Bulletproof Profits Review 2021: Please Don’t Fall For This!

Bulletproof Profits Review

Hi, I'm Simon and welcome to the full Bulletproof Profits review where we push past the hype and expose the Bulletproof Profits scam.

That's right: this is nothing more than a sham of a scam and I'll show you why.

Because unlike all the other fake Bulletproof Profits reviews out there, this review will help you avoid work from home scams and find legit programs that work.

Bulletproof Profits Review At A Glance

About: A course by Sean Tyler (fake name) on how to make money with Amazon.

Price: $9 plus upsells totalling $342 (discount info)

Pros: They honour their refund 60-day policy.

Cons: Practically everything else. (Serious, this course sucks.)

Verdict: A few outdated eBooks does not an affiliate marketing course make. Most definitely a scam not worth your money or your time.


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Bulletproof Profits is being hyped-up and sold as a proven $2,000/day system but these claims are not backed up by their legal disclaimers.

There's literally nothing on the Bulletproof Profits website that's true. They lie about:

  • How long the program is open for
  • How much you can earn
  • How others have achieved success
  • Who the real owner is

But of course, they have to lie, because the truth is the training is made up of a few measly outdated eBooks that are no good to anyone.

Trust me when I say there's only one person profiting from Bulletproof Profits and that's the anonymous owner.

The more you trust the hype, the more money you will lose. Stay as far away from this program and anyone promoting it as you can!

Table Of Contents

What Is Bulletproof Profits, Exactly?

According to the website and sales video, Bulletproof Profits is a secret online goldmine that's only available for a limited time. Pay $9 and you'll easily make $2,000 per day, $14,000 per week or $50,000 per month.

what is bulletproof profits about

Want to know how?

They say they'll give you full training on how to make money with Amazon through the Amazon FBA and affiliate program.

I’ve reviewed 100s of hyped-up ‘get-rich-quick overnight for doing nothing' programs, so I guess you could say I've developed a sixth sense for detecting bull$&%.

I've just recently exposed scams like Profit365, Silk Road Effect and Secret Online Goldmine that all make the same empty promises but fail to deliver.

How Bulletproof Profits Really Works

Have you ever wondered why someone would sell a $2,000 a day system for $9?

Clearly they wouldn't if it was actually legit.

Because it's all about the upsells!

Programs like this suck you in with a low price upfront then whack you with upsell after upsell once you're in the member's area.

This is where the anonymous Bulletproof Profits owners squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

Bulletproof Profits has two main upsells to watch out for:

Upsell 1: Bulletproof Profits Turbo ($197)

Hand over more of your hard-earned cash in return for top-secret ‘Amazon loopholes' we're supposed to believe will result in free traffic on autopilot and 10x the amount of money for you.

Upsell 2: Bulletproof Paydays ($145)

Again, we're never given any real, substantive information, just pay an extra $145 and you'll make 10x the cash even quicker.

A Sneak Peek Inside Bulletproof Profits

Once you pay up you'll get access to what seems like a random set of 2-3 minute videos and PDF files that have been thrown together a called ‘a course'.

what is bulletproof profits reveiw

After going through the videos and eBooks, I can tell you there's nothing of value here; nothing you can use to start making any decent money online.

The videos are at least 5 years old and very short. The PDF files are rehashed eBooks that contain only very vague and general information you could find for free elsewhere.

bulletproof profits training program

Level 1 Course

This gives you a very outdated overview of how to make money through Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon).

I promise you, watch this YouTube video and you'll learn more in 55 seconds than you ever will from Bulletproof Profit's sham of a course:

Level 2 Course

This eBook talks about the benefits of using paid ads and social media marketing to try drive sales.

Paid advertising can be profitable if you have the right products to promote but it's a high-risk strategy.

Costs can easily spiral out of control if you don't have adequate training, something you won't find in this member's area.

Bonus Strategies

This section goes through how to find items you can sell on Amazon for a higher price. It tells you to go to your local auctions and find items on sale at local stores.

10K Affiliate Plan

In this section you'll find two PDFs on how to make money as an affiliate with Amazon, though again, it's extremely basic and while it gives you a very general overview, there's no over-the-shoulder training, no practical step-by-step, nothing.

While you absolutely can make money with Amazon, a couple of short low-quality videos isn't going to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to get there.

There are better alternatives like this free beginner's training course which will show you exactly how to make a full-time income as an affiliate marketer, complete with video tutorials and top-notch community support.

Wealth Hypnosis

Weirdly, the final training section has some ‘positive mindset' videos that are pretty useless in my opinion.

If this is something you're into, just do a free search on YouTube and you'll find better videos than this.

What I Like About Bulletproof Profits

1. 60 Day Refund Policy

While I always try to be as fair and balanced as possible in my reviews, I'm really struggling to find any positives here.

One good thing is, as this product is sold through ClickBank, you can get a full refund for 60-days, no questions asked.

Though after reading the aggressive (and disturbingly creepy!) returns policy on the Bulletproof Profits website, I wouldn't recommend requesting a refund through their site:

bulletproof profits refund policy

Instead, go through ClickBank's refund page and they'll give you a refund no hassle.

5 Bulletproof Profits Secrets Exposed!

1. Sean Tyler Isn't The Real Owner

We're told Sean Tyler is the creator and founder of Bulletproof Profits but this is the only time his name is mentioned and I can find nothing about him online.

The truth is this is a fake name used by a paid video narrator and we have no idea who the real owner is.

It's never a good sign when a product creator chooses to hide their identity and remain anonymous.

2. Fake Social Proof

On the main sales page you'll see what you're supposed to believe are real-time Bulletproof Profits reviews from members on Facebook.

bulletproof profits reviews

The only problem is, if these were real you'd be able to like them, comment or view their Facebook profiles, but you can't.

After doing a quick Google image search I found all these photos are taken from stock image sites like ShutterStock:

why bulletproof profits is a scam

Yet again, these guys have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy!

If they're using deceptive practices on their sales page, you've got to think, what else are they lying to you about?!

3. There's NO WAY You'll Make $3,750 In 7 Clicks

Despite them promising you a boatload of cash, after going through the training I can see no way you can make that amount of money.

bulletproof profits is a scam
Bulletproof Profits Sales Page

They are definitely not shy of making big promises on the sales page to draw you in but these claims are not backed up by their earnings disclaimer:

bulletproof profits earnings disclaimer
Bulletproof Profits Earnings Disclaimer

4. They Use Paid Actors To Give Fake Success Stories

That's right, even the video testimonials are completely bogus…

Remember this guy from the sales video who said he's making $1,000's a month from the Bulletproof Profits program?

Like every other ‘Bulletproof Profits member' who shared their amazing, life-changing results, they're all fake.

Nothing more than hired video spokespeople paid to read from a script:

bulletproof profits testimonials 2

5. Fake Scarcity Tactics

There's a big red banner telling you the page is going to be removed at midnight of the day you happen to land on the website.

They only do this to give you a false sense of urgency. They know you're far more likely to get your wallet out if you think this ‘opportunity' is only available for a limited time.

More Bulletproof Profits Reviews

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam Or Legit?

Bulletproof Profits is definitely a scam you should avoid. We have no idea who the real owner is, every testimonial is fabricated. They even use paid actors to pretend people are actually getting results.

The sales page uses deception at every level and there's no way you can make $50K/month following a couple of outdated PDF files.

They fool people into thinking they're getting an amazing life-changing system for just $9, but the Bulletproof Profits scammers only really start making money from you once you're inside the member's area.

A Way Better Bulletproof Profits Alternative

Like so many scams, Bulletproof Profits is here today, gone tomorrow.

I guarantee the site will be closed down soon enough, as soon as the complaints and negative reviews start showing up all over the web.

The only program I know of that's been teaching aspiring online entrepreneurs how to make a full-time living online since 2005 is Wealthy Affiliate.

With a step-by-step video training course, newbie-friendly website building tools and expert support, you'll be given a proven blueprint you can follow.

Start your free beginner's course now and finally get the results you've been looking for and deserve.

What Do You Think?

Have you been scammed by Bulletproof Profits or are you sick of hyped-up products which over-promise but never deliver?

Scroll down and send me a message in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to help any way I can.


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