Is Click Cash Machine A Scam? Read This Review

Is Click Cash Machine A Scam? Read This Review

If you came across Click Cash Machine, keep scrolling or close the tab, you’re wasting precious time on this. 

Yep, it’s a scam, and I’ll tell you why. 

First of all, Click Cash Machine prides itself in helping at least 5 internet beginners make from $597 to $1,253 every day. It even tells you when you sign up, this is going to happen for you too. 

If you really think about it, that’s your first red flag right there. 

It’s quite over the edge to promise you that from being a newbie, you can quickly make a “cash machine” of the internet just by paying up for this system. 

But what is Click Cash Machine in the first place? How does it work? Is it a scam? 

We’re going to answer those questions so stick around until the end, you might just be able to save yourself from wasting your hard-earned money. 

Click Cash Machine Review At A Glance

About: It’s an affiliate marketing system promising to provide you with a money-making website and a buyer source so you can make easy cash online.

Price: $49

Pros: There just aren't any

Cons: It’s a hyped-up system that doesn’t make good on any of its claims

Verdict: Click Cash Machine is a scam. It overpromises online income just to squeeze money from you. You won’t get anything here.


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What Is Click Cash Machine?

Click Cash Machine is a system promising to give you done-for-you money-making websites and buyer traffic so you can earn from affiliate products. 

Aaron Ward, the owner says he’ll teach you how you can make $1,000 within just the 1st hour of signing up and up to $60,000 in just 6 months. 

A hugely bold claim if you ask me, and ridiculous too. 

If you want the real estimate of how much money you can make with affiliate marketing, here’s Simon to explain it to you. 

After you’ve heard Simon’s explanation, you’ll realize this system is mainly fluff to push you buttons to get you to sign up and pay. 

A Laughable Sales Page

Instead of explaining how Click Cash Machine supposedly helps you make money, how the process of generating money goes, it’s just empty words on how the system makes you a millionaire.

It’s then followed by all the usual hype of quitting your job and being your own boss, owning luxury cars, houses, and going on vacations. 

Pathetic attempts to get your emotions involved. 

It says they’ll set up “stupid simple cash machines” using done-for-you websites but it doesn’t really explain how you get customers to buy anything from your website.

Click Cash Machine Hype

Auto-pilot income? Not really. 

Making money online is not as fast as signing up for some random cash machine system, click a button, and start making money. 

It doesn’t work like that. 

Building a sustainable online doesn’t happen overnight.

If you see a sales page full of too-good-to-be-true promises, in most cases, it really. Is.

This is nothing new. We've seen gimmicks like these types of cheesy gimmicks before with scams like:

How Does Click Cash Machine Work?

Click Cash Machine supposedly supplies you with pre-built websites that already have affiliate offers to make money from and hook you up to some buyer source to get people who’d exchange their money for the products you sell. 

Sadly, it flat-out doesn’t work. Although it provides you with the websites as promised, you won’t get people to notice them. You’ll have no visitors and ultimately no sales. 

Click Cash Machine is just another program meant to trick you into giving up your hard-earned cash. 

Easy and everything done-for-you? Not so. 

You’ll learn the truth the hard way, after you’ve parted ways with your money. 


Because the websites you get from Click Cash Machine are junk. They'd be gone when the owner decides to stop paying for its hosting.

What’s worse, the traffic source is terrible. 

Click Cash Phony Traffic 

Click Cash Machine claims to “extract” traffic from Facebook, Google, and Yahoo and siphon them to your affiliate offers. 

Using these traffic sources, visitors are supposedly enticed to buy the same system you bought plus the affiliate offers on your website. 

Is it even possible to “extract traffic” from these sources? Hardly.

Think about it:

Will Facebook, Google, and Yahoo simply allow you to steal their traffic?

I highly doubt it. 

Let’s just consider Facebook as an example. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s goal is to get as much traffic as he can for HIS advertising platform, for his benefit, not for others. He’s not going to share this traffic to some guy he never even knows about. 

Technically, he can get to know you using his technology, but my point is, you’re just a stranger to him so why will he share his buyer traffic with you?

Unless you pay him enough to get a part of his traffic. But in this case, you’ll just be paying $49 to Click Cash Machine, hardly enough to convince an internet billionaire to share his source of income with you. 

If you consider Google and Yahoo too, they’ve got digital experts working on their security and algorithms. A cheap external program can hardly manipulate their traffic. 

Click Cash Machine don’t have the money to buy or even manipulate traffic sources from these giant internet platforms. 

If Click Cash Machine did, it won’t charge you a cheap $49 to use their system. 

The truth is, it’s you they’re manipulating. This Aaron Ward guy (if that’s even his real name) wants to make you think that just by a cheap cost, you can build a business that generates thousands of dollars in such a short span of time. 

It doesn’t happen in the real world. 

At best, it’ll take you months to set up your business and establish it enough for people to start noticing it and buy from you. 

At the end of the day, you can have tons of affiliate offers on your done-for-you website, but you won’t make money because there’s no real traffic source. 

The Sobering Truth

Ask yourself: if Click Cash Machine was a legit way to make easy money with just a little investment, you’d be hearing about on social media and on the news.

People would easily quit their job. But why don’t most people know it even exists?

Ask 20 people on Messenger if they know about Click Cash Machine. Most of them will ask what it is and others will take a minute or so to reply because they’ll still be Googling about it. 

If Click Cash Machine is what it really claims to be, people won’t be flipping burgers anymore. 

Yes, the people keep finding ways of leveraging the internet to make money. But these ways aren’t magic. It’s not going to get you anything unless you do something for it first.

Plus, there’s a huge disconnect about promising you $1,253 in daily income just by paying up $49 for a system that does all the work. Where’s Aaron going to find the budget to automate stuff? 

It’s clearer than glass, Click Cash Machine won’t work as promised. It’s just a shiny shortcut with red flag after red flag. 

Is Click Cash Machine A Scam?

Like greased lightning, Click Cash Machine is a scam. The whole system is built on hyped-up lies. You won’t get any of the things Aaron Ward has promised. (except for the lousy websites of course)

To prove it to you further, Click Cash Machine tries to look legit by giving a screenshot of Aaron’s supposed income proof. 

Click Cash Machine Fake Income Proof

The year on the income proof is 2013 but Click Cash Machine was made years after.

What Do You Do Now?

Yes, Click Cash Machine can give you a website. But that’s it. 

It can’t bring you the results they promised you on the sales page with the lousy traffic solution they have. It doesn’t even work like they want it too.

This is just a mere shiny shortcut, nothing more. If you decide to give your $49 for this, it’s be a lesson learned the hard way. 

One truth about making money online is it needs time and effort on your part. There is no overnight success in this field no matter how glittery scammers make it seems. (Well of course they make it look shiny because how else can they entice you)

There are a lot of good opportunities to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of them.

Sadly, Click Cash Machine doesn’t teach you the right way to do the business. They’re just in to tickle your ears to pull your money out.

You need to learn affiliate marketing yourself. 

You have to know how to pick a niche, build a website, monetize it with affiliate offers people would like to buy, and of course, learn how to drive people to those offers to get them to buy. 

This is a skill you need to learn yourself. You can’t rely on some unproven system for this. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers to teach you everything you need to learn from scratch. It’ll teach you how to pick a niche down to finding the right people for your offers.

What’s good about it is you can test the training for free. You’ll get a good idea of how it goes it the 1st 10 lessons you can access.

If you’re interested to know more, check out this comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review to get started

What’s Your Take?

Did you feel Click Cash Machine is all hype?

Do you think it’s junk to avoid?

Tell us what you feel in the comment below. 

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