Entre Institute Review: Has Jeff Lerner Changed His Spots?


This Entre Institute review is not the first review we did on Jeff’s products. Just the other day I did a Class With Jeff review which just turned out to be a portal to Entre Institute. 

Jeff Lerner has been considered by many as a serial scammer, and for good reason. He has a bad history of releasing pieces of internet marketing training with over-the-edge income claims that time and again fail to deliver.

Is Entre Institute another one of those lousy training? I’ll reveal the truth in this review starting off by telling you what Entre Institute is, how much it costs, and how the training works. 

I’ll then finish off with my personal thought on Entre Institute based on my experience of researching and reviewing almost 200 make money online opportunities. 

Entre Institute Review At A Glance

About: Entre Institute is a course on online marketing put together by Jeff Lerner.

Price: The cost starts with Entre Blueprint for $39 and goes up to a staggering $47,381.

Pros: Doesn’t have any hyped-up income claims for a change.

Cons: The whole package is just too expensive especially for beginners with a limited budget.

Verdict: Entre Institute doesn’t teach actionable goals, so it’ll be hard to have a solid start in making money online with it.


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What Is Entre Institute?

Entre Institute is an online marketing package made by Jeff Lerner back in 2017. You’re made to think you’ll learn about affiliate marketing, e-Commerce, or digital with the course but all it really teaches are motivational lessons.

Yes, you read that right, it’s not an actual step-by-step course on an online business model.

The package includes several features, from a low-quality course to overpriced community access which lumbers of almost $50,000 from you. It’s a high-ticket inline scheme that entices you to pay more to get more features. 

Classic pay to play gimmick. 

If you did a double-take there, I’d completely understand and you saw it right, I did say almost $50,00 which I’ll break down to you in a bit. 

Who Is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner presents himself as a speaker, author, and successful internet marketer. He has the typical sob story of getting drowned in debt, kicked out of his house, and left by his wife. 

He supposedly had $400,000 in debt until he learned about digital marketing which helped him pay off his humungous debt in just 18 months. 

Impressive? Not to me though. 

Jeff has a history for launching completely lowdown and scammy courses like:

How Much Is Entre Institute?

Entre Institute’s total cost is $47,381. Not everything here are one-time costs, some you have to keep paying yearly.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Entre Blueprint: $39
  • Entre Nation Elite: $348 per year
  • Entre Digital: $1,997
  • Entre Results: $15,000 per year
  • Entre Inner Circle: $29,997 per year

In Class with Jeff, the portal for Entre Institute, there’s even an additional $67 for “Millionaire Productivity Secrets”. 

If you think about it, Jeff is not content with forking out $47,381 from you at the start, he’ll continue to squeeze as much as $45,345 from you every single year you believe in his sweet talk.

It outrageously costs more than an arm and a leg especially for those just starting out!

The Entre Institute Package

I’ll be giving you an idea about what each feature is about to see if you can justify the cost each comes with.

Entre Elite Nation

This feature is a training and membership community for entrepreneurship and internet business. It provides week webinars on digital marketing

Entre Digital

This is supposed to be a bundle of programs on affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and digital consulting. Sadly, there are no actionable lessons here, just some mind-setting thingamajigs. 

For $1997, I don’t think it’s worth the cost.

Entre Results

This is a private coaching lesson that supposedly helps you with setting your goals and creating your plans so you can start your online business, but then again, it’s basically just a speech on the topic rather than actual “how-tos”.

Entre Inner Circle

The costliest feature of them all. This supposedly gives you 2 live workshops and exclusive training. For something worth $29,997 I’d expect something more!

I’d demand to get taught about actions I can take to start the ROI rolling. Anything less is unacceptable.

Ask yourself:

Will you be willing to spend such a staggering amount without really getting a concrete structure on how you can make money?

Entre Blueprint

I put this last on the list for a purpose. Entre Blueprint is supposed to be the front-end product of the whole Entre Institute package.

If you noticed, it’s priced way lesser than all the other features in the package and it’s not a coincidence. It’s actually priced this way to make you think everything is affordable for you.

Once you pay up for this, you’ll be connected with an “adviser” supposedly helping you make the right decisions but actually are people hired by Jeff to convince you to buy each and every feature claiming you’ll get the best results after buying everything.

If by any chance you really want to try this out, just be careful about these advisers poking your emotional buttons. They might successfully poke out $47, 381 from your wallet. 

Anyway, back to Entre Blueprint, this shabby training consists of 6 training videos.

Will this finally be the part of the package teaching you the how-tos? 

Sad to say it isn’t.

Entre Blueprint in described as the “6-step program for transforming your life” which is annoyingly another way of saying you’ll just learn Jeff’s business philosophies.

Entre Institute Blueprint

Here’s what I mean:

Step 1: The “3 Ps” Of An Awesome Life

Just by the name of it you’ll get an idea it’s all about mind-setting. 

Jeff will teach you how you’re supposed to have an awesome Personal, Professional, and Physical life” 

I actually find no problem with courses starting off with mind-setting lessons. It actually helps you get in the right focus moving forward. My problem is when after it is just a series of more mind-setting hullaballoos and nothing actionable. 

Step 2: 3 Legs Of Successful Action

Jeff will give you a speech about community, strategy, and belief which are supposed to be the legs for successful action. 

Now I hope the step will really get the action started.

Step 3: The 3 Phases of Building Your Legacy

Sadly, the answer is no. Nothing practical here still. It’s just Jeff brainwashing you with speeches on leverage, growth, and wealth. 

Step 4: Affiliate Marketing – The Lazy Person’s Online Business Model

First off, although affiliate marketing gets easier in the long run, it’s not a lazy person’s business at all. To build your sustainable business with affiliate marketing, you need to put in the time and effort to learn and apply certain skills. 

Entre Institute Blueprint

The problem it, Jeff won’t teach you about those skills, he’ll still go on his motivational speech spree. 

Step 5: e-Commerce: High-Profit Stores Without Brick And Mortar Headache

Again, nothing actionable. Jeff just tells you why e-commerce is better than a traditional offline business. 

Step 6: Digital Consulting: Converting Online Skills 

Guess what you can expect from this module? 

Not a challenge to figure out, right? It’s become too predictable is just another motivational module. 

The bottom line is Entre Institute will hardly help you build your online business.  The training is just all talk, and no tiny speck of actin taught. For its price, it’s never worth it. 

Your money is better spent on a more affordable training that really provides comprehensive and actionable training every beginner needs. 

Is Entre Institute A Scam Or Legit?

There’s no clear proof Entre Institute is a scam. However, because you’ll be misleadingly told to be taught about 3 business models and just actually getting some motivational videos on the topic, I’d say it’s a borderline scam.

Another factor to consider is Jeff Lerner’s history with launching courses. Each one of them turns out to be a scam because it promises outrageous income claims without generating any of the results they make you expect.

Although Entre Institute has little to no hype, its portal program, Class With Jeff has tons of it. What’s worse, Jeff used fake testimonials to vouch for his course here. 

Did Jeff already change his spots?

I highly doubt it, Class With Jeff came later than Entre Institute, judging from the fact it’s a mere funnel to the other. 

If he used scammy tactics with Class With Jess there’s no doubt something shady is also going on with the course it’s funneling to. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

You won’t be able to start building your online business with Entre Institute. At best, it just gets you in the right mindset. 

But I find the lack of transparency annoying. They make you think it’s a how-to course when in reality it’s just a bunch of motivational speeches bundled into one and packaged as an actual training. 

At the end of the day though, you still won’t know what steps to take to get started.

Rather than spend a fortune on a lousily introduced training, it’s way better of you invest in a more affordable training that offers way better make money online training. 

If you have your eye on affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is one great course to take to learn the ropes. 

You’ll get to learn about choosing a niche, making your website, monetizing it with affiliate offers, and driving people to those offers. 

It’s not just affordable, it cost efficient because they’ll let you try the 1st 10 courses for free so you can decide if the $49 per month cost is worth your buck.

If you’re interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, check this comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review to get the whole picture of what this training can help you with.

What’s Your Take?

We’re you disappointed to know Entre Institute is just a bunch of motivational speeches? Did your jaws drop with the cost? Scroll down to the comments to share what you think. 

25 thoughts on “Entre Institute Review: Has Jeff Lerner Changed His Spots?”

  1. It’s been almost a year since a post has been completed on here about Entre? Are there any more updates, or things to be aware of?
    Thank you.

  2. I went through the entire ENTRE program hoping to learn how to use digital advertising tactics to create a passive income. Although I learned a lot of tactical strategies through their outsourced ad training and SEO training, I could have done much better on my own with a little push.

    I went into 40K of debt with rent at 1800+ a month and I had only been out of school for a couple years with a great ~100K paying job in Software Engineering.

    However, I wasn’t super established and I wasn’t particularly happy/successful in my job yet to be ready for such an investment.

    I was very disappointed by the lack of care from the ENTRE coaching department. Once my facebook ads account got banned for advertising their MLM products, the coach was essentially useless to me. He would show up late to lessons, say I was undermining him when I would challenge his naive opinions on using broad targeting with search ads, and overall he was really unprofessional. Definitely not worth the money.

    Inner Circle was a big talk show full of people from other companies cross promoting without any tactics being taught. It was more about inspiration than actually getting the job done.

    Then I was told I would get a year of free coaching because I was given bad service and then it never happened. Jeff and his team tried to sell me on their in person mastermind to sell me more products after I said I didn’t want to buy anything anymore. He said that it doesn’t take tactics and it’s about the mental approach to success which is completely wrong. Without tactics you can’t succeed.

    He has faked his subscriber counts on YouTube as his content doesn’t get high engagement compared to his count of subscribers. Same with other socials including his IG account. I used social auditing tools to verify that his engagement was poor compared to his following, indicating fake followers.

    He didn’t even know how to use lead magnets (now I know that’s such a basic concept in lead gen). He was teaching us just to run ads like himself without any ethical value prop and without teaching us to use retargeting to bring back the 98% of people that don’t convert on cold traffic.

    He didn’t teach tactics, his outsourced courses he got through counterparts did, which is sad when he’s trying to call himself an expert at online sales and advertising.

    I learned how to manage large debt and how to learn on my own. ENTRE didn’t help me become better, it showed me what to avoid and how to learn on my own.

    Don’t go with this program. Get the $10 book at the book store, or the free marketing textbook online. Go for the $19 udemy course or the training that’s free from wordstream. Start free, master the concepts, and then you will figure it out.

    Read every day and don’t pay someone to do a half ass job for you. I wish I could have gotten a full refund. I even helped them increase their engagement and improve their courses. Instead of thanking me they wanted to sell me more. Not a good strategy.

    Best of luck

  3. Thank you so much for posting all of these comments. I had a call set up today which they already changed but stated I made the mistake. I felt the entire 6 lessons on a business was only about hyping up to buy something bigger, I was going to wait to see what the advisor had to say. I was actually thinking at the end I would walk away with an actual working model ready to be launched in 90 days. I would have totally been scammed and out money that I worked hard for and saved. They prey off of single moms and people trying to work hard and get ahead. I will stick to learning about e-learning and teaching from accredited institutes. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. I’m writing this review on September 8, 2022. I currently enroll in ENTRE and I came online for review after I felt unhappy with what they have to offer. Jeff is nothing but a sweet mouth motivational speakers. They lure me to ENTRE with $39 and in the process of signing up the request me to pay additional $100 for bonus course which I also did. On completed almost 6 hours video I found nothing to learn rather than just sweet mouthing me to buy additional three courses which will cost me about $4,000. What Jeff did is getting three guys that understand three different courses to ENTRE and then ask then to teach some lousy courses that can easily be found on UDEMY for $20. I have requested for refund and as at this time I have not get any response from them. This is a cheat and I’m so happy to stumble on this detail blog to solidify my thought about Jeff. Please do not give your hard earning to Jeff and his team they are just bunch of scammers in legit way. Thank you so much Simon for this incredible research you did and I can boldly say you are helping the universal. God bless your effort.

  5. I read almost every comment here and I’m convinced that Jeff is full of poop! I did waste $39 to start but he will get no more from me. Thanks everyone for your input here, wished I checked it out sooner of course.

  6. I watched the Entre blueprint and the “business” plan. The blueprint gives you three ideas of online businesses to start. Doesn’t teach yo how to do them, but it describes them. So that has some limited value. The second half of the course, called the “business plan” isn’t a business plan. It’s a 2 hour long “but wait! there’s more) infomercial for Entre products. Perhaps they are good and would really work, I don’t know, and I won’t know because I’m not going to buy them, the bait and switch on the so called “business plan” was enough to convince me to go elsewhere.

  7. Hi Simone,

    It was a very helpful read! Thanks a lot for sharing Entre Institute. I was looking for reliable options and this one looks like a great alternative. I really appreciate you sharing all of the relevant information about this. The review and price will definitely help them compare with other options and make the best decision for myself. I will be sharing this review with my friends and hopefully, I can help them find the best option too.

  8. You know the warnings about scam emails, to look for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors? Well, right on the first page of Jeff Lerner’s site I spotted a biggie. He claims “Entre” is short for “Entreprenuer” – my radar started to buzz big-time. If you can’t even spell your business name properly, you’re bogus!

    Now I’m wondering how good this Wealthy Affiliate program really is. . . Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

  9. It’s unfortunate that you’re writing a review without having actually taken the program. It’s incredibly clear from this review and the comments left by others that no one who has posted actually completed the courses or applied the education that is offered. One of the biggest factors that prevents people from being successful entrepreneurs is their mindset – the way they see themselves, the world and what they believe is possible. This is why it’s so beneficial and absolutely necessary to have the personal growth education as part of the marketing education platforms. You will never change your level of success unless you first identify and change the internal thought processes that hold you back.

    I’ve gone through 2 of the 3 multi-day live coaching programs and they were two of the most impactful events I’ve ever been to (and I’ve gone through several programs). Having met Jeff (he actually attends the live events to encourage students) and having interacted with nearly 100 other Entre students at these events, I can say with 100% certainty (unlike those who are posting on this thread who haven’t completed the courses) that this training is legit and will be immensely beneficial for those who apply themselves, follow the program, and do the work (doing the work being the key factor here). As with any legitimate business (or education program, 4-year degrees included), your success is dependent on the work you put into to learning the information and the actions you take to apply your knowledge. Taking no action or stopping before you start = no result.

    • I disagree. Right under your comment is one from a person that spent on a course. So, just wanted to make you aware of that. My personal opinion, all he does is upsell and he targets people. I luckily only spent $40 and wasted like 5hrs for just general information which I already knew. Admittedly, he bragged and stroked his ego most of it, but shared very little “business plans” info outside of general overview of how to structure and minut insights.

    • Well all these sites are selling wealthy affiliate and get paid to do these so you will look at what they are selling. Every one of these sites belong to a Wealthy Affiliate and have buttons all the way down the page so you join and they get a commission…sad to see these companies being bashed for profit!

  10. I regret to say that I spent the $3,997 with Jeff. Once they hooked me in they started me out in the “Implementation Bootcamp” which was nothing more than a programming sequence to get you hyped up and eager to borrow money (leverage) to build a business and then in the last lesson they pitch you their coaching program (12 months for $30,000) and their live events ($25,000). Now I’m getting texts/e-mails to book my one-on-one call with my implementation specialist, which I’ve been ignoring. I haven’t even started their knowledge business, digital marketing agency, or affiliate marketing courses and now I’m afraid I’ll get nothing out of it! I was hoping to salvage at least something useful out of it to grow! I wish I had found this article sooner!

    • Bryan-
      I fell into it exactly like you. Forked out the first $4,000… and all I’ve heard about is mindset and that we’ll get to exactly how to make money. I finally decided to look up some reviews. Needless to say how disappointed I am that I spent money that I didn’t really have to spare and got nothing useful in return. Now they’re saying spend more exuberant amounts of money (“but we don’t really push it”). I feel like I’ve wasted a month of my time and money on classes through Entre.

    • I regret having spent 3,997 usd. The training was nothing at all about online business, just hyped up penal improvement preparing you to get you to buy their high priced coaching program. It really sickens me that there are such people. I hate been duped like this.

    • Why on earth would you not do the knowledge courses out of “fear of a sales pitch”? You paid for it, do it and stop making excuses! You can say no to the upsells.

    • I have read many of these negative and hopefully honest
      reviews and based on them I will not pursue any more investment w this program

  11. When I searched and searched that private facebook group for ordinary people posting outstanding results and came up empty… just a bunch of random “Entre 90 day challenge” videoes… I quickly realized I paid for crap I didn’t want. Motivational teaching disguised as an online business course. When I saw that… I searched the internet and saw your review. They got 40 dollars from me, but not a dime more. Im done.

  12. I’m actually in the Entre blue print course right now. They lured me in with the $39 promise of learning 3 online business models i could choose from. Once I got in the lesson I starting to see a bunch of motivational talks. One lesson is good enough to get your mindset right, but 3 on the front end before you get to the money making classes. And that’s lacking actionable steps… just vague theory. I already know theory…I neednto know the steps…1, 2, 3. I wish I found your review a week ago. I would have still had $40 in my pocket. I caught wind of the shadiness in the private facebook group. NO ONE on there is taking about the profits they making or anything like that. I thought i would see people posting numbers and stats… but all they are literally doing is doing some “90 day challenge”. From what I can figure they have to post 90 days worth of videos of them talking about literally ANYTHING! One lady took 10 minutes talking about people with different accents she went to school with. Whats the purpose? 90 days to get comfortable on camera? More motivational stuff. I guess they trying to make that my future. Because you get this “advisor” that sends you emails and texts everyday pushing you to finish the 6 blueprint classes. They monitor your progress. You slack off the advisor texts you to step it up. My guess to quickly funnel me the higher priced courses. But I’m done. Im ghosting my Advisor.

    • I’m so sorry you had to go through this Charles but I’m glad you listened to your gut and got out of there when you did. Jeff has a reputation for squeezing his students with crazy-priced upsells…

      With Entre Institute it’s the Entre Inner Circle membership at $29,997 a year, with Jeff’s My Hidden Pages you’re asked to shell out another $10,000 and it’s the same with his Copy The Millionaire scam.

      I feel bad for all those people taking Jeff at his word and diligently doing as they’re instructed. They deserve actual training that’s going to help them.

      They say every cloud has a silver lining and at least now your experience will be read by others to help them avoid the same fate.

      I wish you all the best and stay safe!

    • Did you ask for a refund? Now I am in $40 and I have asked for a refund.
      I think they are outright thieves. There is nothing useful in these videos.
      I hope more people see what we have written.

  13. these people are cheats they deceive people with philosophy and stories at the end of the day they waste your time the only thing they want is your money 3999. that many do not have

  14. Thanks for the invite into Entra-income! Jeff says nothing about affiliate training except one sentence. Now we know why his wife left him, he is a big talker and hype does not make money, but maybe friends! Thanks, Andys


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