Is The Quantum Code A Scam Or Legit? A Full Review

Is the quantum code a scam


Fake name: Michael Crawford

Minimum deposit: $250

Scamming people online since: 2016

Overall Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No, a blatent scam

Quantum Code Review Quick Overview

The Quantum Code site popped up in my browser the other day and it reminded me of the Cambridge Method Scam I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

I sat and watched wasting 35 minutes of life as they hit me with pictures of tropical islands, expensive sports cars, yachts and private jets and promises of easy money flowing into my bank account.

I knew immediately it was a scam but just had to dig a little deeper and find out how it worked. Hiring manors and jets is not cheap so there's a lot of money being made somewhere.

And is it coming from their super-duper magical trading software their tech wizards are tweaking 24/7?

I don't think so!

According to the Quantum Code actor who calls himself Michael Crawford, their system is called Quantum Code because hidden in it's algorithm is “near Quantum speed technology” which means it's really fast!!  Because of it's speed it can guarantee you'll win on every single trade.

It boasts a 100% success rate since 2006 – really?

If ever such software existed, the whole financial markets would be turned upside down. No one, not even the most experienced traders can guarantee you this.

Is Quantum Code a scam? Definitely yes and I strongly advise you to stay away. You can only lose with this.

Oh they tell you the system if free so you feel like you've got nothing to lose, what they don't tel you is you'll have to open an account with their recommended broker and deposit $250 minimum.

And if these guys get a hold of your phone number or email address expect to be bombarded with high-pressure salesmen calling you to try and squeeze every last penny out of you.

Stick with me and in this Quantum Code review I'll show you this has all the hallmarks of a classic binary trading scam. Thousands of people have lost $10,000s through this this system, but because you're here you don't have to.

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What is the Quantum code?

First off, the Quantum Code is NOT:

  • An autopilot system you can ‘set and forget'.
  • Magical software that can accurately predict the future. (I wish! Next week's lottery numbers please?)
  • Risk-free. It's gambling by another name and your money is at risk.

The reality is no amount of computer software or technical wizardry can guarantee you'll make any money trading the markets.

what is the quantum code

The Quantum Code is very cleverly put together to draw you in with guarantees of life-changing amounts of money – no experience or trading knowledge required. All you have to do it sit back and watch as the profits roll in.

So why is he so keen to get you to create your account and deposit $250?

Because that's how he gets paid – he gets a cut everytime you deposit money with his recommended brokers.

So now you can see why the criminal mastermind behind this scam has gone to so much effort and put so much money into making the most convincing sales video possible (though I'll show you why it's not all that convincing)

The only people making money with the Quantum Code is the scammer and his brokers. The only people losing money are those who allow themselves to get blindsighted by the hype and empty promises. Make sure that's not you!

Is the Quantum Code a scam?

Yes for sure.

And it's a scam that's duped thousands of unsuspecting people just like you out of their hard earned cash.

The more people buy into this, the more money they'll wave goodbye to. No refunds, no money back guarantee. It's gone forever.

Seriously, you'd be better off betting your life savings on the next NBA game than exposing yourself to this binary trading sham.

Once you hand over your money to the brokers you have no control. Your only option is to choose how much money the robot should trade each time.

Let’s say for example you deposited $250 and set the robot to trade $25 per trade. It can potentially place 10 trades an hour meaning your account is depleted of funds within the first 60 minutes.

Then the phone calls start with more vein promises of profits if you just ‘deposit a bit more‘.

Through lies and deception, the Quantum Code fools people into believing it's a risk-free system to make life-changing amounts of money. Now let me show you why you should not believe a single word from these internet fraudsters.

6 sure signs the Quantum Code is a scam

1. You probably found out about Quantum Code via a pop up or spam email

The first warning sign that the Quantum Code is a scam should be when it pops up unexpectedly in your web browser and then claim to be an invitation only page.

If we're to believe what this guy says, there's been 2 spots available for the Quantum Code 8.0 system since 2016, despite emailing thousands of people and paying for pop up ads.

2. Different websites, same scam

Is it the Quantom Code or the Quantum code? It depends on what website you land on.

The same copy and paste scam can be found on the following websites:


(If you know of any more sites they're currently using please share in the comments below. Thanks 🙂 )

Each website is exactly the same – the same video, the same spiel so why so many? Because typically with scams like this, they eventually get caught out and closed down.

So what do you do when you're cash flow is stopped?

the quantum code scam

Why, copy and paste everything over to a new site of course!

This is why you're always fighting scammers to try and be one step ahead. I always liken it to a game of Whac-a-mole – once you rat a scam out it pops up again somewhere else!

3. Michael Crawford isn't all he claims to be

Guess what?

Michael Crawford has never worked in Wall Street, he was never called the Wall Street Wizard and he has never been featured in Forbes magazine.

quantum code forbes magazine

There was once a man called Michael Crawford who was featured in Forbes but nothing to do with the Quantum Code software.

Scammers love to use names like Forbes and Wall Street to give themselves credibility and the criminal mastermand being the Quantum Code scam is no different.

The truth is, ‘Michael Crawford, CEO' is a hired actor who's real name is Jason Glick:

quantum code michael crawford
The Terra Capitals scam has now been shut down.

He gets paid to recite whatever script is handed to him. He was also hired as the face of the Terran Capitals binary trading scam a couple of years ago.

Take a look at the image below and you'll see this guy does infomercials for a living.

In fact, the whole video is a complete set-up – hired planes, bogus company offices, fake signs and fake guarantees.

Interestingly, Jason Glick doesn't include the Quantum Code in his work history profile.

I can't imagine why?

who is michael crawford quantum code scam

While I get that this guy is just doing his job, it just so happens tha this job has tricked thousands of people into losing money.

This guys not naive, he knows exactly what the video is going to be used for and still sleeps very soundly at night.

4. All hype but no substance

In typical scam-like fashion, the 35 minute video goes on and on about how much money you're going to make and barely touches on how the Quantum Code works.

Instead of an actual explanation as to this miracle-working software makes your money multiply, all you hear is things like “You'll make as much as $10,000 a day starting from today!

We're told the reason the success rate is 100% is because it's faster at predicting how any given trade will perform than anyone else. Even our beloved Wall Street traders can't compete with the ‘Near quantum speed technology‘.

Anyone seriously looking to invest in binary options knows that a whole variety of factors effect the behavior of the markets and they're impossible to predict.

Experienced, professional brokers can make an educated guess but not even Warren Buffet can guarantee a 100% success rate.

5. You're asked to agree to terms and conditions you can't read

is the quantum code a scam

Yes out of curiosity and for the purposes of writing a good and thorough review, I did actually go ahead and create an account with these guys.

But before I did, out of habit I tried to read the terms and conditions before ticking the box to say I agree with them…

Unfortunately with website the criminal mastermind forgot to add a new disclaimer and so you're redirected to the old site which of course is no longer available.

6. Promises of easy money that will forever flow into your account

In typical scam-like fashion, this guy claim to have found secret codes, magical software and profit generating systems that's generated a billion dollars.

It's all total rubbish.

The promo video starts off with dramatic music, pictures of tropical islnds, yachts, expensive sports cars and private jets – all cheap pyschological tricks to lure you in and dupe you into thinking you have nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

I've said it many times on this blog but I'll say it again here; if it sounds too good to be true it usually is! Whenever someone claims to be the only one with a secret recipe for online success – beware! It probably means they're trying to manipulate you into buying something, or in this case, hand over your desposit.

Don't do it!

What I like:

  • To be fair I did enjoy the crappy acting in the video.

What I don't like:

  • Cheap and cheezy sales tactics used to lure people in.
  • Completely false earnings claims backed up by fake video testimonials
  • They're not upfront about the $250 you're going to have to hand over
  • The CEO of Quantum Code is a hired actor
  • Quantum Code is not even a real company
  • As one website gets shut down, another opens to trap more unsuspecting victims
  • Nuisance calls and spammy emails pressuring you to desposit more money
  • Lies and deception used without – it's clear you can not trust these people!

There's a better way to make money online

The Quantum Scam is a very dangerous scam that targets and exploits people looking for a way out of 9-5 grind by promising them amazing life-changing amounts of money overnight for going nothing.

The unknown scammer here gives you a false sense of security by saying his system is failproof and making money is guaranteed, but as we've seen this guy is really not to be trusted with your money.

You won't make money by gambling it with his partner in crime broker friend, you'll only see just how quickly your cash can evaporate.

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What's Your Take?

I hope you found this Quantum Code review helpful and if I've just saved you $250 be sure to let me know below – it's what makes writing reviews like this worthwhile 🙂

And of course if you've got any questions at all, be sure to ask me and I'll do all I can to help you out.

To your online success!

3 thoughts on “Is The Quantum Code A Scam Or Legit? A Full Review”

  1. I sign up with Quantum Code through u tube in my phone, any how I was contacted by his broker name investlite, I was scam Malaysia ringgit 71,000. I am directed by his broker to trade only, I am not allowed / can’t withdraw my money and have no control over,,, my money. I understand there is a Fund Recovery company call My ChargeBack called me and say he can help me to recover my money, but will charge me a fee, is My Charge Back is a legit company? Please help me or advise me how to recover my money. Thanks very much

    • Yes I signed up but because of all the reasons I outlined here I am not going to hand over any money to these guys. My aim is to shut them down, not fund their scam activities.

      Basically the Quantum Code is just a front page they use to send you to their recommended brokers. There’s no system. Hope this helps.


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