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How To Make Your Own Website For Free

If you really want to know how to make your own website for free, stick with me because you're at the right place!

I'm going to give you access to free and easy to use website builders to help you get your website up and running in the next few minutes.

With SiteRubix It's Easier And Simpler Than Ever To Make Your Own Website Online In The Next 3 Minutes.how-to-make-your-own-website

As your online business grows, you'll probably want to host your own blog, but for right now, especially if you're looking to start a blog on a tight budget, I'm going to show you how, with SiteRubix, making your own WordPress website isn’t only free; but it’s super easy and fun too!
Without any installation or downloads, technical knowledge or website building experience, your very own website can be up and running within the next few minutes.
Here’s exactly how it works:

What Is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is today's easiest, fastest and most powerful hosting and publishing platform created for beginners. Initially created for members of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – for the first time it's now gone public.

One of the pros of starting a free blog with SiteRubix is that it plugs you into Wealthy Affiliate; one of the top online entrepreneur communities on the web.

You get domain registration, transfers and professional monitoring to website health tools to help improve the quality and performance of your first website. (As well as live chat, question and answers and affiliate marketing training all thrown in.)

This means that if you want to transfer your free blog to your own unique domain at a later date, you can do easily.

How Does SiteRubix Work?

SiteRubix uses the open-source WordPress software to help you make your own websites and the entire process can be operated right on your internet browser – so no downloads or installations necessary.

Here is the simple 4 step process to make your own website:

1. Choose The Type of Website You Want

It's completely up to you: if you're  beginner, select the ‘free SiteRubix website’ option to get started.

2. Choose A Name for Your Website

What do you want your new website to be called? What topic will your website be based on?

Check availability and register your first domain name. Just make sure the name of your website is relevant to the main idea of your website.

3. Choose A WordPress Theme

Here's the fun bit! Select or theme for your website. A theme you pick will be the template for your site.

Don't worry too much about the colours or images at this point – all these can be changed and customised at a later date.

With SiteRubix there are thousands of completely free themes to choose from. Find one you like and with a simple click it's yours.

4. Launch Your Website

So you've picked a name and theme for your new website – now you're ready to make your website live!

You'll immediately receive a secure password so you can log in at anytime. You can change the password to one that is easier to remember.

Understanding Website Performance

Beginners who have made their own website often send me emails and messages asking me how they can check and monitor how well their site is doing, how well it's being indexed in Google or how to see how many monthly visits their new website is generating.

One of my favourite features of SiteRubix is that you can check SiteManager at any time to see exactly how well your website is doing.

Included is an easy health check score to help you make your website successful. With this you can find out what you're doing well and see highlighted areas that you could improve.

The example below is a snapshot of the ‘health status’ of my website. Let me show you exactly what you'll be able to view:

  1. WordPress version: From here I can ensure you have the latest version of WordPress installed.
  2. Monitoring: With SiteRubix it's reassuring to know your website will be protected against malware and hacking. Your site is also backed up and you can open an IT support ticket at any time. I have always received a friendly and helpful response within 3 hours.
  3. Numbers of posts/pages: You can see the number of posts and pages on my site. The more good quality content I create, the higher my Google rankings will be.
  4. Approved/Pending Comments: From here you'll be able to see the number of comments my website has received and is a good way to measure visitor engagement.
  5. Google index: SiteManager will let you know once your website is indeed in Google search engines.
  6. Site Health: Gives you a quick general overview of how well your site is doing based on the following factors:

As you can see, my website is pretty well optimised for the most part, except that I need to improve on my ‘Publishing Frequency’. So now I know, I can focus my efforts in creating more good quality content.

What If Your Website Has ‘Poor Health’?

First of all, don't panic. When you first make your own website you won't have published any posts yet, received any visitor comments or be listed in search engine results. However, with the SiteManager you can track your progress and improve your site's health.

Each of the health indicators are closely linked to some of the online training provided by Wealthy Affiliate and you'll have all the help and support you need to take your site forward.

Included within the Siterubix domains and hosting is a free step-by-step training program where you’ll learn how to:

  • Create posts and pages with high value content that connect people with the helpful and useful information they are looking for.
  • Use  free Keyword Finder Tool that will help you rank on the first page of Google search results with the content you create.
  • Get feedback, ideas and 24/7 support from the online community on any technical or creative aspects of your website.

How Much Does SiteRubix Cost?

Just to re-emhasise: You can make your very own website on SiteRubix for FREE. It cost you NOTHING to set up a sub-domain website on SiteRubix hosting.

The free version comes pre-installed with some essential plugins that are helpful for website optimization and protection. If this is all you're looking for – go ahead – get started and make a beautiful website!

But there is an additional 2nd option available for you too…

If you would like to transfer your website to your own custom domain then you'll want to sign up as a premium member.

For example, let's say you register www.mynewwebsite.siterubix.com and after a year you want to transfer your site to www.mynewwebsite.com then this is an option.

This is something you might want to consider further down the line once your website is established and already generating an income.

If you like to build your website on a custom domain, the easiest way is to check the availability and register a new domain a name at SiteDomain, within the SiteManager area of SiteRubix.

If you're ready to make your own website then click here or check the availabilty by using the domain search tool here:

Reviews: What People Say About SiteRubix

The “Site Health” feature is a helpful indicator to guide website owners on how to go about fixing their site problems.

Websites built on SiteRubix do very well in Google rankings.

Unlike other sub-domain companies, the free SiteRubix don’t restrict monetisation activities on your website.

So are you ready to make your own website? Have fun getting started in your online publishing adventure!

If you haven't done it yet – register your domain here:

To Your Online Success!

Do you have a question? Leave me a comment and I’ll respond ASAP!
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