how to earn money on the internet fast

Last Update 23rd September, 2016.

There are two types of people in this world;  those who are willing to work towards something and those who just want everything NOW.

Can you imagine if you discovered the key to earning millions at the single click of a mouse? I mean it’d be great wouldn’t it?

The only problem is… it’s not reality.

If you want to earn real money on the internet, it will take hard work, diligence and it will take TIME (some might even say it’s the slow way – but it is a real way.)

How to Earn Money on the Internet Fast!

how to earn money on the internetThere are hundreds of ‘gurus’ with programs, systems and schemes out there that make some pretty bold guarantees:

“Make $1,000’s within your first couple of weeks!”

“Make $$$ in 30 days or I’ll pay you all of your money back!”

Blah, blah, blah.

You simply buy the brand spanking new Google-busting system and keep waiting for your PayPal balance to suddenly rocket up into the stratosphere.

Why are there so many self-proclaimed get rich quick gurus online?

Because they make money by playing with our emotions, the idea of making money online and doing it super fast gets us all in a flurry.

As I said, they offer shiny but empty promises with no substance and you’ll be left disappointed every time.

Just think about it for a sec, if they have access to unlimited piles of money through their own Google-busting techniques, why do they need to sell anything to us?

The problem is, to EARN LOTS OF MONEY SUPER DUPER FAST AND WITH NO WORK, you are either going to have to scam someone else into that very same idea by getting them to buy something off of you or you are going to have to sell people into a scheme.

There are many such programs online and they seem to be popping up everywhere, and often times getting shut down and thrown in jail by authorities.

Why? Because they are:

1. Making Outrageous Earnings Claims 

Have you ever watched a YouTube video of someone driving around in a Ferrari boasting about having MILLION DOLLAR DAYS or sailing in the Mediterranean on a yacht clutching huge stacks of money in each hand. These types of marketers are what I categorise as the “outrageous” claims marketers.

They’ll go on and on about how much they’re making, but will NEVER tell you what they are even selling… except that to buy this system before the clock runs out if you want to make it to the top like they have. They make the greasiest used car salesman look like an angel.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

get rich quick scam

2. Running a Pyramid Scheme

There are hundreds, probably thousands of pyramid and multi-level marketing schemes around today. They might try and dress it up and present it as something else, but behind the disguise it’s just another blatant pyramid scheme.

I know it sounds bad, and it is. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries around the world for good reason.

Unfortunately, most of the time these companies never get caught because they shamelessly shelter themselves and stifle customer complaints.Pyramid-scheme

3. Telling People To Sell Stuff They Just Bought

Would you like to earn millions each and every month without having to lift a finger? We’re talking about a lot of money here!

Great! All you need to do is pay $499 for your starter pack, harass your friends and family and alienate your work mates to make just 20 sales of some overpriced, over hyped nonsensical product and find 3 other people to do exactly the same and then help them find 3 other people to do the same…

Then just watch the money piling up. Click here to get started!

I’m joking – please don’t do it! Yes, you can ‘earn‘ money fast when you sell people on the idea of hope and sell them on “overpriced” programs, but your success will be short-lived as you run out of people that you can rip off.

Be careful. The only thing that separates MLM from illegal pyramid schemes and makes it barely legal is its weak association with selling a real product.

4. Spam, Spam, Spam

email spamDo you love spam as much as I do? No, I’m not talking about the canned meat product made mainly from ham

I’m talking about email spam, comment spam, Facebook spam, tweet spamming to name a few…

There’s a reason spam and scam seem to go well together – spam is an illegal, unscrupulous way to make money at someone else’s expense.

Hype and deceit are the tools these con artists use to trick you out of your money. Trust me, this is not the real way to earn money on the internet.

OK, enough of what definitely doesn’t work. If you’ve already fallen victim to any of these schemes it’s okay, dust yourself off and learn from it.

The good news that can come out of all of this is that are REAL ways to build a legitimate online business and earn an honest and long-term online income.

How to Earn Real Money On The Internet (HINT: It’s a Business)

After falling for yet another scam I almost gave up looking for a real way to make money online. If you can relate, please don’t lose hope.

Right now I’ll walk you through the real process of earning money using the power of the internet. It’s not ‘get rich quick’ but it is faster than building and offline business.

Compared to a traditional style business, building an income online takes less time at just a fraction of the cost. For an online entrepreneur the start up costs are less than a hundred dollars.

Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t need to spend $1,000’s on training, tools, websites, hosting, lead generators, traffic, etc to create, grow and build a very successful and profitable internet business.

If you’re ready let’s get straight to it. Here are 5 of the best, most effective and real ways to earn money on the internet.

1. Earn Money Building Niche Websites

When people ask me how to start earning money on the internet, my answer is always: with a NICHE WEBSITE. A niche is a specific audience or a group of people interested in something.  This could be anything, from “how to find the best camera lens”, to “dog sports gear”, to “making money online”.

There are literally millions of niches where you can carve out a very successful (and profitable) business for yourself online. The niche you choose to go into can be almost anything you have a special interest in.

This is one of the core internet business models Wealthy Affiliate teach (it’s where I started out) and it is a business that can take shape rather quickly (in a few months’ time).

The process in a nutshell looks like this:

(1) Choose a niche
(2) Start a Blog
(3) Building out content on your website (that leads to rankings/traffic)
(4) Monetise your traffic (the make $$ part)

The cost of entry:  Less than $100 and no previous experience is needed.
Recommended Training:


2. Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal internet business model because it allows you to promote millions of products and services online without having to buy or store the products or deal with shipping issues. It’s a personal favourite of mine simply because most of the online transactions that take place are affiliate marketing based.

And as I’m sure you know, the internet is only growing…

When you sign up to an affiliate program, you are given a unique link that you can use to direct people to their page and you make a commission on any sales you refer. Depending on the affiliate program you choose within your niche, commissions can range anywhere between 4% and 75%.

Please note: There are no costs to joining legitimate affiliate programs.

Earning money on the internet with the affiliate marketing business model works really well with building niche websites.

If your website is your online store, then the products you can possibly promote are endless. There’s no limit on how many affiliate programs you can join and the earning potential for your new internet business is limitless.

The cost of entry: Less than $100 and no previous experience is needed.
Recommended Training:

3. Earn Money Selling Digital Products

If you prefer to make your own products, there are several platforms out there that allow you create and promote your own digital products.  You can write and sell ebooks at places like ClickBank and become a self-publisher at Amazon through their Kindle network.

Many people have become successful online entrepreneurs and earned lots of money by selling their own digital products through the internet.

Promoting anything digital can be a very lucrative option simply because after the small initial outlay for product creation and design, once you have it, you can sell the same eBook, online guide or training course a million times over with no additional storage or shipping costs.

The payment and delivery of digital products can be beautifully automated, leaving you to collect the profit for years to come.

The cost of entry:  Less than $150 and no previous experience is needed.
Recommended Platforms:,

4. Earn Money Selling Through eBay

Most people use eBay to get rid of unwanted clutter and earn some fast cash in the process.

But what if you could take this a step further? I mean, go pro with it? You could source new or used items at super low-prices at auctions or online wholesalers and sell them on eBay for a handsome profit.

This work from home opportunity may require a little investment, so check out what’s in your garden shed, get it listed and use the money you earned to invest in stock. Use your newly cleared shed as your eBay storage space.

Your seller rating is obviously crucial so keep an eye on your inbox and answer buyer’s questions. It’s also a good idea to set reasonable minimum bids to make sure you get a decent return.

The cost of entry:  Have some of your own products, fees associated with selling on eBay (less than few dollars first couple of items)
Recommended Platforms:

5. Earn Money Freelancing

Earning money on the internet by offering your services as a freelance writer, graphic designer, website programmer, SEO expert, video editor, (actually almost anything you can think of) can be a great start up option.

You can earn money from 1,000’s of tasks/jobs (aka gigs). Bloggers, online businesses owners, video marketers all need help form time to time with various online tasks. And then sign up to sites like iWriter to outsource their work.

The only problem with this internet business model is that your earnings are potentially limited by the number of hours you put in; you put the work in and get paid once.

This is a good way to earn money online, but you are in essence a hired “worker” or “contractor”, rather than being a business owner.  A big difference, but there’s no question you can earn a full-time income from internet freelancing.

The cost of entry:  Free, fees taken by freelancing sites based on completed gigs.
Recommended Platforms:

So there you go! We’ve just walked through four fast and unethical ways as well as five real and honest ways to earn money on the internet.

Protect yourself from scams, be careful about products popping up claiming to be the next best thing (and often times nothing more than another shiny object), and lots of companies that are in the business of making money, not actually helping you out.

If a product claims that it will make you money overnight with a simple click of a mouse – question it.

The truth there are so many real and honest ways to earn money online. If you want to create a proper business, there is a proper path to doing so and I will be more than happy to help you out if you’re ever ready to build a legitimate, fun and long-term internet business.

What has worked for you?

For me, learning how to earn real money through the internet has been one of the most fulfilling and life-changing this I have ever done.

Got any questions? Drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Are you earning money online already? If so, what has worked for you? Leave a comment and let me know if I’ve missed anything obvious. I’d love to hear from you!