AZ Millionaire Method Review: Why I Had To Get A Refund


We're told the AZ Millionaire Method is the ultimate roadmap that's going to make you rich in under 12 months, but can these claims be trusted and does this program deliver? That's what this AZ Millionaire Method review is all about.

Because what's the point in buying it otherwise?

In this AZ Millionaire Method review you're going to find out:

  • Exactly what it is
  • How it works
  • If AZ Millionaire Method is a shameless scam or serious moneymaker

I signed up, here's the long and short of it:

AZ Millionaire Method Review At A Glance

About: Ryan Ford's AZ Millionaire Method is sold as a foolproof way to make money on Amazon and promises newbies $3,000/day within minutes of signing up.

Price: Was $37, now discounted to $9.

Pros: Comes with a handy 60-day refund policy.

Cons: Extremely low quality, outdated info with zero support. All we know about the actual owner is he's hired actors to give us fake video testimonials.

Verdict: This overrated 13-Page PDF is not worth your money or your time. All red flags point to the fact AZ Millionaire Method is a scam you'll most certainly want to avoid.


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AZ Millionaire Method is currently being heavily promoted via email by people who don't shy away from using hype to generate sales, but Ryan Ford fails to deliver on every possible level. 

With all the crazy income claims, you'll be surprised to hear all you get after handing over your hard-earned cash is an outdated 13-page PDF that barely scratches the surface on how to make money with Amazon.

There's no way I can, in good conscience, recommend AZ Millionaire Method to anyone.

Save your money and stay well clear – you'll be glad you did!

Check out this video instead and get instant access to the top training, tools and support you need to finally be successful online.

What Is The AZ Millionaire Method?

AZ Millionaire Method creator Ryan Ford says his autopilot money-making system will make you $3,000 today, or $1million a year, for as little as 10 minutes' work per day.

That's a pretty bold claim!

But as you'll see in this review, there's a world of difference between what the sales pages tells you AZ Millionaire Method is and what it actually is…

what is az millionaire method a scam

Ryan also tells us this amazing income opportunity is only available for a limited time.

Under the video, you'll see a countdown timer designed solely to give you a false sense of urgency and pressure you into parting with your cash as soon as possible, but the timer always resets at zero.

Who Is The AZ Millionaire Method Creator?

We know Ryan Ford is a fake name but we don't know who the real AZ Millionaire Method creator is.

The AZ Millionaire Method has gone through a few name changes in the past. At one point it was called the AZ Formula and the spokesperson then called himself Steven Cook.

The question is, if AZ Millionaire Method is a legit program, why not use your real name?

Who Is AZ Millionaire Method For?

AZ Millionaire Method is primarily marketed at people new to making money online.

The video sales pitch says things like:

“Making money from this website is so incredibly easy that anyone can do it!”
“And you DON'T need any special skills, knowledge or previous experience.

It's also marketed as a super easy and fast way to make money with Amazon.

You're literally told to sign up and money will start flooding your bank account in minutes.

Sounds like the Click Wealth System, 3 Step Method and Passive Profit Pages scams.

If only it was that easy!

What these scams won't tell you is it takes TIME and WORK to build a 6 figure income.

How Much Does AZ Millionaire Method Cost?

AZ Millionaire Method is now available for $9; a $28 discount on the original $39 price.

But beware the insanely overpriced upsells…

If paying $9 for a 13 page PDF file isn't bad enough, AZ Millionaire Method gives you more opportunities to part with your cash with 2 additional upsells, each supposedly promising more money in a shorter amount of time…

Upsell 1: AZ Millionaire Pro Method – $197
Pay an extra $197 and Ryan says he'll show you how to get double the traffic so you can make $2 million a year.

Upsell 2: Secret Gap – $177
Apparently this “turbocharges your profits in seconds”.

Can You Cancel And Get A Refund?

AZ Millionaire Method is sold through Clickbank and comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

Just keep in mind this refund policy only covers your initial purchase and not any of the AZ Millionaire Method upsells.

Already bought it and have buyer's remorse? Here's how you get your money back.

Can You Make Money With AZ Millionaire Method?

No, you will not make any money because, despite the outrageous claims, AZ Millionaire Method is just a short PDF with links to Amazon's publically available training on what the Amazon Associates program is.

az millionaire method pdf

Seriously, I'm struggling to call this eBook ‘training' because how on earth can you learn how to make money with Amazon in a few short paragraphs?!

I wish I was exaggerating, but take a look at the contents page:

table of contents

That’s literally it.

I mean, it’s 13 pages.

The 1st page is the cover, the 2nd page is the table of contents and the 3rd page is the legal disclaimer.

And if you think the information on the other 10 pages are going to secure your future financial freedom, think again.

When you're learning how to make money through Amazon Kindle publishing or setting up an Amazon WebStore, you need more than:

“Amazon is good, go to and get started.”

And that's all you're getting.

There's nothing revolutionary here, no step-by-step training and nothing you can't find for free online.

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

What I Like About AZ Millionaire Method

One of the positive things I can say is this program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, one I intend to take full advantage of.

I'm sure the 1,000s of others duped by the sales page will do too, once they realise they've bought the most overpriced PDF file in the history of mankind.

Here's how to get a Clickbank refund.

Just double-check the terms and conditions as I don't think upsells are covered.

4 AZ Millionaire Method Red Flags Exposed!

1. The ‘Training' Is A Total Joke

I can't get over how this is nothing more than an outdated eBook being peddled as a life-changing, guaranteed millionaire maker.

Sign up and you'll receive an email with a download link for a PDF file.

There's no over-the-shoulder videos, no step-by-step walkthroughs, no real training of any kind whatsoever. There's no way anyone can really make money with this.

Becoming a successful Amazon affiliate, a kindle publisher or owning and running a profitable website takes a lot of know-how and you'll find none of that here.

2. The Support Is Noticeably Non-Existent

Even with the best training in the world, starting your first online business will inevitably mean you'll have questions at some point, get stuck or want to get feedback from someone more experienced.

Unfortunately, with AZ Millionaire Method you are on your own.

3. The Hyped-Up Marketing Is Deceptive

One thing I really hate about so-called make money online programs is how they blatantly lie about how much money you can make.

They pick random numbers out of the sky and say you'll be making $100,000s in a matter of days with no real work or effort required on your part.

Ryan Ford is flat out lying when he says this crappy eBook is all you need to make $3,000 a day.

Programs like Commission Machine, Perpetual Income 365 and Mobile Site Sniper make similarly ridiculous claims to try to persuade you to hand over your cash. Don't fall for it!

Ryan Ford also tells people promoting his program to use his hyped-up email templates to entice people to sign up that say things like:

fake ass advertising

This bothers me because some people getting these emails are struggling to pay the bills, drowning in debt and desperately need a way out.

People in dire financial situations like these are the ones most likely to fall for fake-ass claims like “The easiest way to make $2,000 a day for just 10 minutes work.”

And we all know what happens; they fully buy into the upsells and end up left high and dry and even worse off than when they started.

4. Everything On Is A Lie

The AZ Millionaire Method sales video tries to convince you this is the life-changing money making method you've been looking for by showing success stories from members who have become millionaires…

Except these people are paid Fiverr actors earning $5 for reading off a script.

Here's the woman who told us she's been following the eBook instructions for 48 weeks and has already hit her target of becoming a millionaire:

fake video testimonials

And here's her video testimonial gig on

why az millionaire method is a scam

And remember this guy who told you he had over $1 million in the bank as a direct result of following the AZ Millionaire Method training?

is az millionaire method a scam review

Yep, you guessed it:

He has just $5 in the bank because AZ Millionaire Method creator Ryan Ford paid him to make a fake testimonial video.

Again, you don't have to take my word for it, here's his Fiverr profile:

review of az millionaire method scam

Why on earth would anyone hire actors and make up success stories if their methods were legit?

They wouldn't. They wouldn't have to! If this program really got results they'd be hoards of raving fans excited to tell you about it, but there isn't.


Because this is a crappy eBook and no one ever has ever made a single penny from it.

Is AZ Millionaire Method A Scam Or Legit?

AZ Millionaire Method is most definitely a scam because the sales page is packed with fraudulent claims and the program doesn't work as promised.

  • They lie when they say the PDF file can make you $3,000 a day
  • They lie about the site closing when the clock hits zero
  • The hired actors lie when they're pretending to be successful millionaires

Can you make a lot of money through Amazon?

For sure!

Is this the program that's going to help you make that happen?

Absolutely not!

I've reviewed 100s of ClickBank products and 90% turn out to be worthless junk.

Scammers like Ryan Ford (if that's even a real name) cause so many people to give up all hopes of ever achieving their online income goals.

A Smarter AZ Millionaire Method Alternative

It really is possible to replace your full-time income online.

All you need is real hands-on training to guide you through the process of making money online in a way you can follow.

Watch this video when you're ready to start »

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4 thoughts on “AZ Millionaire Method Review: Why I Had To Get A Refund”

  1. A good review on AZ millionaire method. Was told off to it by a friend, but initial I had doubts and this review further complements it. Never been a fan of the so called get rich quick schemes.

    Would definitely use this review as a reference when telling people off AZ millionaire method. Thanks again for this wonderful review.

    • Thanks Marshall, these guys are just telling you what you want to hear… it’s the same old ‘instant cash for doing nothing!’ baloney. Don’t fall for it.

      Scams like this are still around because some people still believe making money online is fast and easy. The sad thing is the people who think this way will never see their online income goals happen because they’ll be busy chasing the latest get-rich-quick scam. The people who are successful online are the ones who know it takes time and effort to see results but it’s always worth it.

      Thanks for commenting Marshall and I wish you every success! 

  2. Hello Simon,

    You’ve provided us with lots of useful information on this AZ Millionaire Method. I’m thankful that you’ve exposed this website. They are 100% SCAM!!! I’ve been doing some research, and I came across this platform the other day. Luckily, I’ve found that they are nothing but a bunch of SCAMMERS!

    Thanks a lot for the detailed blog post. Keep up the good work Simon!

    • Hey, I’m glad you found the review helpful. I think this has got to be one of the most anti-climactic scams I’ve ever come across, I at least expected a few videos or something! But no, the eBook is likely one he bought from somewhere else and he’s repackaged it as his own.

      I’m just glad you ‘saw the light’ before paying money to these guys. 

      All the best.


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