Review: Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle = The Ultimate Scam

The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Review Scam Or Legit

I’m guessing you’re reading this review because you’re not sure whether or not to pay the $49 for Jeff Lerner’s Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle. You have every right to be to be suspicious. Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle (formerly My Laptop Lifestyle) is definitely a scam and in this review I’m going to break it down and show you why. Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle … Read more

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk A Scam? Legit? Digital Sweatshop?

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk A Scam

Welcome to my Amazon Mechanical Turk review! I promise not to bore you with hyped up promises of how much you can make with mTurk and instead, just give you the cold hard facts. To answer the question: “Is Amazon Mechanical Turk a scam?” we’re going to dig a little deeper and take a closer look at the good, the … Read more

Is RU Affiliates A Scam? Yes! (BANNED In The Philippines)

Is RU Affiliates A Scam

Welcome to my RU Affiliates review! If you are reading this, I’m going to guess it’s because someone you know is trying to get you signed up, or maybe you came across the program through Facebook or Twitter. The internet is full of crazy make money quick scams and RU Affiliates promises you’ll be able to make a lot of … Read more

Is Type At Home A Scam? Read This Review.

Is Type At Home A Scam? Read This Review. says you can make $175 on each typing job, but here’s the catch: To access these jobs you first have to pay for their ‘typing training kits’. Is Type At Home a scam you should stay away from? Your sneaking suspicion is right – Type At Home is yet another typing job scam and in this review, I’m going … Read more

Is Smart Money System A Scam? Another Crypto Scheme Exposed!

Is Smart Money System A Scam

In this Smart Money System review we’ll answer the question: Is Smart Money System a scam? (Spoiler alert: Yes it is!) With so many cryptocurrency scams out there promising outlandish returns on your investment it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. If you’ve been tempted to pay a deposit and start investing with these guys, please do read … Read more

Is BzzAgent A Scam? No, But Is It Worth Your Time? [Review]

What Is BzzAgent A Scam Review

Skincare creams, chocolate, electric razors, heck even free dog food is on offer if you sign up as a BzzAgent tester. And who doesn’t love free stuff arriving on their doorstep? I know I do! But before you dive in head first, it might be wise to take a closer look at this opportunity. In this BzzAgent review we’re going … Read more

Is Too Damn Easy A Scam? Yes, It’s A Blatant Pyramid Scheme!

Is Too Damn Easy A Scam Review

Thanks for checking out my Too Damn Easy review where together we’re going to look at what Too Damn Easy is, how it works, whether it’s a scam or legit and ultimately if this is the money-making opportunity you’ve been looking for. The owner, (who oddly enough goes by the name ‘Q’) will tell you you’ll get the equivalent of … Read more

Amazing Rapid Cash Review: Please Don’t Pay For This!

Amazing Rapid Cash Review

John Roberts talks a big talk but in this honest and unbiased Amazing Rapid Cash review I’m going to go through some of the claims and show you exactly what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to buy this program. I am not an affiliate for Amazing Rapid Cash. I am just a successful online entrepreneur on a mission … Read more