Cash Formula Training - affiliate marketing ebooks

For some reason get-rich-quick scammers think it's perfectly reasonable to palm you off with old and outdated PDF files instead of giving you actual step-by-step training. 

After going through all of the so-called training I fail to see any possible way anyone could take the very limited information that's on offer here and turn it into a $5,000 a day business.

Cash Formula Pros

1. It Comes With A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One of the good things about Cash Formula is that it's a ClickBank product so you've got 2 months to try it out and get a refund if you agree with me that it doesn't deliver what you were promised on the sales page.

Better yet, save yourself the hassle and avoid Cash Formula altogether.

Cash Formula Cons

1. A Sales Page That's Deliberately Designed To Deceive

Go to and one of the first things you'll see is a warning that there are only 7 spots available. This is complete fiction and a common scamming tactic used to give you a false sense of urgency. 

Then there's the promise of a shortcut to earn $5K a day which can't be trusted. Why? Because their very own earnings disclaimer exposed every promise and guarantee they make in their sales video as completely fake:

earnings disclaimer

On top of that, Michael Green introduces himself in the video with a picture, except it's nothing more than a random stock image copied and pasted from the internet. 

The truth is we are not given any real information about who this course creator is and that's never a good sign.

2. Every So-Called Video Testimonial Uses Paid Actors

The next big red flag is we're shown several member success stories throughout the video to give us “true and certified proof” the Cash Formula system really works, but they're 100% fake.

Seriously, don't believe a word of it. Each of the video testimonials is from actors hired on Fiverr. Now here's my true and certified proof:

why cash formula is a scam 2
why cash formula is a scam 1

3. You're Left With Big Training Gaps

By far the biggest problem with this is the completely inadequate training. Buy this course and there are HUGE questions you're going to have to find your own answers to. You're just not getting what you paid for, pure and simple.

For example, how do you drive traffic your website once you've created it? 

Without traffic, you'll have nobody clicking your links or buying anything. Simply put, you'll have zero income coming in and yet there's not a single mention of how to go about getting it anywhere.

The end result? You're left paying for all those monthly subscriptions they told you to sign up to with no way of recouping your costs. 

Bottom Line: Is Cash Formula A Scam?

Cash Formula is most definitely a get-rich-quick scam because it uses deceptive marketing at every level to try and get you to buy-in. If Cash Formula were legit they wouldn't have to resort to paying actors to record fake testimonials.

There's nothing in the outdated Ebooks they give you that's going to show you how to make $5,000 today, or any other day. Not even close.

I understand it's disappointing when a program like this doesn't live up to expectations, but it's better you know now so you don't waste any of your time and money only to experience the inevitable disappointment when you don't get the results you were told you would.

Please, please, please (!!!) do yourself a favour and watch the video below. It's really going to help you protect yourself from scummy get-rich-quick scams like Cash Formula in the future:

Where Do You Go From Here?

The potential for making money with affiliate marketing is LIMITLESS! 

There are 12 million products you can on Amazon alone and Amazon is just one of many affiliate programs which have over 6 billion products in total.

Add to that there are 4 billion people spending time and buying things online every day and the sky's the limit! 

What I'm trying to tell you with stats like this is:

There are a ton of different ways to make money from your laptop but as far as I can tell, if you really want to replace your income online in the next 6 to 12 months then starting an affiliate marketing business is the SINGLE BEST way to go about it.

The key to whether you become a super successful affiliate or just another person who tried and failed is getting the right practical how-to and support. And unfortunately that's just not what you get if you sign up to Cash Formula. 

A better option is Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to start your FREE Starter training and they'll walk you through this simple yet powerful 4-step process that will get you results every time:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

It's not an overnight thing but apply yourself to taking action on the training and it'll be the best decision you ever made.

I became a Wealthy Affiliate member in 2015 and my life has dramatically changed and I've achieved more than I ever thought possible. Since joining WA I've:

  • Quit my boring UK call centre job and no longer have to spend 8 hours a day talking about loft insulation.
  • Moved to Thailand to spend time doing what I love with my wife in the tropics.
  • Earned $1,200 in commissions on my best day.
  • Officially became a “Super Affiliate” in 2020 and got to meet Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson in person in Vegas on an all-expenses-paid trip.

Whatever your online income goals are, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here and take them for a test drive to discover why they're the ultimate affiliate platform.

Full membership is just $49 a month and you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to make your dream business a reality. 


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