Is 5iphon Reloaded A Scam? 6 Warning Signs Exposed!

Is 5iphon Reloaded A Scam Review

Bryan Winters’ 5iphon Reloaded is said to give you a built-in viral funnel that sends commissions to you on autopilot.

But is it a scam or legit?

If you're trying to decide whether or not to buy in then this 5iphon Reloaded review will show you what 5iphon Reloaded really is, how it works and the 6 warning signs you need to be aware of.

5iphon Reloaded Review At A Glance

About: 5iphon Reloaded is Bryan Winters' funnel-based income system that promises to get you $1,000s in daily income.

Price: Free basic version. Pro version is $20/month with $268 in upsells, but you'll also need to pay $20/month for AWeber and at least $100 for solo ads.

Pros: Pro version comes with a 30-day refund option.

Cons: The methods are hyped up but the lack of results is a letdown.

Verdict: 5iphon Reloaded, though not a scam, is low-quality. You’ll make no money because the methods taught are so outdated.


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What Is 5iphon Reloaded?

5iphon Reloaded says it's a “viral email income system” you can use to generate up to $1,000 in 5 minutes sending emails.

5iphon Reloaded was launched back in August 2019 by serial product creators Bryan Winters and Tom E Mcting.

I’ve done a couple reviews on their other products like 5 Figure Day Full Throttle, Commission Abduction, CB Money Vine, Monster Mode 700k, Stuff My Inbox and DiddlyPay and none of them delivered any income claims they made.

Why launch a new product every week if just one system can generate $1,000s?!

Think about it!

Anyway, the sales video describes 5iphon Reloaded as “adding subscribers to your email list on autopilot using a special stealth software that works behind the scenes”.

They even say robot helper is already getting your website ready as you’re watching the video. Sounds like something you'd use to describe a phony magical income machine.

It’s also said to be the “quickest and easiest way to make money online”.

In other words, a shiny shortcut.

Ironically, they warn you in the same sales video that, “if you’re the type who chases shiny objects, you’ll never make money”, basically telling you to be aware of them!

It doesn’t end there. They also claim the system “is proven and tested to make money” without providing any real evidence. 

All in all, everything you hear from them about 5iphon Reloaded should be taken with a giant grain of salt because they fail to explain at any point HOW money is made.

How Much Is 5iphon Reloaded?

5iphon Reloaded’s basic version is free but only allows you to build an email list. To start earning, you'll need the Pro version which costs $20 monthly plus $20 a month for an autoresponder.

5iphon Reloaded Order Details

There's also 4 upsells which total up to $268.

Like most digital products, the front-end cost is simply a maneuver to get you to spend on upsells which is their main income source.  

Here’s an overview of the upsells:

Upsell 1: Overdrive ($47)

Overdrive claims to 10x income by also getting the commission from your referral base.

Initially, your referral base (or the first 5 referral commissions) are given to the person who referred you. With this upsell, you get the commission for those 5 people.

But this will only be useful if you successfully bring people in to buy the system. I’ll tell you why this is going to be tricky in a bit. 

Upsell 2: 10x ($27)

You’ll be given 10x more funnels to earn from, but this will be pointless if you can’t even generate traffic for your first funnel. 

Upsell 3: 10K Club ($97)

Having this upgrade lets you add a high-end auto webinar to your referrals’ dashboard giving you the opportunity to earn $500.

What they fail to explain is if you earn when your referrals subscribe to the webinar or if the amount is automatically charged to their account. 

If it’s the latter, you’ll get people annoyed, if it’s the former it’ll be next to impossible to get them to pay $500 when they’re yet to earn even a single dime. 

Upsell 4: Traffic Co-op ($97)

This adds you to their rotation list where your affiliate link will be promoted on the main website so if anyone buys, the commission goes to you. 

But if there are 50 people on the list and 100 people buy in a span of 5 months (theoretically), you’ll only get a 2% chance of earning from this in almost half a year. 

If you purchase the upsells, you’ll be spending around $308 with no guarantee you'll be able to earn it back.

How 5iphon Reloaded Works

The basic idea of 5iphon Reloaded is you’ll be provided with a funnel where you capture emails by offering people a free money-making website (the same funnel they give you). 

They claim you can do this in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Input your money link on your funnel

Step 2: Share funnel links on social media

Step 3: Sit back while waiting to earn unlimited leads and commissions

When people grab the free website offer, their email address will be added on your list as well as the email addresses of those who will be added to their list. This is how they claim you’ll get unlimited leads.

Inside 5iphon Reloaded’s Members’ Area

Inside you’ll be provided with a 19-minute video tutorial, but I don’t think this short video is enough to cover everything you need to know to make any money online, let alone make $1000s. 

5iphon Reloaded Members' Area

There’s also the option to subscribe to an email autoresponder like Aweber, Getresponse or MailChimp.

5iphon Reloaded Recommended Autoresponders

Scrolling down further, you’ll see a 2-minute video about Udimi where you can order solo ads.

5iphon Reloaded promotes this so you can build your email list faster, but it also means paying $0.03-$1 per click. 

With solo ads, you’re unsure if you’ll get targeted traffic. This means you’ll end up wasting $100s for nothing. This also disproves the free traffic hype you heard on the sales page. 

They also recommend you do an ad swap where you swap your email list with another person. They recommend for this. 

But doing ad swaps also presents the same challenges of untargeted traffic, that is, people who aren't really interested in what you have to offer and are less likely to convert. 

Another issue with ad swaps is that the people you're emailing are likely sick and tired of the sheer number of annoying sales pitches hitting their spam folder. 

5iphon Reloaded only provide 3 email swipes you’ll have to use over and over. These are are the same email sqipes every 5iphon Reloaded member will end up using, so your chances of getting a sale are even less likely.

5iphon Reloade Email Swipes

6 5iphon Reloaded Warning Signs Exposed!

1. Useless Upsells

Earning from upsells is circumstantial. It will only work IF you get a steady flow of traffic which I doubt you will. So you’ll end up flushing more than $300 down the drain.  

2. Expensive Paid Traffic

We were promised unlimited free traffic but that's not what we're given.

Paid traffic is risky, especially in you’re just starting out because it involves a lot of trial and error which in turn means a lot of costs. 

This is why, as I always say, it's way better for beginners to start with free and organic traffic like they teach you at Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Ineffective Ad Swaps

The traffic you get from ad swaps won’t convert because the people you're emailing are already fed up with spammy email pitches.

That's if they see your email at all as it'll most likely sit unnoticed in their junk folder.

4. Inadequate Training

You’re given a video that’s barely 20 minutes long. 

The video never explains how email marketing or affiliate marketing works.

In making money online, especially with the methods 5iphon Reloaded recommend, it’s critical to learn about these two business models. 

But of course, they won’t see the need to provide you with the training because they’re only in on it for the money. 

5. Autoresponder Costs

It's not just the front-end product and upsells you'll have to pay out for.

To actually apply these methods you'll also have to pay extra for an autoresponder and set money aside for a solo ads budget.

6. No Control Of The Income System

You own nothing. Since they’re supplying the squeeze pages and hosting, you have no control over what happens. You can’t customize or optimize it to rank better. 

If they decide to shut it down you’ll be left with no website and no business. 

This is why it’s always better to build your own website from scratch

Is 5iphon Reloaded A Scam?

5iphon Reloaded isn't technically a scam because they give you a funnel and squeeze pages, but the traffic methods are outdated and ineffective. 

In the end, you won’t make any money from this no matter how many upsells and additional features you buy. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

With 5iphon Reloaded, you’re promised fast and easy commission that will never materialize. You'll learn very little about how making money online actually works.

Instead of chasing shiny shortcuts like this, you're better off building a sustainable income the right way with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you full step-by-step training and a community of people who will work with you to scale your OWN online business.

Better yet, with their free Starter membership you can start your training 100% risk-free.

Check out my SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review for all the details.

What’s Your Take On 5iphon Reloaded?

Did you think the sales video was all nonsense?

Were you disappointed with the lacklustre training like I was?

Tell us what you think in comments, we'd love to hear from you!

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