Bulletproof Profits Review 2024: Please Don’t Fall For This!


Welcome to the Bulletproof Profits review where we push past the hype and expose the Bulletproof Profits scam.

That's right, this is nothing more than a sham of a scam and I'll show you why.

Because unlike all the other fake Bulletproof Profits reviews out there, this review will help you avoid work from home scams and find legit programs that work.

Bulletproof Profits Review At A Glance

About: Bulletproof Profits is a course by Justin Tyler (fake name) aimed at teaching beginners on how to make money as an affiliate with Amazon.

Price: $9 plus upsells totalling $342

Pros: They honour their refund 60-day policy.

Cons: Practically everything else. (Seriously, this course sucks!)

Verdict: A few outdated eBooks does not an affiliate marketing course make. Bulletproof Profits is most definitely a scam not worth your money or your time.


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Bulletproof Profits is being hyped-up and sold as a proven $2,000/day system but these claims are not backed up by their legal disclaimers.

There's literally nothing on the Bulletproof Profits website that's true. They lie about:

  • How long the program is open for
  • How much you can earn
  • How others have achieved success
  • Who the real owner is

But of course, they have to lie, because the truth is the training is made up of a few measly outdated eBooks that are no good to anyone.

There's only one person profiting from Bulletproof Profits and that's the anonymous owner.

The more you trust the hype, the more money you will lose. Stay as far away from this program and anyone promoting it as you can!

What Is Bulletproof Profits?

According to the website, Bulletproof Profits is a secret online goldmine that's only available for a limited time. Pay $9 and you'll easily make $2,000 per day, $14,000 per week or $50,000 per month.

what is bulletproof profits about

They say they'll give you full training on how to make money with Amazon through the Amazon FBA and affiliate program.

I’ve reviewed 100s of hyped-up ‘get-rich-quick overnight for doing nothing' programs, so I guess you could say I've developed a sixth sense for detecting bull$&%.

I've exposed scams like Click Wealth System, 3 Step Method and Commission Machine and, like Bulletproof Profits, they ALL make the same big promises but fail to deliver.

How Bulletproof Profits Really Works

Have you wondered why someone would sell a $2,000 a day system for $9?

Clearly, they wouldn't if it was actually legit.

Because it's all about the upsells!

Programs like this suck you in with a low price upfront then whack you with upsell after upsell once you're in the member's area.

This is where the anonymous Bulletproof Profits owners squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

Bulletproof Profit Pricing

Bulletproof Profits is available for $9 one-time. There are also two upsells which total $342.

Upsell 1: Bulletproof Profits Turbo ($197) – Hand over more of your hard-earned cash in return for top-secret ‘Amazon loopholes' we're supposed to believe will result in free traffic on autopilot and 10x the amount of money for you.

Upsell 2: Bulletproof Paydays ($145) – Pay an extra $145 to supposedly “make 10x the cash even quicker.”

Bulletproof Profits is sold via ClickBank, meaning your purchase is covered by their 60-day money-back guarantee.

A Sneak Peek Inside Bulletproof Profits

Pay up and you'll get access to what seems like a random set of 2-3 minute videos and PDF files that have been thrown together a called ‘a course'.

what is bulletproof profits reveiw

After going through the videos and eBooks, I can tell you there's nothing of value here; nothing you can use to start making any decent money online.

The videos are at least 5 years old and very short. The PDF files are rehashed eBooks that contain only very vague and general information you could find for free elsewhere.

bulletproof profits training program

Bulletproof Profits Level 1 Course

12 lessons giving a very outdated overview of how to make money through Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon).

I promise you, watch this YouTube video and you'll learn more in 55 seconds than you ever will from Bulletproof Profit's sham of a course:

Bulletproof Profits Level 2 Course

This eBook talks about the benefits of using paid ads and social media marketing to try drive sales.

Paid advertising can be profitable if you have the right products to promote but it's a high-risk strategy. Costs can easily spiral out of control if you don't have adequate training, something you won't find in this member's area.

Bonus Strategies

This section gives you nine short lessons on how to find items you can sell on Amazon for a higher price. It tells you to go to your local police auctions and find items on sale at local stores.

10K Affiliate Plan

In this section, you'll find two PDFs on how to make money as an affiliate with Amazon, though again, it's extremely basic and while it gives you a very general overview, there's no over-the-shoulder training, no practical step-by-step, nothing.

While you absolutely can make money with Amazon, a couple of short low-quality videos isn't going to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to get there.

There are better alternatives like this free beginner's training course which will show you exactly how to make a full-time income as an affiliate marketer, complete with video tutorials and top-notch community support.

Wealth Hypnosis

Weirdly, the final training section has ‘positive mindset' videos that are pretty useless. If this is something you're into, search YouTube and you'll find better videos than this for free.

Praise For Bulletproof Profits

1. 60 Day Refund Policy

While I always try to be as fair and balanced as possible in my reviews, I'm really struggling to find any positives here.

One good thing is, as this product is sold through ClickBank, you can get a full refund for 60-days, no questions asked.

Though after reading the threatening (and disturbing!) returns policy on the Bulletproof Profits website, I wouldn't recommend requesting a refund through them:

bulletproof profits refund policy

Instead, go through ClickBank's refund page and get a refund without the hassle.

5 Bulletproof Profits Red Flags Exposed!

1. Justin Tyler Isn't The Real Owner

We're told Justin Tyler is the creator and founder of Bulletproof Profits but this is the only time his name is mentioned and I can find nothing about him online.

The truth is this is a fake name used by a paid video narrator and we have no idea who the real owner is.

It's never a good sign when a product creator chooses to hide their identity and remain anonymous.

2. Fake Social Proof

On the main sales page, you'll see what you're supposed to believe are real-time Bulletproof Profits reviews from members on Facebook.

bulletproof profits reviews

The only problem is, if these were real you'd be able to like them, comment or view their Facebook profiles, but you can't.

After doing a quick Google image search I found all these photos are taken from stock image sites like ShutterStock:

why bulletproof profits is a scam

Yet again, these guys have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy!

If they're using deceptive practices on their sales page, you've got to think, what else are they lying to you about?!

3. There's NO WAY You'll Make $3,750 In 7 Clicks

Despite them promising you a boatload of cash, after going through the training I can see no way you can make that amount of money.

bulletproof profits is a scam
Bulletproof Profits Sales Page

They are definitely not shy of making big promises on the sales page to draw you in but these claims are not backed up by their earnings disclaimer:

bulletproof profits earnings disclaimer

4. They Use Paid Actors To Give Fake Success Stories

That's right, even the video testimonials are completely bogus…

Remember this guy from the sales video who said he's making $1,000's a month from the Bulletproof Profits program?

Like every other ‘Bulletproof Profits member' who shared their amazing, life-changing results, they're all fake.

Nothing more than hired video spokespeople paid to read from a script:

bulletproof profits testimonials 2

5. Fake Scarcity Tactics

There's a big red banner telling you the page is going to be removed at midnight of the day you happen to land on the website.

They only do this to give you a false sense of urgency. They know you're far more likely to get your wallet out if you think this “opportunity” is only available for a limited time.

More Bulletproof Profits Reviews

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam Or Legit?

Bulletproof Profits is definitely a scam you should avoid. We have no idea who the real owner is, every testimonial is fabricated and they use paid actors to pretend people are actually getting results.

The sales page uses deception at every level and there's no way you can make $50K/month following a couple of outdated PDF files.

They fool people into thinking they're getting an amazing life-changing system for just $9, but the Bulletproof Profits scammers only really start making money from you once you're inside the member's area.

A Way Better Bulletproof Profits Alternative

Like so many scams, Bulletproof Profits is here today, gone tomorrow. I guarantee the site will be closed down soon enough, as soon as the complaints and negative reviews start showing up all over the web.

The only program I know of that's been teaching aspiring online entrepreneurs how to make a full-time living online since 2005 is Wealthy Affiliate.

With a step-by-step video training course, newbie-friendly website building tools and expert support, you'll be given a proven blueprint you can follow.

Start your free beginner's course now and finally get the results you've been looking for.

Leave Us Your Bulletproof Profits Review

Have you been scammed by Bulletproof Profits or are you sick of hyped-up products which over-promise but never deliver?

Scroll down and send me a message in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to help any way I can.

38 thoughts on “Bulletproof Profits Review 2024: Please Don’t Fall For This!”

  1. Thanks for your honest review of this product. I think it’s a scam too. I hate upsells, especially when it ends up costing hundreds of dollars. The thing is, I think any product should be honest about the cost upfront. People are desperate and really looking to make a living online. If they feel duped by upsells, and those upsells are required to continue with the program successfully, they won’t trust the product. 

    • You’re exactly right and $342’s worth of upsells on a $9 product is outright extortion!

      This is why I always get a bee in my bonnet about upsells. I wouldn’t mind if it provided added value but most of the time it’s just a way to bleed you for cash.

      What I try and do in my reviews is give people a realistic picture of exactly how much they’ll need to pay to achieve what they’re setting out to do. That includes upsell info and pricing for any additional tools they’ll need to apply the training.

      Thanks for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the good review and work it took to look into it. I have been in marketing a long time and as soon as I saw the $9 I knew what they would want more and more money for upsells. Great work. If you are new to marketing listen to this guy.

  3. In seems in the past at one point in time this product would not have been considered to be totally scam because at one time those outdated information where once hot info but unfortunately that was a long time ago and now these info been given out to people from bulletproof profits are obviously outdated and the fact that they allow people pay for this basic info does not really help their credibility.

    To make matters worse they use fake testimonials. I definitely cannot get involved with this

  4. I love websites like this!  You guys are true consumer heroes.  When I was looking to make money online, I couldn’t tell you how many scams I ran into, and what’s worse is I had to provide my phone number.  This was Yeeears ago and still keep getting phone calls every single day.  I block their number but they use a different one after that.  I just got used to instantly hitting end call if I don’t recognize the number.   

    I love looking for reviews for these make money online scams.  If I had the money, I wanted to join all of these scam programs and show the masses step by step how these scams work from the inside out, with video and all.  Maybe that’s something I’ll do in the future when I have the time and income

  5. The first warning sign here is the $9 buy-in, almost as if you need to ante up in order to get the pocket cards and commit to an upsell to see the flop….literally a flop. Anything that contains upsells has always made me suspicious, but then you add in the fake owner, those are two red flags. One red flag should raise enough concern for prospects to proceed with caution, but two red flags should motivate anyone to turn and run the other way. These scams love to have those attractive-looking buy-ins before displaying upsell after upsell, many of which are merely hype video. 

    • Could not agree more. There’s a huge difference between somebody creating a make money online training to help people, share their expertise and get people started on the right track and a program like Bulletproof Profits where it’s clear its sole purpose is make money for the owners and affiliates promoting it. 

      I’m glad you didn’t fall for it!

  6. I was just checking out another review for a product that you have published and my attention was drawn to this review immediately after commenting on the other review. Bulletproof Profits is not a product I am familiar with, but the name piqued my curiosity so I decided to have a look…

    It seems that this is yet another less than stellar product that is floating around the internet these days, waiting to ensnare as many people as possible and get them to waste their money and time. This is why reputable review sites offer such value, I think. They save people who otherwise would get cheated.

    The fake testimonials, the dated and inadequate training, the high-priced upsells, and a dubious owner (who is it really?) all are indicators that this product is really a total waste of time and not worthy of consideration for anyone serious about learning what it really takes to earn money online. They will be disappointed for sure.

    The alternative that you have suggested, Wealthy Affiliate, is a proven and more solid path to follow for those people that are serious about learning how to make a living online. It is possible but not through the Bulletproof Profits platform. That is not going to happen. Wealthy Affiliate has the training, the tools, and the features you will need based on what I have seen.

  7. I thought there was something odd about those Facebook real-time people! Totally forgot it’s the like and share features that weren’t there but what’s even more worrying is that all those testimonies aren’t even real! I tried looking for those people on Facebook to really ask them but I couldn’t find their accounts, I never knew that those pictures are from Stock Photos, god knows what goes on in these con men’s head. Thanks for exposing this, I was this close to joining phew

  8. Hey Simon, great article. Thanks for pointing out why Bulletproof profits is a scam because people can easily view them as authentic but they really aren’t unless they’re informed. Also, I want it to go on the record that this is right on time because I was looking to find other aspects of my business to build on and I might have fallen for this so thanks for the info.

  9. Hi Simon, thank you for your review. I make a habit of looking for your reviews on any business out there ! BULLETPROOF is an easy scam. ?

  10. Thanks for creating such an important review, in my opinion bulletproof profit is clearly not a legitimate system as they have a lot of false ridiculous income claims of $3,750 with just 7 clicks, To me this looks like a typical get rich quick scam no different from the others who wants to take people hard earned money in exchange for nothing. Thanks for sharing this informative review.

    • You’re welcome Seun – if something sounds too good to be true then… it usually is! 

      I also find it funny the Bulletproof Profits owners told me they were shutting down the site back in February 2019, yet here we are in May and the site is still deceiving people.

  11. Thank you Simon. I am about to buy that bulletproof goldmine. I dont have bank acc so its so hard to do my payment. Thank you coz I didnot give them my loan money

    • You’re more than welcome Josephine. Thank you for checking out this review too, because by doing so you’ve probably saved yourself at least $300! If only more people did their research like you, there’d be a lot less scams out there.

      All the best!

  12. Hey there
    Do you look into binary option company’s ?

    If you do please look into a company name ameritradeoption
    Please advise if they areally legit?

    Thank you

  13. Hi Guys! I’m from south Africa, few days ago I purchased the product but I never get any link to log in, so I don’t understand why. Can you please help me?

  14. Hi Simon Crowe,

    I have read this great informative article. Actually, I was a little bit confused about Bulletproof Profits before. After reading your article, I have understood the main concept of Bulletproof Profits Review. I am going to appearance into that Wealthy Affiliate a little more. You say free to start??? There’s literally nothing on the Bulletproof Profits website that’s true. It sounds amazing, but the reality is bulletproof profit is just another scam to earn money. This article is helpful for details on why I should avoid this new system.  Thanks for writing this excellent post. I think newcomers can learn more through your articles. Thank you for writing this article.

  15. Thanks for sharing this review of bulletproof profit. Am sure many people would have been victim to this platform. Making 3000+ plus for 7 clicks is the highest scam I can think of. There are other platforms like this out there that are scamming people of their hard earned money. I hope people get to read this post. Thanks for sharing. 

  16. Thank you for this review Simon. I have never heard of bulletproof profits Or they should call themselves bulletproof loses! Some scams make themselves look a little bit authentic and offer some kind of useful training but these ones are just there to pick other people’s pockets! They should be arrested! But again they have that covered, you don’t even know who they are! 

  17. Good afternoon Simon,

    When I started reading your review of Bulletproof Profits I could not help but smile. Who invents these titles? Some clever mind behind the scene? 

    Anyhow, you tell me the website is full of nonsense from a nameless creator. I must say it really starts well. Throw in some fake testimonial with actors of Fiverr and we have the scam cocktail prepared. What really irritates me is that their Returns Policy is threatening, no thank you.

    Regards, Taetske

    • I know, right? With a returns policy like that can you imagine what their customer support is like?!

      It really doesn’t get much scummier or scammier than this.

  18. Hello Simon

    I noticed in your review that one of those so called success stories said “Thanks Justin” And you listed the FAKE owners name as Sean. LOL  They definitely over sold it. To good to be true. So it isn’t true! Thank you for bringing us the information about this scam. I am going to look into that Wealthy Affiliate a little more. You say free to start??? Is it another to good to be true? Thanks again

    • Great eye Kari! I spotted that too… honestly the whole site is littered with contradictions.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start. Here’s my Wealthy Affiliate review.

      I highly recommend their Premium membership which is $49/month ($29/month if paid yearly) and the beauty of WA is you can start for free with just your name and email and give the whole system a test drive to see if it’s right for you.

  19. Thank you for giving detailed information about your article on “Bulletproof Profit Review”.Never heard of this before, with the information giving will save people from been victims of scams online. I’ve been victims of so many scams before I joined Wealthy affiliate just of recent and happy I’ve found the right online business.Thank you once again!

  20. Hello,

    Thanks for this insightful post on bulletproof profits. This is just another get rich quick scheme that only looks to scam some unknowing people of their hand earned cash. Everything about this bulletproof profits scheme is just totally shady. I just hope this articles get to people before they invest in this program.

    Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the good work.

  21. Hi Simon,

    Glad I bumped into your site. I like the way you’ve reviewed the tools one could use to market their business. There are a lot of online scams out there. So it is good to have a review like this. I have being trying to make money online for a while. I am only starting to learn some of the things you’ve highlighted. I now know that the reason I was unsuccessful is due to not knowing and not applying some of the process you’ve highlighted here. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work. 



  22. Thanks for your honest review about bulletproof profits. I was so confident about going into this few days ago, I’m glad i decided to do a little research about it, hence the reason I landed here. There are lot of program like this online, I might have to stick with this website. I love the simplicity at which you write, short, precise and straight to point.

  23. Wow, What a surprising offer it is! When I am seeking online money earning a platform then I got your article with a lot of opportunities. Really it is alluring and faithful. bulletproof profits offer amazing profit with low invest. Many features and much more advantage. I have checked bulletproof profit and it is 100% real not a scam. I am so much interested and highly recommended. Thanks for the great review.

  24. This is really a great information you have put up here about the bulletproof reviews. I’m really happy for this to let people avoid all their juicy offer. I almost fell for it sometime ago. Lol. Not until I knew wealth affiliate which has really been of benefits to me.  Thanks once more for sharing this great information. Cheer’s

  25. I do appreciate your time to write about this fake product to warn all the rest of us.

    Reading all this really shows me that there, unfortunately, still too many people around who do fall for this scam, instead, of using their common sense.

    I know, we all do love shiny objects and we also wish there is a magic bullet somewhere who can help us to achieve our dreams.

    I know, been there done it.

    However, this “bulletproof profits” product is too obvious to me, that it is fake, right from the beginning.

    This is such a shame that it still though will find new victims.

    i am glad that you wrote the review on this fake product to warn others.

    Thnk you for that!

  26. This is a big scam.  I really fell for it because it was cheap. I said that I can risk $9 to enter but the hidden charges and the claims are nothing to write home about. Thank you for your post. The bogus claim of $2,000 a day is what one can easily doubt but persuading me and making it cheap made me fall. Bulletproof is a scam 

  27. Any body who is hungry for success is not supposed to go into programs like bullet proof profit review. Any platform that claims you can make 3 or 4 figure income with little or no stress and within a short while is a scam site. All they have to offer is nothing but a crapy products that has no single value. 


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