An HONEST Legendary Marketer Review: Is It Worth The High Price Tag?

legendary marketer review scam or legit

By the end of this Legendary Marketer review you are going to know exactly what the pros and cons of David Sharpe’s program are and whether or not this is the best option for you.

Unlike almost every other reviewer out there, I am not a Legendary Marketer affiliate and my commitment to you is simple:

I will only ever give you my honest opinion and will always put you first.

I should give you fair warning though – this is an incredibly in-depth review and probably one of the longest I’ve ever written! So grab a coffee, get comfy and let’s jump right in.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’re gonna cover:

David Sharpe's Legendary Marketer Review (At A Glance)
what is legendary marketer

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Product Description: Digital Marketing Training

Quick Summary:

I have mixed feelings about the Legendary Marketer training platform; on the one hand, the training is brilliantly thought-out and presented and on the other, I really don’t like their pricing structure. I can’t shake the sneaking suspicion most people buy into the system solely to make money selling it to others.

Their training packages cost upwards of $2,500 so we’re not talking pocket change here. I’d say this program is best for intermediate to advanced marketers who want to fill in specific gaps in their marketing knowledge and have the cash to invest upfront.

High prices mean high-risk, which is why I can’t say this is the best option for beginners. If you’re just starting out, I’d highly recommend checking out these more affordable Legendary Marketer alternatives.

  • Training - 90%
  • Support - 75%
  • Value For Money - 20%
  • Potential Earnings - 85%
  • Trustworthiness - 20%


  • Great members’ area layout
  • Courses are really well structured
  • What you’ll learn works
  • Training is updated regularly


  • David Sharpe has a shady track record
  • Prices are definitely at the top end
  • ‘Personal advisors’ are there to sell
  • Too much emphasis on re-selling LM
  • The affiliate program doesn’t add up
User Review
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What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a relatively new training platform designed to help experienced internet marketers develop the skills to take their income to the next level.

According to their about page their mission is:

“To Help People Start An Online Business Or Grow An Existing Business Using Cutting Edge Sales, Marketing and Management Strategies.”

They offer a top-notch educational programs and personal one-on-one advisors for those looking to learn how to run an online business, whether that’s affiliate marketing, local SEO, lead generation or selling your own courses and events.

A good thing about Legendary Marketer is they make it clear success online comes through the high-income skills you need to build an online income. Success is earned. They never purport to be a shortcut to riches program and do a good job of setting realistic expectations about the time and effort it takes to create a lucrative income stream online

Quick-fire stats:

  • Dave Sharpe has generated more than $250 million in online sales
  • Their Facebook page has 54,000 likes
  • They have a 2 out of 5 star rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • They are based in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • At $30,000, Lifestyle Experience is their most expensive course

Who Is CEO David Sharpe? A Founder With A Rather Chequered History

David Sharpe has been featured in Forbes and called an icon in the internet marketing industry by Entrepreneur. Watch this video and you’ll hear him share his inspirational rags to riches tale of how he went from homeless heroin addict to successful entrepreneur:

I love life transformation stories and this one is amazing! Seriously, anyone who can turn their life around like that deserves all the credit.

Dave’s online career started when he began searching online for a way to make money. He dabbled around for a bit when he stumbled across affiliate marketing and eventually became one of the top selling affiliates of My Lead System Pro (MLSP); a program very similar to Legendary Marketer in the fact they offer high ticket (a.k.a. expensive) training packages.

MLSP is an emalgomation of both affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) often referred to as ‘high ticket affiliate marketing’, a business model I think has stuck with Dave to this very day.

According to BehindMLM, Dave Wood was also involved in promoting MLSP in 2011 and this is how the two Davids met. Together, they discussed the idea of starting a new high ticket affiliate program with a digital MLM style compensation plan and Empower Network launched a few months later.

Focused on delivering internet marketing training, Empower Network really took off and like many MLMs, they soon developed an aggressively loyal cult-like following.

Ranked affiliates #1 and #2 at the top of the Empower Network pyramid, David Sharpe and David Wood inevitably enjoyed lucrative commission checks as there downlines grew – here’s a picture of them both in 2012 celebrating combined commissions of over $778,000:

david sharpe david wood empower network

Fast forward a couple of years and David Sharpe stepped down from Empower Network in 2014. The official reason given was health issues but according to Wood, Sharpe left because he was “worried about his reputation”.

Things then quickly got nasty between the two of them and court cases ensued…

Sharpe still had a 40% stake in Empower Network and demanded he be bought out, but with cracks already starting to appear in the unsustainable pyramid-style model, Wood simply didn’t have the cash to give him what he wanted.

They finally agreed a settlement in 2015 and Empower Network went bankrupt in 2017.

I’ve never dealt with Empower Network directly here on The Make Money Online Blog but I have exposed many pyramid schemes like it, (programs like Too Damn Easy, Mailbox Profits and Instant Cash Solution) where I warn readers repeatly against the dangers of joining pyramid schemes disguised as genuine work from home opportunities.

With a 99% failure (that’s according to the FTC) people who join are only setting themselves up for failure while the 1% at the top rake it in…

Not long after Empower Network’s very public demise, David Sharpe went back to promoting My Lead System Pro for a while before launching Duplicate Dave which later become known as Legendary Marketer.

who is david sharpe

Now you know a bit about Dave’s background, I hope you can see why I am very wary of Dave’s ethics (or lack thereof).

Let’s not forget there were 10,000’s of real people who were strongly encouraged to “go all in”, max out their credit cards and remortgage their homes to “guarantee their financial future” only to lose everything at the hands of this guy.

Can a leopard change its spots?

Of course and I am all for it.

I’m just not convinced this one has…

Legendary Marketer’s Training And Costs

Inside the members’ area, you’ll be presented a whole range of training packages at ever-increasing prices.

Dave follows the value ladder model as a gentle way to ease you into the bigger ticket items that pay big bucks to him and his affiliates.

On your first encounter to Legendary Marketer you’ll be offered a free giveaway in return for your email address, then asked to pay a relatively low monthly fee in order to get more training and so on, until you reach the $30,000+ mark.

legendary marketer sales funnel value ladder

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s available with price tags attached so if you do decide to go ahead and join, you can at least go in with your eyes wide open knowing what to expect:

15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge (Free)

As a new Legendary Marketer member, this is your starting point. Create your free account and you’ll find 15 video lessons with daily assigned tasks. Next lessons are unlocked 24 hours after you’ve marked the previous lesson complete.

You’re also assigned a Business Plan Advisor who you’re told to schedule a call with so you can get help and support along the way.

legendary marketer members area

The course touches on the various elements of running a business, including the importance of having the right ‘wealth mindset’ and high-income skills.

I completed the full 15-day challenge and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

The training is very well put together and easy to follow. Dave has an engaging teaching style and he mixes it up with lessons he’s learned from his own experience, interviews with other successful internet marketers and brings in other teachers to cover specific topics.

Legendary Marketer’s Club Membership ($30/Month)

Previously, members were paying $30 a month for a series of 8 courses that covered paid traffic methods like Instagram and YouTube ads but these have now been bundled together as a separate course called ‘Traffic Rolodex’ and sold at a one-time fee of $247.

Following the recent 3.0 update, Legendary Marketer’s Club membership now gets you an invite to a weekly webinar with live Q & A sessions with experts teaching various aspects of running an online business such as storytelling, copywriting, YouTube marketing and maximising conversions.

As a member, you also get access to hours of past training in the Marketer’s Club library.

legendary marketers club course content review

Dave interviews experienced online entrepreneurs who are earning 6 and 7 figures a year online so you’ll find a lot of value here. These guys know what they’re talking about and only teach the strategies that have worked for them.

Legendary Marketer’s Business Blueprints ($2,500)

There are 4 Business Blueprints available for $2,500 each, but buy what’s called the Business Blueprint bundle as you’re going through the 15-day business builder challenge and you get all 4 for $2,500.

1. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is how most people start online and it’s still my all-time favourite way to make money because once it’s set up, it can be very passive.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re essentially earning a commission for selling other people’s products or services. They deal with the payments, customer service and delivery. All you have to do is send people to their site and wait for your commission check to arrive.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint claims to teach you how to attract a consistent stream of traffic, find the right products to promote and make your first sale.

2. Digital Products Business Blueprint

This course is going to run you through what you need to know to create digital courses and find the right buying audience to sell them to.

The beauty of becoming a digital product creator is that you only need to invest the time and energy into creating that course once and you can sell it many times over.

3. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Online coaching is yet another highly lucrative online business model you can take advantage of if you’re willing to put the work in to make it happen.

The Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint will run you through how to find your target audience, create an enticing offer to get your first clients and how to offer the best online coaching experiences.

4. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

A throwback to Dave’s network marketing days, this business blueprint will teach you the practicalities of planning, hosting and profiting from running live events.

Live Experiences ($8,000, $12,000 and $30,000)

Next up the value ladder is Live Experiences, Legendary marketer’s most expensive products on offer to members. They can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week. Prices include your hotel stay.

Marketer Mastermind: $8,000

This event will cover various traffic, lead generation and conversion techniques from some of the top online marketers today.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind: $12,000

According to the sales page, this event is all about becoming the ‘best version fo yourself’ and covers topics like health, wealth and general well-being hacks.

legendary marketer events and experiences

Lifestyle Experience: $30,000

Lifestyle Experience is Dave’s invite-only ‘inner circle.’ This usually involved a stay at a resort outside of the U.S. and is supposed to be for those wanting to take their success to the next level.

As a Lifestyle Experience member, you’ll also have 12 months access to Dave’s personal coaching group.

Legendary Marketer’s Affiliate Program

With prices like these, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are promoting this program right now.

The affiliate program has 2 levels: basic and pro.

Basic is free and you can earn between 10% and 30% every time one of your referrals buys a training product.

Pro is only available for those willing to pay for the privilege as you have to be a monthly member of the $30 Legendary Marketer’s Club to be eligible for a higher rate of 30% – 60% commissions:

This isn’t your normal, straight-forward affiliate program though and there are a few weird caveats in the terms and conditions you should be aware of.

For example, the first 3 times you sell a product you haven’t bought yourself you get diddly squat, despite generating the sale for the site.

Then there’s what they call the ‘Tuition Reimbursement Program‘ which gives you your money back for any training product you’ve bought if you manage to sell it to 10 other people within a 24 month period.

What Happened When I Tried To Join The Basic Affiliate Program…

In a nutshell:

I applied waited for 2 weeks but heard nothing. When I followed up I was told I’d been refused for “not having enough experience” despite the fact I’ve been a full-time internet marketer for 5 years.

legendary marketer affiliate program application

When I asked them about this I was told to apply again which I did only to by Brett that I’d been refused again with no other reason than “because they have the right to.”

legendary marketer affiliate program application

So yeah, a really negative experience that seriously raised my suspicions about this program overall…

Though they can not legally say you have to be a paying member before you can promote their products, in my view this is exactly what’s happening.

And that brings us to a very important point:

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme?

It depends.

It depends on whether their main source of income is recruiting new members or selling training, or in other words if the number of customers is greater than the number of affiliates.

Unfortunately, their income disclaimer doesn’t give us any idea of what the customer vs. affiliate ratio is, so we simply don’t have access to this data yet. Hopefully, they’ll update it soon.

If the vast majority of people are paying money to David Sharpe for the right to promote his products then Legendary Marketer is a pyramid scheme and you’ve got a problem on your hands because as everyone knows, pyramid schemes are unviable and unsustainable in the long-term.

If there’s more customer than affiliates, however, then Legendary Marketer is here to stay and you have nothing to worry about.

Most Helpful Positive Legendary Marketer Reviews

Most Helpful Negative Legendary Marketer Reviews

What I Like About Legendary Marketer

1. You Can Try It Out For Free

The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge gives you the chance to test drive the training platform and see if it’s a right fit. You get to see Dave Sharpe in action so you can decide if you like his teaching style and if this is the direction you want to move in going forward.

2. The Training Packs A Powerful Punch

I really like the layout and design of the members’ area and it’s clear a lot of time and money has gone into improving and developing the platform.

I like the way the training is presented too – the short videos are superbly edited, engaging and communicate exactly what you need to know in an easy to follow way.

3. Legendary Marketer Is Great For Affiliates

As you’ve just seen, people promoting Legendary Marketer are making up to $10,000 per sale which explains all of the overly positive reviews I’ve been seeing online lately.

If you’re looking for a high ticket affiliate program to promote, this is it.

What I Don’t Like So Much…

1. High Prices Mean The Training Is Inaccessible To Most

Is Legendary Marketer overpriced?

In my opinion, absolutely.

Is Dave Sharpe going to lower the prices any time soon?

I don’t think so… I mean, why would he? He needs to keep his affiliates motivated.

At $2,500 for the Business Blueprints and up to $30,000 for the Lifestyle Experiences, we’re not talking about pocket change here and that makes this high-risk for you.

Personally, I don’t think you should ever pay this much for an online course, especially considering there are plenty of better alternatives out there.

2. Is It A 30 Or 3 Day Refund Policy?

I see a lot of reviews of Legendary marketer telling people who are thinking of signing up that they are covered by a full 30-day money-back guarantee, but read the refund policy and you’ll see it’s not quite as simple as that…

Legendary Marketer Refund Policy

While your first month’s Marketer’s Club membership fee is covered by a full 30 days’ money-back guarantee, from the 2nd month onwards it’s just 3 days.

Pay out for any of the Business Blueprints and again, you only have a chance of getting your money back in the first 72 hours.

But it gets worse:

Affiliate fees (which make up to 60% of what you’re paying) are non-refundable.

In real terms, this means if you go ahead and buy a Business Bundle at $2,500 you have 3 days to claw $1,000 of that back if you happened to join up through a Pro affiliate’s link.

3. Apparant Lack Of Support

Throughout the 15 Day business Builder’s Challenge, you are constantly told to schedule a call with your personally assigned ‘Business Advisor’ who’s apparently there to guide you through the process of launching your first online business.

Except, take a look at the Legendary Marketer complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and you’ll see many people feel let down by the support that’s offered.

legendary marketer complaints 1
legendary marketer complaints 2

Be under no illusion, these so-called Business Advisors are there for one reason and one reason only: to generate sales for David Sharpe.

Sure, they’ll ask you what your goals are and what your current financial situation is, but it’s only with the intention of pitching products to you.

What many new members don’t realise is that these coaches are getting receive 20% commissions every time they convince you to upgrade or buy yet another training package.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam? No, But Proceed With Caution…

As I said in the beginning, affiliate marketing is a legit and lucrative online business model.

However, you need to understand Dave Sharpe comes from a multi-level marketing background and I can’t help but think he’s transferred some of the concepts to this new program and I just can’t shake the feeling this is affiliate marketing done the wrong way.

Legendary marketer calls itself a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing program which is basically affiliate marketing combined with an MLM model where you have to pay to play.

Is Legendary Marketer Right For You?

If you have a few thousand dollars to invest then the training here is solid, but the high costs mean it’s worth thinking twice before jumping in head-first.

By all means, take advantage of the free 15 day challenge and see for yourself whether it’s a right fit or not, but seriously sit down and ask yourself if you can really afford to pay upwards of $2,500 for this before getting your credit card out.

2 Cheaper Legendary Marketer Alternatives

I don’t think Dave is going to lower the price of his training anytime soon. He needs to keep his affiliates motivated to go out there and promote.

That means if you want proper affiliate marketing training that’s not going to end up costing you an arm and a leg you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Ranked #1:

legendary marketer alternative

Rating: 99/100

Price: $49/month or $359 per year

Wealthy Affiliate is hands-down the best affiliate marketing training platform I’ve ever come across.

This is the exact training I followed that enabled me to generate over $7,000 per month online and become my own boss.

Ranked #2:

better legendary marketer alternatives

Rating: 98/100

Price: $449 for the first year and $199 per year after that

Income School gives you a 60 step action plan to replace your full-time income in 24 months.

With a growing library of training courses and helpful online community, Income School is a great option if you want to start your first income-generating website or take your existing site to the next level.

Questions? Comments?

Wow – you survived! I know this was a really long review, but if you’re considering spending $1,000’s on a training program then I think you deserve to know exactly what’s involved.

If you have any questions at all, do feel free to scroll down and ask me in the comments.

Also, if you’ve read this far, I’d love it if could leave me a quick comment to let me know if you’ve found this helpful or useful. That way, I’ll know the couple of days it took me to put this review together weren’t in vain! 😀

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