Is The Quantum Code A Scam Or Legit? A Full Review


Looking for a real Quantum Code review to find out if this is a scam designed to get you to hand over $250 or a legit way to online riches? You're at the right place.

We've exposed hundreds of get-rich-quick scams like Ministry Of FreedomEasy Retired Millionaire and 3 Step Method that tell you what you want to hear so you'll pay up.

We've also discovered legit courses like Invincible Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate and Commission Academy that give you a real way to make a full-time income online.

In this review, we'll put The Quantum Code to the test and show you how it works, if it's a scam or legit so you can decide if this is your best option moving forward.

Here's what I found out:

Quantum Code Review Quick Overview

Fake name: Michael Crawford
Minimum deposit: $250
Scamming people online since: 2016
Overall Rating: 0/100
Recommended: No, a blatant scam

The Quantum Code site popped up in my browser the other day and it reminded me of the Cambridge Method Scam I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

I sat and watched wasting 35 minutes of life as they hit me with pictures of tropical islands, expensive sports cars, yachts and private jets and promises of easy money flowing into my bank account.

I knew immediately it was a scam but just had to dig a little deeper and find out how it worked. Hiring manors and jets is not cheap so there's money being made somewhere.

And is it coming from their super-duper magical trading software their tech wizards are tweaking 24/7?

I don't think so!

According to the Quantum Code millionaire actor who calls himself Michael Crawford, their system is called Quantum Code because hidden in its algorithm is “near Quantum speed technology” which means it's really fast!!  Because of its speed, it can guarantee you'll win on every single trade.

It boasts a 100% success rate since 2006 – really? If ever such software existed, the whole financial market would be turned upside down. No one, not even the most experienced traders can guarantee you this.

Is Quantum Code a scam? Definitely yes and I strongly advise you to stay away. You will only lose money with this. Oh, they tell you the system it's free so you feel like you've got nothing to lose, what they don't say is you'll have to open an account with their recommended broker and deposit $250 minimum.

And if these guys get a hold of your phone number or email address expect to be bombarded with high-pressure salesmen calling you to try and squeeze every last penny out of you.

Stick with me and in this Quantum Code review, I'll show you this has all the hallmarks of a classic binary trading scam. Thousands of people have lost $10,000s through this system, but because you're here you don't have to.

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It's free to join and the course will show you everything you need, now, so immerse yourself in training, reach out and get help from the awesome community and you WILL succeed.

What is the Quantum code?

First off, the Quantum Code is NOT:

  • An autopilot system you can ‘set and forget'.
  • Magical software that can accurately predict the future. (I wish! Next week's lottery numbers please?)
  • Risk-free. It's gambling by another name and your money is at risk.

The reality is no amount of computer software or technical wizardry can guarantee you'll make any money trading the markets.

what is the quantum code

The Quantum Code is very cleverly put together to draw you in with guarantees of life-changing amounts of money – no experience or trading knowledge required. All you have to do is sit back and watch as the profits roll in.

So why is he so keen to get you to create your account and deposit $250?

Because that's how he gets paid – he gets a cut every time you deposit money with his recommended brokers.

So now you can see why the criminal mastermind behind this scam has gone to so much effort and put so much money into making the most convincing sales video possible (though I'll show you why it's not all that convincing)

The only people making money with the Quantum Code is the scammer and his brokers. The only people losing money are those who allow themselves to get blind-sighted by the hype and empty promises. Make sure that's not you!

Is the Quantum Code a scam?

Yes for sure.

And it's a scam that's duped thousands of unsuspecting people just like you out of their hard-earned cash.

The more people buy into this, the more money they'll wave goodbye to. No refunds, no money-back guarantee. It's gone forever.

Seriously, you'd be better off betting your life savings on the next NBA game than exposing yourself to this binary trading sham.

Once you hand over your money to the brokers you have no control. Your only option is to choose how much money the robot should trade each time.

Let’s say for example you deposited $250 and set the robot to trade $25 per trade. It can potentially place 10 trades an hour meaning your account is depleted of funds within the first 60 minutes.

Then the phone calls start with more vein promises of profits if you just ‘deposit a bit more.'

Through lies and deception, the Quantum Code fools people into believing it's a risk-free system to make life-changing amounts of money. Now let me show you why you should not believe a single word from these internet fraudsters.

6 sure signs the Quantum Code is a scam

1. You found out about Quantum Code via a pop up or spam email

The first warning sign that the Quantum Code is a scam should be when it pops up unexpectedly in your web browser and then claim to be an invitation-only page.

If we're to believe what this guy says, there's been 2 spots available for the Quantum Code 8.0 system since 2016, despite emailing thousands of people and paying for pop up ads.

2. Different websites, same scam

Is it the Quantom Code or the Quantum code? It depends on what website you land on.

The same copy and paste scam can be found on the following websites:


(If you know of any more sites they're currently using please share in the comments below. Thanks 🙂 )

Each website is exactly the same – the same video, the same spiel so why so many? Because typically with scams like this, they eventually get caught out and closed down.

So what do you do when you're cash flow is stopped?

Why, copy and paste everything over to a new site of course!

This is why you're always fighting scammers to try and be one step ahead. I always liken it to a game of Whac-a-mole – once you rat a scam out it pops up again somewhere else!

the quantum code scam

3. Michael Crawford isn't all he claims to be

Guess what?

Michael Crawford has never worked in Wall Street, he's not a millionaire, he was never called the Wall Street Wizard and he has never been featured in Forbes magazine.

quantum code forbes magazine

There was once a man called Michael Crawford who was featured in Forbes but he had nothing to do with the Quantum Code software.

Scammers love to use names like Forbes and Wall Street to give themselves credibility and the criminal mastermind being the Quantum Code scam is no different.

The truth is, ‘Michael Crawford, CEO' is a hired actor whose real name is Jason Glick:

quantum code michael crawford
The Terra Capitals scam has now been shut down.

He gets paid to recite whatever script is handed to him. He was also hired as the face of the Terran Capitals binary trading scam a couple of years ago.

Take a look at the image below and you'll see this guy does infomercials for a living.

In fact, the whole video is a complete set-up – hired planes, bogus company offices, fake signs and fake guarantees.

Interestingly, Jason Glick doesn't include the Quantum Code in his work history profile.

I can't imagine why?

who is michael crawford quantum code scam

While I get that this guy is just doing his job, it just so happens this job has tricked thousands of people into losing money.

This guy is not naive, he knows exactly what the video is going to be used for and still sleeps very soundly at night.

4. All hype but no substance

The 35-minute sales video goes on and on about how much money you're going to make and barely touches on how the Quantum Code works.

Instead of an actual explanation as to this miracle-working software makes your money multiply, all you hear are things like “You'll make as much as $10,000 a day starting from today!

We've told the reason the success rate is 100% is that it's faster at predicting how any given trade will perform than anyone else. Even our beloved Wall Street traders can't compete with the ‘Near quantum speed technology.'

Anyone seriously looking to invest in binary options knows that a whole variety of factors affect the behaviour of the markets and they're impossible to predict.

Experienced, professional brokers can make an educated guess but not even Warren Buffet can guarantee a 100% success rate.

5. You're asked to agree to terms and conditions you can't read

Yes out of curiosity and to write a good and thorough review, I did actually go ahead and create an account with these guys.

But before I did, out of habit I tried to read the terms and conditions before ticking the box to say I agree with them…

Unfortunately with, the criminal mastermind forgot to add a new disclaimer and so you're redirected to the old site which of course is no longer available.

6. Promises of easy money that will forever flow into your account

In a typical scam-like fashion, this guy claims to have found secret codes, magical software and profit-generating systems that have generated a billion dollars.

It's all total rubbish.

The promo video starts off with dramatic music, pictures of tropical islands, yachts, expensive sports cars and private jets – all cheap psychological tricks to lure you in and dupe you into thinking you have nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

I've said it many times on this blog but I'll say it again here; if it sounds too good to be true it usually is! Whenever someone claims to be the only one with a secret recipe for online success – beware! It probably means they're trying to manipulate you into buying something, or in this case, hand over your deposit.

Don't do it!

What I like:

  • To be fair I did enjoy the crappy acting in the video.

What I don't like:

  • Cheap and cheezy sales tactics are used to lure people in.
  • Completely false earnings claims backed up by fake video testimonials
  • They're not upfront about the $250 you're going to have to hand over
  • The CEO of Quantum Code is a hired actor
  • Quantum Code is not even a real company
  • As one website gets shut down, another opens to trap more unsuspecting victims
  • Nuisance calls and spammy emails pressuring you to deposit more money
  • Lies and deception used without – it's clear you can not trust these people!

There's a better way to make money online

The Quantum Scam is a very dangerous scam that targets and exploits people looking for a way out of the 9-5 grind by promising them amazing life-changing amounts of money overnight for going nothing.

The unknown scammer here gives you a false sense of security by saying his system is failproof and making money is guaranteed, but as we've seen this guy is really not to be trusted with your money.

You won't make money by gambling it with his partner-in-crime broker friend, you'll only see just how quickly your cash can evaporate.

There are no shortcuts to success online and no matter who you are, building an online income stream for yourself only comes through hard work and perseverance.

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All I needed was the right track to run on and Wealthy Affiliate gave me that. It's free to get started so if this is something you're looking for then click here to find out more.

What's Your Take?

I hope you found this Quantum Code review helpful and if I've just saved you $250 be sure to let me know below – it's what makes writing reviews like this worthwhile 🙂

And of course, if you've got any questions at all, be sure to ask me and I'll do all I can to help you out.

To your online success! 🙂

118 thoughts on “Is The Quantum Code A Scam Or Legit? A Full Review”

  1. Popped up in a solitaire game with Justin Trudeau saying he’d teamed up with the royal bank of Canada for every Canadian to make $2000 per day with AI. ‘Learn more’ takes you to

    Smelled fishy, so did a quick search and landed here. Thank you! They probably expect Canadians would fall for this as turdo has been talking universal basic income. Web page above mentions this being an Elon Musk project with the browser tab labelled T.E.S.L.A

  2. Recently came across “Quantum Code” in a YouTube-advertisement. I was very skeptical, and was pretty sure it was a scam; so I searched for it online, and came across this article of yours – which confirmed my suspicion!

    So, THANK YOU for writing this elaborated article! Articles like these, that expose true scammers, are very helpful to the world!

  3. The problem here is Apple and it’s App. Store. Too many pop ups are scams coming in through Apps or games they make available on line. If it is not investing scams like quantum it’s dieting pills or quality clothing from Chinese advertisers trying to sell their poor quality garments.

  4. I got an ad for this trash through YouTube. It’s bad enough that these low lifes are out there grifting, but YouTube is a willing facilitator. If the scam gets shut down they’ll bounce back up again with some other name. The stupid part is YouTube should be more than capable of fingerprint this junk and immediately flagging it for review. Maybe they should just pay human beings 50c to review ads and the websites they point at.

  5. Thankyou Simon. I read the first 2 or 3 reviews and gave my details. As I was going to pay I read yours first. Glad I did. Thanks for looking after us all.

      • Thank you so much Simon. Quantum Code popped up as a YouTube video. Once again, quite convincing until ‘the totally broke guy borrowed $250’ despite repeated spiel, “I don’t need your money!!”. I wasted 35min watching, but that’s better than 35min + $250. The other thing that seemed odd to me is the name “Quantum Code”. I can only think of a couple everyday uses for the word Quantum… Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics. Most people like me struggle to understand the concepts and mathematics behind these terms, but suffice to say they relate to microscopically small particles roughly the size of atoms or smaller. Well done Simon, you’re making a difference, keep it up. Lloyd

  6. OMG! This stupid shit video is still floating around in 2022!!
    I too knew from the first minute that its a complete sham but watched almost 35 mins out of curiousity to see how low this guy can go! such a big faggot with sick other actors acting as his employees! N ofcoz TASHA on the plane serving him drinks ! ROFL What confidence and optimism these guys have in life to con people

    • lol. I know shah, I had to watch to the end too… wasting half hour of precious time! The fact that it wasn’t too professional kept me wanting to know how he was going to get his money when he was giving it away free. The accounts he showed were dated 2016…. I did wonder at what point he’d mention dollars…. I think the Aussie guy (shocking accent) busted it.

  7. I thought I had stopped early enough by just closing the form I filled out on their web-page before pressing send as I had started to fill out the form thinking I had stumbled on something solid. I opened a second window to read up on “quantum Code as I was filling in the info, and went past all the “good stuff ” reports and started reading about the scam…Too late… they got my number and have been calling me from different numbers ever since, pressing me to invest, even calling me names when I refuse. I can’t block them, and now they seem to have resorted to spam me with calls from different country codes on my home phone, every few hours. They are a bunch callous criminals!

    • Surprised they would keep calling since its as much a waste of their time as it is yours but they’d sure as hell sell your details on to other scammers through underground forums. So you might be seeing the fallout of that.

  8. Terrific – Shut these Monkey’s Down – You can see its such a scam – the Ding-bat talks like a scammer!! who falls for these BS lies!! – We’re All desperate for extra cash – but we gotta work for it!! NOTHING is for free!!

  9. Thank you Simon for the warning! I nearly got sucked in. I also got a warning from Microsoft not to go the email link they sent me.

  10. I just got it as an ad in YouTube. I felt suspecios when I found out that the domain name is recently registered

  11. Thank you sooooo much for your review you are saving my life,I just almost lost my 250 dollars today if not because I found you after yesterday I can’t give them because I don’t have enough money then I supposedly to do it today then I try to find a review about them then I bump into you so THANKS again,right now I definitely block their number and chats

  12. Why are these people not in jail? Surely this is fraud, and a well known one at that! Lol this is absolutely ridiculous! You don’t get something for nothing in this world; don’t fall for this scam people. Just don’t.

  13. I have already give these guys from Quantum code my 250 dollars us.they are supposed to call me in half an hour to get me started trading. Is it to late to do anything. Is my money gone?

    • If you paid by visa credit or debit card, call your card issuer or bank and ask them to reverse the charge. It’s not too late if it’s only been a few days. Remember to tell you card issuer that it’s a scam! Good luck!

  14. Do not deposit money, they call Every Day to push you to deposit more and more and at the end you end up losing everything. When you want to withdrawal you have to wait 90 Days and then everything is gone… Big scam. Terrible service. 0 for custumer support👎👎, thanks to calgarysec-hack team, they were helpful in getting back my money

  15. I always check out scam reviews on anything I am interested in. Yours was excellent. What I noticed the first time was that this guy is overweight and barely fit through the door of the airplane when he entered it. When he sat down his head was hitting the ceiling of the aircraft. If he was so wealthy 1. he would have been on an exercise program to get into shape and 2ndly he would have purchased an aircraft that he fit into. Thanks again

  16. Quantum code is now running under the name Pedia Invest, supposedly based in Switzerland. Same cheap video of fake actor flashing fake wealth. Big time scammers! Run for the hills!

  17. thank you for this update, the people I have been linked to are called stockSkey,
    yes I sore the add with micheal crawford, they have my name, email and phone ect, but I did not give them any money, i have asked to have my account deleted but was lead to another wedsite to do message website and was told I get contacted by a team memeber, is there another way to delete my account ?

  18. Thank you very much for saving me from these guys i nearly scammed by them, but i decided to do some research and get across your review cos i was looking for a genuine online business that can be giving me little profit to pay my children school fees. i nearly fall for them but God just saved me through you . god bless you .

  19. Website link as at 17Feb22:

    Cheesiest video ever – I had to watch it all!
    The actors must have had questionable morals or needed the money badly to settle for a gig like this, because their performance ability alone ought to have been enough to raise suspicions.
    Extremely poor British accent – cadence was all wrong. The overly forced Australian accent was layered with American pronunciation & dropped into South African & British, as well
    If anyone has had any body language or discernment training, there are too many bleedingly obvious tells in this video – most specifically, Michael Crawford’s vocal energy frequency does not match his body’s energy signature. They’re incongruent. His tonality betrays him.
    The actor can’t even convincingly posture wealth or comfort. He looks uncomfortable AF in his private jet seat (why buy a jet that you don’t even fit into & the way he moves about the jet screams his unfamiliarity with his surroundings) & at the house that is clearly not his home.
    His text msg from Michael is so specifically written as a testimonial & impossibly timed to arrive while he was filming this promo video.
    All the other actors: Tasha, Sergey & all the guys in the boardroom – they’re not even on top of their script dialogue to make it believable.
    The website numbers kept changing up & down from 208 people viewing the site to 7 to 4 to 10. The VIP spots available kept changing from 10 to 6 to 2 to 7, now back to 2.
    I have to stop there, or I’ll end up doing a second by second play by play breakdown of the video.
    I’m sorry to hear so many people have fallen victim to their scam & wish intuition & discernment was taught more widely.
    Appreciate you & others publishing articles like these for people to come across as warnings before they get themselves into trouble.

  20. Thank you so much, I am glad I found you… I just registered; I didn’t pay any deposited. On the website it said that you don’t need to pay anything, just register, leave your mobile & email. I got a call straight away & they called like 3 times in a row. I didn’t answer it.

  21. I recently been getting a lot of YouTube ads of nonsense.. or of them was this guy.. . I already knew it was a scam cause the ad was so cringe… so I searched online for his name just to see what’s going on.

    It’s even worse than I thought.. he’s an actor.. jeez. Thanks for the information though.

  22. Folks reading your review might be interested in a little more background on all of this, in the form of another article I found after reading your review on this site.

    It’s hard to believe this scam is allowed to continue to run, given the authorities stepped in a few years ago and took action..eve moreso that YouTube is running ads for a known scam!

    It amazes me how people like these can live with themselves. 😠

    The first 30 seconds into the youtube video AD i knew it was a scam. .. the whole video is a Joke, really bad fake acting scam commercial, its so hillarious…it almost looks like it was done in the 80, thsts how bad it is…🤣
    Hope people dont fall for this and get scammed. I was once scammed tbis same way for 200usd, by the same kind of fake autopilot trafing robot, i tjink their company was called J nvestnent company or ji something… This is the website:
    Please add this website to your list of scams if you already dont have it… Hope all these scammers get locked up for the crimes and scames they commited…Karmas gonna hit them sooner or later… People please be careful out there , too many scam out there.always google it first and be safe. Cheers

    • “Always Google it and be safe” is great advice Doobz!

      Thank you for sharing and it doesn’t surprise me one bit – I think these guys are buying up domain names and sticking the Quantum Code pages onto it. They must be making quite a bit of money from it, unfortunately.

  24. Unfreakingly impossible,
    I’m so sorry people lost money to this creep…it felt wrong but I wanted to listen to his full ‘rap’ just to see how many lies and trip ups he would manufacture.
    I do admit (he) seemed to be legit at first but I immediately went to check out his bonafides re: the Forbes write up and he clearly ever shows up there;
    When you seek to check out the company itself, quite clearly they occupy the first SEO listings that try to confirm that they’re legit…these were ‘far too’ assertively (clearing) them of fraud… then I (gladly) came across your post…glad you’re setting the ‘if it sounds to good to be true…’ factor to good use. Thanx!

  25. Its unbelievable that YouTube allow the running of these scams on their platform. I am a trader so knew something was up when ‘Michael Crawford’ promising 100% win rate guaranteed. Nevertheless I amused myself by filling in the email address with ‘only 5 places left’ to get on his system as a beta tester.

    I foolishly gave my telephone number and am being bombarded with multiple calls a week, about 2 per day from Sagatrade broker. They use a range of telephone numbers and sometimes find one with your own countries area code ro use. I spoke to them one day and even was considering depositing $250 but said I didnt have the funds yet. I find it astonishing at how someone can blatantly advertise a scam but it makes more sense learning that Jason Glick is a paid actor. Still, he should be ashamed of himself. Slimy people with no conscience.

    • I am ashamed to say I fall into their trap. I registered my details, and in the next minute, I got called. First time I told the ”agent” that I need to look into more details. The reason I did that is that after a commercial on youtube with ”quantum code”, I was redirected to ”GitexCapital” (cal from Italy) when the guy told me to deposit 500 USD. Because I thought I did something wrong, I reentered my details. This time, I received a call from ”InertiaFinance” (call from the UK), where a lady did not stop talking until he convinced me to deposit 250 USD. I fell into the trap and paid the amount required. She promised me a call from a broker in 1,5 h max. After 4hours I sent a whats up message and I received no answer yet. I entered the platform (different of, this one is with . The ”funny” part is that you have no possibility of retrieving the money you deposited. Just to stake…… stupid me.

      • Don’t feel too bad Ana It happened to me too. Dante wrote in his “Inferno” the lowest level in hell is reserved for the betrayers. I take some solace in believing this is true. Also that our Lord will pay us ten fold for our losses. God bless you and reward you with a rich life.
        (follow me on gettr)

  26. I would never be so naive to invest in such things , especially after wathing that funny video (people, on what planet do you live to believe in such things, especially that there are mllions scams like that).

    Kudos to the author of this article for warning people.

  27. The accent of the successful ‘English’ client was an absolute shocker, at least three different regions in one minute, adding that to the guys in the office made me check your review. Thanks

  28. 2 years ago I invested £500 in cryptocurrency thinking I was dealing with a legit company but it turned out to be “registered” in Russia. I realised pretty soon that I had lost my money and mentally wrote it off. Since then I have had numerous phone calls from fake numbers (there is now free software which allows anyone to make calls from anywhere in the world and show any number they choose on the receivers phone) trying to persuade me to give them my card number(s) so they can deposit my profit into my account. They tell me quite openly that my £500 has been deposited into “my” wallet and that it is now worth x amount and I am missing out on on this profit, but, as I said I’ve written it off and won’t be sharing any card numbers with them.

    THANK YOU for the diligence and dedication of the people behind this site, you’re heroes. Respect and appreciation.

  29. Someone else in the household gave our phone number for more info on it, after seeing an ad. Thankfully, I was able to warn her before she gave further personal info to them. Unfortunately, we’re now being harassed by their team. They’ve called incessantly from several different phone numbers, including “unavailable”, from 7am onwards all day long. They have been told repeatedly to stop calling and take our name off this list. They keep pushing back & arguing, and refuse to listen. The phone is ringing off the hook, and now we don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jessica, this is a great warning to those out there thinking about handing their contact details over!

      If you’re in the US you could try registering with the National Do Not Call Registry at Hopefully, that will do the trick.

    • I was taken for a ride too yesterday. When I put my information in I started getting emails and calls from Netglobalit. Then when I picked up some lady sent me this account information and asked me to sign in. Then she asked me to give her my credit card and I said no. I’ll only do a bank transfer. Then she told me to find a bitcoin machine or buy prepaid credit card. I said not until I know who I’m sending my money to. So now I’m getting bombarded with phone calls. I’m glad I did my research and read your post. Thanks to you I saved my $250.00.

  30.… it’s even in the name cyou, saying goodbye to your money. See You dfinance to me says (debt)(down or done) finance. That was my flag along with the “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” concept.
    I have been “had” before, dont want it to happen again to anyone else.

    Also THIS site makes me think it too is a fake considering it could be a great way to cover up & get a heads up, so to speak..

    My trust level is way down.
    In case you didnt know.

    If real, then shut Quantumcodex down. You already know the paid actor’s name/info. Good place to start.

  31. Thank you for the information. I was about to invest with them.
    I invested in Finomarkets as a starter with 400 Euro. Is Finomarkets also a scam?

    • God, me too – thank all the lords that my card actually expired today and I could not make the transfer, now I cant log on to my account with them, the page cannot be found 😀 but it led me to this info.. so thank you guys so much!

      • What are the chances? You got a lucky break! Makes me happy knowing these scammers can’t get a hold of any more of your money!

        And sure thing Louise, that’s what we’re here for! 🙂

  32. You just saved me $250. Unfortunately, they’ve got my name and number but sometimes I just mess with the scammers until they realize what’s happening and give up.

  33. I am so glad I decided to check this out before parting with my hard-earned money. I was on a walk this morning when this popped up and I was intrigued and ready to open an account as soon as I got home. He sounded totally believable. I had put in all my details, then thought before I part with any money I had better check the company out. Thank God I came across your post. I sincerely hope he gets what he deserves.

  34. I’m about halfway through the Quantum video that popped into something I was watching on YouTube. I was intrigued but I wondered how does this guy have employees? Why aren’t they using this fail proof program instead of working 9-5 and collecting a regular paycheque? So I paused the video and found this.
    Thank You!

  35. Thank you for doing this; as it is often the most desperate, having to borrow $250.00 , because they don’t even have enough to invest $250. And these soulless mofos know that…,what is wrong with us as a people as “culture” wrong with us as a people that we don’t respect our elders. When it the rich pigs-at-the-trough oligarchs, but those who have been screwed over time and time again. They salivate over race wars…..They love it…..f*^k, they fund it. Who benefited most from Trump’s election? Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and his sickening sweet send off every night, “I love you brother “…..”No,I love you more”. A pukefest every night. And that stupid graphic held up every night “This week in Trump”…ģraphic trumpet blaring it’s time as if America were longing for the days of monarchy. I mean, WTF. Both left and right wing media lost their minds, had they any to lose to start.

  36. Thanks for saving me $250. I listened to the ad on my cell phone and came to check it out on the computer. As I typed in the name Micheal Crawford, I stumbled on your review. Thanks.

  37. The minute he called the “English” dude I was like. Nope. I’m British born and there’s no way in hell that guy’s Brit. Fake as him, the company, the so-called code and anything and everything else about the vid and “system”.

  38. I stumbled upon quantum code via
    Another URL to the same scam…
    I’m always suspicious, so I googled them. First x hits “it’s no scam!”; “95% save”; …
    And then the lower hits started telling it’s a scam; I picked yours to dig deeper. Thanks for mentioning the flags!
    Next time I’ll start with looking up ‘the CEO’ 🙂

    Ow and I didn’t use my personal email-address; also not to place this comment.
    I think you’ll understand 😉

    Thanks again for investigating those scammers.

    • Sure thing Tom, just a couple of minutes’ research can save you of a whole ton of bother!

      Ah yes, looks like the latest Quantum Code page that’s popped up, there are so many cloned sites littered all over and they’ll be many more and I know Quantum Code has been scamming people since 2017. Let’s hope they get shut down.

  39. Lots of flags:
    > 100% guaranteed…
    > Only wins, no losses…
    > Start with nothing, make tons (=perpetual money machine)…
    > A South African winner who wasn’t there to answer (quite slick actually)…
    > An unprompted Aussie winner who gushed praise like a jet doing a Viking takeoff…
    > A ‘dutiful’ assistant who was more interested in the scenery…
    > And yes, me, one of the lucky 20 worldwide, even 10 minutes after the ‘Visit the advertiser’ sign appeared…

    Yet I still had to Google them. They do the emotional hooks well.

  40. Glad to Read all this Just in time; cause i was almost persuaded to make the transfer….
    I only cannot understand; this is not being detected by Justice…

        • Great question Lu!

          I guess from their point of view, Google doesn’t want to become the “chief judge” on what’s good or bad. Like if you search “best pair of runners”, is Google going to start penalising sites that don’t recommend the best runners in their point of view if you know what I mean?

          I believe the FTC has a role to play but with so many scams, they’d usually only step in if it got so big like they did with the Empower Network.

          Clickbank and WarriorPlus are the biggest culprits in my view because they allow scammers to sell through their platforms and purposefully absolve themselves of any responsibility in their legal ts and cs.

          I just reviewed the Ministry of Freedom scam recently, by one of the biggest WarriorPlus scammers out there – Jono Armstrong – who is now recruiting and training students to create their own WarriorPlus scams and become scammers themselves. It’s ridiculous.

  41. He scammed me $938.US.but it would not be long before his JUDGEMENT ARRIVES. Remember Michell to say your prayers by shouting FIRE SEVEN TIMES BEFORE YOU SLEEP.. GOD NEVER SLEEPS.

  42. Why has my URL which was a government site showing clearly Jason Glick’s photo where he is a registered sex offender removed?

    Just do a Google search for “jason glick sex offender” and you will see how good the “quantum code” really is.

  43. It had too much talk about quick wealth with no effort. The only thing that multiplies with little to no effort is unwanted weeds in the garden.

  44. I did the mistake of leaving my phone number and e-mail. He called me, I hear a party in the background I knew there was something wrong. I told him to forget it, then he calls me again this time he was rude telling me that I gave my word that I would apply I told him &^%$$ your self lol

    A week later he calls me again. This time I said listen I will call the police and I have lawyers this is what he said (go ahead I don’t care that when I knew he was calling me from another country) I said oh I see and where are you calling from India it went silent he hung up the call. I called back the number he called me on and it was a woman who had no clue.

  45. this here is another site of his

    I’ve done a lot of background checks on this guy he’s a fraud the real Michael Crawford is a British actor here in England this dudes name is Jason Glick aged 49 approximately 5ft 11 inches tall brown eyes brown hair
    Jason R Glick ~49
    Visalia, CA
    Known as:
    Jason Ryan Glick Jason Glick Jason Guck
    Related to:
    Michelle Glick Michelle Glick, ~51 Jenna Glick, ~29 Jessica Glick, ~24
    Robert A Villegas, ~62 Charles Brooks, ~51 Nate Newton Timothy Mockler, ~68

  46. I had a look at the ad on You Tube and thought this is a bit odd, then Robert from England spoke with a Dick Van Dyke Mockney voice, I did find that funny.
    Pity really as like all good forgers they could make millions by going straight.

    • I thought exactly the same about his UK contact. He wore a dicky bow and had a stage English accent! It’s actually hilarious. This was the bit that alerted me to it being a scam.

  47. I just wanna say thanks for enlightning good folk of real scammer over the internet. It is just a shame that there are people like Michael that makes money through laying others. He is an actor as you say but a real one, the one that does not have any moral and the one that even enjoy to laugh at people and not to help them as he is trying to picture himself. It is just a shame, but not all is lost cause there are also people like you that inform others of the good, the real things. Good work folk. Thanks a lot for the kindly, very given and genuine information.

    • Not as naive as I used to be, my gut was telling me this was just a whole sham so I Googled it and chose your sight to read and I’m glad I did, thank you Simon I was tempted.
      I don’t know how this man shaves in the morning, you have to look at yourself in the mirror to shave! thanks

  48. I sent Quantum speed my name my email address and telephone number , to join for free, will I be scammed in any way

    • If you had read the article and googled some more. Yes, I think you will. Did you get lots of phone calls to try to get you to give them more money? Did you “invest”? How much did you win or loose it all? It’s been a month… you should know by now.

  49. New (23.july 2021) website Assetshot. com – And yes signed up and yes did listen to sales talk on the phone, but when the questions started getting very personal – income, health, children and social benefits/government kind .. I avoided to answer and asked why that was nessescary to make an account?
    That was to prep my account manager so that they would be able to help me better – she said – and to reach my goals of income. I declined and said that I wasnt sure that i wanted my personal informations to mix with my income goals – and that i didnt have a “sealing” but for sure a bottom! (Ha ha)
    And that I didnt see what that had to do with a “code” either…
    She said that maybe they would get back to me – when they had a portfolio that had less than a 250$ startup fee…
    That’ll be the day!! (not likely)
    Well – thanks for your page and your info on the scam…
    I think my brother has had some dealings and lost money on the scam a few years back..

  50. I thought the same thing about the girl on the plane. Why isn’t she making all that money for herself? She actually seemed to be trying pretty hard to keep a straight face. Thanks for the warning on these guys.

  51. Just an FYI, I’m disabled but was able to recover 1/2 of my 4,890.00, so they got me for $2,500.00 which may not be a lot to you guys but when I only bring in $1,144.00/mth & that gets taxed at tax time…let’s just say I SOOOO WISH I FOUND YOU ALL SOONER❣️🙏🏼❣️But thank you for being here regardless…My disability causes me to get confused and when they would send emails like “Hey, you didn’t finish signing up! Your leaving money on the table…what gives? Turns out they are other peoples programs that say you “must buy” or you’ll miss out on the whole thing… Then I forgot all about it & they’d send another one..:”Hey, commisions are massive right now‼️“You need to complete your registration” aThis whole thing has become a A NIGHTMARE‼️ But I’m glad I found you now❣️❤️❣️🙏🏼Bless you for trying to save us amateurs❣️🥰🥰🥰❣️🙏🏼Sincerely❣️

    • That sounds awful Tracy but I’m flabbergasted you got half your money back to be honest!

      I’m glad you found us too 🙂 And there’s no shame in being fooled by these scammers, they know exactly what they’re doing and they do it well.

      Best to mark their emails as spam so they go straight into your spam folder and you don’t have to see them at all. Gmail has a good spam filter.

      Stay safe!

      • Thanks, I just almost did this I’m disabled too I’m waiting for a call back now. Glad I checked this out while I was waiting

        • I am very glad you did too Pam! Phew, that was a close one! 😬

          The guy calling you has one goal and one goal only: to get you to hand over a $250 deposit. Please, please, do NOT give them your credit card details!

  52. Thank you I was honestly considering it because My mom was so excited to try it we were literally getting funds ready but I’ve been scammed before out of 21000 dollars and had to go bankrupt at 23 so I was skeptical which is what led me to you do thank you and I’m going to check out that other thing you have listed on here thanks again ur an angel

    • Really happy to hear that Crystal, yeah you definitely dodged a bullet with Quantum Code. Please be careful out there and let me know if I can help in any way whatsoever! 🙂

  53. I smelled a scam as soon as the Youtube video ad started. I thought it was interesting that the flight attendant didn’t seem to be taking advantage of the easy money… otherwise why is she still a flight attendant? Bottom line… everyone can’t be a millionaire, if so a million dollars would be worthless!

    • I had a vague idea that this was some sort of scam but, what convinced me were the two people in the video calls he made. I’m from London, England & nobody, NOBODY!! speaks with that ridiculous accent as the first guy did. He started of with a “ really bad “ Australian accent, then descended into an extremely terrible “ Posh” English accent ending with a few well chosen cockney words.
      The second guy with his “totally fake” Australian accent, looked as though he was reading from a script.

      Thanks for the heads up, mate! Really appreciated.

      • Exactly, Nigel. Also to Simon Crowe:

        I, too, am from London. I also detected the so-called ‘Robert from England’ success story’s Australia’s accent, which descended and morphed into an attempted posh London accent, but included ‘Cockney’ terms. He seemed like he was doing a ‘Dick Van Dyck’ to me 🙂

        Yes, Michael Crawford is an actor: ‘Frank Spencer.’ That flagged me straight away!

        I was also curious why it was showing financial income of June 2016, when I saw this video advert pop up on a YouTube video on 13th October 2021.

        Yes, the then actual ‘Australian’ guy was reading a script. I was watching his eyes moving, because I saw he was reading. I especially noticed the video had ‘captions’ so human habit is to watch and read words, which was also part of the ‘distraction,’ to ensure we didn’t pay too much attention to all of the actors.

        Whoever they all are, they’ve gone to great lengths and dug deep, in order to produce such a ‘shiny,’ slick advert.

        I did click to watch further by providing my e-mail address and a contact number. I immediately saw it directed to somewhere else, that was NOT Quantum Code, but a different company name. That actor, which wasn’t ‘Michael Crawford,’ wasn’t even speaking in English – it was dubbed.

        Shame they can’t combine their skills to truly put their work to good, benevolent outcomes for humanity…..

  54. I sign up with Quantum Code through u tube in my phone, any how I was contacted by his broker name investlite, I was scam Malaysia ringgit 71,000. I am directed by his broker to trade only, I am not allowed / can’t withdraw my money and have no control over,,, my money. I understand there is a Fund Recovery company call My ChargeBack called me and say he can help me to recover my money, but will charge me a fee, is My Charge Back is a legit company? Please help me or advise me how to recover my money. Thanks very much

    • Did this recovery company call you out of the blue? Then it’s certainly a scam.
      I would only pay them a fee IF they are able to at least recover half of the money. And then of course it depends on the size of the fee…

    • Yes I signed up but because of all the reasons I outlined here I am not going to hand over any money to these guys. My aim is to shut them down, not fund their scam activities.

      Basically the Quantum Code is just a front page they use to send you to their recommended brokers. There’s no system. Hope this helps.

      • 💞 I really hope you shut them down… it’s so sad how many scammers there are in this world, hopefully that will change.


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