Is Cash FX Group A Scam? 4 Things You Need To Know!

Is Cash FX Group A Scam?

Welcome to my review of Huascar Lopez and Edwin Abad’s Cash FX Group. There’s quite a buzz going around on how this trading group can make your money grow steadily. It hypes you up by telling you all you need to do is sit back and wait for your profits to show up in your account.

But it the has all the typical warning signs.

This got me suspicious, and I think that goes for you too. So in this review, I’m going to talk about what I found out about this Forex group after I thoroughly researched it.

If you’re excited to taste and see how you can make money online with Cash FX Group, read this review first to know if it’s legit or just another fancy-façade of a scam.

I am not a member of Cash FX Group.

I’m not trying to recruit you, I’m just here giving the facts and my opinion about this money-making opportunity. I don’t want to waste my time on scams and I don’t want you either.

So let's get started…

Cash FX Group Review At A Glance
Is Cash FX A Scam?

Product Name: Cash FX Group

Product Description: Forex Trading With A Matrix Structure


Cash FX Group is a business model that combines Forex trading and network marketing. They have a trading academy that teaches you trading from scratch. The trading academy is not optional; it’s part of the package you need to buy so that you can start trading.

It is not registered with financial regulators which raises a big red flag.


  • Transparency - 15%
  • Income Potential - 35%
  • Credibility - 20%


  • Weekly income stream
  • Has a product (Academy Pack)


  • Not registered with financial regulators
  • Includes a volatile matrix scheme
  • Risky
User Review
66.89% (267 votes)

The way the website looks suggests that there’s a very professional team working on the company. But I recommend you read on to get a bigger and clearer picture of what you might be getting yourself into.

Let’s take a look at how the website tries to hype potential members. On the right side of the marketing video is an elaborate picture of how thriving the Forex market is. Of course, they’re mentioning that to tell you that it’s a booming industry.

Then they go on to mention that their goal is financial freedom with the help of a sophisticated mix of technical expertise and a dedicated corporate team.

An emotional appeal and a guarantee of experts behind the company to make you rich – strategies to make you feel a false sense of security.

By the way, they also included testimonials down on the homepage which to me doesn’t really help because they’re just a bunch of words said by people we don’t know if real or not. Unless there is substantial evidence of what they are claiming, the testimonials are not credible at all.

Names Behind The Company

Huascar Lopez

Is a guy from the Dominican Republic with a marketing degree who has a knack for entrepreneurship. His bio claims that since focusing on trading in 2016, he has traded more than one hundred million.

Edwin Abad

Also from the Dominican Republic, Edwin developed and operated traditional businesses but later on shifted to Forex.

When the website was initially published, there was no mention of any names, no founders, no admins, and no traders- nothing.

I think this is an important part in establishing their credibility because with names and faces, people can trust them more, they’re no longer strangers and you’re not sending your money to people you do not know.

Some past negative reviews bashed them for not revealing who their traders are. If you check the website now, they’ve also dropped the names and faces of their traders.

Another plus point for me is the disclosure of their headquarters address and General Income Office Registration.

Overall, the About Us page lifts Cash FX Group’s credibility.

How It Works

First, you make an account and choose from the wide range of Trading Packs which are divided into 3 series: The Elemental Series, The Advanced Series, and The Supreme Series. The trading pack costs from $300 to as much as $100,000.

If you do spend a $100,000 in this business, you better be sure its legit!

Cash FX Group Pack Breakdown

This is where a 30/70 split happens. 30% of what you paid, whatever trading pack you choose, goes to the academy pack. The remaining 70% serves as your investment.

Each trading pack has corresponding point values that determine your position in the matrix.

Yes, you got that right, there is a multilevel structure that lets you earn from others. A bit of a red flag there, but they’re claiming that the FTC can’t run after them because they have the training modules as a product to offer.

Cash FX Group claims to give a 200% or 400% ROI on the initial investment. After that cap is reached, you can choose to reinvest what you’ve earned so that you can earn more.

Cash FX Group Reward Plans

There are two different ways: Bear Capital and Bull Capital.

The Bear Capital is where you earn from your investment and the Bull Capital is where you earn from recruiting others. The Bull Capital includes 4 types of bonuses: Fast Start Bonus, Uni-level Bonus, Matching Matrix Bonus, and Leadership rank Bonus.

Cash FX Group Dirty Secrets Exposed!

1. Not Regulated By The Financial Conduct Authority

The FCA is a financial regulator in Great Britain. Cash FX trading is global yet they were not able to comply with the financial regulations in the country where Cash FX operates in.

This means Cash FX is an anonymous entity and that is has no registration to offer securities.

This is an important factor because without that registration there is no way to validate external revenues that are said to pay the investor’s returns.

This is quite contrary to their claim that “broker partners work with regulation authorities”. If that is so, why did they not take a step further and disclose proofs of registrations and licenses?

2. Claims Without Essential Proof

Cash FX Group claims that ROI is generated from trading and investments. This is what they use to pay investing members. But, there is no proof that verifies this claim.

In my opinion, the money that goes into the company doesn’t really go to a trading pool. I think the investment allocation goes to a cash pool to pay downlines and the academy pack allocation is used to pay those up the line.

3. Forced Matrix Scheme

If you’re just interested in the trading part, you don’t have much choice. It is mandatory that you have a slot in the matrix scheme. This means that the more you recruit, the more you go up.

Plus matrix schemes are quite shady because it is linked to Ponzi and pyramid schemes.

4. Unnecessary Cryptocurrency

Since its beginning, Cash FX has been prided by its members to send them their profits on time. Lately though, delays have occurred.

They blame the problem on the volatility of bitcoin vs USD. If that is so, why don’t they just pay in dollar?

Really, profits on the Forex market are in dollars, why mess it around with cryptocurrency?

If they’re really playing dollars on the market, putting cryptocurrency in the equation only adds another risk factor for the investors and the company.

Is Cash FX Group A Scam?

Yes it is. Why am I convinced with that? Because if it’s legit, it would’ve complied with the necessary financial regulations.

If it’s legit, we would’ve seen proof that external ROI is taking place.

Sure it makes money, you receive your weekly profits without fail but it only takes time when they are no longer able to sustain payouts and things start to crumble.

Closing Thoughts

Sign-up, recruit others and get a little trickle back. Then the person above you (your sponsor) will push you to make more recruits.

In my honest opinion, they’re just trying to squeeze more money out of you by pressuring you to pull in more people to join the bottom of the matrix. When no new money comes in, the bottom starts to crumble, then everything on top collapses.

Simple Math: when withdrawals goes over investment say goodbye to your weekly pay.

If you’ve checked out negative reviews on Cash FX scroll down to the comments section and you’ll see tons of members defending the company by saying that they receive their profits without fail every week since they started.

In reality though, Cash FX may be able to payout for a little while longer, but once the cat is out of the bag, find the nearest exit. Sponsors will start to tiptoe their way out while you are they still trying to convince yourself things will sort out and be back to the way it used to.

Try checking positive reviews and they'll say there is no risk involved. Even if this legit, Forex trading is never guaranteed.

If you still want to try this, no problem if you have some extra cash for play. But it’s not worth risking your bills budget for the month. Don’t take clothes off your kids back for this, don’t risk the roof over your head. It will not be worth it and as you know, regrets always come not in the beginning but on the end.

Want my honest advice?

There's are only a few MLMs that are legit and sometimes it's tough to spot these. Although Forex trading has high ROI potential, it also involves a lot of risks. If you want to build a real income online check out this free beginners training course to get started.

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