Secret Millionaire Bot Review 2024: 5 Signs It’s A Scam!


This is the Secret Millionaire Bot review that's going to tell you the truth about the program promising you'll make $5,000 a day tapping an app on your phone.

I came across Secret Millionaire Bot thanks to a spammy email landing in my inbox, but is it a scam that's too good to be true or a legit millionaire maker?

That's what you're going to find out!

Why listen to me?

Because I am not affiliated with Secret Millionaire Bot.

I write this review to help you avoid worthless get-rich-quick scams and find real money-making programs that work.

Secret Millionaire Bot Review At A Glance

About: Charles Allen's Secret Millionaire Bot is sold as a unique opportunity to join an “elite secret club of millionaires” who make cash on autopilot using online bots.

Price: $37 plus a staggering $2,085 in upsells.

Pros: Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cons: This is mis-sold via a deceptive sales page and testimonials from paid actors.

Verdict: An outdated and ineffective 20-minute video course on how to become an Instagram influencer. Secret Millionaire Bot looks like a scam because it is a scam.


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The difference between what you're promised by Charles Allen and what you get in the training area is night and day. I've seen a lot of hype in my time but I've never been more disappointed with a training product ever.

Actors hired to give fake testimonials, expensive upsells designed to squeeze you for cash, an income disclosure admitting nobody makes money – Secret Millionaire Bot really is the scummiest of scams. 

Want my advice?

Don't waste your time with this money-sucking program. Quit looking for get-rich-quick and start building a real online business instead.

What Is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Secret Millionaire Bot is marketed as a fast and easy way to make money on Instagram through affiliate marketing. Secret Millionaire members get access to a very short course that gives very general information before being asked to pay more.

Here's how making money with affiliate marketing usually works:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

Affiliate marketing is a great way to build an online income and it's how I've made $100,000 in the last few years but the methods laid out in the Secret Millionaire Bot training is not going to help you make that happen.

If you are serious about replacing your full-time online then you need the right strategy to follow, and that's just not what you're getting here.

Who Is Secret Millionaire Bot For?

Secret Millionaire Bot is targeted at two kinds of people:

  • Those who still think there's an automatic way to make money online
  • Those looking for lazy shortcuts to limitless wealth

The Secret Millionaire Bot creators will never tell you building an online business takes TIME and WORK. It's not what people want to hear and all they care about is selling their program, even when they know it's not going to help anyone.

Scams like Millionaire Biz Pro, Job Quitter Club and Paying Social Media Jobs will tell you making money online is as easy as tapping your phone a few times.

Legit training courses like Commission Academy and Invincible Marketer will tell you the truth about what it takes and give you the knowledge and skills you need to get there.

5 Secret Millionaire Bot Lies Debunked

This program is NOT what you're told it is that's for sure and I'm going to show you why nothing you see on the sales page can be trusted.

Lie #1: You Can Make Money On Autopilot

Watch the promo video and Charles Allen will tell you this is a unique opportunity to join an “elite secret club of millionaires” who make a fortune on the internet automatically using bots. He'll also show you pictures of fancy sports cars and big mansions.
The Secret Millionaire Bot Website

You're told the automated bot software allows ordinary people like you and me to make incredible profits online. At one point Charles boasts:

“I sit back and let the money come in automatically; while I'm at a restaurant eating, on the beach with my wife and best of all, while I'm asleep.”

Or in other words: you can make crazy amounts of cash overnight for doing nothing…

Many work from home scams I've exposed like AliProfits System, Profit Robot, Easy Retired Millionaire and Home Income Millionaire sell you on the myth that making money online is easy.

All you have to do to live a life of luxury is to pay them $37 for their top secrets…

Funny that!

The Truth:

There are 2 ways to earn online – the fast way or the real way.

The biggest limitation holding people back from earning on the internet is a false idea there's some super-secret glitch or a hidden loophole out there you need to exploit.

I've been a full-time online entrepreneur for 5 years but I had to hustle to get there. It took time, patience and a lot of hard work. I had to get the right training to learn the skills necessary to make it happen.

Once you realise there are no shortcuts to success your chances of actually succeeding increase exponentially.

Lie #2: You're One Of The ‘Lucky Few' To Get Access

The video talks about how you're “one of the lucky few” to be allowed entry. One of the first things you see on is a message warning you to sign up quick before you miss your spot:

fake advertising
fake advertising

The Truth:

This is utter nonsense because it's a digital product and the guy behind Secret Millionaire Bot wants to sell as many copies to as many people as he can and rake in the cash.

They only tell you crap like this to try to invoke a sense of panic and urgency in you so you'll hit the buy now button without thinking too much about it.

Lie #3: Secret Millionaire Bot Is Legit And Reputable

The Secret Millionaire Bot website says they've been featured on the likes of Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN.

why secret millionaire is a scam

The Truth:

This is fake news. It only takes a quick search online to realise the Secret Millionaire Bot has never been featured on any of these media outlets and as this is not an app, you won't find them on Google Play or the App Store.

Then why do they show these logos?

To associate themselves with well-known brands you know and trust to fool you into thinking this is a credible and reputable company when clearly they are anything but.

Lie #4: Charles Allen Is The System Creator

Before I join a training program I want to know who it is I'm going to be learning from. I want to know if he's trustworthy. Does he have a good track record?

We're told very little about the man behind this program except his name is Charles Allen.

The Truth:

We have no idea who the program creator is. Right at the bottom of the website in very fine print, it says:

“The spokesperson used in the video is using a pen name.”

There are only 2 reasons someone would hide their true identity; first, the program isn't legit and you don't want to put your reputation on the line and second, choose to remain anonymous and it's easier to bolt once the complaints and refund requests start rolling in.

Lie #5: People Like You And Me Make Money With This

In an effort to convince you this is an unmissable earning opportunity, the unknown product creator shows video testimonials from people who decided to sign up and go on to achieve massive success:

SMB testimonials
testimonial 2
testimonial 3

The Truth:

Rather than being real members, they are hired actors from who get paid to read from a script:

Not a single testimonial is real. Why does the person promoting this resort to using fake video testimonials? Because there are no real success stories to draw from?

Because the average person makes zero, zilch, diddly-squat with this program!

Don't take my word for it though, here's their own earnings disclaimer:

can you make money with secret millionaire bot

If that doesn't convince you to stay away from Charles Allen's so-called money-making program I don't know what will!

Secret Millionaire Bot Is Littered With Upsells

If the Secret Millionaire Bot sales page is to be believed (we know now it's not) then this is a $5,000 a day system being sold for $37.

This is equivalent to a random stranger approaching you on the street and offering you the secrets to limitless wealth, all you have to do is give him $37 upfront. It's crazy, right?

So why is Secret Millionaire Bot available for such a low price?

Because it's all about getting you in the door so he can really start squeezing you for cash.

Once you pay up and access the members' area you'll see it is literally littered with upsells:

secret millionaire bot members area upsells

Let's go through it step-by-step:

Step 1: Welcome Instructions

This short welcome video tells you to go to step 2 and register for your free webinar spot.

Step 2: Registration Page For The VIP Members Workshop

This is a signup page for John Crestani's Super Affiliate System that costs $997.

Step 3: A ‘Free Website' That Costs $288 A Year

Here you're promised a free money-making website but what they forgot to mention is this simple website template is just the carrot they dangle to lure you into paying CoolHandle's domain registration and web hosting fees priced at $288/year.

Step 4: Highest Recommended Online Product

Their highest recommendation is Bulletproof Profits (link to my review), where you get bombarded with yet more upsells and pay $9 for a few crappy and outdated PDF files.

If you thought that was a lot of upsells, they haven't finished yet – there are 3 more upsells you'll have to click through to access the training you just paid for:

Upsell 1: Millionaire Bot Pro – $147

Upsell 2: Auto Profit Replicator – $147

Upsell 3: Done-For-You Traffic – $497

But here's the real kicker:

These are all ‘one-click upsells' meaning if you accidentally click on any of them by mistake you'll be instantly charged with no chance of a refund. Unethical much?!

Does Secret Millionaire Bot Give Refunds?

Yes, you can cancel and get a refund up to 60 days from your date of purchase.

Just keep in mind, any upsells are not covered by Clickbank's refund policy.

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

The Secret Millionaire Bot Training

What about the training itself? What exactly are these life-changing income-generating methods you're going to learn to become a millionaire within 12 months?

Well, like the Boomerang Buddy software I reviewed recently, Secret Millionaire Bot's training is about how to make money as an Instagram influencer…

What a letdown!

The training is essentially a bunch of 9 short and outdated 2-10 minute YouTube videos thrown together and labelled a course. I kid you not.

secret millionaire bot training

Here's a quick breakdown of the lessons:

Video 1: What is Instagram?

Video 2: How to sell on Instagram

Video 3: Building your Instagram brand

Video 4: Creating an Instagram business account

Video 5: 5 ways to make money on Instagram

Video 6: Becoming a dropshipper on Instagram

Video 7: How to use the Secret Millionaire Bot with Instagram

Video 8: Growing your following

Video 9: How to do sponsored posts

While it's possible to earn on Instagram, I struggle to see how a newbie to the make money online space can turn these outdated, useless videos into money in the bank.

They recommend dropshipping. Sure it's a valid business model but you need more than a 5-minute video to learn the ins and outs of how it all works. You'll also have to pay upfront for products, shipping and marketing with no guarantee you'll make a return.

How anyone can sell these 9 videos as a millionaire-making system is beyond me!

Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam?

Yes, unequivocally, Secret Millionaire Bot is a scam. You're lied to on the sales page and let down with crappy training. It's hard to find a program that hypes itself up so much and yet delivers so little as much as this program does.

The only positive I can find about Secret Millionaire Bot is it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, one I intend to take full advantage of.

If you're tempted to buy this, don't. If you already have, get a refund.

A REAL Secret Millionaire Bot Alternative

If you are serious about making money online then please, do yourself a favour and forget about get-rich-quick scams like Secret Millionaire Bot. They only lead to dead ends. Focus on building a real online business instead.

Check out my SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review where I outline exactly how this training platform will give you the step-by-step lessons you can follow to achieve your online income goals.

They won't make hyped-up, unrealistic income claims and bombard you with upsells like Secret Millionaire Bot does.

And the best part? The free Starter membership means you can try out the platform without getting your wallet out.

The choice is yours, my friend.

More Secret Millionaire Bot Reviews

Your Secret Millionaire Bot Reviews

What do you all think about Secret Millionaire Bot after reading this review? Is it worth paying $37 for a few crappy, outdated videos?

Are you sick and tired of internet scams that promise the earth but never deliver? Scroll down and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Secret Millionaire Bot Review 2024: 5 Signs It’s A Scam!”

  1. Thank you so much for your in depth exposure of what is quite rightly nothing but a scam, we need to have more people exposing scams and saving people from wasting their hard earned cash.

    Think that you hit the nail on the head when you remarked on up sells, this is where the money is made, not just with scams but with a lot of products, so the message is clear, beware of buying up sells, unless you really want them.

    Many thanks for this,


    • It’s so true Stuart. I’ve seen it so many times where schemes like this entice you in with promises of a full money making system at a low upfront cost (usually $7 or $9ish) only to hit you with numerous upsells once you’re on the inside. 

      What a lot of people don’t realise is that most often, upsells are not covered under the same money-back guarantee so you’ve got virtually no chance of getting your money back.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot of complains about Secret Millionaire Bot. First is the SPAM emails that leads you to ‘get rich quick’ videos and misleading sales pitch, then the pricey upsells. The training is one thing you will regret because the content doesn’t really teach you how to become rich. The sales page by the way is a rehashed from the sales page of Easy Insta Profits. Lastly, how can you even trust a company that is unethical – giving fake testimonials and displaying fake logos are the examples. 

    I hope by now, internet users are smart enough to identify business scams. A lot of bloggers like you have been consistently educating the readers to look for the red flag, yet some are still victimized. Still, thank you for doing this review. din’t stop revealing those scammers.

    • It’s so true, and I thought this review was long enough already so I didn’t even mention the fake media accounts and fake comments they have on there too. Great point about Easy Insta Profits (here’s my Easy Insta Profits review) and I 100% agree – they are very similar, if not clones of each other. 

      If this review helps even just one person avoid this scam than for me it’s worth it.

      Thanks for sharing Mrs B! 🙂  

  3. This is why we should all be aware of the ‘get-rich-quick’ scams that are being advertised in almost every corner of the internet and there is literally no one who could regulate each and everything that is happening because the www is a huge place.

    You are doing great service from reviewing these products/courses before anyone would start thinking of buying them admittedly I almost fall from one of these emails which promise big returns without really putting in all the work that is needed. 

    Since you just mentioned Wealthy Affiliate I just wanted to share what valuable lessons being a member is. The community, the tutorials, and the tools that are within reach when you joined are incredible. I dare say it is a world class in almost every way that there could be.

    I made my very first website here, learned how to make great content, keyword research and many things that you will need in order to build your own business on the Internet.

    We are lucky to be born in the Information Age and reap the rewards of the market place and its offers.

    Just curious but if it were up to you would you recommend Legendary Marketer?

  4. I do dropshipping and I can tell you that this program is a total scam. 

    Dropshipping is not something that can be run on autopilot as much as many steps in the business process are made easy with softwares, you still need to take care of your business daily.

    And not anyone succeed in dropshipping, you need a good start up capital to invest in ads to make sure you can get a revenue. Now adding that to paying for secret millionaire bot, you can’t succeed….Nope.

    Thanks for this very detailed review, I hope people will pay attention.


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