Is Crowdtap A Scam? 5 Reasons I Wouldn’t Use It

Is Crowdtap A Scam Review

Do you know how annoying it is to spend time answer surveys and not get paid?!

Which is why this Crowdtap review is all about how much money you can really make with this and whether Crowdtap is a scam, legit or just not worth your time.

If you psyched to get into the truth, let’s get started!

Crowdtap Review At A Glance

About: Crowdtap is a survey platform that rewards you for giving your opinion or feedback on products and services.

Price: Sign up is free.

Pros: User friendly, short surveys. Been around since 2007.

Cons: US residents only, no cash reward option, negative BBB, Trustpilot and Reddit reviews.

Verdict: With Crowdtap it's going to take you 3 months to earn a $5 gift card. Swagbucks will give you more back for your time. 


1.5 Star Rating NEW

Unlike other survey sites where you can do other tasks to rack up more points, Crowdtap only offers surveys.

Crowdtap was established more than a decade ago which is a good indicator they’re trustworthy. Although they’ve received a number of good reviews, a handful of people still judge them as a scam for cancelling accounts without explanation.

If you’re interested in answering Crowdtap surveys just be aware it’s not an opportunity to earn cash, but gift cards only.

What Is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is a research marketing company established in 2007 and based in New York City. Its CEO is named Matt Britton who took the lead in rebranding Crowdtap as Suzy to become a “Siri for brands” as stated in his LinkedIn profile. The survey website still retained the Crowdtap name, however. 

Crowdtap rewards users for taking surveys. As a research marketing company, brands use their services to learn more about user behavior so they can tailor their products and services to increase their earning potential.  

According to, in 2011 alone Crowdtap disclosed they already have around 150,000 members with the potential of having 5,000 more every week. 

If you Google Matt Britton and Crowdtap together, you’ll get a number of good articles about them which at this point made me believe they’re legit. 

How To Join Crowdtap

Crowdtap is available solely for US residents so unless you live in the USA, which they can verify using your IP address, you won’t be able to even signup.

This is a huge drawback if you are living anywhere outside the USA. Most survey sites also accept users from large countries like UK, Canada, and Australia. Although there are a number of survey sites that accept users from anywhere in the world, they’ll still have limited surveys available unless you live in the countries mentioned earlier. 

So I guess survey sites, in general, are only good if you are living in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

If you do live in the US, Crowdtap allows more than one person from a single household to sign up. Others usually just allow one household member. After you finish signing up, you still have to answer more screening questions in the dashboard to see which surveys fit you. 

How Does Crowdtap Work?

Crowtap is unlike most survey sites that offer other tasks aside from surveys. As a Crowdtap panelist, you will earn rewards in exchange for testing product samples and answering surveys about products and services. 

After finishing the screening questions in the dashboard, Crowdtap will match you with tasks which they dub as “Missions”. The missions you get are in line with your spending habits and interests.

Only when you qualify for the mission will you be able to access the instructions on how to complete it and earn a reward. 

Crowdtap Domain Details

Here is a list of the missions you can take part in: 

  • Text Mission – Just a few questions taking less than 5 minutes to answer
  • Polls – Almost the same as text missions
  • Photo Mission – A brand will ask you for a photo of their product
  • Content Mission – You’ll make feedback for either video or blogpost of the URL the brand will send you
  • Questionnaire Mission – Somehow the same as test mission and poll, only a bit longer to finish
  • Discussions – This is where you are required to answer interactive questions
  • Sampling – A brand will send you a product and ask for your opinion about it in return

The missions are mainly surveys, only with slight variations. Unlike other survey sites, surveys in Crowtap takes a relatively shorter time to finish. Most surveys are in the form of multiple-choice so you can finish fairly quick. 

Each survey gets you 3 points and you can get a stream of surveys until 15 minutes per day. This means if a survey takes about 5 minutes to finish, in a day you can make around 9 points. There will be available surveys everyday but on average you can only make 9 points daily. 

As for the surveys giving out free samples, you’ll have a higher chance of getting them when you answer all profiling or screening questions, give descriptive answers, and submit photos of high quality. 

Here's a video to give you more ideas on what you can expect in Crowdtap's website:

How Are Crowdtap Users Paid?

Crowdtap users can only redeem points they earn for gift cards. Others get a bonus of product samples and free trials.

There is no option to cash out the points earned. Crowdtap partners with popular stores like Walmart and Amazon to provide gift cards:

Crowdtap Domain Details

Gift cards are not sent to your physical address, instead, you get electronic gift cards sent to your email. Usually, it takes 24 hours for the gift card to reach your email. So, if you’re looking to earn money from Crowdtap, sorry to break it to you but you won’t. 

As for the gift cards, you can redeem a $5 worth gift card once you get 1,000 points. If you just make 9 points per day, you have to work at least 111 days or a little over 3 months to make enough points for a gift card.

3 months for a $5 gift card?!

Well, yes. Of course, you’ll only be doing surveys for 15 minutes a day. But to me though, the minimum redemption requirement is quite high. 

Scammy survey sites usually have high minimum threshold so they can keep users active in doing surveys while they rack all the pay from the brands who taps them to do research. Once users reach the minimum redemption requirement that’s when they realize there’s no pay waiting for them. 

I’m not saying Crowdtap is scam.  This is more of a warning you should keep in mind when working on survey sites with high minimum threshold requirement. 

You can’t expect to make a lot out of Crowdtap, at best you can only get gift cards to buy cheap items from gift card providers. 

Here’s the kicker:

Crowdtap received a lot of criticism from users. I found their complaints in Reddit, Trustpilot, and and it’s all about Crowdtap banning their accounts without good reasons given.

There are two sides of the coin though so I’ll just show you what they have to say:
SOURCES: Reddit and

Does Crowdtap Have An App?

Crowdtap doesn’t have an app version. If you’re using a mobile device, you can still access the Crowdtap surveys through the web browser. 

The good thing is, the website is user-friendly, so you won’t need to beat your brains out to navigate the website. Plus, the surveys are usually in a multiple-choice form so you can use it with ease. 

Pros Of Crowdtap

  • Website is user-friendly
  • The website has been running for more than a decade
  • Free to join
  • Won’t take a lot of your time
  • You can get a product sample

Cons Of Crowdtap

  • Only available for those living in the US
  • No cash rewards
  • Limited earning opportunity
  • Negative BBB and Reddit reviews
  • High minimum threshold

Is Crowtap A Scam?

No, Crowdtap is not a scam. It’s been operating for more than a decade and generally has a good reputation. However, Crowdtap has also been infamous for banning accounts when it’s time to redeem rewards without proper reasons. 

Crowdtap Trustpilot Reviews
SOURCE: Trustpilot

This is a bit of a red flag to keep in mind because although you don’t spend your whole day working on surveys, you’d still get disappointed when they don’t deliver what they promise after months of being an active panelist. 

 I wouldn’t recommend it to you though because you can get banned for no apparent reason and you won’t get the choice of getting cash for the thing you so for them. 

Crowdtap Review: Closing Thoughts

At best, Crowdtap can only give you a $5 gift card after months of logging in. It’s not a good way to make side cash because it really doesn’t offer a cash-out option. 

If you want a survey site offering cash in exchange for the points, you can try: 

The best survey site for me though is Swagbucks.

Overall though, survey sites are only good for a few extra bucks. If you're looking to make a more substantial income then you're beter off building a real online business.

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What’s Your Take?

Have you tried using Crowdtap? How did it go? Were you able to redeem the gift cards? Let us know what your experience was like. 

11 thoughts on “Is Crowdtap A Scam? 5 Reasons I Wouldn’t Use It”

  1. I earned a 50.00 gift card to Walmart by doing a 30 minute study over zoom with a lady named Kai. At the end of the study I asked her about my incentive and she changed the subject and said I’m just a recruiter I have no idea. I emailed customer support about this about where’s my 50 dollars and they made up excuses and said their processor wasn’t working. They blocked me and banned me for asking for my 50 solars they owe me for my time. They didn’t want to have to pay up what I’m owed so they blocked and banned me. Scam Shady and unsavory people work for Crowd Tap. If you don’t mind not getting paid for your time or have them make up excuses and lies when you ask where your gift card is. Also I had another interview for another incentive already booked for this week she canceled my appointment and didn’t give ani good explanation as to why. Then she says I’m rescheduled. Then she acts like a jerk and blocks me bans me and doesn’t pay me.

  2. you dont make 5 dollars for months i make 20 to 40 dollars in a week or a half. never had anything wrong with the site. if you answer fast put any answer , that when they flag you .

  3. Like many other people, my experience was that I earned a fee gift cards, wrote a good review and then my account wss suddenly disabled. When I asked why, I wss told they could not tell me “for security reasons.” I’m 81 years old and not likely to be some kind of cyber criminal.

  4. CrowdTap has been great for me! I’m one of these people who almost never qualify for surveys, even on the most popular survey and GPT sites. Yet, on CT I can answer most questions and surveys. It pays better than the surveys on many of the sites I’ve tried, including SwagBucks, which is one of the more popular sites for surveys. I get my card within a week, which is better than some of the sites I’ve tried.

  5. I was a member of Crowdtap for a long time. Recently, they blocked my account, gave me no actual reason, and refused to budge on it. Also, recently, I have been getting a high number of personal questions in regard to my political, religious, and Covid-19 views and beliefs. In my eyes, I did not violate any of their policies or rules. They ask for honest answers where there are no wrong answers. I’m going to take a guess that someone did not like my views or take on something I was questioned about and decided to permanently block me. There could be no other explanation since I have been a long-time member.

  6. I earn my gift cards actually fairly quickly. It only takes me a day to earn a $5 gift card & if you’re wanting cash, just do the PayPal gift card then. I did get locked out one time and I emailed them and they immediately got me back into my account and got it back up and going. My experience haas been nothing except good with this company and this app.

  7. I can say that CrowdTap is a scam, I saved over 20,000 points and they deactivated me and refused to pay me and I did nothing wrong.

    • Oh my goodness, Shanna! I am so sorry this happened to you! It makes no sense why they would treat people this way.

      Thank you for sharing your CrowdTap experience though as it will surely help a lot of people a lot of bother.

    • They treat their loyal members like total garbage. I was with them for 4 years. They disabled my account this year at CHRISTMAS time! Who does that to people? I read countless women and men say they had points they were going to cash in to buy Christmas presents with. One lady has $100. They stole it. They stole mine too.
      Their questions are the dumbest questions ever. Then they wonder why people’s answers might not be perfectly correct at all times. Example: Which items did you buy in the past 6 months? Eggs, bread, ketchup, Mayo, Triskets, Oreos, butter, plant based butter, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, flour, noodles, soup, reese cups, protein bar, brown sugar? Who in the World is going to remember if they bought each of those items in the past three months, or was it four, or two or five? Omg. Then 3 days later, if you don’t answer the same question perfectly, they accuse you of lying. They have misspellings, some questions make zero sense. Armature hour with them. They don’t have “none of the above” option either at times. They have “list other things” you bought at the store six months ago? Idiots. Who is going to list all they bought, if you can even remember? Which you can’t. Stay away from them. You will get scammed out of the points you earned. Disgusting company that does not care about you.

  8. only took me a week to make $5. Easy. answer all questions each day and within 5 days …gift card. My issue now is the site seems to have disappeared.


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