7 Min Sales Machine Review: Scam Or A Legit $100/Day?


Welcome to my 7 Min Sales Machine review where you'll discover if Jono Armstrong and Frankie Pellegrino's 7 Min Sales Machine is a scam or legit money maker.

If you're thinking about buying this program to start earning an online income then there are a few things you should know.

As with anything else online; not all that glitters is gold…

This review will answer your questions, go through the 7 Min Sales Machine pros and cons and show you the best way to make money online so you have a proven path to smash your income goals.

7 Min Sales Machine Review At A Glance

About: 7 Min Sales Machine is a short training course by Jono Armstrong and Frankie Pellegrino on how to make money promoting CPA offers.

Price: $12.95 plus $478 in upsells.

Pros: Free traffic sources. A good way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Cons: Hyped up sales page. Expensive upsells. A lot of stiff competition.

Verdict: This course will show you how to find CPA offers and where best to promote them, though that'll only work in the short term as more members get in on it.


2.5 Star Rating NEW

What Is 7 Min Sales Machine?

7 Minute Sales Machine is a training course on how to make money online promoting CPA offers (Cost Per Action) by using  3 free “secret and untapped” traffic sources. 

Login to the members' area and it looks like this:

The 7 Minute Sales Machine Members Area

The training has a total of 6 video lessons split up into 6 modules:

Module 1: Welcome

A welcome video by Frankie where he invites you to join his CPA Facebook group.

Module 2: Method Overview

As the name suggests, this 5-minute video gives you a quick overview of what's coming up in the course.

Module 3: Getting Set Up

This is the first module that gets into the actual how-to. Frankie walks you through how to sign up to CPA affiliate networks like MaxBounty, CPA Build, CPA Leads and CPA Grip and actually get approved.

Module 4: Monetisation

In this video, Frankie runs through how to choose the best CPA offers and what you should look out for to get the most bang for your buck and introduces Craiglist as a potential free traffic source.

Module 5: Traffic

Remember those “brand new underground traffic sources” Jono talked about on the sales page? 

This is where Frankie unveils his top untapped traffic sources. I won't reveal too much about them as this is essentially what's at the core of the 7 Minute Sales machine course, except to say these are sources you can start using right away and they are indeed free.

Module 6: Conclusion

Finally, Frankie wraps up the training with a quick recap.

All in all, this is a very short course but keep in mind you're only paying $12.95 for what is essentially a few new traffic methods. Frankie does a good job of explaining each step and I can see there's definitely a way you could earn if you follow his method.

As far as support goes, there is an email address you can send your questions to but no members area as such, I guess that's where the Facebook group comes in.

Meet The Creators: Brendan, Jono and Frankie

Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and Frankie Pellegrino are the masterminds behind 7 Minute Sales Machine and are all established internet marketers in their own right with many years of experience under their belts. 


Unfortunately, instead of investing the time to build one of the best affiliate marketing courses online, they have a reputation for jumping from one product launch to the next. 

Every couple of weeks they come out with yet another “brand new” money-making method that's not that much different to the last.

In the past few years, they've come out with products like:

Almost every time it's the same old, worn-out and tired gimmicks and tricks that might've worked 20 years ago but are pretty much useless now. 

How do these guys get away with it?

Because they thrive on creating huge hype with constant product launches, plus they have a whole army of cash-hungry affiliates out there willing to promote whatever substandard crap they can find to get a commission.

They do occasionally, however, stumble across a method that has some merit and I think 7 Minute Sales Machine's way of using free traffic sources to promote CPA is a pretty good one that can work in the short term.

How Does 7 Minute Sales Machine Work?

CPA marketing basically works the same way as affiliate marketing except your referrals don't need to buy anything for you to get paid.

Sites like MaxBounty have a variety of CPA offers available that payout anywhere from $0.40 to $16 a lead meaning you can earn a few dollars each time someone completes a small action like entering their email address or signing up to get something for free in exchange for their information like:

  • Joining a sweepstake
  • Entering a competition to win a free iPhone
  • Getting a free pizza
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Installing a mobile app
finding CPA offers on MaxBounty

Your job as an affiliate marketer would be to simply send people to those offers. Learn how to present the right offers to the right kinds of people and from there it's just a numbers game to scale up your income.

7 Min Sales Machine Pros

1. It's Only $12.95

Unlike courses like Super Affiliate System, Legendary Marketer and Amazing Selling Machine which cost up to a staggering $4,000, you can access 7 Minute Sales Machine for the relatively low price of $12.95.

It also comes with a full 14-day money-back guarantee which is good to know.

2. You're Using Free Traffic Sources

It's refreshing to see a course from these guys that doesn't include paying out for solo ads to generate traffic. That's their usual method so this is a big plus!

Because you're using free traffic methods there's no need to pay out for ads which can turn out expensive, especially if you're just starting out and don't know what you're doing.

7 Min Sales Machine Cons

1. There's A Whole World Of Hype On That Sales Page

The banner across the top tells you the current price period is ending soon. This is a total lie designed to pressure you into buying. Head on over to the site any time of night or day and it'll tell you the same thing so don't fall for it.

Then there's the sales video where Jono promises you'll make $100 a day using this “ridiculously easy secret method”. CPA marketing has been around for donkey's years and there's nothing new or secret about it. 

The video ends with a bunch of random shots of Jono in a private jet, big houses and fancy cars… even his wife makes an appearance enjoying a bubble bath…

7 minute sales machine sales website
Like what?!?

I don't know why they feel the need to use scammy sales tactics like this to sell a product – if a product is good then it should speak for itself without the cheesy gimmicks.

2. Ignore The Expensive Upsells

Like 99% of all make money online products we've reviewed, 7 Min Sales Machine comes with a whole load of unnecessary higher-priced upsells. 

I won't give my usual rant on upsells at this point, just to say I can't help but feel these are designed solely to take your money. 

Here's the list of their 4 upsells you can feel free to skip: 

Upsell 1: Done-For-You Landing Pages, Offers And Funnels – $47

Upsell 2: Advanced Training Hacks – $67

Upsell 3: The Ultimate Traffic Package – $197

Upsell 4: Licensing rights To Resell 7 Minute Sales Machine – $167

3. Ultimately, This Is Not A Full-Time Income Opportunity

7 Minute Sales Machine might be able to make you a few extra bucks a day in the short term, but this isn't a real long-term solution to making a full-time income online. 

I appreciate Jono's honestly in the sales video when he says this will get saturated very quickly…

As soon as people buy 7 Minutes Sales Machine and find out the 3 traffic sources Frankie talks about then everyone is going to be in on it.

Keep in mind this program was launched in January 2020 and you've now got everyone promoting the same CPA offers to the same group of people, meaning you're up against some stiff competition and you're going to struggle to stand out above the crowd. 

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

Is 7 Min Sales Machine A Scam?

The answer is no, 7 Min Sales Machine is not a scam. The training will tell you where to find CPA offers and where best to promote them and yes, CPA marketing is a real and legit business model.

Though I would say it’s not as easy as they make it out to be and this isn't the best long-term strategy you should base your future financial success on. 

7 Min Sales Machine Review Summary

I really hope this review has helped you see what 7 Minute Sales Machine is all about and what you get if you choose to go ahead and sign up.

While shortcuts like this might seem tempting and might even get some results, they never last long – your best bet is sticking to a solid affiliate marketing strategy that's been proven to work.

A Better Way To Make Money Online

At the start of this review, I promised to tell you the best way to make money online, even as a complete newbie, so here we go:

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If you are looking for a legit online business model where the sky's the limit in terms of how much you can earn then this is it.

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I'm not exaggerating when I say their step-by-step training changed my life, and this same training can show you the exact steps you need to build your very own online empire that earns you a consistent income every single month.

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2 thoughts on “7 Min Sales Machine Review: Scam Or A Legit $100/Day?”

  1. Hi Simon. I have been interested in CPA Marketing and I was excited that 7 Minute Sales Machine teaches us that. I really don’t like it’s up-sales nor the fact that it’s owners have been jumping around launching similar sites often.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate teach CPA Marketing? Where can I learn CPA Marketing in a serious environment?

    • Don’t do it Ann! You’ll be bombarded with neverending upsells, not to mention there’s everyone who’s gone through the 7 Minute Sales Machine course going after the same products and promoting them in the same space.

      Yes, they do, in fact, Wealthy Affiliate has whole webinars and classes that focus on it, and the training is a lot more in-depth and step by step. 

      I’ll be honest, you’ll only be able to access these kinds of classes when you upgrade to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership ($49 a month), but I’d say at the very least take them up on the free Starter membership and see how you get on from there. 


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