Review: Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle = The Ultimate Scam

The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Review Scam Or Legit

I’m guessing you’re reading this review because you’re not sure whether or not to pay the $49 for Jeff Lerner's Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

You have every right to be to be suspicious.

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle (formerly My Laptop Lifestyle) is definitely a scam and in this review I'm going to break it down and show you why.

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Review (At A Glance)


Product Name: Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle

Price: $49 + $39/month membership + 1st Upsell $97 + 2nd Upsell $199

Owner: Jeff Lerner


Product Type: Work from home scam

Quick Summary:

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is a program you shouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

This scam made me so mad this review is a lot longer than I thought it would be…!

While Jeff Lerner makes a lot of big, bold promises, you'll only be disappointed and with a lot less money than when you started.

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is not just one of the biggest online scams around, it’s one of the worst scams I’ve ever seen.

It works by luring people in with a $49 ‘application’ fee before squeezing them out of as much money as possible. You are then forced to promote the same scam to others to try and recoup some of your costs.

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What We'll Cover In This Post:

What Is Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle?

Owner Jeff Lerner says Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is:

“A money-making machine turning out $1000 commissions like clockwork.”

In the promo video, Jeff Lerner claims you’ll get access to these 5 things as soon as you sign up:

1. An automated marketing system that does ‘all the heavy lifting for you

He keeps repeating this phrase throughout the video. It gives you the false idea that you don’t need to do anything and you're going to get rich quick and automatically.

2. Support

The video promises you 24/7 support through a ticket system and phone support in office hours.

3. Highly sought-after product like no other in the industry

By paying your money you get ‘exclusive rights to market these products’. Can you guess what the product is?

Yep – it’s the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle program! This is the product you'll be promoting.

4. Lucrative commissions

According to Jeff Lerner, if you follow his training and give it 100% you’ll soon be making life-changing commissions with “the most lucrative pay plan ever created“.

You know why? Because you’ll have to buy into expensive upsell after upsell and you’ll need to find other people willing to do the same thing to try and get your money back.

5. An automated follow-up system so you just “plug in and profit

Once you pay premium prices to get your website set up to promote the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle you’ll get pre-built opt in pages and follow-up emails.

In reality, you’re left with an expensive sales website with no one coming to it. I’ve seen single-page websites like this pop up across the web but after the minimum 12 months domain registration they’re usually shut down.

So, what is Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle, really?

A super expensive way to create a website designed to promote said scam to others.

7 Signs Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Is A Scam

how to avoid Work From Home Scams online

As soon as I landed on the promo video landing page I knew it was a scam.

Once you know what signs to look out for, they’re easy to spot.

So let me just a take a second to show you why Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is a scam:

1. Outrageous Earnings Claims

The most obvious sign of a work from home scam is that they promise you crazy amounts of cash for doing next to nothing.

Wouldn’t you like to earn $1,000 a day on autopilot? I know I would! Who wouldn’t?

And all you have to do is buy this system and watch the money start rolling in? Perfect, can I give you my bank details?!

Whenever programs like Explode My Payday, Amazing Rapid Cash and Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle promise fast and easy money at the single click of a mouse they’re only after your money.

Think about it:

If Jeff Lerner has really found a legitimate way to make money online then why is he trying to sell this system to you?

Because getting others to sign up to the system IS the system.

2. No Explanation As To How You’ll Make Money

Scammers are always extremely vague when it comes to how you’ll actually be making money.

I watched a 5-minute video and then a half-hour video (30 minutes of my life I'll never get back) and not once did he even touch on the business model, how it works, what you’ll be doing or how you’ll get paid.

Instead, Jeff Lerner just babbles on and on and on about ‘how special and unique this opportunity is’ and how amazing it is to never have to work again, how great it is to sail on yachts around the world surrounded by beautiful women blah, blah, blah…

3. Playing On Your Emotions

Why get into the practicalities and give you a realistic business proposition when he can just play on your emotions.

Jeff Lerner goes on to tell his heartbreaking sob story and tug on your heartstrings. I still don't know if this is just good sales technique or outright manipulation…

But it's a typical scamming tactic used by scammers to get past your rationale and manipulate your emotions so you get your credit card out.

4. They Claim To Have A “Secret Formula”

Like the KFC guy with his top-secret chicken and herbs recipe, the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle team are the only ones who hold the secret code to making money online.

Jeff briefly touches on his “top secret formula” which he calls T3FP:

the ultimate laptop lifestyle review

I’m sorry to break it to you but this is nothing new. It’s called a sales funnel and every company and business out there has one.

That’s like me saying I’ve  invented the only “dirt sucker” on the planet, but in reality it’s just a vacuum cleaner….

5. Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Sell You On Pure Hype

The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle sales page is packed full of hype and not much else. Jeff Lerner certainly makes some bold statements in the video and sales pages.

Here’s a few quotes I jotted down when I watched the video:

“Imagine having your own home business that spits out cash!”

“This system is like turning cotton into gold – I'm serious!”

“I made $52,500 in two weeks and you can too”

The funny thing about all of this is, there’s a link at the bottom of the sales page that takes you to a legal disclaimer.

Get this, the first 4 words say: “We don’t do hype”

ultimate laptop lifestyle scam

What the heck??!

The promo video is pure hype, the sales page is pure hype, the video testimonials are PURE HYPE!

This would be almost funny if hundreds of people hadn’t already lost thousands of dollars through this program.

The truth is, do a quick Google search and you’ll find hundreds of angry complaints from people trying to get their money back from Jeff. They were promised an automated machine that spits out cash but instead were just left high and dry.

6. Fake Video Testimonials

At best, these are payed actors hired through Fiverr.

At worst, they're desperately trying to sign others up to try to recoup their losses.

the ultimate laptop lifestyle scam review

7. You Don’t Buy This Product, You ‘Apply’

That's a very interesting word choice to use when you’re trying to sell a product. Instead of buying, you’re actually applying.

This is yet another very common technique used by scammers to make the unsuspecting scam victim feel special and almost lucky to be considered to be a part of this wonderful program.

Although you and I both know that everyone qualifies, not everyone knows this and it's designed to make you feel like you’re joining an elite club reserved for special people only. They’re just playing to your self-worth, please don’t fall for it!

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Is 100% A Scam

Here’s the definition of a scam:

“A scam is a term used to describe any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person.

There are thousands of types of scams today, but most boil down to stealing money, property, or information.”

Because the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is marketed and sold using dishonest and misleading sales tactics, the only possible conclusion I can come to is Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is a scam.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of training programs in the make money online industry and I have to say this is one of the worst I’ve ever come across.

I’m actually a very optimistic and happy person normally, but if I come across as angry in this review it’s because I am! Not only is everything about this extremely misleading, but it’s outrageously expensive.

Watching the video made me uncomfortable because I know he's preying on people in the most desperate situations.

When Jeff Lerner talks about getting divorced, drowning in debt etc. he’s actually targeting the kind of people in this situation, trying to connect and relate to them so he can give them a false sense of hope. It's cruel and should be illegal.

How Much is Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle?

More than you think…

If you already signed up before reading this review and you gave them your phone number, what I’m about to tell you will be no surprise.

Do NOT give them your phone number! You'll just get a pushy salesman pressuring you to buy further into the system.

You see, according to Jeff Lerner, the only reason he's charging for this ‘amazing opportunity' is so you have an opportunity to ‘get over your excuses’ and ‘show how serious you are.’

But the reality is the $49 you paid was just to get your feet wet and inside the member’s area where you’ll be faced with more salesy videos designed to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible.

Let the upsells begin!

How much does Ultimate Lifestyle really cost? A heck of a lot.

I’ll show you.

If you think you’re going to get access to the full system for the joining price, think again! This is just the first step to getting you in the day before you’re bombarded with upsell after upsell and a pushy sales team.

(Oh, and you’ll have to pay a monthly membership fee as well.)

The 1st Upsell = $97

For a ‘one time’ fee you’ll have your website submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines so you’ll get traffic to your site and start seeing the profit come in.

Here’s the video:

What they don’t want you to know is you can do this for free in less than 2 minutes.


It’s called creating a sitemap and there are free WordPress plugins like ‘All in One SEO” that automatically create this for you, then you create a free Google Analytics account and add your sitemap. Honestly, it’s so simple, easy and it’s free.

Charging $97 for 2 minutes’ worth of ‘work’ is criminal!!

2nd Upsell = $199

Apparently worth $30,000, because of a special deal with Jeff, you can have your website submitted to 750 website directories as a way to boost your rankings.

“Instead of earning $1000, by buying this $199 upsell you will make $4,000 so be smart and act now!”

This is total bullcrap! No wonder so many people are angry at Jeff and his Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle scam!

In truth, submitting a website is absolutely worthless. Since Google updated their search algorithms in 2016, building backlinks by posting your site in low quality backlinks like this actually harms your Google rankings.

Again, here’s the video again to prove it (sigh):

WARNING: My Upsell Rant!

I confess I have a big problem with upsells. I understand why companies do it – to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, but it’s not an honest way to run a business.

ultimate laptop lifestyle pricing upsells

When you go to a fast food takeaway and order a burger and fries, they give the option of making it a meal by way of an upsell.

They give the price option and you have a choice whether to go for the upsell or not.

The difference between this and what happens as an Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle member is you don’t know you ‘need’ the upsell until you’ve already paid.

You’re already committed and the thinking is you don’t want to waste what you’ve already paid out for.

It’s like dangling a carrot in front of someone and saying:

If you just take one more step (and pay a little more) then you will really make $1000’s a day.

What’s wrong with offering one, simple price and giving people the option to sign up or not? Just be open and honest about it.

While the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle upsells are optional, they use heavy sales tactics and pressure-selling to get people to buy-in and not only is this unethical, it’s deceptive and wrong.

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It Turns Out Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Is Just The Latest Of Jeff Lerner Scams

Okay, so who is Jeff Lerner exactly? Well we already know he’s the owner and founder of Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle but what else do we know about him?

If you ever want to know whether any program or ‘get rich quick scheme’ is a scam, it’s always a good idea to look at the credibility and track record of the owner. After just a couple of minutes of research on Jeff Lerner, I’ve already learned more than I wanted to.

In a word: the self-proclaimed internet marketing guru has a long trail of online scams behind him and at least one lawsuit.

As it turns out, the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle was previously known as My Laptop Lifestyle until the scam became too widely known so he changed the name slightly to cover his tracks. It worked in exactly the same way, just with a different website domain.

Here a few of the other Jeff Lerner scams I’ve come across:

You’ll find tons of complaints on sites like like this one:

jeff lerner scams

This is just one example of the type of complaints you'll find doing a simple Google search for ‘Jeff Lerner’.

Remember this is the guy behing Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle. If that doesn’t convince you to avoid this like the plague, nothing will!

Scammers like Jeff Lerner post up new sites under new names all the time. As soon as there’s too many complaints about them, they’ll shut that one down and start over again.

cami white scams

It’s a bit like the classic game of ‘whac-a-mole’, no matter how hard you try to hit the moles, as soon as you hit one, another just pops up in its place.

What I like about Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle

  • Their legal statement saying “they don’t do hype”
  • The promo video would be laughable if so many people didn’t fall for it

What I don't like so much…

  • The fact that they prey on desperate people
  • The only way to make money with the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle program is by selling the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle program!
  • Very expensive upsells – great for Jeff Lerner, bad for his scam victims.

The Final Word

As you’ve seen, Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is definitely a scam to avoid.

The hype, the expensive upsells, the not so clean record of the owner Jeff Lerner and the fact that the only way to make money with this program is by selling it to others make this a massive no-no.

On a much lighter note, if you’re looking for a hype-free, upsell-free way to make money online, you might want to check out my number one recommendation.

It’s where I got my start and you can put your credit card away because it’s free to start learning.

What Do You Think?

I hope this longer-than-planned review has been helpful. Do you have any experience with the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle scam?

Please share your story below. If you’ve got any questions at all please comment below and I’ll always get back to you.


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