Is The Push Button System A Scam? YES! Here’s Proof.

Is The Push Button System A Scam Review

Jay Brown is not the first (or the last) to promise a push-button system as a way to limitless wealth for no effort, but is the Push Button System a scam?

The top of their says: “Making an income has never been easier!”

After watching the video I wouldn't blame you for thinking you could make money online at the single click of a mouse or one push of a button.

They say things like:

“No way! This is unbelievable! I pushed one button and now I have $23,052 in my bank account. That's one year's salary with one click of the mouse.”

The truth is this is nothing than a not-so elaborate internet scam. While you definitely can earn an income (by building a real online business), you're only going to lose money with this system.

The Push Button System has a sales video showing hired actors, hired cars and a hired mansion to try and convince you to hand over your hard-earned cash.

I've reviewed a lot of scams like these lately and they keep popping up all over the net – just as you expose one, it shuts down and raises its ugly up again under a new name. It's never-ending!

Basically, The Push Button System is a binary options trading scam where you hand over your minimum $250 deposit to trade. The magical system automatically decides when to ‘put' or ‘call'. At best you have a 50/50 chance of getting your money back.

It's gambling with your money – nothing more, nothing less.

Thousands of people have lost money through this. In truth, there's no push button system and no ultra-secret formula. The brokers are completely unregulated and unlicensed which means you can wave goodbye to your money forever.

Don't fall for this scam, these scammers have stolen enough money from enough people already and I don't want you to be next.

There are real and legit ways to make money online, no scams involved. But it's going to take work and effort to make it happen and that's why it's not for everyone.

Some of you reading this will be slaves to the 9-5 office job until you retire on a skimpy pension, while there's some of you who are destined to break out of the rat race and become fully independent online entrepreneurs.

If this is you then I can help you make it happen. I've been earning an income online for 5 years and earn $7,000+ because I got the right training and put in the effort.

This Isn't A ‘Magic Button' But It Will Get You Real Results

What Is The Push Button System?

The Hype

The Push Button System claims to take advantage of a sophisticated training algorithm that was developed over ten years that can guarantee you'll make money every day of the week.

No experience necessary. No work is required. Guaranteed to profit – all tacts used to give you a false sense of security.

push button system review

According to the actor in the video you simply click the magic button and sit back while the profits roll in.

Here's an actual quote:

“What is the Push Button System? What is this button?

Where is this button?

Who made this button and why?

And most importantly, how can I get my hands on this button?

The button is real. The income is real. The people are real. No actors, no fake proof. Just real money generated in real time.”

“If you want to become a millionaire yourself, all you need to do is find that one button.”

The reality

If you want to press this amazing button you'll first have to cough up $67 (discounted to $37 when you try and leave the page).

what is the push button system about

Once you've handed over your credit card details and contact information you'll be put transferred over to one of their unlicensed brokers (probably based in Bulgaria) who will ask you to deposit $250.

This is how the Push Button System owner and his broker take their cut.

As far as the software goes, it's just standard trading software that allows you to set a maximum and minimum value to put or call trades. There's nothing special or unique about this and it certainly can't guarantee you'll make money with every trade.

No software can possibly know all the variables of the financial markets and to base your future financial security on this is foolishness. Even the most experienced trading professionals on Wall Street can't make the guarantees this Jay Brown guy is making.

There's a promise of one-on-one coaching. What this actually means is you'll get phone calls telling you the reason you didn't win this time was because of a glitch in the system but you'll definitely win if you deposit more.

The more you put your faith into Push Button System, the more money you'll lose.

Is The Push Button System A Scam?

In my opinion, absolutely yes this is a scam; a scam that uses deception and hype to suck you in. And the sad thing is, a lot of people will believe what they desperately want to believe and go ahead and lose their money.

Still not convinced?

Let me show you why the Push Button System is a scam to be avoided at all costs:

4 Push Button System Red Flags Exposed

1. Mysterious Software With No Real Explanation

“What if I could point you to one button that pulls money out of thin air…?”

Telling people they can make enormous amounts of cash now but just clicking a magical button is the oldest trick in the book.

In the last month alone I've reviewed dozens of internet scams that all claim to have ‘quantum-speed‘ trading software with ‘incredible mathematical algorithms‘, including:

The one thing all these scams have in common is the promise of easy, fast cash.

I get it, who wouldn't want that?  

But this is all just a ploy to play on your emotions and bypass your logic.

The 10-minute video talks about this life-changing Push Button System without ever giving any explanation as to how it actually works, what the system does or how you'll make any money.

2.  ‘Limited Spots' Are Always Available

A well-known trick used by scammers is called the scarcity tactic – by using the limited spots trick and countdown timer they're trying to make you think you need to be quick so you don't miss out!

What's funny though is that I've been on the Push Button System website several times over the last few days and the numbers always changing.

why the push button system is a scam

I bet I could check it out in 3 months and they'd still be spots available.

3. The Promo Video Uses Hired Actors

Do you remember those people in the video who were so shocked and amazed at how much money they made with Push Button System?

They gave you fake earnings claims. They were reading from a script somone gave them.

There are websites where you can hire amateur actors for about $10 a pop and get them to say anything you want them to.

scammy spokesperson videos

Think about this, if Push Button System was legit you could show real results from real people. People would be sharing it like crazy on their social media, it would be featured in Forbes and Fox News. But of course, it's a scam so they have to hire actors.

How do I know they're paid actors? Because scroll down to the bottom of the website and they actually tell you!

Seriously here's what it says:

“Testimonials included in this video sales letter are paid actors portraying the results of the owners in real life situations.”

4. The Sales Video VS. The Disclaimer

There's so much hype in the video it's impossible to dissect it all but let's just say they make some pretty big and bold claims that make out like you're going to be rolling cash by the end of the day

This is in starl contrast with their earnings disclaimer where suddently their faith in the amazing super-duper nano-speed software seems to vanish…

You're going to see the geeky side of me come out now but honestly, these are best terms and conditions I have ever read. Not only do they tell you the whole video is fake, they even state very clearly:

The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.

What other proof could you possibly need? Why on earth would anyone ever pay out $67 for this utter garbage?

the push button system reviews

This is the same old scam I've seen many times before and I hope in this Push Button System review I've done enough to convince you to stay away from this scam and keep your money in your wallet where it belongs.

Also, if this software can accurately predict the market and make $1000's per day as the video suggest, then what's he doing trying to get you to buy it off him for $37?

Just doesn't add up does it? 🙂

As I said in the beginning, there are lots of real and legitimate ways to actually earn real cash online, but gambling on the stock market is just not your best bet.

The way I've been making money online since 2014 is through creating websites around any topic you're interested in and turning into a thriving and profitable online business.

Get access to your free beginners course here. No credit card required.

Your Thoughts?

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this Push Button System review, let me know and I'll do all I can to help.

If you'd like to share any experience you've had with this site then please feel free to go ahead and leave your comments below.

51 thoughts on “Is The Push Button System A Scam? YES! Here’s Proof.”

  1. I’ve learned from very wise people in life and make my decisions after thinking about what I was taught . I live by this quote “if it looks too good to be true then it’s too good to be true “. So after I watched the push button system add I had to come look for Other people’s opinion because this has to be 1 of the worst ones out there. The Person Who posted by the name ” J ” must Work for the push button site Because apparently he was the only comment Talking positive about the site and how much money he made from the site I wouldn’t trust him or his comments. Peace and love to everyone.

  2. So this may be a scam but for the record, binary options trading in general is not a scam. If you know what you’re doing, you can actually make a lot of money doing it.

    • HI John,
      I recently saw an note from an Option trader from CBOE in Chicago, that instead of using your funds. Join a company which provide you money in your account and if you win ,you keep 80% and the 20% goes to the money provider. I asked for other details but he never responded. Mike Shore who was an Option trader from CBOE, now he take money and teaches people how to trade Options and make money, when I refused to join then he sent me the note that $100000 is already in your account and just start trading and keep 80% and we or the money supplier takes the other 20%. No mention about, what you lose which is more common then making when you start .

  3. FYI and related to another’s comment, I agree something legally needs to be done bec full disclosure is NOT made. I wish there was a way the FTC cd regulate these out-fitz! More importantly, and it might not work well or easily, but having been thru a much worse scam with investing funds in a program in Nov 2013- and mine was small compared to what I learned later from the DOJ – several thousand pple invested really big money in this particular scheme, & I personally talked to a couple of the pple running it but someone in AZ filed a complaint with the state AG and long story short and several years later, DOJ had arrested, convicted and sentenced at least 11 ring leaders, confiscating computers, gold, money and a cache of other assets I think with more possibly to come. Sentencing as well as the trials took a long time and I finally rec’d a letter in July 2017 from DOJ out of St. Louis and a few months later I rec’d 2 checks from the govt although only for slightly less than $200. So your gov’t is (or was then) working for u. But this scam is small potatoes compared to the matter I described. However, it never hurts to file a complaint(s) with proper authorities. I urge anyone with a concern abt such matters to gather all info u need and complain. Also in matters like this which also involves interstate commerce, the feds have greater jurisdiction tho states may have authority as well, but u are more likely to get FBI action across state lines.

    • recent example is of Sam Bankman , who has opened a Crypto trading service where he took more than t#2.0 billion and disappeared in Bahamas ,eventually he was arrested but I have no clue what has happened to the people who lost money who had invested in his scam. SEC’s excuse is that we do not recognized the Crypto and so we did not stop the scammers like Sam Bankman the Crypto crook.
      He is not a poor guy or a starving artist but both of his parents are Law Professors at Sanford or Berkeley University

  4. Well I also got duped out of my $67,at first. Then I fell for it again then again then much to my dismay I logged back into to the site checked my account and like magic there was $16,829.81 in it. I was like sure yeah right so I opted t cash out then I went to my online access page of my bank account and sure enough the same number was pending and at midnight omit posted. So I’m sorry so many had there issues with this system but I’m so happy that I can say it worked for me. Maybe most of you are just typical people while I’m more exceptional thank Jesus. Hallelujah praise the lord amen. And bless you all too.

    • I literally just purchased this product myself and would like to know form your personal experience What it like? And do you still receive profit from it?

  5. Simon, I don’t see you any better than them promoting your own program. Who said Nina is not a hired character or your friend! I’m not defending the push button system because I’m well aware of these kinds of scams including yours. You’re taking advantage of their paid advertisements and leads to promote yours for free. If they make people pay $67 one time and they choose to pay more, you’re making people pay $49/month for God knows how long if you don’t surprise them with other hidden fees later on! To you and other scammers… God is watching. Taking advantage of desperate people and steeling their money is the worst thing you could do especially in world crisis times when you can get a lot more free leads and millions of desperate people. I hope more people can read your real message between the lines.

  6. Jay brown push button
    I was taking for $2,500 to set up a website , plus Technical
    Training , then 2 weeks later
    They tell me that they had to
    to have $7,000 more to complete the process ,then I
    saw a red flag too late for the
    $2,500 wished I would done
    Some research

  7. I just got scammed. I have my info they took the money and was never directed to the button site. I received the offer through a text, and as soon as I wasnt directed to the site, the text promoting the button site mysteriously disappeared. I received a fraud alert from my bank and they gave me the number to the site of the one that took my 67 dollars and the phone number and I called it and it said it wasnt a working number. So its definitely a scam.

    • Thanks for confirming Melissa and it’s good your bank had your back in this case! Appreciate you sharing your experience, I know readers are going to find this super helpful!

      • yes, I agree with what Melissa has shared we, all have to be wary of all kinds of scams going on every day the more people get stressed out in this pandemic the more they are willing to take a risk or two after reading melissa’s ordeal I’m not going to signup for this scam either I was but needed further reviews to help me make my decision. Thanks Melissa!!

    • I was scammed first of $67 then of $297. And like you, I was never lead to the site to make any money. So it’s a scam, for sure. I would tell anyone to skip right past any fast money scheme because they just aren’t for real!

  8. I made the purchase of 67.00 dollars and called the company back right after to cancel. Someone answered and said I would receive my money back in 3 to 11 working days. Well, I did this in Dec of 2020 it’s Jan 2021. No money Back
    I called the number on my statement It isn’t in service. Feeling like a Fool

    • I’m sorry about this Mary, this shouldn’t have happened to you but I’m at least grateful your story will serve as a clear warning to others thinking about signing up.

      Best thing to do is learn from it and make sure you never get scammed again.

  9. I’m glad I checked up on this site on Push Button phoney offer. Thanks Simon and others to the truth of it and saving me $67.00.


  10. Very good article on these lowdown scammers. Catch these thieves and put them under the jailhouse permanently. When i read the article i did for a second get excited, then i began to say to myself this is too good to be true. All these con artist constantly ripping people off, and those fake actors are no better than Jay Brown.

  11. Hello I just read your review and I have a question Is the product about affiliate marketing or trading because I read another review that says you get low quality training for affiliate marketing yours says it’s for trading I’m just confused here on which one it is Have you bought this and tried it

    • Hi Nina, yes, when I signed up it was promoting a trading program where you had to deposit a minimum of $250 to get started. It’s quite possible they changed what they link to since then though.

      Either way, please don’t do it! These guys just can’t be trusted. I hope I’ve done enough in this review to convince you of that.

      Is affiliate marketing something you would be interested in? It’s the best online business model in my view if you’re serious about replacing your income. It takes work, discipline and commitment but stick at it and it pays off big time.

      This free beginners course will give you 10 step-by-step lessons on how affiliate marketing works. Then, if you like what you see it’s only $49/month to go full-time.

  12. I am so glad that I review this Push Button System. I wanted to believe that I could make money off of this system, but I was very skeptical about how it works. Like when Jay was with the guy Lee Hoffer, I couldn’t understand how in the world could Jay just need his email address just to put money in his account. Jay didn’t ask for his bank account number or anything, just his email address. That when I knew right then that this was a scam and that Lee Hoffer was a paid actor. On top of that, why didn’t Lee pay the $67 like everyone else does? Thanks for sharing Simon.

  13. Simon,

    Thank you so much for your thorough investigation ref. push button wealth! I hope and pray that all that fall for this ugly scam turns to you before they lose potentially megabucks. Actually, I was born at night but not last night! I found this Jeff Brown guy revolting and very “scamish”!

    Thank you, Sir!

  14. I was scammed by these push-button why are they keep on rebranding this with new actors? they really are making money doing this. and scamming $250 to $1000 on this I was scammed 500 2015 by this pushbutton and the domain is the same..

  15. As a victim many times in the past that they have wiped out my trust in any video presentation that I got . I don’t get the very least excited when reviewing it. But I believe that there is true system or programs that we can haul in some money making job. My question is , can anyone or willing to share their secret on making money online with not having to invest money first.

    • Hey Joy,

      Your gut instinct was absolutely right on this one – Push Button is one of the most dangerous and scummiest scams around. People who believe their outrageous claims will never see their money again.

      But don’t lose hope, there are tons of honest ways to earn a living online, it’s just that searching for “ways to make money online” brings all the money-hungry scammers out of the woodwork.

      Have you registered for the free beginners course yet? You don’t need to enter any credit card details and I think you’ll find the training very eye-opening. If you have any questions along the way, let me know and I’ll do my best 🙂

  16. Whenever you see the large house with the manicured bushes and the standard red Ferrari parked out front, run for your wallet.

  17. Back in February 18 2018 without doing my research first bought the push button system thinking it will help me with my income at $69.01. It didn’t get me nowhere and tried getting my refund but got charged again on February 22 $2.02. Haven’t heard from them.

    • I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this Lee. What worries me is they’ve taken more money out of your account. Is there any way you can cancel your card or contact your bank to avoid getting further charges applied?

      Frankly I’m appalled that they even think they can get away with this. If you’d like to report the Push Button System to the Federal Trade Commission, here’s how. I hope this helps.

      • I almost got scammed on this one. Push Button Deal. The hype sounded so good that I almost fell for it. My instinct feeling was to check to see if it was a real deal. Well instincts were exactly right, would have been scammed out of $49.95. Deceiving people out of money will be a big pay back. Reviewed this site this morning @ 7:00am 7/22/21

  18. I was contacted from my gmail address for the Push Button System looked at the entire presentation, it sound good, then I placed my order for the $67.00, right after I was directed to another page for an upgrade, right away I knew I lost my money, did not went for the upgrade of $197.00. I thought why so quickly, since I did not even get started with the basics program.

    • You’re not the first and you most certainly won’t be the last. It’s a cheap psychological trick to use a low-ticket item to get in you in the day and make you feel ‘invested’ already so you’re more liekly to go for the higher priced products to ‘maximise’ your investment. A complete con.

      Thanks for sharing, hopefully your story will be enough to warn others away from losing their money too.

    • No don’t do it! I thought I made it clear in this review – the Push Button System is a complete and utter scam to be avoided at all costs! It will only take money out of your pocket with no way of ever seeing it again!

  19. Hi, I made the mistake of giving this a try – so I sent the $67-but after I was on the “other” side and heard the deal about the secret club-and upgrading to get the system, for another $197. I decided to check it out. Now I know it is a SCAM.
    It is done so slick that you all most think it will work, but some if it makes you laugh,and say YA sure,what a bunch of BS-
    but I thought for only $67 I would try it – now I’m glad I did not send the $197 more,for the “button” system
    If the transaction went though – I hope I can get a refund.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your experience with the Push Button System. Yes it’s very common for scams to use a low-cost entry fee to get people into the door before they start to push the more expensive upsells. It sounds like you got out before they could squeeze you too much though which I’m happy to hear.

      I really hope you can get that refund, let us know how you get on!


  20. I’m kicking myself because I went ahead and bought the push button system too quickly and now I’m stuck with a useless program that doesn’t work. I wish I would have done my research first, I’ve lost $67 through this. It is a scam because they want you to purchase all these other programs by sending me lots of spam emails. I have learned my lesson.

    Thank you for exposing the push button system scam.

    • Hi Marcus, all you can do is take it as a lesson learned. These scams are very good at drawing people in with promises of quick and easy cash and unfortunately they still work.

      I would cut your losses and unsubscribe from their email. I was once burned by a scam but I won’t let it happen again! All the best to you.

  21. This damn thief ought to be in (JAIL)!!!!!

    I DO NOT understand WHY our damn government doesn’t track these con artists down and slap the handcuffs on them like they finally did with the likes of Don Lapre. He commited suicide while he was being incarcerated. (MAYBE) he did this out of the guilt he (may) have felt for ALL the poor(literally) trusting people he conned out of the (LITTLE) bit of money some of them had to their name.

    I KNOW because (I WAS ONE OF THE ONES DON LAPRE’S FAKE COMPANY CONNED)!!!!!! I parted with $700 all told to his FAKE 900 # ads. I spent that much because I DID NOT want to give up after I had already spent at least $275-300 already but NOT ONE PENNY OF THE MONEY I had already spent, netted ANY money. NOT ONE PENNY!!!!

    There (DESPERATELY) NEEDS to be MUCH stricter regulations and closer scrutiny needs to paid to policing ALL of this ‘Get Rich Quick’ crap one sees on the internet.

    First, it started with late night 30 minute infomercials on ‘rabbit ears’ TV and then it moved to the internet where, like you said in your article here Simon, it continues. NO, I actually NEVER got ANY of my $700 back from that sleazeball, Don Lapre nor his company affiliates. What (all) these cons are doing is NO laughing matter and should NEVER be taken lightly (IN THE LEAST)!!

    For (some) poorer people out there who are DESPERATE to try just about anything, the amount of money I spent($700) is almost, if not (ALL) of the money some people have actually been able to ‘scrape together’ so if they see not ONE PENNY from spending this kind of money like I did, they would (literally) not have enough money left to feed themselves or their family. That’s actually no exaggeration sometimes and in some cases !!

    So, in other words when liars like ‘Jay Brown’ say it’s as easy as ‘pushing a button’, I’d like to push a button on (ALL) of his type and make them disappear (PERMANENTLY) !! It’s (NOT) like I haven’t been trying for (years) to find someone that has something that will (actually) work, it’s that they’re almost (ALL) a bunch of heartless liars and con men using their slick ‘way with words’ to trick poor, financially suffering people with sometimes very little money into giving away to these scum, the very little money they have left. SHAME ON THEM!!!

    I honestly (DO NOT) know how these criminals can sleep at night. They must be totally devoid of a conscience and if that (is) true, they are as criminal as Stalin or Hitler.

    Think about it! Those two did what they did with NO care in the world that those were (human beings with hopes, dreams, and emotions) they were having their guards, gas in the gas chambers.

    So, it also is with these online thieves. They steal with NO CONSCIENCE and they destroy people’s lives by preying on their hopes and dreams just (so long AS) they make a profit, NEVER ONCE caring that these are (people with needs and dreams) as well……….

    • Hi there Greg, I’m really sorry to hear you had to go through this. My hope in exposing the Push Button System scam is to help others avoid the same fate. As you rightly say, it’s more often people who are in dire financial situations who are desperately looking for a way out. The scammers play on people’s emotions and hopes, but instead of actually helping them with a real solution, they just end up making the situation worse.

      Unfortunately getting people to ‘opt-in’ to a lower-priced product before hitting them with upsells is a very common tactic of scammers like these because they know you’re already invested.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, I know readers will find this useful.

    • Just move on. There is no easy way out. Remember Dave Del Dotto? Probably the first in a long line of scammers. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just do something you like, save some money and spend a little along the way. A journey not a destination.

    • Hey the system worked for me so don’t be a sore loser when you are ur only confirming that you are just the typical person who can’t profit from simply pressing a dog gone button. Good luck maybe if you sent me ur money and I invest it with them for you then you can profit l

      • U were the ONLY 1 in these comments who claimed they were “successful.”
        I am glad I read reviews be 4 I did anything. At the very least The Push Button site does not provide full disclosure after the initial fee.


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