Copy The Millionaire Review: Jeff Lerner Strikes Again!


Before we dive into my Copy The Millionaire review let's get one thing out of the way:

All those blog reviewers and YouTubers telling you “how amazing Jeff Lerner's Copy The Millionaire is” make a LOT of money by recruiting you into the program. That’s why I decided to sit down and write this honest and unbiased review.

I am not affiliated in any way with Jeff Lerner's Copy The Millionaire and my only aim is to help people like you avoid costly scams so you can better invest your time and energy into legit training that delivers.

Copy The Millionaire Review At A Glance

About: Jeff Lerner's Copy The Millionaire video course promises to show you how to build a million dollar a year online business.

Price: $37 starting cost. Membership levels going up to $10,000 thereafter.

Pros: There aren't any.

Cons: Hyped-up, deceptive sales page. I don’t trust Jeff’s dodgy track record.

Verdict: The sole purpose of Copy The Millionaire is to funnel you Jeff’s 6 Steps To Freedom program which is nothing more than an online pyramid scheme.


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First Up: The Hyped-Up Sales Page

Head on over to and you'll see a sales page looks a little something like this:

Watch the video and while the timer counts down from 10 minutes Jeff Lerner tells you he has helped 20 people quit their jobs in the last 12 months and that he wants to teach you how to launch your own million dollar a year business.

He promises he'll teach you the best money-making methods to generate $5,000 per month or more all from your laptop or mobile phone.

He goes on to show us a series of success stories from his students telling us how much money they've made with the program:

earnings and results
is copy the millionaire a scam or legit
what is copy the millionaire a scam review
students success story testimonials

Jeff goes on to show money counting machines and tells us his rags to riches story saying that his new Copy The Millionaire system is where you get to follow Jeff (the millionaire) and copy his methods to get the same results.

After the countdown hit zero I hit the ‘Get Started Now' button and was taken to this payments page to cough up $39.

All normal so far, right?

But check out this screenshot and tell me if anything strikes you as odd:

copy the millionaire payments page

Did you see that? What you're actually signing up for is a totally different course called 6 Steps To Freedom that Jeff himself put together.

What the heck?!

That means there is no such program as Copy The Millionaire and the website is nothing more than a gateway site.

I actually wrote a review of 6 Steps To Freedom a few months back and I can tell you outright: this is one of the worst scams I have ever come across.

What Is Copy The Millionaire Exactly?

Don't you find it a little suspicious that the sales video throws out a lot of big numbers and makes a lot of big promises but at no point does Jeff tell you what you are going to be doing to make $5,000 a week?

I guess now we know why he never showed us the Copy The Millionaire training area or really gave us much to go on at all…

It's a good job you're reading this review right now because 6 Steps To Freedom is, in fact, a very dangerous pyramid scheme that lures you in with a small upfront fee but can end up costing you $1,000's.

The only way you can make money with this is by recruiting other people so they, in turn, can do the same – the scam victims become the scam promoters.

6 steps to freedom jeff lerner

According to Wikipedia a pyramid scheme is:

“A business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.”

Just like other pyramid schemes I’ve exposed like Copy And Paste AdsFearless MommaFunnel X ROI and Instant Cash Solution, 6 Steps To Freedom is a pay to play scam that makes you pay for the packages before you can promote them to others.

The deceptive sales page fools you into thinking you're getting a quick and easy money-making system for $39 when the truth is you're going to be pushed to invest more and more of your hard-earned cash to buy in at the higher levels.

The way Copy The Millionaire, (or should I say 6 Steps To Freedom) works is you only get paid when someone joins your downline at your level or lower.

If you're at level 2 and someone joins at level 2, you get paid. But let's say that same person upgrades their membership to level 3 because you're only at level 2, you don't.

Can you see how insidious this is?

Hundreds of people have maxed out their credit cards and ended up in a far worse place financially as once they've already invested they feel like there's no going back and so they have no option other than trying to convince others to join to try and make some of their money back.

Still not convinced? Watch this video to see exactly why Copy The Millionaire is the textbook example of a pyramid scheme:

I promise you this:

Nobody is promoting Copy The Millionaire or 6 Steps To Freedom because it's a revolutionary money-making method or the training videos are top-notch. The only reason people try to push you to join is because of the commission they make off of you.

Jeff Lerner Strikes Again

Jeff Lerner, as ironic as it sounds, makes money online by promising to show other people how to make money online.

He's part of an unscrupulous bunch who launches ‘revolutionary never-before-seen money-making methods' every other week.

He makes millions a year by hoodwinking people into joining his online pyramid schemes.

is jeff lerner a scammer

As I say, this isn't the first time I've come across this guy. I've exposed his Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and My Hidden Pages scams as well. Others have exposed his Entre Institute scam as well.

To say this guy is untrustworthy is an understatement.

A couple of years ago he was heavily involved in Digital Altitude until they got shut down by the FTC.

Why You'll Regret Giving Jeff Your Contact Details

Another reason to stay away from Copy The Millionaire is that in tiny semi-transparent writing at the bottom of the sales page you'll see this rather disturbing warning which says by completing the signup form you give Jeff's team permission to contact you via email and phone:

why copy the millionaire is a scam

Remember how I said you'd be pressured into investing higher and higher amounts of your money?

This is how they do it.

In the sales video, Jeff talks about how his 1-on-1 business advisors will help you succeed as a Copy The Millionaire member and there's this on the payments page:

jeff lerners business advisors

Sure, they’ll help you get started – by strongly encouraging you to ‘upgrade to take your business to the next level’. These business advisors are in fact aggressive sales agents who will tell you things like:

  • “You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself!”
  • “You will only succeed by throwing fear aside and going all in!”
  • “Your dream life begins today with one decision!”
  • Are you really going to say ‘no’ to your future financial freedom?”

They’ll say pretty much anything to manipulate you into parting with more of your cash. Do yourself a favour and stay well away!

Copy The Millionaire Review: Final Thoughts

Well, this review didn't end up how I thought it would…

As it turns out, Copy The Millionaire is non-existent; there is no Copy The Millionaire training course or program to speak of.

The site is simply a portal to the 6 Steps To Freedom scam and if you want my advice, stay away from this program and anyone promoting it.

If you're serious about earning a full-time income online then forget about get-rich-quick junk and focus instead on starting an online business.

There are high-quality training courses like Invincible Marketer that will walk you through exactly how to get started in the right way.

Invincible Marketer doesn't ask you to join a pyramid scheme with ever-increasing costs like Copy The Millionaire does.

You can always go back and sign up for Jeff's program if you think that's a better option but I very much doubt you will!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you been caught up in online pyramid schemes in the past? After reading my review, do you think Copy The Millionaire falls into this category?

Scroll down and let me know what you're thinking in the comments, I'd love to hear from you! Take care and stay safe out there. 🙂

67 thoughts on “Copy The Millionaire Review: Jeff Lerner Strikes Again!”

  1. The Trustguard seals are fake. You should be able to click on them and they should open up and display info. His don’t!

  2. Yes this sounds exactly like the old “Amway” scams which is now known as “Quickstar”. The only thing they are good at is taking your money “Quickly”!

  3. This post was very, very good, EXPOSING the scam. Thank you for saving many people from getting sucked into this scam. Also people can go to and or dot com. And just Google search the address, phone number and REVIEWS from other people, before getting involved in any so-called “Business Opportunity”

    • Sure thing, just doing what we do best 😉

      Thanks for sharing these – 2 sites I reference regularly and absolutely, the only way we’re going to put these scammers out of business is if everyone does their due diligence before handing their credit card details over.

    • I knew that this was some kind of scam straight away when he was saying in his video that it doesn’t cost a thing but still I was curious and pressed on the button to find a $39 fee for his free information.
      His patter is very good but as soon as I saw the price I was still curious and put my details in and right before putting my card details in,came to my senses and said to myself I knew this was a scam and they are gonna want more money and more money so I didn’t put my card details in and gave my head a shake. He is very very good with his words and at pulling people into the rags to riches tail, this was yesterday and I thought I’ll Google him and see what it says and glad I did and you are helping people to stop being scammed by Jeff,thankyou and good on you for exposing him.
      Steven Scade

  4. Great review, very informative. Do you do other reviews? Recently came across freelance digital guide.
    Seems to boast about so much FREE, FREE AND FREE VIDEOS. Tells about paying for cost of supplies. Of course leaves out whatever the cost is and doesn’t say until you sign up.

    • Hey Alex,

      I haven’t come across that one before but I’ve made a note of it. So far we’ve reviewed over 650 make money online systems ranging from scummy pyramid schemes to decent affiliate marketing courses. You can see our full list of reviews here.

      Great point you made about cost. We always try to lay out the real upfronts costs involved with whatever program it is. Not just the price of the course but how much you’ll have to shell out to actually implement the training, because you should know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before decided whether to get into it or not, right!? 😉

      • I can’t thank you enough. I always do extensive research before investing in anything and luckily I came across your blog page first and didn’t need to go any further! People like Jeff who prey upon those who are trying to find a legit way to make money are the worst kind of people!

  5. As the old saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true…it probably is. There are a few hucksters like him hawking their snake oils online. They all scream pyramid scheme but fools and their monies are always parted. Sad. Keep up the good work and exposing these frauds.

  6. Simon,
    I think you just need something to “Crowe” about. If you actually saw the training videos Jeff teaches makes sense. You haven’t been through the training so have no idea now do you?He isn’t trying to scam anyone. Yes the nay sayers who don’t want to do any work would rather say Jeff’s methods don’t work rather than move their lazy a– to try something that could work for them. There is money to be made being an affiliate. It takes time and you’ll earn some commission on each sale made as an affiliate. You want to be a millionaire, Jeff never said it happened overnight.

    • Hi Sandy, I just don’t trust the guy but I do wish you well with it.

      I’d love to hear how you get on though and feel free to ask me any questions along the way if you need 🙂

  7. Hey Simon,

    Good thing I have done more researched on this one and I’m glad I came across your website. I was about to pay for his $39 start fee and fall for this scheme then I made a second thought about it and read some online reviews for it. I’m happy I found you. Thank you for your honest reviews and for helping and saving us from those non-legit online marketing schemes.

      • Digital Payment Revolution or Residual Payments is a scam. $37 + $49 upcharge (its a PDF) for the first lesson, more money for lesson two with a 30 day $ back guarantee (still waiting for that refund). I got an offer for the service to close deals for me, only $14,997. Oh they offer you a scholarship if you give them $3000 up front! NOPE!

  8. Jeff caught my attention a few months back when he said that he paid off over $480k in debt using affiliate marketing within 18 months. I just find this unbelievable and I question if this is even possible. Especially as a new affiliate. Thanks for the info. I will be unsubscribing from his YT channel.

    • I think that’s probably a good call Ben!

      Since writing this Copy The Millionaire review, we’ve also exposed Learn With Jeff, his latest scheme.

      I don’t trust this guy at all.

      That does sound like a lot for a brand new beginner. I’d say it is highly unlikely.

      I made a video (see it here) recently where I talk about how much money you can make money with affiliate marketing.

      The crux of it is, the sky is the limit and it depends on how far you want to go but it does take time initially, especially as your new website gets those all-important rankings.

  9. Decided to investigate this guy Jeff. Legit? No, thx for blasting him. Seems like every site I’ve come across is shady or not legit at all. Gota be a way to make real ethical funds on the net……

  10. Yep I bought the 37 dollar scam, I went through 6 hours of “training” courses, then the completed 2 hour “build a business plan that will change your life forever plan”.

    I am currently a small businessman, I have been for 9 years, I am brick and mortar and I would like to do online affiliate or online advertising as I have used them for my business and it worked.

    The big mistake I caught was in the latest courses he only uses two or three people that are winners, but they are also involved in his courses as “instructors”, a huge red flag if your successful and want to encourage folks to join up or buy in you’d better be showing off all of your winners, everyday regular folks who followed your “wisdom” and made some good money.

    He does none of that and the great big huge waving red flag is at the end of the business plan course he segways into the fish hook of all time. He tries selling you on “6 additional courses with a grand total value of 39,500.00 dollars and with this huge discount of 90% it can all be yours for the low cost of 3950.00 but you gotta act within 48 hours cause “success loves speed”

    In other words don’t think about the 4000 dollars to long just run that credit card or call an adviser to make a payment plan do anything but sign up fast!!

    You get to talk with “advisers” all the time, they text you and really make you feel like your time is coming, but the adviser doesn’t even show anyone how much they have made.

    Yep, it is a sickening slick “course” and he definitely knows all the right moves to talk about to try and get you to part with 4000 dollars.

    Now he has a Youtube channel called millionaire something or other where he interviews other folks who are really wealthy.
    Anyway, after wasting 8 hours of my life and them texting me and with all of these red flags going off I had decided I was not going to pop out 4000 of my hard-earned cash to have someone try and teach me things I can probably figure out myself.

    I did manage to start and run my current business by figuring it all out by myself, I will continue researching the affiliate stuff and the online ad agency stuff, I think those could be real winners.

    Ok I am off my soap box. Do not pay Jeff Lerner or Entre Institute anymore than the 37 dollars you already did. If you are serious about doing online business of some kind do your own research and when it comes time to hand out any chedda be extra wary, a couple of bucks here and there is not a huge thing but 4000 dollars is! Especially when they do not give even a cursory warranty or show you an ample amount of success stories that show you how that person change hundreds or thousands of lives.

    By the way, his new tact is really insidious. he not only wants you to be a success in business but he also gets into your personal life by telling you that you need to eat better, exercise and all kinds of crazy sh*t. I think that is his key of staying off the law’s radar, cause according to him in order to be a true success you have to rebuild your entire life to what he says and you have to report to folks in his kingdom and stay on course and all kinds of cultish crap. So if your not successful he can just say ” oh you did not do forty push-ups every day and lose 25 lbs and improve your personal relationships within this time frame. That’s why your not making 100,000 dollars in the first 7 months” Yeah he is a true blue snake oil salesman for sure.

    Thanks for putting this Jeff Lerner factoid together I am right now in the 48-hour window and they are texting me to buy! buy! buy!

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas


  11. I wasted money on dumb things and then got hit with recurring charges. For some reason I self sabotage myself and would love to turn that around and prosper. I am in a course now that helps small businesses with reviews, marketing, website, etc. The goal is to set up a system where others do the work and you basically find clients. Ideally you want to have a salesperson and prospector so then you don’t do anything at all but we all like to be involved somewhat.

    So its digital marketing and what makes it different is the facebook group, the live chats (also are recorded), and the content gets updated. So once you are in you are in. No gimmicks. The 2 main founders are your mentors as well as other members and there is an approved list of partners in case you want need help in the beginning. Everybody helps each other and you help small businesses so its awesome! Its called local marketing vault and i think is 2K now but u can break that up. I paid much more but its worth it.

  12. I was suspicious from the start due to the fact it was an ad while I was playing a game my 13 yr old son had downloaded on my phone, needless to say, WHO doesn’t want to make 40 million fast & easy…well AFTER listening to his sales pitch (gotta admit, this guy is good, all the time he’s talking he’s showing us these AMAZING clips of ????, ????️, ????…then he has people tell us how he’s helped them make $$$) So I looked him up!!

    You would think a guy this wealthy, over 40 million according to him, would be listed somewhere, don’t show me a bank statement, show me your income tax documents, how much taxes have you paid, I’m sure the IRS would be interested in all this income…plus I don’t want to hear people that I don’t know say how you helped them, I want proof that they actually exist…

    BOTTOM LINE: U don’t tell people you’re going to show them how to become WEALTHY, like U for FREE then charge them $40…Where I come from FREE is $0.00…

    Thanks bro for putting this guy on BLAST, sadly, I’m sure some people still fell for this garbage, which is absolutely horrible considering what our nation is going thru right now…

  13. 1st off to all the people who have commented negatively on your review, I’d like them to know they are MOST LIKELY wrong…

    Yes, there is a possibility of A PERSON making money BUT (ever heard the saying everything before the but doesn’t count) the chances are slim and not the amount anyone in these make money online companies promise…. 1st off, there are NO GUARANTEES PERIOD POINT BLANK!! anyone who tells u they guarantee YOUR SUCCESS is boldface lying UNLESS they r gonna work the biz for u!! Because at the end of the day, how can anyone guarantee that another person is going to do everything they have to do to make the kinda money they’re talking about!! I can give u the keys to walmart n u COULD run it into the ground by the end of the yr!! Get my point??

    And what qualifies me to say any of this u ask?? How many of these biz ops have I bought?? NONE!! because I used to sell them!!

    I was the “free.99 “biz advisor” u got when signing up!! “Biz advisor” = “reloader” or “marketing director their sole job is to sell u bullshit online marketing that will literally do nothing for u!!

    I was making 5k A WEEK on the low end doing this but I was actually trying to help my clients and helping them the best I could but after a few yrs I could no longer keep up with the customer service i had to do to actually help my clients and my regular sales job etc…

    I NEVER EVER lied to a single client and was always very upfront probably too honest with most of my clients but after yrs of trying i just couldn’t do it anymore… the person who was talking about how they were 2hrs in the book n blah blah blah is either an employee or a new client who was given incentives to leave the positive review…

    Oh and by the way did I mention part of my job was to “save” clients who were canceling or filed BBB complaints (which actually can be bought, so the BBB is full of shit too, don’t believe me look up and watch BBB 20/20 show) attorney general complaints and FTC Complaints…

    I am here to tell yall, u are better off driving for uber or doing instacart than any online biz…


    PLEASE understand I have no reason to lie I found this when I was looking up Jeff Lerner because I too clicked on the copy the millionaire video… I wanted to see if people were really still falling for this bullshit… oh did I mention that most of these ” biz ops” are usually based out of Utah or Phoenix, AZ area… and the more successful “bizops” (short for business opportunity) are usually based in Utah, notice I said the BIZ OP company was successful not the clients that buy from them!!

    The Mormon community is HUGELY invested and making money from bullshit biz ops… I know this because I personally know SEVERAL OF THEM n have seen their 25 to 30 million dollar homes myself!! DOBA another Mormon based company… just saying I see some repetition here… if u really feel the need to give your money away feel free to send it to me and I’ll be happy to talk to u 4 or 5 times a week n consult for whatever u want n I do know way more than your probably giving me credit for…

    • Wow, very well said! ????

      It is fascinating to get your perspective on this and the make money online industry as a whole. With your permission, I’d love to email you about an interview for a new YouTube channel I’ll be setting up soon? I think people would find it really interesting to hear from someone who has done the job that you did!

      Thank you so much for sharing this, I know our readers are going to find this super insightful! 🙂

    • I have to add to this. I was raised Mormon, and their culture is insular. No one sees from the outside how petty and deceptive this culture is unless you’ve been a part of it.

      I got roped into SO many pyramid schemes I lost count, and thousands of dollars.

      The Mormon culture thrives off members clamoring to be a part of the affluent members in its circle. Just like any cult, this almost always includes the upper echelon being placed into higher leadership positions. The higher your leadership position, it holds the status symbol of being closer to God.

      So the ones at the top will often start these “business ops” and rope in the lesser members of the population. Easy prey – if you will. And I feel comfortable saying this because I absolutely was easy prey.

      If you can’t learn the game of how to be fake and rip people off then you fail. But the people at the top will continue to tell you that you just need to try harder. The religion is run this way and by extension their “businesses” are run this way as well. That’s the sad but it’s the short end of it.

      After 30 years of being in that cult, I finally left, but not without a lot of scarring and damage, both emotionally and financially.

      My advice is that there are genuine people out there who can teach you how to make money, but do your research. If they are Mormon, run! Run away like your pants are on fire.

      I can guarantee you will glean with less damage if your pants are actually on fire.

  14. I am grateful that you could bring out all the secrets hidden in this platform. i would like it if all platforms could just come out straight with the price they would want us to spend instead of deceiving us with small payments and end up draining us down. thank you for this article.

    • I completely agree Smoochi and I think you made a lucky escape. It should rightly raise suspicions when they’re not upfront and honest with you. 

      By far the worst thing about Jeff Lerner’s programs is the pyramid-style ‘pay to play’ commission structure which starts off small but gets more and more expensive. 

  15. For me I think I would skip this one out as I have fallen into the hands of scammers with stuff like this once and let me just tell you it wasn’t a good experience, I would just do more research on it and find out more, thanks anyways for sharing this awesome article I hope it helps others as it has helped me.

    • I’m glad you found this an eye-opener for you Sophia and I’m sorry you had to go through that, but at least now you know to do your due diligence before signing up to any program, especially true (sad to say) in the make money online space!

  16. Hi!

    It’s the first time I’m meeting Jeff of Entre Institute. I was somehow able to bump in through the maze of “success gurus” and I fatefully and randomly opened this site. At first glance, he is someone who quotes the “masters” ( and by this, I don’t mean the ancients) such as Jim Rohn who have been a good motivational speaker for me for a long time now. ATTITUDE is indeed the winner in any endeavor.

    Jeff believes, and I do too, that we have to be the person capable of handling our blessings first, before we take hold of them. In other words, what am I willing to sacrifice in order to be that person fit to manage wealth?

    We all have our past, and most of it may not be good, but it doesn’t determine our future of who we are going to be. Taking the challenge of changing one’s life to be better today, is what most people would love to hear and imitate.

    Here’s to an awesome life!

  17. I just purchased copy the millionaire. I am only in a few lessons but the nature of the content is amazing. I really think you maybe doing a disservice with this post. The nature of the course so far has been about managing your life as a whole in very profound ways. The tiny bit I have gotten in the last 2 hours has seriously made a real impact.

    Already I can say I am deeply impacted with how I communicate with my wife and children. I have learned about the concept of collaborative versus violent communication. I really hits home and I believe it will make a lasting impact on my life. It bothers me deeply to see the “Wealthy Affiliate” Bash and Cut down everyone else business model in action.

    Truthfully, I don’t remotely trust any post from Wealthy Affiliate. I am extremely impressed with my purchase. I didn’t expect much from it and I am completely blown away. I do expect some high ticket offers to be presented. So far there was just a couple of reasonable offers. One was for less than $100 a month which was not pitched hard at all. He even said if making millions of dollars isn’t your goal just stick with the main course… which was only $7 by the way.

    Anyway, I hope the owner of this blog at least reads this comment. My guess is it won’t get published… I hope I am proven wrong! Whoever owns this blog, you have my email. I would love to hear your feedback. Best wishes. Greg Zimdahl.

    • Greg, thank you for sharing your honest input. I respect it. It is sad that one company would bash another just to get sales…when there is ENOUGH for everyone online!

  18. I from Houston,TX. Jeff had a reputation of being a bad alcoholic when he was playing piano in bars there and could hardly keep from falling off the piano bench when he was playing piano then from being so drunk. He was run off from several gigs at clubs and could’t get a job anywhere!

    • Dawge, we all have our past…you do and so do I!!! Many successful people have proven that our past DOES NOT determine our future. Unless you allow it. Maybe its that way for Jeff. What does his drunkardness has to do with him making money now??? Or have to do with him being successful now??????????????? Stop putting people’s dirty laundry out there.

  19. Hi Simon,

    The more I read about Jeff Lerner, the more I get that feeling of sticky icky stuff invading my person. It’s like something from a horror movie.

    The black stuff coming from an infested swarm gets hold of you and slowly engulfs you. You can’t get away until the black ouse has sucked all it can take, and then leave you for dead!

    I’m now reading your ‘Top Rated Courses’. I feel much safer in reading those.

    Many thanks,

    • You’ll find some great options among my top picks Paul. After reviewing nearly 400 different products you could say I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly!

      All the best!

    • Wow Paul, what you wrote about Jeff was precisely the feeling I got from reading your comment. Maybe you guys are seeing some other program or offer than I am. He seems like a truly genuine person. I guess I don’t know him personally but what I have seen so far is nothing as you have described. My suspicion is that Paul is also part of the Wealthy Affiliate tribe. Seems the Wealthy Affiliate M.O. is to “Bash, dispariage, and defame anyone and everyone else… oh by the way want to know my favorite product?”

      • Hey Greg, think about it this way.

        Let’s say you have a nice brand new pair of high-performance runners you were offering people for free and your neighbour was trying to sell dirty, old runners for $5,000… wouldn’t you tell people about what you had to offer to save them a lot of time and money? That is exactly the position I am in here.

        I am sure you would do the same if you were in my position, it would be unethical not to.

      • Ugh I really dont like all of these wealthy affiliate bashers. SO ANNOYING. They’re all like “oh we arent affiliated with xyz so this is an honest review.” But at the end of ALL of them they say the course sucked and you really should do WA. How deceitful and ironic. No one is honest anymore God forbid. As soon as I recognize a blog promotes to start WA instead I leave. It’s a joke.

  20. There are so many “programmes” out there about copying millionaires and billionaires methods and you will be the same that it is quite obvious that not all of them are genuine programmes, which is quite sad really as I, like many others, fell for the same bull that is being fed to people about how they can become rich just by following these simple steps.

    What these people don’t know though is that these so-called “millionaires” have been working online for years and have probably spent thousands trying to get it right

    I haven’t heard of this Copy the millionaire program before and that is why I had to read your review of them, and Im pleased that I did now as I despise pyramid schemes with a passion and all that support them should be banned from being online if it were up to me

    Thanks for this, I will be giving this product a wide berth and I will tell others to come and read this post if they are thinking of joining the copy the millionaire

    I am fed up of getting scammed online, can this wealthy affiliate really help me earn money?


    • Hey Matthew, I really couldn’t agree with you more. According to Pyramid Scheme Alert 88% of all people (nearly 9 out 10) who join a pyramid scheme not only don’t make any money at all, but they lose everything they put into it which is exactly the reason why pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries and rightly so.

      In answer to your question, yes absolutely, Wealthy Affiliate are the real deal which is why they’re my all-time top-rated program. They have a free Starter and a Premium membership. You’re going to want to go Premium to get access to all 7 training modules but at least you can start with the first course and test out the members area without risking a penny.

      It’s not get-rich-quick scheme so it does take I’d say 6 to 9 months to really start seeing the money coming in (I replaced my full-time income after 12 months), but if you stick to the training and take massive action then you can make your online income goals a reality.

      My advice? Create your free account, try out the beginners’ course and I’ll be on hand every step of the way to help you out. 

      I’ll see you on the inside 🙂


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