CB Profit Sites Review: Too Junky To Recommend


Who doesn’t want to make money online by simply just handing out a few bucks for software that does all the heavy lifting for you right? CB Profit Sites claims to give you an income system where you can make $1,000 per day.

In today’s review, we’re going to debunk that claim and every other hype you will read on CB Profit Sites’ sales page.

I’ll drop the first bomb for you. CB Profit Sites is awfully similar to 10x Profit Sites, Glynn’s newest launch on WarriorPlus.

CB Profit Sites And 10X Profit Sites Similar Dashboard

Being so shows how bootless CB Profit Sites is. But today I’m going to break this system into pieces and give you jaw-dropping proofs along the way so you can judge for yourself.

I’m going over:

  • What CB Profit Sites is
  • How it works
  • Why you won’t make money from it
  • If it’s a scam

I’ll finish things off by reviving your hope in reaching your online income goals by telling you of a better way to make money with affiliate marketing

Let’s get started!

CB Profit Sites Review At A Glance

About: CB Profit Sites is a review site generator where you supposedly earn $1000s a day.

Price: The front-end costs $22.97, the upsells total $372, and the autoresponder service for $600 for a year’s use.

Pros: There are none.

Cons: It claims to generate affiliate commissions by publishing low-quality reviews pitching shabby products.

Verdict: CB Profit Sites is an old and low-quality income system using methods that won’t entice people to convert. Avoid at all costs.


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What Is CB Profit Sites?

CB Profit Sites is an income system using product reviews to supposedly make $1000s on a daily basis. Glynn Kosky launched this back in February 2020, where 7 months later, he rehashed to become 10X Profit Sites. 

The sales page says CB Profit Sites can generate passive income for you using their done-for-you “money site” preloaded with product reviews and offers. Glynn says this system gets rid of the need for:

  • Paid traffic
  • Email list
  • Web hosting
  • Domain
  • Tech skills
  • Experience
  • Maintenance cost

Basically, everything you can expect for a quick fix system. Of course, you won’t need a domain and hosting because “YOUR” website will be hosted by CB Profit Sites. It can seem advantageous for you, but actually, it isn’t. 

If Glynn decides to shut it down, you’ll be left with nothing. I guess this is why he said there’s no need for a maintenance cost because your website will be dead even before it will need some upgrades or repairs. 

Funny though, on the sales page Glynn also says CB Profit Sites removes all the guessing and works with this proven system. His brain nerves could’ve malfunction at some point because he forgot to add the supposed proofs.

How about the income screenshots, are they not proof? They’re rubbish! Even a teenager can easily make a clean edit of it. 

In general, the sales page will only tell you to want to hear but not show you what you want to see. 

Who Is CB Profit Sites For?

CB Profit Sites is mainly for Glynn Kosky. He makes the most money out of it. It’s also for those who:

How Does CB Profit Sites Work?

Essentially, CB Profit Sites will provide you with a done-for-you product review site where you can add an image, logo, and bio to supposedly make it look unique. You’ll also be supplied pre-built review articles, ones every taker will have. These reviews will allegedly generate your affiliate commissions. 

CB Profit Sites Website Information

Along with the review site and articles, CB Profit Sites will also give you a bonus page to supposedly persuade people to buy from you instead of getting it from someone else. 

Don’t get your hopes up for the bonuses, they’re merely low-quality eBooks and training.

Earlier I mentioned, the articles you’ll get will be the same ones everybody gets. This will be a huge problem when you want to rank on search engines because Google will not rank duplicate content and will even penalize it. 

CB Profits Sites solution is, providing you with access to a “premium content spinner” to turn the pre-made reviews into a unique content. The kind of spinner you get with systems like You Gen Bot

If you think this is a good thing, hold your horses. Spinning it won’t make a difference. It can even make it worse.

Instead of adding human appeal to the articles to make them interesting to read, you’ll end up with a very confusing review with a lot of grammatical errors.

You won’t get people’s trust, rather, you’ll get them annoyed reading rubbish!

If the review articles won’t be the selling factor, maybe the offers will? Sadly, it won’t. As you can see you get almost the same offers with 10X Profit Sites.

10x Profit Sites And CB Profit Sites Similarities

Both systems peddle Simple Wifi Profits and Perpetual Income 365, if you read our reviews on them, you’ll see how shabby they are which pretty much tells a lot about all the other products they offer. The products won’t make people convert. 

7 Reasons Why You Won’t Make Money With CB Profits Sites

1. Website Is Too Boring Too Get Anyone Interested

Websites made by CB Profit Sites will have a huge bounce rate. Visitors won’t last a second seeing how dull the site is. Even if you can customize the site name and banner, it still looks terrible. 


2. Review Articles Are Duplicates

Duplicates won’t get you ranked. When you don’t people won’t see your site, so you won’t get visitors. No visitor = no conversions.

Using the built-in spinner will be futile. All you get is an awfully spun article you’ll hardly understand. 

3. The Offers And Bonuses Are Low-Quality

If people can’t see the benefit of your offers, you won’t get them to convert. Ultimately, you won’t make money.

Just like the offers, people won’t see any value with the bonuses, so it won’t act as the anchor to lure them to buy from you. 

4. Poor Traffic Source 

You’ll be taught to share links on social networks to get people to see your review site. However, it will do you no good unless you have a good following. 

The worst part is, the training teaches of paid traffic methods like solo ads, contrary to what Glynn says on the sales page that you won’t need paid traffic. 

5. Poor Training

Just like 10X Profit Sites, the training you get will only be fir what you need to click around the members’ area to generate your site, articles, and bonuses. You won’t get the needed training to understand how affiliate marketing really works.

CB Profit Sites Training

If you did, you’ll definitely see how mediocre CB Profit Sites is and stay away from it. 

6. Your Website Is Hosted By CB Profit Sites

Again, this is not a good thing because Glynn can easily shut it down when he decides to give it a fresh lick of paint. In fact, he already did so, re recycled it to be 10X Profit Sites.

It will only be a matter of time when CB Profit Sites ceases to exist, especially when Glynn gets no more conversions from it. After all, why will he waste paying for histing domain for something that doesn’t provide ROI?

7. The Disclaimer Disproves Sales Page Claims

Unlike all the hype of $1000s in the daily income you’ll read on the sales page, the disclaimer says otherwise. It’s basically popped the bubble made by all the hype. You’ll see there’s no guarantee you’ll make money from it.

CB Profit Sites Earnings Disclaimer

Plus, you’ll see another proof this is a mere churn and burn because the disclaimer mentions another software, AffiliateTrafficLab.com instead of CB Profits Sites. 

Glynn simply washes his hands at the very bottom of his sales page so you can’t run after him. Wise? More like sneaky and being sneaky is something you couldn’t build trust on. 

Is CB Profit Sites A Scam?

No, CB Profit Sites is not a scam only because you do get a review site and articles generated for you. However, I can say it’s a borderline scam because almost everything you read on the sales page is utterly misleading.

It says you can quickly make $1000s every day from it but in reality, you’ll hardly get a dime back. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

Clearly, you won’t make money from the review site and articles CB Profit Sites make. It’s just an utter attempt to make you opt-in by saying how easy and fast it is to make money online. 

Ditch the fake shiny shortcut and start learning how you can really make money with affiliate marketing.

Contrary to what CB Profit Sites will tell you, affiliate marketing will require you to learn about traffic techniques and writing your won compelling content to get conversions. 

But this is not a cause to get overwhelmed because Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything from scratch. You’ll be taught not just how to build a sustainable online business but also how to maintain it. 

Other than the main training, you also get to learn from other successful affiliate marketers you will meet in the members’ area. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out the 1st 10 lessons for free!

If you want to know more about how Wealthy Affiliate can help you build your bricks to online success, this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review will tell you everything you need to get started.

What’s Your Take?

Were you surprised CB Profit Sites has already been rehashed? Are you disappointed knowing you can’t really make money from it? Share your thoughts, the comments area is the place to tell us how you feel. 

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