Is Cash FX Group A Scam? 4 Things You Need To Know!


Welcome to my review of Huascar Lopez and Edwin Abad’s Cash FX Group. There’s quite a buzz going around on how this trading group can make your money grow steadily.

It hypes you up by telling you all you need to do is sit back and wait for your profits to show up in your account.

But it has all the typical scam warning signs.

This got me suspicious, and I think that goes for you too. So in this review, I’m going to talk about what I found out about this Forex group after I thoroughly researched it.

If you’re excited to taste and see how you can make money online with Cash FX Group, read this review first to know if it’s legit or just another fancy-façade of a scam.

I am not a member of Cash FX Group.

I’m not trying to recruit you, I’m just here giving the facts and my opinion about this money-making opportunity. I don’t want to waste my time on scams and I don’t want you to either.

So let's get started…

Cash FX Group Review At A Glance

About: Huascar Lopez and Edwin Abad's forex trading platform.

Price: Initial trading packs cost between $300 and $100,000.

Pros: Complete click-by-click training that will save you a ton of time, money and frustration. Impressive student results.

Cons: Not regulated by the FCA, unproven income claims, forced matrix scheme.

Verdict: Cash FX Group is a scam. If it had been legit, it will be easy for them to comply with financial regulatory boards. Avoid at all costs.


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The way the website looks suggests that there’s a very professional team working on the company. But I recommend you read on to get a bigger and clearer picture of what you might be getting yourself into.

Let’s take a look at how the website tries to hype potential members. On the right side of the marketing video is an elaborate picture of how thriving the Forex market is. Of course, they’re mentioning that to tell you that it’s a booming industry.

Then they go on to mention that their goal is financial freedom with the help of a sophisticated mix of technical expertise and a dedicated corporate team. The sales page uses emotional manipulation and testimonials which are not credible at all.

There are legit courses we've reviewed like Invincible Marketer and Commission Academy that will show you how to make money online.

Then there are those get-rich-quick scams like Partner With Anthony and Ministry of Freedom that only take your money.

Cash FX belongs in the latter category and should be avoided.

The Names Behind The Company

Huascar Lopez

Is a guy from the Dominican Republic with a marketing degree who has a knack for entrepreneurship. His bio claims that since focusing on trading in 2016, he has traded more than one hundred million.

Edwin Abad

Also from the Dominican Republic, Edwin developed and operated traditional businesses but later on shifted to Forex.

When the website was initially published, there was no mention of any names, no founders, no admins, and no traders- nothing.

I think this is an important part in establishing their credibility because with names and faces, people can trust them more, they’re no longer strangers and you’re not sending your money to people you do not know.

Some past negative reviews bashed them for not revealing who their traders are. If you check the website now, they’ve also dropped the names and faces of their traders.

Another plus point for me is the disclosure of their headquarters address and General Income Office Registration.

Overall, the About Us page lifts Cash FX Group’s credibility.

How Cash FX Works

First, you make an account and choose from the wide range of Trading Packs which are divided into 3 series:

  • The Elemental Series
  • The Advanced Series
  • The Supreme Series.

The trading pack costs from $300 to as much as $100,000. If you do spend a $100,000 in this business, you better be sure its legit!

Cash FX Group Pack Breakdown

This is where a 30/70 split happens. 30% of what you paid, whatever trading pack you choose, goes to the academy pack. The remaining 70% serves as your investment.

Each trading pack has corresponding point values that determine your position in the matrix.

Yes, you got that right, there is a multilevel structure that lets you earn from others. A bit of a red flag there, but they’re claiming that the FTC can’t run after them because they have the training modules as a product to offer.

Cash FX Group claims to give a 200% or 400% ROI on the initial investment. After that cap is reached, you can choose to reinvest what you’ve earned so that you can earn more.

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

Cash FX Group Reward Plans

There are two different ways: Bear Capital and Bull Capital.

The Bear Capital is where you earn from your investment and the Bull Capital is where you earn from recruiting others. The Bull Capital includes 4 types of bonuses: Fast Start Bonus, Uni-level Bonus, Matching Matrix Bonus, and Leadership rank Bonus.

Cash FX Group Dirty Secrets Exposed!

1. Not Regulated By The Financial Conduct Authority

The FCA is a financial regulator in Great Britain. Cash FX trading is global yet they were not able to comply with the financial regulations in the country where Cash FX operates in.

This means Cash FX is an anonymous entity and that is has no registration to offer securities.

This is an important factor because without that registration there is no way to validate external revenues that are said to pay the investor’s returns.

This is quite contrary to their claim that “broker partners work with regulation authorities”. If that is so, why did they not take a step further and disclose proofs of registrations and licenses?

2. Claims Without Essential Proof

Cash FX Group claims that ROI is generated from trading and investments. This is what they use to pay investing members. But, there is no proof that verifies this claim.

In my opinion, the money that goes into the company doesn’t really go to a trading pool. I think the investment allocation goes to a cash pool to pay downlines and the academy pack allocation is used to pay those up the line.

3. Forced Matrix Scheme

If you’re just interested in the trading part, you don’t have much choice. It is mandatory that you have a slot in the matrix scheme. This means that the more you recruit, the more you go up.

Plus matrix schemes are quite shady because it is linked to Ponzi and pyramid schemes.

4. Unnecessary Cryptocurrency

Since its beginning, Cash FX has been prided by its members to send them their profits on time. Lately though, delays have occurred.

They blame the problem on the volatility of bitcoin vs USD. If that is so, why don’t they just pay in dollar?

Really, profits on the Forex market are in dollars, why mess it around with cryptocurrency?

If they’re really playing dollars on the market, putting cryptocurrency in the equation only adds another risk factor for the investors and the company.

Is Cash FX Group A Scam?

Yes it is. Why am I convinced with that? Because if it’s legit, it would’ve complied with the necessary financial regulations.

If it’s legit, we would’ve seen proof that external ROI is taking place.

Sure it makes money, you receive your weekly profits without fail but it only takes time when they are no longer able to sustain payouts and things start to crumble.

Closing Thoughts

Sign-up, recruit others and get a little trickle back. Then the person above you (your sponsor) will push you to make more recruits.

In my honest opinion, they’re just trying to squeeze more money out of you by pressuring you to pull in more people to join the bottom of the matrix. When no new money comes in, the bottom starts to crumble, then everything on top collapses.

Simple Math: when withdrawals goes over investment say goodbye to your weekly pay.

If you’ve checked out negative reviews on Cash FX scroll down to the comments section and you’ll see tons of members defending the company by saying that they receive their profits without fail every week since they started.

In reality though, Cash FX may be able to payout for a little while longer, but once the cat is out of the bag, find the nearest exit. Sponsors will start to tiptoe their way out while you are they still trying to convince yourself things will sort out and be back to the way it used to.

Try checking positive reviews and they'll say there is no risk involved. Even if this legit, Forex trading is never guaranteed.

If you still want to try this, no problem if you have some extra cash for play. But it’s not worth risking your bills budget for the month. Don’t take clothes off your kids back for this, don’t risk the roof over your head. It will not be worth it and as you know, regrets always come not in the beginning but on the end.

Want my honest advice?

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98 thoughts on “Is Cash FX Group A Scam? 4 Things You Need To Know!”

  1. Haha, that jerk really screwed us over with his ridiculous family and idiotic accomplices. I can’t believe I fell for this scam and invested in it.

  2. I don’t recommend anybody using this site, they are not not legit. please stay away from this platform.. I was only able to get my money back with the help of rapid responder dot net. They are effective

    • Hey Mike,

      Hope you are well.

      I have been waiting on my payment for 4 months now.
      Previously they would pay me to my bitcoin wallet, now it is not the case anymore.

      How did you recieve your last payment?

  3. One. Big. Scam.

    The pyramid has already collapsed. They’re fobbing people off with excuses, in the hope others will still invest.

  4. Agreed. It is a Ponzi scheme. In the beginning when you first invest, you will get regular payouts. This is so you invest more and more until finally your payouts stop and excuses start.

  5. It strange, l’ve made over 1000 times my investment of $300 with CFX in just 2 years, so it obviously must be a scam.
    Damn…who knew that being scammed was so lucrative. I’m so grateful to these people.
    By the way, the FCA is the biggest scam in Britain; it’s a protection racket, not the government! Understand this!

    • YES ..FCA or as it was known FSA….Is its self a scam..I lost my business, house, pensions and eventually wife, through the intervention of the FSA. Now have to rely on a very meagre state pension of £500 a month, instead of what would have been around £5000… Read my book, HORIZON UNKNOWN…journey to a new life…First two chapters give an insight to what the FSA did to me, and the other director of my company. And what’s worse the accountants who I engaged to help my case jumped over the fence to the other side, and now STILL bill the company in bankruptcy every month…Investors have received not a singly penny back from them….Its a disgrace but totally legal !!!!

      • Hello Andrew, only just came across your comment whilst investigating the Cfx scam! Tried to find your book Horizon Unknown but doesn’t seem to be available. Not sure if you will see this but hopefully you will and can let me know where I can read it as I know from experience how pathetic the FSA or FCA are.

  6. I have been getting payouts from my CashFX accounts every week for months now, and have withdrawn all profits without an issue.

    The nay sayers are simply that. once I have received more in profits than I deposited, I will be satisfied that this is not a scam.

    • Wow Shane. I have alot invested in CFX, and payouts had stopped over 20 weeks ago. How your getting a payout is beyond me.

      • Andrew, how many company meetings have you attended? It might interest you to know that there is now a debit card, a Mastercard in fact that you can now apply for and use. This is because as the company has grown in members, and it has taken much longer to process payouts. Now we can do it ourselves.

      • Exactly, since Jan 22 – i am still waiting.
        Cfx has crumbled, they just come up with new bull shit everytime to buy time.

        Its safe to say we have been scammed.

        • Agreed. It is a Ponzi scheme. In the beginning when you first invest, you will get regular payouts. This is so you invest more and more until finally your payouts stop and excuses start.

    • BS.Payouts are delayed.Backlog is at least 6 months long.Promised CC has not being delivered.They are moving the goal post every week and day.It is a scam.

    • Yeah,course you have!!
      I was promised this that and the other blah blah blah.

    • So, 17 months later, please enlighten us. Did you ever receive more in profits than you deposited and are you now sure it is not a scam?

  7. I recently was approached by a “friend” after a family barbecue and after a few beers, the pitch came. I was a little taken back by the hard sales, however, it wasn’t too hard to find the holes in the deal. Stay away from this people, it’s a scam. We here in Australia are regulated by ASIC (Australian Security & Investment Commision) and they have published a warning against the company. They prey on the 5% of the population that are either gullible or willing to gamble. Unfortunately for my friend, he falls into the 5% that have succumbed to this scam in the hope of getting rich quick.

  8. I was recently advised of the opportunity that CFX offer as I invest in several different areas and many companies in different ways mainly through the stock market.
    I research the company, their finical situation, their owners and board members before I invest.
    CFX sounded to good to be true when it was explained to me and after research and checks into the company and staff I can see why now as it is a scam and potentially one of the best ones to ever be pulled off in my opinion.
    I feel sorry for the people who have put money into the company as you will not get that money back. I also feel sorry for the people who have believed the scam and then sadly got their friends, family and people they really care about involved.
    There was a lot of “Red Flags” or warnings after a quick review of the company and it only got worse the more I researched into the company and people involved within the company.
    I am happy to share the research, checks and evidence I have found with people if they wish. The company will soon disappear or dissolve, I am truly shocked they have actually managed to keep it going this long. My personal expectations is that they will claim they have been hacked and lost all of the BitCoin.
    BitCoin is an unregulated currency and not protected by any country or services which is why hackers and people on the dark parts of the web use it as it’s easy to move around large sums of money without it being properly traced.
    I was expecting the scam to soon collapse as people have now realised that they don’t actually have an office (yes I have evidence). People have invested heavily into this scam and want the reassurance which can be done by a visit to the office so the pressure built on the company.
    I thought they are now stuck and running out of excuses but then I found a new video from Jan 2022 which I can only assume is a last push to get some money before they run.
    The new video says you can visit the office.. BUT to visit the office you have to enter a draw and to get into the draw you have to spend more money and get more people involved in the scam which is truly shocking.
    Everyone is entitled to their view and only time will prove it either way.
    I will finish by wishing you all the best for 2022 and strongly advise that you don’t put anymore money into this company and definitely do not introduce people you care about into the scam.

    • Thanki you for this. I would love to see the research that you have carried out.
      I have been informed that they have not inhabited the office space at the RBS tower?

    • I’m with you totally on this. Yes I believe it’s a scam. I’m almost tempted to fly to Panama and take a video of they’re fake office. I’m interested to know if you have anything like that in your possession

    • I’m interested in seeing your proof of no office and no trading as I too believe this is a scam and I’ve been foolish . I only invested 500 usd but I’m done with them . The upline are brainwashed .

  9. Is there a way to recover my money from Cash fx? I invested 2000 dollars a year ago. Money came in every month and now in December it stopped. Someone please help.

    • You people don’t read the compensation plan before you joined? They guarantee you 2 x your package cost. After that, money stops coming. That is what happened to you. If you don’t upgrade and you let it reach 2x, you have 60 days to buy a new package or your account is closed. So the trick is, start at $300, upgrade as soon as you earn enough to go to the next, Never allow it to reach 2x, keep upgrading till it reaches the last package of 100K$ then it cashes you out after it doubles. This is the way to ride this stuff. Please read what you have in your account page and not try to learn from people doing stupid reviews who havent even tried to invest their $300 to learn the real truth about the company and call it a scam.

      • Good afternoon Thomas, I did exactly what you mentioned in your comments, and recruited people with this said, that is how I doubled my investment, still the little that I did asked for payout last year never happened. Same with one of my downline, upgraded already 3 times but also the times that he wanted to withdraw some of his interest he did not get his money, his withdraw is now a year and a half behind the little that he did withdraw. So I don’t know if I can agree.

      • Interesting theory from someone who is clearly an upline. CashFx is and has always been a scam, along with EverFx (now M4Markets) and NovaTechFx

    • Your $2000 pack will only pay out weekly and on the 1st and 16th of the month until a maximum of 200% is achieved. Then the weekly payments stop. You have to keep an eye on the overall balance so that you can upgrade to the next pack or withdraw your profits. There is no requirement to recruit, but your opportunity to upgrade will be quicker..

      • Well my payouts stopped 20 weeks ago, as well as the majority of investors. CFX is not registered and is in fact a Ponzi Scheme. If you’re getting commissions, I am stumped as to why.

  10. They lure you with fair trading conditions and make it seem that the odds are in your favor. The plan of this scheme is to make you regret your actions. The agents changed their contact details over time to new email addresses. I was caught up in the scam until I came in contact with and I was assisted through getting back my money.

  11. Thanks Simon for sharing your insight into this Group. I had so many burning questions that went unanswered until now.
    I won’t be taking up your offer of training because I honestly don’t have the time to spare but yes keep on with your insight. It’s helpful to people like me. Clueless. Cheers.

  12. Yet another person out there trashing a company because they have their own agenda, which is to push their product or service onto you. This is an old tactic in itself. Generate fear about someone or something else in order to funnel you into their product/service. And their product or service may or may not be a good one. I don’t question that. I’m question the motives and tactics being used which are underhand. I would want to get involved with someone who resorts to this.

    You will not find Cash FX doing the same. Why? Because they have no need to. They offer such a great service for members, that those who truly get what this is about are doing very well.

    Those that sit on the side lines, even members who are still doubtful or sceptical if it can really work, will get back exactly what they put in… where your focus goes, energy flows is an old maxim.

    • This must be your first ponzi – you will learn soon unfortunately that CashFX don’t care about you at all. They just want you to recruit, recruit, recruit … until they will run way with your bitcoin. I feel sorry for you.

      • Well said Natalie. I been duped into this. At first I was getting commissions from my investment, then they so called had problems with their payment processing system. Been waiting since November 2021 for my commissions. I have sent in request tickets to them, and then my messages started getting nasty. I now have law enforcement involved who inturn are going to be pulling all their permits in Panama, as well as other countries and seizing all the accounts and eventually re-embursing everyone on their list their money.

    • Really? You are obviously a keyboard warrior. I lost two fucking thousand dollars. They haven’t paid the last two months. Obviously a fucking scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for your response. These idiots write reviews on something they have not tried themselves. I am sorry for the ones who got in and never had the time to truly understand how it works and then come out to join some idiots to trash the company. Let them sit out there till I make all the money I need for retirement. We don’t need them.

    • I joined cashfx in Oct 21 and tried to make my first withdrawal in Jan 22. We are now in mid June 22 and that withdrawal has not been paid ! That is not great service at all…. I have a further 3 withdrawals in the pipeline but my confidence of those being made is very low

    • In responding to a reply which is obviously from an insider, I will only say that I have never invested in cryptocurrency and only act for vulnerable individuals who have done so. CashFx is a ponzi scheme scam which hangs on by the skin of its teeth in the hope of scamming a final few million £/$ from those who can still be recruited by unscrupulous up lines.

  13. One question that no one appears to be sure about is, is cfx speculating bitcoin vs dollar and is all the reserve cash in bitcoin? That would d make it harder to pay out in dollars if the price of bitcoin has gone down because their reservoir if bit coin has gone down in dollar value. I doubt if money US kept in individual client accounts.

    • No they are not speculating bitcoin (BTC). The reserve is USDT (a stable crypto designed to be tethered 1:1 to the dollar). USDT is converted to BTC for payments when weekly payments are processed.
      There’s a lot of complexity as you would appreciate in making payments to almost 500,000 members to date globally.

      Payments in BTC are easier because the members can do what they like with it. Hold it or convert to their own currency.
      Can you imagine if they had to make payments in over 100+ currencies globally? An administrative and logistical nightmare.

      • Thank you for taking the time to explain to skeptics and idiots that just want to trash what they have no clue about.

  14. After long study and analysis, my conclusion about CasFX is that it is a very good option to earn extra passively. The company is apparently unregulated and it is not clear how it will be maintained in the long term. But as long as it works and you have a few dollars to invest, it pays off. What I don’t recommend is investing large sums of money and trying to make a living from it. Although you can live on this, the risk of losing everything is great. I recommend trying it with a small investment of 300 to 1000 dollars, wait until this money is recovered and then see how far you can grow.

    • Perfect. and one you recover your money, then ride up the package upgrades with the money earned. Nothing to lose even if the company goes belly up – which i don’t see happening any time soon.

  15. cash fx doze what it says on the tin..
    I have no problem with cfx its working well for me,
    paid every Saturday,my advice to everyone is get started ,and don’t listen,
    to all this crap about scams…I did and I am so glad I did..

    • When you say paid, what do you mean….on paper?
      Or real tangible $$ into your bank account.
      There’s a huge difference.

      • u dont get it do u? They pay btc into a wallet of your own choosing, so every time you earn, you can immediately withdraw, that way there is no risk, as long as they pay, which for me, is every week as requested, from that wallet, I use Binance, you can convert into $, real $ that you can spend on whatever you like, it has never failed.

      • REAL MONEY. You can withdraw the earnings after your earning reaches $100. You get the BTC transferred by CashFX to your external crypto account (with your crypto account address you gave them when you made the withdrawal) and you sell the BTC immediately it hits your crypto account and it is raw USD you get which you transfer from your crypto account to your bank account. REAL MONEY !!!! not on paper.

  16. I lost about $75,000.00 to crypto investment scam just recently. The company posed as an investment company that could deliver a certain percentage in returns if you deposit your Bitcoin with them. At first, it seemed real, it worked twice. I didn’t realize they set up a bot(robot) that will completely shutdown your account after you have decided to invest high. I suddenly couldn’t access my profile, I complained to the admin, he gave a excuses that they had a downtime and needed to upgrade their website, this took over 2 months. Within that period, I begin to suspect i have been scammed. I contacted my bank to see if they could do anything about this situation, they couldn’t. Local police say it’s impossible to get my money back.

    • What company did you invest that large amount? I know few of them that some were under investigation. If you’d like to find out, there are ways to report to proper authorities other than Interpol, Securities & Exchange Commission, etc. I wish I could be of help but I have no capabilities to contact you. Goodluck!

    • I like your website as you provide tons of value but you are totally wrong in your assessment of CashFX and you should not use the word scam unless you can validate that it is.
      This is the part that everyone that does not understand the company fails on.
      There are 2 parts to the company and the referral plan is optional like in most network marketing companies.
      CashFX deal with crypto which is not a regulated market as well all know and provide the education part but their broker partners are of course regulated.
      It easy for people to tear down something that is actually real and having a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people around the world without spending the extra time doing proper due diligence.
      I however done my due by getting on a flight and spent several days with the traders, owners and their team and went to their office and can validate everything they are doing on their site is for real.
      I hope this helps give a balance to your assassination of CashFX.

      • Hi Leroy
        Thanks for posting as people who follow through their due diligence are the wise ones. After losing money from my Super fund(Australia) during Covid and being offered less than 1% pa from Commbank, it is truly difficult (haha) to determine where the Scam artists lay?

      • who are there brokers? the brokers they claim to use have been interviewed and claim they do not broker or deal with any of cashfx. stop talking shit. you can have millions on a website and every saturday it keeps getting bigger, try and fucking withdraw!!!!! and ill see you back here crying

        • CashFx’s brokers were claimed to be EverFx who were investigated and closed down as scammers by EuroJust and who now trade as M4Markets in Cyprus.

          CashFx is a SCAM and is on the verge of collapse. Huascar Lopez is in hiding, spending his stolen millions (of your money) on luxuries and is laughing at how many people out there still plug his Ponzi scheme to bring in other gullible people.

      • THANK YOU. I am riding my accounts from $300 to $100K and I will be back here one day to paste a screenshot of my bank account to all these skeptics that call something a scam when they have not gotten in and learned everything they need to learn about how the system works.

        • waiting for your screenshot of your bank account
          no withdraws for 15 months and counting

          cashfx is a ponzi
          all the crooks from everfx are in jail

          • Not quite all of them. The main 5 still roam free and one lives in an £18 million mansion in London’s exclusive Chelsea protected by powerful people, even though the Government of Georgia have an international arrest warrant out for him for a £5 million embezzlement.

  17. Jurys out on this 1, i have a very small investment and my thoughts are very similar to your claims.

    Copy tradeing will reveal whether they are reinvesting members money or paying for the lifestyle of the ones who got in first, who post endless video’s on how much there makeing.

    Like your blog and others on Cfx you bombard us with your own agenda so makes your report as credible as others …

    To me its a laugh and some of the info being spouted is hillarious…

    Time will tell…..

    • So your making money and they are paying you out and your still thinking is a scam… OK how’s your relationships? Haha mirroring this?

  18. The CashFX can be a legitimate business. They are listed as training company, hence their ‘Academy status’, where they claim you can get a Panamian accreditation in trading. They sell an actual product, at 30% of an initial payment (investment). But indeed, it is used to pay the upline for introduction as well as every time someone upgrades to the higher level as it happens in any pyramid type thing. This is why they get away and can last longer then other pyramid schemes.
    Where the 70% goes is not clear. On their accounts, is looks like it is invested and the profits are added but as you have mentioned, there is no evidence of them having any trading account(s) in with brokers. Their so called main partner, the EverFX broker, denies any relationship with CashFX as per The This Is Money magazine, published on 12/12/2020 –
    It is fairly easy to make up fake trading in members accounts, no one bothers to check this out for any accuracy and real trading because ‘money are coming all the time’.
    Members are so convinced and believe wholeheartedly, that even if no new members will join, money will still grow and flow. No questions asked.
    It is psychologically interesting behaviour and it is well known, but people still fall in this kind of MLM trap.

      • EverFx is no more. EverFx and CashFx, as well as NovaTechFx and others, only have one thing in common. They all use operating systems created and sold by a ‘separate entity’ Company based in Ukraine and owned by the occupant of an £18 million mansion in Chelsea, West London who is wanted for embezzlement by the Government of Georgia. EverFx were raided by Eurojust in 2021/2 and shut down. They have resurfaced as M4Markets trading out of Cyprus.

  19. I made the choice to register on the platform, to allow you to earn more money you have to proceed with a sponsorship system like many platforms nowadays. The negative point for me is the response time of the platform in case of identification problem or everything else.
    I have a monthly return on investment, which varies around 9% and I was able to recover all of my first investment in 10 months.

    • Thank you Kirss. You are the only one so far, that comes close to answering one of the burning questions I have had since joining cash fx “can I earn back my initial investment?” I believe I have a strategy now to achieve that and hopefully minimize my losses. Once again thanks heaps for your post.

      • I invested $300 in Cash FX just over a year ago and have withdrawn double that back into my account. I have upgraded my package from $300 to $5,000 and I am being paid approx $170 per week, which I withdraw each week. I have also started a package for my husband, using only profits from Cash FX and he is now on a $3,000 package. We jointly get paid approx $275 per week – we have £900 of bitcoin currently sat in our cryptowallet that we can instantly withdraw at any time. I have nothing but good things to say about Cash FX – if it does go bang tomorrow, I have doubled my investment so I wouldn’t be upset.
        But you have to speculate to accumulate – I was happy to risk a small amount :0)

    • Thanks DJ, I get a lot of flack for what I do but I will continue regardless! My aim to help as many people as possible reach their income goals online and achieve true financial freedom. Though most will never be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get there.

      So keep at it, never quit, follow the right training and you’ll get to where you want to be!

      All the best!


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