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CB Cash Code Review: I’ve Just Been Scammed

CB Cash Code Review

CB Cash Code creator George Patterson swears he makes $8,112.24 in daily ClickBank commissions.

Pay $37 for his course and he says you'll follow in his footsteps and start making a quick and easy $20,000 a week in just 14 clicks of your mouse.

Is this all too good to be true?

Certainly sounds like it, but in this review, we're going to dig down, take an inside sneak peek at the members' area and discover exactly what CB Cash Code is all about.

I’m Not In Partnership With George Patterson's CB Cash Code In Any Way. Rest assured, my wallet is never a deciding in factor in whether I rate a training product highly or not.

I promise to only give you my honest opinion to help you avoid scams and better invest your time in real make money online programs that get results.

CB Cash Code Review (A Quick Overview)
what is the cb cash code about

Product Name: CB Cash Code

Product Description: Affiliate Marketing

Quick Summary:

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should buy this course and don’t have time to read the full review below, let me to get straight to the point:

Save yourself the headache and disappointment and avoid the CB Cash Code scam at all costs.

Also, be sure to unsubscribe from whoever recommended this to you because they are only thinking about their filling their own pockets and are not the least bit interested in helping show you how to find financial freedom online. 

CB Cash Code fails to deliver on every possible level with outdated information, zero over-the-shoulder training and a complete lack of support.

Yes, absolutely you can make money with ClickBank but I simply fail to see how any beginner trying to follow these extremely vague and generic eBooks is going to get anywhere at all.

  • Training - 10%
  • Value For Money - 5%
  • Potential Earnings - 9%
  • Trustworthiness - 5%


  • 60 Day Refund Available


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Training That's Years Out Of Date
  • No Help Or Support Available
  • Upsells Galore
  • Nobody Makes Money With This

Ready To Make Serious Money Online?

What Is CB Cash Code?

If we're to believe everything on the sales page then CB Cash Code is George Patterson's ultra top-secret method to making $80,000 per month working just 10 minutes a day.

Ironically, CB Cash Code is a ClickBank product claiming to show you how to make money selling ClickBank products.

Whether George Patterson makes $8,000+ per day from ClickBank is highly questionable and, if he does and that's his real name then I'd love to know what percentage of his money comes from the sales of his own products.

the CB Cash Code Scam sales page

You might think I'm being overly sceptical here, but in the last few months, we've exposed dozens of scams currently being promoted through

The truth is you'll find 100's of complaints online on sites like from people who lost money through a ClickBank scam.

This is because ClickBank does a really lousy job at filtering out the scummy and scammy from the real and legit. As a result, the platform has become a safe haven for TONS of get-rich-quick schemes like China Cash Clone, Secret Millionaire Bot and Easy Retired Millionaire that have conned unsuspecting victims out of $10,000s.

Each of these scams works in the same way: A flashy promo video sucks you into parting with your cash by promising you endless boatloads of instant, effortless cash only to forever fail to deliver and leave you worse off than when you started.

CB Cash Code is no different.

Based on what you're told in the hyped-up sales video compared to what you actually get inside the members' area, George Patterson (if that's even his real name) has A LOT of explaining to do.

If you're even a little bit tempted by the hollow promises of fast and easy cash on autopilot, please do me a favour:

Be sure to read this review until the very end, then go ahead and tell me in the comments whether you think CB Cash Code is a deceptive, misleading scam or the real deal.

Hyped Up Claims Vs. The Income Disclaimer

There's a world of difference between the sales video at the top of the page and legal spiel you'll find at the bottom.

On the one hand, you're told this is a life-changing system designed to get you on the road to financial freedom and on the other you're told nobody makes any money!

I'm not making this up! Take a look for yourself:

CB Cash Code income disclaimer

We've all heard the saying “Always read the fine print.” Well, with CB Cash Code you'll save yourself a lot of wasted time, frustration and money by taking a second to see past the gimmicky promises that only tell you what you want to hear.

The CB Cash Code ‘Training' Is A Total Joke

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a potential new money-making opportunity, only to pay up, get inside the members' area and be left feeling bitterly disappointed.

I know that's exactly how I felt when I realised that instead of being mentored by an expert online entrepreneur with practical, step-by-step and over-the-shoulder video training like I was told, the so-called ‘training' consists of only 4 outdated PDF files.

inside the cb cash code members area
The CB Cash Code Members' Area – What A Letdown!
  • The CB Cash Code Main Guide
  • ClickBank Cash Pro
  • ClickBank BookPlus
  • ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

Seriously, there's all you're getting for your money.

To say I felt ripped off is an understatement!

Ok so they're glorified, overpriced eBooks, but is the actual content any good?

Unfortunately not.

The PDFs only briefly cover how to create a ClickBank account, what stats to look out for when choosing the right ClickBank products and some of the potential traffic sources you could try to tap into to try and make a few sales, though they barely scratch the surface of what you need to be successful in affiliate marketing.

the cb cash code training ebook contents page
The ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method Contents Page

There's zero:

  • Step-by-step video training
  • Actional steps you can follow
  • Support or help if you have any questions

Seriously, I fail to see how anyone just starting out with ClickBank can take these short and vague eBooks and turn it into money in the bank.

In fact, as soon as I saw it I knew I'd fallen for a scam and that I'd be taking full advantage of ClickBank's 60-day refund policy. I'm sure that if you go ahead and buy this that you'll end up doing the same.

Compare CB Cash Code's 4 outdated PDFs with some of the best affiliate marketing courses out there like Wealthy Affiliate, Income School and Commission Hero where you get a comprehensive video training program with full help and community support and it's easy to see you don't need to pay out for this rubbish.

Prepare Yourself For Upsells GALORE

If you’ve ever bought a typical make money online course then you won't be surprised that when you try and buy CB Cash Code you're hit with upsell after upsell.

One for $197 and another for $147.

The anonymous CB Cash Code owner tries to justify this extortion by promising you even more money in an even shorter amount of time. These ‘one-click' upsells don't stop once you're in the members' area either…

The whole website is littered with upgrade buttons that you could easily click by accident and find your credit card has been charged.

It gets worse:

Any upsells you buy into (whether intentionally or unintentionally) are not covered by the 60-day money-back guarantee meaning you have a cat in hell's chance of ever seeing your cash again.

Is CB Cash Code A Scam?


CB Cash Code has one sole purpose which is to make money for the person selling it and that's it.

With only outdated eBooks containing very basic information you could easily find online yourself for free, CB Cash Code offers you absolutely nothing new or revolutionary at all!

Whichever way you look at it, CB Cash Code is not the best way to learn how to make money with ClickBank.

Sign up and you end up promoting low-quality ClickBank scams like Click Wealth System, Club Heist and Daily Profits which isn't exactly what you'd a good long-term strategy for success.

Here's the problem:

There's a whole group of fake gurus out there ready and waiting to exploit people like you and me into believing there's a fast and easy shortcut to success when the reality is you're only ever going to escape the rat race and become your own boss when you follow the right training and take action.

Watch this video to see how these get-rich-quick scammers work so you never get hoodwinked again:

Try This Proven Alternative Instead

While CB Cash Code is a scam, don't lose hope just yet!

There are so many great affiliate marketing training courses out there that can show you exactly how to build a legitimate affiliate marketing business and replace your full-time income.

After reviewing 500+ courses, the highest-rated is my Wealthy Affiliate review.

That's because Wealthy Affiliate has been showing aspiring entrepreneurs how to create highly lucrative online income streams for over 15 years.

With full step-by-step core training courses designed specifically for newbies and a whole community of experts on hand to give you 24/7 help and support (myself included!), you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips to make it happen.

Be ready to follow the training and put in the work and I guarantee you the results will follow.

Wanna know another cool thing?

Wealthy Affiliate won't ask you for $37 before you can check out the training area. You can try out the whole training platform for free as a Starter member.

By all means, sign up to CB Cash Code and come back and let me know when you're making $20,000 a week following those crappy eBooks… but we both know that's not going to happen!

Tell Us What You Think!

Now you've taken a sneak peek inside the members' area, seen exactly what the CB Cash Code is and what you get, do you still think this is the miracle solution to all your money-making worries?

If I've done enough to convince you to stay away from this scam (and I hope I have!) then feel free to let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear from you! 🙂


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