Is PureTrim A Scam? Full Review And Warning Signs Exposed!


Did a friend or family introduce you to PureTrim recently?

If so, you’re probably making sure what they say is true.

In this PureTrim review, you’re going to find out about PureTrim’s products, how you make money and whether it’s a scam or legit. 

Let’s get to it. 

PureTrim Review At A Glance

About: PureTrim is an MLM in the health and wellness niche selling wellness shakes, meal replacement bars, multivitamins, and more.

Price: Pay $29 annually to make money as an affiliate member, plus $199-$399 worth of products each month to qualify for commissions.

Pros: You may learn some new traffic methods but be warned, the training is based around reselling the training.

Cons: The owner has a very sketchy past, the compensation plan is super complicated and I really don’t like the monthly auto-ship element.

Verdict: PureTrim isn’t a scam but there are many red flags. The pyramid scheme style structure means this isn’t a viable business opportunity in the long term. 


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What Is PureTrim?

PureTrim is an MLM best known for selling health and wellness products. The About Us section of the website says it was officially launched “just over 3 years ago”. If the website is up to date, we can infer that it was built around 2017. 

The About Us section lacks important information, it doesn’t say who owns the company.

Other than the info on when it was created, the majority of it only talks about the products saying things like:

  • Manufactured following ancient Mediterranean health principles”
  • …In strict compliance with all Good Manufacturing Practices
  • “…Earned a place in the Physician’s Desk Reference. 

With any money-making opportunity, I’d always like to know who the people behind it are because it tells a lot about the quality of what they offer. 

Here’s the thing about opportunities with anonymous owners:

Most of them, if not all, want to hide something. For a lot of them, you can’t confidently say they’re legit like Push Button Profits and All In One Profits

They’re trying to conceal who they are so when the bubble bursts, they can easily jump off the boat and start painting the old scheme to look like a new one and dupe more people to squeeze money out of them. 

I’m not saying outright that PureTrim is a scam but the absence of owner information doesn’t sit with me well. I checked on the Privacy Policy page under the Legal Section and it only says PureTrim is a division of Awareness Corporation. The Awareness Corporation website still needs a lot of work, it disappointingly lacks information too. 

I went over to to see if I can find the information I need about PureTrim.

Guess what?

I found what I was looking for, the owner of the company is Mark Tahiliani. I don’t really think it’s good news though. 

PureTrim Business Details

Mark Tahiliani, also known as “Dr Mark” (doctor of I don’t know what) also owned BigSmart, an “internet shopping mall” sued by FTC for fraud allegations. Tahiliani settled the charges for $500,000 in performance bond and $5 million in consumer redress. 

The funny thing is:

PureTrim’s website has a “Celebrity Fans” section, probably to make them look more credible to people. To me though, it’s not good enough to downplay the bad name Tahiliani has made.

PureTrim Celebrity Fans

The High Cost Of Joining PureTrim

To join PureTrim, you have to pay the $29 annual membership fee. You also have to maintain either of the 3 to be eligible for commissions:

1. $199/month – autoship order and 3 retail customers or 3 recruits who also pays the autoship

2. $349/month – autoship order

3. $399/month – on PureTrim products purchase

Making money online isn’t complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

PureTrim Products

PureTrim prides itself on having been listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference. This is a legally authorized prescription guide used mostly by doctors but can also be accessed by anyone.  

Here is a list of PureTrim’s products:

  • Boost Tea ($39.99 for 7.4 oz tub) – claims to reduce appetite and cravings and also support metabolism
  • Trim Bar ($29.95 for 5pcs in a box) – organic meal replacement bar
  • Joint Tea ($39.99 for 4.5 oz tub) – iced fruit tea claiming to develop mobility and flexibility
  • Mediterranean Wellness Shake ( $39.99 ten packets in a box) – weight loss shake
  • Cardio 9 ($69.99 for a 30 serving tub) – 23 organic fruits and vegetables claiming to improve Nitric Oxide levels
  • Joint Mist ($39.99 for a 60-day use) – plant-based spray to treat muscle and joint discomfort
  • Daily Complete ($39.99 for 1 month supply) – energy booster claiming to be made from 243 minerals, vitamins, and nutrients
  • Experience ($39.99 for 90 capsules) – made to alleviate constipation, bloating, and heartburn
  • SynergyDefense ($39.99 for 30 capsules in a box) – also made for bloating and healthy digestion
  • LiverMaster ($39.99 for 30 capsules in a box) – claims to cleanse the liver, pancreas, and thyroid
  • Clean ($59.95 for 90 capsules in a bottle) – claims to help the immune and respiratory system
  • Female Balance ($29.95 for 60 capsules in a bottle) – herbal recipe to help with menopause and PMS
  • PureGardens ($39.99 for 2 oz tub) – skin serum made from 11 organic plants and essential oils

They also have Starter Pak bundles to save $10 to $180: 

  • Immune Boost for ($74.99) – made up of Daily Complete and SynergyDefense saving $5
  • 10-Day Weight Loss ($159) – made up of Mediterranean Wellness Shake, Boost Tea, Daily Complete, Experience, and PureGardens saving $80
  • 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge ($299) – made up of Mediterranean Wellness Shake, Boost Tea, Daily Complete, Experience, and PureGardens good for 30 days saving $180
  • Joint Health ($109.93) – made up of Joint Tea, Joint Mist, and Daily Complete saving $10
  • 30-Day LiverMaster Cleanse ($129) – made up of LiverMaster, Daily Complete, and Experience good for 30 days saving $10

PureTrim claims these products underwent clinical studies

The page even says the studies are indisputable proof of how effective the products are. Actually, only 4 products were studied: Mediterranean Wellness Shake, Experience, Daily Complete, and PureGardens.

Here’s the kicker:

Only the study titles were given, results were not presented. 

The thing is, it’s common for health and wellness products to make unproven claims. To know the truth, just scroll down the bottom-most portion and read the sentences in the superfine print. You might even need a magnifying glass to make it readable enough!

It says that the statements they made are not evaluated by the FDA

Here’s the worst part conflicting every claim they made:

“The product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” They’re basically saying: we think it can do this, but we can’t assure you. 

On the bright side, PureTrim did a good job of not claiming they were not evaluated by the FDA because “FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed”. 

I’m not done yet though:

The study about PureGardens claims it is a “possible treatment” for eczema and psoriasis. If this was the case, why isn’t there any proof that the study went under peer-review or submitted to the FDA as a topical treatment for both diseases?

Remember, they already made the disclaimer that the products are not intended to cure anything. So basically, there’s no validated proof it really works!

How To Make Money From PureTrim

PureTrim has 2 earning opportunities: 

1. Sell the products at a retail price and earn a commission.

2. Recruit people to be part of your downlines, you can then earn from the sales they make. 

To give you a complete picture of the ways you can earn from PureTrim, I’m going to give you a rundown of its compensation plan. PureTrim uses a uni-level system

Let me start off with the affiliate ranks and the requirements for each rank.

PureTrim Affiliate Ranks

  • Executive Promoter – only requirement us signing up as an affiliate
  • Direct Promoter – but $400 worth of products in a month
  • 1-Star Promoter – recruit 2 affiliates as an Executive Promoter
  • 2-Star Promoter – keep 2 1-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 2 unilevel legs
  • 3-Star Promoter – keep 3 2-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 3 unilevel legs
  • 4-Star Promoter – keep 4 3-Star Promoters on the first 2 level of 4 unilevel legs
  • 5-Star Promoter – keep 5 4-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 5 unilevel legs
  • President’s Club – keep 5-Star Promoters on the first 2 levels of 5 unilevel legs

We’re you able to get that the first time? Me neither! All I could understand is, you need to maintain recruits to go up a higher rank. 

As you can see, most of the focus is NOT on selling products, but rather on recruiting more people to pay up for an autoship who will also be forced to recruit others to cover the autoship expenses. 

Sounds like a pyramid scheme, yes? A product-based pyramid scheme to be exact. 

Now, let’s talk about the commissions and see if you can recover what you paid for in the autoship with these bonuses. 

Retail Commission

If retail customers buy products, Executive Promoters get a 10% commission, 25% for Direct Promoters, and 10% higher for each succeeding level. 

Residual Commission

Using a uni-level structure, an affiliate’s personal recruit goes directly under his level, this is level 1. When a level 1 affiliate has a recruit, it goes on level 2 of the original affiliate. 

All based on the original affiliate, each affiliate’s recruit goes under the level he is in so the levels can go down to a limitless number as long as the last level recruit gets to sign someone in.

However, PureTrim only pays up to 6 levels. 

  • 1-Star Promoter – 5% commission on level 1 recruit
  • 2-Star Promoter – 5% commission on level 1 and 2 recruits
  • 3-Star Promoter – 5% commission on levels 1-3 recruits
  • 4-Star Promoter – 5% commission on levels 1-4 recruits
  • 5-Star Promoter – 5% commission on levels 1-5 recruits
  • 6-Star Promoter – 5% commission on levels 1-6 recruits

Gold Bonus

The Gold Bonus can be enjoyed by 3-Star Promoters and ranks higher than that. To qualify, an affiliate must keep a $299 personal autoship and keep 10 retail customers who buy at least $99 every month. 

If an affiliate qualifies, his residual commission extends as follows:

  • 3-Star Promoter – 1% more on level 4
  • 4-Star Promoter – 1% more on levels 5 and 6
  • 5-Star Promoter – 2% more on levels 6,7, and 8
  • President’s Club – 3% more on levels 7, 8, 9, and 10

All-Star Matching Bonus

If an Executive Promoter recruits 7 direct promoters on his first month, he gets $700.

Fast Start Bonus

Executive Promoters get $100 for every personal recruit who becomes a Direct Promoter.

Frontline Bonus

Executive Promoters and all in higher ranks get 10% commission on the product orders of Direct Promoters who are recruited personally.

Luxury Car Bonus

This bonus is for 2-Star Promoters and those with higher ranks:

  • A 2-Star Promoter who earns $12,000 wholesale sales volume on 2 team levels get $150 car bonus every month
  • A 3-Star Promoter who earns $28,000 wholesale sales volume on 3 team levels get $300 car bonus every month
  • A 4-Star Promoter who earns $70,000 wholesale sales volume on 4 team levels get $400 car bonus every month
  • A 5-Star Promoter who earns $175,000 wholesale sales volume on 5 levels get $750 car bonus every month
  • A President’s Club who earns $350,000 wholesale sales volume on 6 team levels get $1,500 car bonus every month

Sounds like a lot of bonuses in store, right? However, PureTrim is not telling you how hard it is to get to those levels!

First off, you need to spend $400 every month to qualify for the commissions, top that off with the other qualifications needed for every commission type!

Just the basic $400 a month means $4,800 cost per year! Think also about all the people you need to convince to sign up and pay $400 a month so you can get higher commissions! You’ll end up with a very long list of people who will cross the road when you’re around. 

Here’s what’s most likely to happen, you’ll end up buying the products yourself to qualify for commissions. You’ll just get a trickle back from the enormous amount you spend plus a house full of products you won’t finish using!

Funny? That’s what’s most likely to happen when you can’t convince anyone to be willing to spend as much as you do. 

Here’s the truth:

Most compensations are made so hard to understand so you won’t realize you’re just spending so much without getting more in return. If it was plain and simple, there’s no way they can get people to sign up!

What I Like About PureTrim


What I Don’t Like About PureTrim

  • Sketchy past of owner
  • Expensive products and membership
  • Daunting auto-ship requirements
  • Pay to play
  • Unproven product effectiveness

Is PureTrim A Scam?

PureTrim is not an outright scam. However, red flags like the sketchy owner and pyramid scheme structure alone don’t make the business sustainable. Once the recruitment dies down, it will eventually collapse. 

The thing is:

Those who make a lot of money from MLMs are those who are there first. All the rest are just grappling for the little trickle back from the truckload of money put in. Plus the to get the commissions, you have to qualify for all the conditions making it even harder to make money.

I personally will not try PureTrim and rather invest what I have in a sustainable business that’s proven to work. 

PureTrim Review: Final Verdict

Selling is not really required in PureTrim, recruiting is. The danger when a business focuses on recruiting is that you’ll only get a limited number of people interested in the limited number of products you have. Unless they’ll personally use it, there’s no way they’ll sign up or even work the business out. 

In the end, you’ll shoulder all the cost yourself thinking that if you qualify for the commissions, you can get back all the money you put in. Sorry to tell you, but you won’t. 

The owner has a bad past, there are less than 20 products to offer which is sky-high expensive, and only a limited number of people will be interested in MLMs nowadays. For those who will be interested, you’ll have to compete with all the other thousands of MLMs selling wellness products. There’s no wonder 99% of those who try MLM fail.

The truth is:

MLMs make it look easy to make money but when you’re already in the game, you’ll realize you have no chance. 

If you’re interested in building a business, affiliate marketing is a better choice. 

  • You won’t need to recruit
  • You won’t need to pay for a hefty autoship
  • You can promote any product you like
  • There’s no need for face-to-face selling
  • You can earn even when you’re away from your computer 
  • It’s free to get started

If you want to know more about how it works, check out this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can try it yourself and come back to share your experience.

What’s Your Take?

Did you sign up for PureTrim?

Have you tried the products?

Feel free to tell us your experience in the comments section below!

15 thoughts on “Is PureTrim A Scam? Full Review And Warning Signs Exposed!”

  1. Hello I had car accident2019 and was in a lot of pain.
    In 2021 I was at a store and saw a man selling products from his car, he ask me if I had joint pain and I said yes he show me Joint Mist and I bought it, as he said it’s natural and I mainly do natural and I would try anything to help my pain. I said yes sell me one. Forgot to ask price until he’s doing the transaction I thought oops thats pricey… But let me tell u something it’s the best thing ever. Whenever knee or back hurting really bad , I do a little spritz and that’s it , in minutes I forgot I had pain at all. I used for back shoulder and knees. I would tell everyone about it. I savour it for as long as I could. It’s been finish for a while and I keep saying I gotta figure where it’s sold.
    I eventually realize it’s sold online and keep saying I gotta order another one. Now that i went back to work my joints are being irritated again so I just come online to try buy one and happened upon this forum. I have no idea about the company or owner or anything, But I can say this products is super amazing. It’s almost like miracle.
    And the best part is it’s natural. I don’t like stuff with too much chemical. So I will pay the price to keep away the pain.

  2. Hello Simon,
    Thanks for your blog about PureYrim. I have never tried the product but decided to do a bit of research, because I recently learnt about it. I have also read the comments and I must say some people have really misunderstood what’ve written.
    You nor I cannot deny that these people have felt better by taking PureTrim. They said it, so it must be true! What I have to add is this, if you diet, exercise and take care of your mental health you will also feel better. All I am saying is, there are cheaper alternatives to PureTrim.

  3. Oh my Gosh you don’t know Dr. Marc and your information with pricing is 3 years old. PureTrim changed my life. And 3 years later I still take it. Also there is no yearly fee. Get your facts straight before you publish anything about these products. They have given me my life back.

  4. Hello Simon Crowe, I used Pure Trim before I decided to become a distributor, and my health improved in very good ways. I was having serious problems with my liver after being on a few medications and not a drinker of alcohol. My liver enzymes were extremely high and I was very sick. I did not have any energy,I was having lots of headaches and spent too much time in the bathroom. I started taking the Liver Master, the Synergy Defense probiotic, the Experience colon cleanser, the Clear and the Liquid Daily Complete vitamins. After four months I got my blood results back and my liver enzymes were close to normal again. I felt better than I had felt in YEARS! Pure Trim has herbal combinations in their products that work together to help your body to heal itself. I was so grateful that I finally found a supplement that actually did what it said it would do! I have been on the product since 2001 and have really good health. The products saved my mother’s life when all of her doctors wanted to call in Hospice. She has been alive for 3 extra years due to the Pure Trim products. I have countless stories of my customers that have their own testimonials. I signed up to be a distributor mainly to get the 35% off of my orders. The products work so well that I have a nice list of customers mostly referrals and a nice monthly commission check. You could make a nice living with Pure Trim but you would have to work to get your customers. Once you have them they hardly ever leave because the products work!

  5. I am a grandmother who takes care of three grandchildren. We all take the Daily complete and the Synergy Defence. I totally disagree with the criticism of this site. My children have never gotten the flu while taking this and that is during COVID. My husband and I have taken their products throughout the years and have managed to skip all touches of flu. Maybe there is a new owner and changes have been made that we were unaware of since we are still satisfied with the products.

  6. I have used pure trim products way back when it was Awareness. A doctor recommended Experience for my IBS. Could not live without it. Pure gardens is an amazing cream. I also use Daily Complete it is the best multi Vit I have ever taken. I wish they hadn’t focused so much on weight loss recently instead of health it does take away some credibility

  7. I love getting other people’s opinions about a company and their products. What I don’t like is when they lie about said company. Pure Trim is NOT an MLM. You sign up an a direct promoter, and there are no monthly dues as you are stating. I spent time with a rep over the phone this morning. I do have to purchase 400.00 before I get a certain percentage. Time will tell if I actually like being a promoter.

      • Hello Simon,

        I am a 1-Star Promoter. I had planned great retail campaigns (house-health parties, kiosk at health spas and health and wellness shows/conferences) however, Covid-19 put a stopping to those plans. PureTrim affords Me a marketable website, which I use with other media outlets to introduce the products. Currently, I earned 35% monthly, even on My own purchases. My cheques always come on time. I hope after Covid to pick up momentum, again. I do not use all the products in the line, but the ones that I use monthly are pretty good.


  8. The PureTrim products have given me my health back.
    The joint health starter pak was the product that saved my sanity.
    I was in pain every day, I didn’t want to take the pharmaceutical products any more because it’s bad for your liver.
    I also took the liver master starter pak cleanse and the Clear to help me with my allergies and autoimmune issues, and now I can eat any foods that I want with out having an allergic reaction to it.
    So the products works.
    I don’t know about the past of Dr. Marc and at this point in my life I don’t really care people make mistakes and they learn from them just as I have done in my own life especially eating too much fast food and junk food and not eating right I had to pay for it with my health problems, and Dr.Marc products has given me that second chance with good health.
    To get up every day pain free is priceless.
    To have so much energy and stamina naturally is priceless.
    So I will always be great full for the PureTrim products.
    Any body can talk about stuff but until you have tried it for yourself and get the results like I did. It’s just another person’s opinion.
    Have a happy journey through life everyone 🤗

    • Portia,

      I agree. My grandson’s mother gave Me a skin serum, which I like. Although, I use PureTrim serum – Pure Gardens – which removed a scar that I sustained from a child. I am a great grandmother, now, but I appreciated the gift so I checked the Internet for a supplier and was saw that the other serum cost $169 for 1 oz, compared to PureTrim’s 2 oz for $39.99. I have proven the other products in the line that I use. I would not continue to spend My money on products that do not work. The real joy is that I get all My purchases at a 35% discount, which is added to My other retail commission and come to Me by cheque, monthly.


  9. I used the products in the 1990’s…….awesome products, nothing else like them on the market in terms of recipe and quality……I agree, Mark and his brother made a lot of mistakes and its the reason I left the company so many years ago……hate on mark, but don’t hate on the products, especially Clear, Experience and Harmony…those are life saving.

  10. This site does not appropriately represent the company. I am not an MLM member but take the shakes, as does my family, including my 83-year old parents. It is a superb product and I feel noticably much better during the day.

  11. Hi, I have used experience for years and it is a product that works, yu do not pay a yearly fee, and as far as how long its been in business its been at least 20 years, that is when I found this product! I had major bowel problems not going so it was a life safer for me! I do not like all this negative talk about pure trim. Also yu do not have to continually buy unless yu want a product


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