Profits Passport Review 2022: A Shameless Online Pyramid Scheme?


Most Profits Passport reviews promise the world if you sign up.

This isn't one of them.

If you want the REAL scoop on Profits Passport – keep reading because we'll be going through everything you need to know so you'll know if Profits Passport is right for you.

I am not affiliated with Profits Passport.

If you've tried making money online then you know it's impossible to know what's a scam and what's legit, so I applaud you for researching Profits Passport before handing your credit card over.

The most important thing for us is the trust we've built with readers. That's why we only back programs we've tried and know will genuinely help you earn a real income online.

Profits Passport Review At A Glance

About: David Dekel’s Profits Passport is an affiliate marketing sales funnel that promises to show you how to generate $10,000 a month.

Price: Up to $65,965 in fees and subscriptions. See the full cost breakdown here.

Pros: Comes with a 60-day refund option.

Cons: It’s not possible to make the money they claim with the expensive and ineffective traffic methods they teach.

Verdict: Profits Passport is nothing more than a high ticket pay to play sales funnel that could literally leave you bankrupt. Do your wallet a favour and avoid. 


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David Dekel says this is the sweetest income opportunity you've ever laid your eyes on.

He's a pretty convincing storyteller.

The truth is Profits Passport is nothing more than a high ticket pay to play sales funnel.

You'll be asked to pay out small amounts at first, but as you get more invested, you'll be pushed to pay up to $65,965 on expensive memberships and monthly subscriptions.

What Is Profits Passport?

David Dekel's Profits Passport is a done for you marketing system where you buy your way through a sales funnel to promote the same funnel to as many people as possible.

It's a mix between affiliate marketing (a legit way to make money online) and multi-level marketing (MLM/network marketing) where you buy in at certain levels before going out and convincing others to do the same.

While David Dekel promises $2,000 cash payments delivered to your mailbox and up to $16,500 in extra commissions on autopilot, what he doesn't tell you is you'll first have to go through their sales funnel and payout an astronomical $65,000+ in costs.

Then and only then will be eligible to earn a penny.

I wish I was joking!

Who Is Behind Profits Passport?

Profits Passport owner David Dekel is a prolific sales funnel creator who comes out with some new online money-making system every year or so.

david dekel profits passport

His previous programs include:

There's rarely anything unique or original about his programs. Each of them follows the same worn-out pattern of going through a sales funnel so you can promote said sales funnel to others.

The 10,000 member strong Profits Passport Facebook group is still named after Funnel X.

He couldn't even be bothered updating the name.

As with all done-for-you sales funnels, they do well during the after-launch buzz, but quickly die down, and that's when David gets to work on the next one.

How Profits Passport Works In A Nutshell

Land on the Profits Passport website and you'll see a short video of David asking you to enter your email so you can watch his hour-long webinar.

This will put you on his mailing list. Expect at least half a dozen follow-up emails.

Once you enter your email you'll be taken to the webinar page which looks like this:

profits passport review

In the webinar, David talks about how much money you can make quickly and easily because his system does “all the heavy lifting for you”.

Scroll down and below the video, you'll see a list of 6 income streams you'll need to sign up to to get a unique affiliate ID you can paste into the box:

what is profits passport a scam or legit full review

None of these income streams are free. In fact, almost all of them are outrageously expensive as I'll show you in a sec.

You have to pay to sign up before you can promote any of these products.

The way you'll promote them is by paying email ad vendors to send out David's pre-written email template to their subscribers in the hope you can recruit more members to the Profits Passport program.

Another thing you should know is that each product comes with up to 6 membership levels and you'll only be able to get paid up to the level you're at.

That means if one of your referrals signs up to level 4 of a program and you're only paid up to level 3, the commission gets paid to the person above you and you miss out.

The whole Profits Passport system is designed intentionally to lure you in with promises of “even more commissions!” and leech as much money out of you as possible.

Let's take a look at the 6 products you'll have to sign up for to give you a better idea of how much Profits Passport will cost:

Income Stream #1: Easy1Up

David Dekel has been promoting Easy1Up for a while now. Easy1Up has a total of 6 membership levels each with ever-increasing membership fees:

Elevation – $25
Elevation Elite – $100
Vertex – $250
Vertex Elite – $500
Vertex Pro Connect – $1,000
Vertex Live – $2,000
Total Easy1Up cost = $3,875

While each level of membership comes with a bit of training focused around recruiting new members, the whole point of joining Easy1Up is so you can earn commissions from the people you refer to the program.

No doubt about it, Easy1Up meets the very definition of a pyramid scheme down to a T.

If you're not convinced yet just watch this video:

Income Stream #2: Funnel X Advance

Funnel X Advance is David Dekel's new take on his Funnel X ROI system and has 3 levels:

Builder – $200
Super Affiliate – $597
Leader – $1,997
Total Funnel X Advance cost = $2,794

funnel x advance

Sign up for the Leader membership and you'll qualify for 50% commissions and David Dekel gets the other half.

What's happening here is you're effectively paying close to $3,000 for the privilege of promoting HIS program.

Seems a little self-serving don't you think?!

Income Stream #3: ROI Panel

ROI Panel is yet another one of David's massively overpriced products that cost up to $1,497 per month.

What does it do exactly?

It's affiliate link tracking software.

That's it. And there are a bunch of better and cheaper options out there if this is something you must have.

Just like Funnel X Advance, ROI Panel has 3 paid levels you have to join before you can start earning 50% commissions.

Yep, you guessed it, the other half goes directly into David's back pocket.

Beginner 3000 clicks per month – $197
Advanced 15000 clicks per month – $597
Master 65000 clicks per month – $1,497
Total ROI Panel cost = Up to $1,497 per month

Income Stream #4: Udimi

To promote this sales funnel, David gets his students to sign up to Udimi and pay for expensive email ads that most often give you low-quality leads and very few sales, if any.

Udimi has a monthly subscription cost of $19.95 plus however much you want to spend on solo ads.

The typical cost per solo ad can cost anywhere from $0.35 to $0.95 per click and is up to the solo ad vendor.

Total Udimi cost = Minimum $19.95/month plus ad spend

Income Stream #5: OPM Wealth

OPM Wealth stands for Other People's Money Wealth and its owners do just that:

Profit by taking other people's money.

Their membership prices are outrageous:

Hermes – $2,000
Apollo – $5,000
Athena – $8,500
Poseidon – $14,500
Zeus – $27,500
Total OPM Wealth cost = $57,500

And again, the only reason you're pushed to pay these crazy amounts is so you have the ability to recruit others in the hope of clawing your money back.

But it gets worse:

One of the big ideas OPM Wealth promotes is using other people's money to become wealthy. Their team of “success coaches” will pressure you into extending your credit card limits and applying for bank loans to pay the extortionate membership fees.

Seriously guys, OPM Wealth is one of the vilest and most disgusting pyramid schemes I've ever come across, especially when 99% of people who join pyramid schemes lose everything they put in…

And David Dekel is telling you to join them!

Income Stream #6: RinglessALN

This 6th and last Profits Passport income stream is RinglessALN, something David just added recently.

RinglessALN is a ringless voicemail service and auto SMS text messaging service you can use to generate leads.

To get started you'll need to pay $299.99 for access to the Ringless ALN Platform that you then resell for 50% commissions or $149.99 per sale.

Total RinglessALN cost = $299.99

Counting The Real Cost Of Signing Up

In total, these “income streams” cost a whopping $65,965.99 plus $19.95 a month.

And that's before we've counted what you'll need to spend on email ads to try to recoup some of your money back.

Here’s the full cost breakdown:

Funnel X Advance$2,794
ROI Panel$1,497
OPM Wealth$57,500
Ringless ALN$299.99
Grand TOTAL:$65,965.99 + $19.99/month

Now I see why David doesn't mention this in his sales pitch.

If people really knew what they were getting into with Profits Passport they would run for the hills, and rightly so!

Can You Make Money With Profits Passport?

Yes, it is possible to earn with Profits Passport, but as you've just seen, you need to invest a heck of a lot before you're able to make a dime.

You'll also have to pay email solo ads to promote Profits Passport to members who will also go on to promote Profits Passport.

So while it is technically possible to make money with these sorts of scams in the short term, they're completely unsustainable in the long term.

And that's why David Dekel is constantly creating new schemes like this every year.

So save yourself a boatload of cash, a ton of stress and the huge letdown when it turns out it's not as easy as you were told and give Profits Passport a miss.

Profits Passport Pros

  • The sales funnel and sales videos are done-for-you
  • Who doesn't love high ticket commissions?
  • You get some (albeit limited) training on promoting Profits Passport

Profits Passport Cons

  • This is an outright pyramid scheme
  • David Dekel has a somewhat shady history
  • You have to shell out a ton of cash to promote the system (pay to play)
  • Lack of transparency about the real costs involved
  • Email solo ads are expensive and ineffective
  • Pyramid schemes never stick around for long

Is Profits Passport A Scam Or Legit?

Profits Passport is multiple pyramid scams rolled into one and just the latest in a long line of scams from Mr David Dekel.

There is nothing wrong with using a done-for-you sales funnel to help boost profits, as long as the products in that funnel actually help the people buying them!

With Profits Passport you're getting nothing of any real value or substance whatsoever and there's the real possibility you'll make yourself bankrupt trying to chase after those elusive higher commissions.

Online pyramid scams (like Too Damn Easy, CB Money Vine, Mailbox Profits and Instant Cash Solution to name a few) are extremely dangerous.

They exploit people in the worst financial situations, get them stuck in debt then leave them high and dry with nothing to show for it.

This is not the way affiliate marketing is supposed to work.

You should never ever have to pay for a product before you can promote it. This is completely unethical.

Legitimate affiliate programs are free to join and you're promoting real products to people who want to buy them, based on the value of the product itself.

Want my advice?

Steer clear of get-rich-quick scams like Profits Passport and make money the right way.

Profits Passport Review: Final Thoughts

I have no doubt some people are making money from Profits Passport, but like all pyramid schemes, it's David and his guys at the top raking in all the cash while 98% never see a penny of what they put in.

Sign up and you'll end up promoting Profits Passport by sending out spammy emails to people already bombarded with emails about the next big get-rich-quick scheme.

Even if you are lucky enough to come out on top, how would you feel knowing you're profiting by duping others into joining a worthless pyramid scheme?

There’s no product here… no real business model.

It’s clear by now that rather than counting wads of cash, Profits Passport is the best way to lose your money in the shortest amount of time.

By far the best way to avoid scams like this is to forget the get-rich-quick overnight nonsense and set up a real online business that will make you money in the long term.

The good news is there are great courses out there like that will show you exactly how to replace your income online.

Check out my super in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to get the full details.

Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training specifically designed for beginners is the best place I know to get started.

You’ll get the support of an entire community of like-minded entrepreneurs backing you up as you work your way through the course.

And the best part?

They aren’t you for asking for $1,497 or $27,500 like Profits Passport.

Simply create your free starter account and see if it’s right for you.

Go Premium and it's only $49/month. You have nothing to lose by trying it out, but it could just be one of the best financial decisions you've ever made.

Give Us Your Profits Passport Review

Have you been caught up in any of David Dekel's online pyramid schemes in the past?

Is Profits Passport is a viable option for beginners looking to make money online?

Scroll down and express yourself in the comments. I look forward to your input! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Profits Passport Review 2022: A Shameless Online Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. I never have seen such crock of bad information just to push a program that is so inferior to Dave Dekel’s program. It’s disgusting, the dishonesty and the lengths people will go to just to pitch their program by attempting to discredit another legitimate program. No integrity at all! Wealthy Affiliate has a bad habit of teaching their Affiliates to do this apparently. They talk crap and lie about almost every legitimate program out there. When I was with Wealthy Affiliate my sponsor tried to get me to do the same thing but I just found this to be very unethical and dishonest.

    The truth and reality is, Wealthy Affiliate sucks! Sorry to say that, but that’s a fact! Yeah they provide information if you want to learn the ropes of being an Affiliate Marketer but good luck on the overwhelming learning curve you will need to go through just to be able to make any money at all with their program and not to mention the incredibly high failure and attrition rate of people giving up and falling out of the program like swarm of dead flies being sprayed with bug killer.

    The truth is Profits Passport is changing lives of people from all walks of life and as a nomad living abroad, this saved my life. Just within the first week without talking to anyone at all, I made 8K dollar by simply buying traffic from the resource the program offers you. The replicated website and system Dave Dekel gives you is total plug and play and it converts like crazy! I’m personally getting a 5 -7% conversion from my leads and upwards of 10% sometimes!

    I have been an Affiliate Marketer for over 2 decades and I have never seen a program more awesome than Profits Passport that delivers unheard of results. Bottom line, people just want to make money! And this is no Pyramid scheme! So stop with all the smoke and mirrors! Do you even know what a pyramid scheme is? Obviously not!

    And your statement about 98% of people not making money in Profit Passport is the BIGGEST lie ever. But with Wealthy affiliate that statement is actually true! I actually was part of Wealthy Affiliate not so long ago and I on the other hand know the reality of their sucky program!

    Now here is an actual true life fact! My whole family and all my closest friends and the people who I have recommended Profit Passport to are all very successful with this program. Each of them are generating well over 10K a month within the first 60 to 90 days! So tell me can Wealthy Affiliate deliver those kinds of results? NO WAY! Now here is the impressive part yet, my Father in-law who can’t even speak English very well who is 72 years old is consistently earning over 15k a month and he does not even speak to the people who has entered his sales funnel. All he does is get paid traffic to his site from the traffic resources that are being taught by the program!

    So what would you rather do, earn a ridiculous 20 plus dollar commissions and spend 3 months learning Affiliate Marketing and break your bank account on advertising and not even be able to break even if you don’t know how to properly market or would you rather have a system where all you have to do is pay for traffic to be delivered to your highly converting website that does all the selling and telling for you? NO BRAINER RIGHT?

    I don’t spend more than 15 to 30 min a day and I’m making a life changing income with Profit Passport.

    Also where did you get your bogus information that you have to cough up with $65,965.99 to make money with Profit passport? The cost to get started properly is just 2,500 dollars and that includes the administration fee to get your whole system up. Yeah there are other core programs Dave offers from within the system that you can market too but that’s not necessary to make a life changing income with this program! Those are just bonus offers!

    All you people from Wealth Affiliate always talk trash about other programs with highly inaccurate information just to push your losing program that has a very high failure rate because most people will give up within the first 30 days if they are not making a profit. AND THAT’S A FACT!

    And here is another fact about your crappy Wealthy Affiliate:

    • Much of the core training material is rarely updated
    • The core training is riddled with bad advice
    • The core training is filled with misleading claims
    • The core training is very poorly organized
    • The lead trainers – Kyle Loudon and Jay Neill – appear to have had little success with their own affiliate sites since 2016
    • Members are explicitly encouraged and instructed to recruit other paying members to WA
    • The most “successful” students of WA seem to earn most of their money from referring other people to WA

    So word of advice, stop trying to fool people with your BS lies about Profit Passport. It’s just so unethical!

    • I just want to know what the people in n the program are learning if David does all the selling? When this programs hype dies what skills will you have taken away besides sending paid traffic to a link?

  2. I purchased profits passport years ago and i thought it had 12 income streams th e re was a crypto currency income stream that i had purchasedand remembered him saying he made money as he was inputing the information on that income stream without purchasing any coin. He had some others as well as far as i remember i went all in on all income streams but one i did pay half, and i didnt pay his half , but one day my entire system dissappeared off my computer .I tried reaching him to find out what happened to my system and he would never return my e ma i ls. Still to this day i have heard nothing .I spent close to 25.000 dollars and then it was nowhere to be found .I dont know what to do at this point. My money is gone just like that ? He ought to be in jail then. I sure dont think i can get my money back . I think hes in Canada. Anyone have suggestions.?

  3. Good info. another top affiliate suggested it to me. However, I don’t want to promote anything shady that won’t get people promised results. Thanks

    • That’s a really good call Jesse. Promoting low-quality hyped-up products is going to harm your name and reputation in the long run. Like the guy who told you to buy Profits Passport, are you going to listen to and trust him again? I doubt it.

      You can be very successful online without being a sellout and while still keeping your integrity intact. As I always say, if you’re going to build an income online, then why not create one you can be proud of?

  4. I had saved up almost 300 dollars for profit passport but after this review I’ve had second thoughts.

    I’m still skeptical on joining wealthy affiliate but I hope when I join Ill earn something because life isn’t going well and Thank you for this review

    I’m Matthew from Uganda

    • Hi Matthew, thanks for the great feedback and well done you for checking out reviews but giving your money to these guys!

      I totally understand why you’d be skeptical. I was when I first joined, but the good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you can try it out so you can know exactly what to expect. You have nothing to lose.

      I honestly think you’ll like the training a lot and your eyes will light up once everything about making money online is explained. I will never forget my “Oh so that’s how it works” moment! 🙂

      I’ll talk to you inside the member’s area Matthew.

      Here’s my WA profile if you have any questions at any point!

    • Please read the comments on this article before making decisions. Profits Passport is back and David explains the reason for the system shutting down TEMPORARILY.

  5. Hi Simon,
    Thank you for your review. I was honestly thinking about joining this system….
    Do you think there is a way to create an online business/affiliate marketing while not creating content of show your face on the internet?
    Thanks for this eye opening review! (From holland, not the best english :)).
    Gr, Pascalle

    • Hi Pascalle, your English is just fine! 🙂

      If you’re in the affiliate marketing business then you’re in the content creation/publishing business. There’s really no way of getting around that.

      You can, of course, hire writers like I have and outsource the content creation part but you’re going to want to master it yourself first so you know what you want your writers to do, can train them and know if they’re doing a good job or not.

      You could use a pen name if you wanted. I know some people who do that.

      There are ways to run a YouTube channel without showing your face (see this video) but I’d always recommend you get over your camera shyness if possible because YouTube is all about building that trust and personal connection.

      Does this help?

    • If thats what you want then you need to take part in Profit Passport. Dont listen to all his lies and misinformation from this article blog.

      Profit Passport is life changing!

  6. I’m sorry Simon I knew just by reading the headline of this blog that you were affiliated to WA it seems almost a common trait in the WA community/training to write blogs in this manner, I signed up for the as you put FREEMIUM option does not put them on the pedestal of quality (you know the premium monthly is the only way any member is going to get anything out of WA… you are also implying that if you have to pay for something and it’s not free then it must be a scam? ..

    What kind of research have you actually done? There are numerous MLM companies that even if they offer a “free sign up ” will entice you to purchase their product in order to “enhance” your chances of succeeding and moving up the ranks /and or have to continue monthly purchasing to stay “active” so please don’t mislead people in thinking if it’s not free to join then it must be a scam, you are calling a sales funnel a pyramid scheme yet your pro was a done for you system?

    You are full of contradictions ..outlining things that have not worked for you and calling them ineffective is hardly constructive and getting personal because you think of someone having a “shady” past then again make sure you can back that kind of wording up and the reason for it…

    My final point would be you barely did any kind of research on the success people are having through this funnel because you would know that the majority that has are only using the very first income stream in the funnel and that’s easy1up! Which you called a pyramid scheme which suggests to me your understanding of what actually is a pyramid scheme is misguided because if you knew the structure of the commissions you would be educated to see that it is not a pyramid scheme, thanks, all the best.

    • Hi John, yes as my affiliate disclaimer clearly states, I am affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate as well as several other high-quality affiliate training programs like:

      Project 24, 1K A Day Fastrack and My Online Startup.

      I could be affiliated with every program out there but I’ll only put my name to programs I can wholeheartedly recommend.

      I guess I don’t really understand your objection about Freemium. You can try WA for free before deciding whether or not to upgrade to Premium. You don’t like the transparency of that or what?

      And where did I imply anything that’s not free is a scam?

      Profits Passport is a done-for-you sales funnel promoting various pyramid schemes. Easy1Up being one of the worst! But don’t take my word for it…

      Wikipedia says a pyramid scheme is:

      “A business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.”

      Investopedia says:

      “A pyramid scheme is a sketchy and unsustainable business model, where a few top-level members recruit newer members, who pay upfront costs up the chain, to those who enrolled them.” says a pyramid scheme is:

      “A fraudulent business model, illegal in most places, in which participants are paid to recruit more participants, rather than commissions on sales.”

      Easy1Up fits these descriptions to a T!

      Seriously, if you want to pay $2,000 for Easy1Up’s Vortex Live membership, go right ahead and be my guest! Come back and let us know how you get on! 😉

    • Hi John,

      No prior experience is necessary as Wealthy Affiliate’s training will walk you through everything you need to know.

      Where your experience comes into play is when you’re choosing what niche or topic to create a website about. Maybe you’re super knowledgeable about tennis or have a passion for stamp collecting or have an interest in starting to grow your own veggies at home.

      Whichever niche you choose, your experience will shine through in the content you create around it and with affiliate marketing, the more you can help people the more successful you will be!

      I hope this answers your question. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you get started!

  7. Wait a minute…

    Your layout of the pricing structure makes absolutely no sense.
    You’re saying someone who buys into the program at the highest level, must also pay for each individual level below.

    For example: Easy1Up

    Elevation – $25
    Elevation Elite – $100
    Vertex – $250
    Vertex Elite – $500
    Vertex Pro Connect – $1,000
    Vertex Live – $2,000
    Total Easy1Up cost = $3,875

    That’s totally false.
    If for example, you buy in at $2000 you are qualified to also earn all the commission’s on signups below you.
    You’re not paying $3875.
    Just the $2000 plus an admin fee.

    Then you say people should join a free affiliate marketing program… but you go on to sell an affiliate ‘training’ program at a monthly membership cost…

    Sounds like you’re just trying to earn your own commissions on the program you are selling, instead of giving an honest review of David’s system.

    • Hi Michelle, if you buy in at the $2,000 membership right away then yes. The pricing applies if you buy each individual level one at a time.

      And be honest, why is anyone buying in at any of the levels? Only to earn commissions on that level, which is one of many the reasons it’s a textbook pyramid scheme no one should ever get involved with.

      Sorry for the confusion, let me clarify: Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training platform runs on the ‘Freemium’ model, meaning they have a ‘try before you buy’ Starter membership which allows you to test drive the course, the community, the website builders etc. Then if and when you want to go all-in you can upgrade to Premium at $49 a month or less if you pay yearly.

      How do you know this is an honest review? Because it’s not in my best interests to call this one out. I’d make so much more commission on a $2,000 membership vs. a $49 membership.

      Hope that helps.

    • The guy is just a dishonest marketer who does not know anything about Profit Passport. He has no integrity obviously and is using sleazy sales tactics to try to push his sucky program.

      Profit Passport is hands down the best program I have ever come across in all my years of marketing and it is changing the lives of people from all walks of life.

  8. Wow! This is exhaustive. You mentioned it all, profits passport is stripped and exposed! As I read the article I enjoyed you laying bear the truth about everything, then you became neutral and offered us an option even better. Compared to the profits passport, it is gold. Yes, wealthy affiliate is a no brainer. Thank you for the heads up


    • A LOT of research goes into each review we write Micheal so I really appreciate this. Yes, it’s always eye-opening when you scratch under the surface of scams like this. You never quite know what to expect!

      Let us know how you get on with the Wealthy Affiliate training… just work through the lessons at your own pace and let me know if you have any questions along the way and I look forward to seeing your success story unfold.

      • A LOT of research goes into each review you write???? LIAR! if you had done your due diligence you would have not made so many enormous mistakes about Profit Passport, so stop with the theatrics and pretentions. You got caught with your sleazy sales tactics and we all can see it. You are totally busted. I have never seen such bad misinformation put out there just to redirect people to a sucky program.

        The truth is Wealthy Affiliate actually sucks with outdated marketing information and its extremely hard to make money with it too AND THATS A FACT, not the FANTASY pitch you made here on this site about Profit Passport!

        Who taught you to be so unethical? You must have some proud parents huh?

    • You been duped if that’s what you believe. Don’t let him fool you. Nothing but lies and misinformation by this unethical marketer.


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