5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review: Not A Scam, But Read This

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5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review

How many times have you heard affiliate marketing products make wild claims like:

  • Only 3-minute set up on autopilot!
  • Absolute done-for-you websites!
  • Hundreds of dollars in passive daily income!

5 Figure Day Full Throttle makes these very claims. We’re expected to believe all it takes to make money online is taking out your wallet and buying an automatic income-generating machine. 

Hyped up claims like these always sound sketchy to me, and they should to you too. For this 5 Figure Day Full Throttle review, I’m going to give you an all-access inside look of the whole system.

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Receipt

I bought the system to uncover the real story behind 5 Figure Day Full Throttle so you can decide whether it’s worth paying for or not. 

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review At A Glance

About: Bryan Winters’ “most powerful” viral list and income building system.

Price: $20 initial cost, then $985 in upsells and an unrelated $997 upsell.

Pros: Comes with a 14-day refund option.

Cons: The system doesn’t make money as promised. It's all hyped-up claims with no results to back them up.

Verdict: 5 Figure Day Full Throttle is a low-quality system designed to take your money. The methods don’t work and there’s no income in it for you.


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What Is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle? 

5 Figure Day Full Throttle, an overhauled version of the original 5 Figure Day, is a done-for-you income-generating system that uses done-for-you funnels. It’s a WarriorPlus product made by Bryan Winters and Tom E Mcting. 

Basically, all you’re required to do is pay the signup fee and in 3 minutes, you’re money-making system will be set up. 

The idea is you’ll generate income from people buying the product using your funnel and from the email list you built sourced from those who signed up and from those who tried the free version of the system. 

The downside is, the whole system is full of hype and built on the outrageous concept that earning $100s is as simple as them auto-forwarding other people’s leads and commissions to you using 5 pre-made funnels. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wait until I tell you about the upsells…! 

The Price To Get Started With 5 Figure Day Full Throttle

The front-end system is $20 with an option to purchase 5 upsells for $97, $97, $197, $197 and $397, plus almost $200 for an email autoresponder.

I’d like to talk a little bit about the upsells and make you realize how outrageous everything about it is.

5 Figure Day Full Throttle’s sales page basically tells you you’ll get unlimited income after a 3-minute setup once you sign up. You generate income in autopilot because they did all the heavy lifting for you. 

The funny thing is:

With each upsell they present; they’re downgrading the supposedly remarkable function of the basic system to entice you to buy the upgrades to release its “full potential”.

Let's go through them one-by-one:

Upsell 1: 5 Figure Day Fast and Furious ($97)

Without doing any extra work, BUT for an extra cost (of course), you’ll supposedly get twice as many leads and 10 times more money. If the system by itself can generate $3,000, this upgrade will make it $30,000. 

It’s designed to get leads on autopilot (I thought I already had that?) with free websites that supposedly pushes users to buy the paid version.

Upsell 2: 5 Figure Day Nitro Funnels ($97)

This is an add-on plugin given to your network that’s working like “magic”. (Yes, fantasy, they’re giving themselves away without realizing it)

It banks on the idea that after some time, the system gets oversaturated, decreasing the sales potential. Nitro Funnels is the supposed solution to keep making money. Its purpose is to deploy fresh, auto-promoting funnels every now and then, so your earnings don’t slow down. 

So, their solution is to flood everybody who already turned down the system with another funnel to remind them to turn it down again?!

Upsell 3: Commission Supercharger ($197)

Funny how creative they are with creating new names to dupe you into handing out your money for something that’s made to look extraordinary. 

This upsell puts a large sales video and order button inside the members’ area of everyone in your network claiming it has a “crazy viral nature” that's “proven to convert”, BUT they never, ever show a single ounce of proof it works. 

Upsell 4: Autopilot Traffic Engine ($197)

The sales video of this upsell starts off by saying 5 Figure Day’s main sales page has been generating a lot of traffic because it has tons of backlinks and is ranking very well.

They want you to believe a lot of people are visiting their website before presenting you with the opportunity of getting featured on their homepage. With a portion of the traffic getting directed to your website, they claim this will get you “non-stop autopilot traffic”

Then there’s the scarcity tactic of only offering it to a limited number of people so you’ll have more chances of getting the leads. 

Still, think about it, let’s say they only offer it to 50 people, that still means 49 competitors for you. Which means you’ll only get a slim 2% chance of getting the leads, and for what?

Almost $200?! NO WAY!

Upsell 5: 5 Figure Day 100K Winners Circle ($397)

This upsell bundle promises yet more autopilot affiliate income on autopilot. 

The package includes: 

  • My Funnel Empire – an email list and commission building system
  • Diddlypay – sales from those referred by customers
  • IG Money Tree– income software system for Instagram
  • CB Money Vine – another income software system
  • 5iphon Reloaded– software with built-in viral funnel
  • Shop Monopoly – all-inclusive online income software with built-in free traffic
  • Viral Lighting – web-based software creating own list

The original cost for all of these is supposed to be $3,853 making you think you’re saving a whopping $3,456! Good if it offers something unique that really works, but as you see, it’s pretty similar to how 5 Figure Day works, an opportunity you still haven’t earned from to this point. 

Now if you look back at all the 5 upsells, you’ll realize every one of it is no different from what the front-end product offers. They just killed off a little of its original competence so they can get more money for you for supposedly unleashing it’s “full potential”. 

Here’s the 6th upsell, something that doesn’t work with 5 Figure Day.

Upsell 6: Growth Commander ($997)

Growth Commander is a separate program from 5 Figure Day which claims to be a software finding “viral content”, building content schedules, and researches keywords. 

With it you’ll get:

  • Traffic Pages Bootcamp and Roadmap
  • Pinterest Traffic Masterclass
  • Coaching From Stefan and Greg
  • Copy and Paste Case Studies

Well, maybe Bryan and Tom thought you still have some cash worth squeezing out so why not offer a practically unrelated program made by their friends. 

Will the upsells help you make more money? I hardly think so. I don’t even think you’ll make a single penny from the front-end program. 

A little bit of reminder, if you did sign up for this, you only have 14 days to ask for a refund, so don't dilly dally!

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Refund Policy

How 5 Figure Day Full Throttle Works

Inside the members’ area, you’ll see 5 done-for-you funnels you're supposed to use to build your email list.

You just have to input your affiliate link then click setup. It then creates a funnel page having your affiliate link:

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Refund Policy

Once a visitor submits their email to get the free version, they're added to your list and if they upgrade, the commission is sent to you. You’re even told to give away the free version using social media sites and email to get the traffic rolling. 

There are pre-made content to share with social media sites and pre-made email swipes to direct people to your funnel:

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Refund Policy

You also have the option to set up an autoresponder like AWeber for an additional cost of $193.80 per year. 

So much for claiming you won’t need to lift a finger to make money on autopilot. 

Why You Won't Make Money With This

If you ask me, I really don’t think it’ll work.

First off, you have to work out getting the initial leads. There’s nothing autopilot in that. 

Even if you give out free versions in your social media, if you don’t have a large following no one will sign up. 

One KEY ingredient is missing here:


Unless you get a good amount of good quality traffic, no one will visit your site and you won’t get conversions. You can’t rely on social media alone, you have to work on creating compelling content for your site to get ranked in search engines. 

This will be a big problem because the website is done-for-you, you have very limited to no control over it. You can’t optimize it for search engines to get noticed.

Here's a great video explaining why you need to make your own website:

In reality, the 3-minute setup will not build you an income-generating site. Just a cookie-cutter site buried deep into the search engine results. 

Let’s say you do achieve getting a long list of leads, what will you pitch? They’ve already seen the pre-made swipes (if it didn’t go straight to the spam folder, which means any new email won’t also be read). 

What I mean is, you have to create your own email content, but 5 Figure Day doesn’t tell you about that, worse, it doesn’t even teach you how. 

It just promises autopilot everything to get into your pockets. 

What I Don’t Like About 5 Figure Day Full Throttle

1. Intentional Deception

The sales page’s countdown timer is pure fiction. Simply refreshing the page will give you another 10 minutes. 

2. Too Many Useless Upsells

I actually think the front-end cost is so low so they can lure you to buy the expensive upsells thinking it’ll get you to earn more.

3. You Don’t Own A Website

In reality, they’re just making a page with your affiliate link on it. Giving you a funnel is not the same as creating a website for you.

The worst part is you have no control over it. If the system shuts down, you won’t have a “website” anymore. Your investment is down the drain, never to be seen again.

4. Questionable Traffic Methods

Email swipes won’t work, there’s a great chance nobody will even read it especially when it goes straight to the spam folder. 

Also, one-page done-for-you websites won’t generate organic traffic. You can’t tweak the content so you’ll be basically buried somewhere deep in the ranks. 

5. Hyped-Up Claims

“100% autopilot” and “Income generating website in just 3 minutes” are mere attempts to manipulate you to get your wallet out. Unless you get a refund, you won’t have any money coming back your way. 

What I hate even more is how they flood you with claims but don’t even provide a single bit of proof it actually works. 

6. Big Training Gaps

How they present the system falls far short of how it really works. Once you realize how much you need to do to make money, you’ll realize how much 5 Figure Day is not teaching you. 

Take traffic, for example, 5 Figure Day is not teaching you social media shares is not enough and quality content is needed to get ranked. 

7. Misleading 5 Figure Day Reviews

If this was not the first review you’ve read, you’ll realize many of those you find online have only good words for 5 Figure Day.

Why? Because they’re from members trying to get some return on investment.

Is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle A Scam?

5 Figure Day is not an outright scam. You get funnel pages in exchange for what you pay, but nothing more. You won’t make money from it because the whole concept is get-rich-quick which is a sure way to fail. 

I don’t recommend this because you’ll only end up $100s short with very little chance of conversion for your so-called website. Plus, it doesn’t teach how affiliate marketing really works

In fact, they’re giving a bad name to a legitimate business model. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

You CAN make hundreds of dollars with affiliate marketing, but it doesn’t happen overnight, much less in 3 minutes. 

Affiliate marketing involves you creating your website from scratch and 5 Figure Day tells you nothing about it.

It doesn’t give you the training you need. It just fools you into spending more and more on memberships and upsells.

Ditch the shiny shortcuts and do affiliate marketing the right way.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great training program to learn everything you need. You’ll be walked through all the skills you need to create a sustainable online business. The free first 10 lessons can be your test drive.

You won’t even be alone in your journey either because other marketers are more than willing to give you a hand. 

To get started, check out this tell-all Wealthy Affiliate review and discover the real way to make your online business work. 

Questions? Comments? Emotional Outbursts?

Did you think the sales video was full of baloney too?

Do you have a better (or worse) way to describe it?

The comments section is ready for your thoughts!

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