CB Money Vine Review: The Best Way To Make Money Online In 2020?

CB Money Vine Review Is This A Scam Or Legit Money Making Program

For this SUPER in-depth review, I’m going to sign up and put CB Money Vine to the test.

So if you’re looking for the full lowdown on CB Money Vine and how it compares to the other make money online programs out there, you’ve come to the right place.

Because in today’s review I’m going to run you through:

  • What CB Money Vine is exactly
  • How CB Money Vine works
  • Costs and pricing
  • The pros
  • The cons
  • Whether CB Money Vine is a scam or legit
  • And lots more

Let’s do this!

I’m Not Affiliated With CB Money Vine

I haven’t put this review together to convince you to join CB Money Vine so I can line my own pockets, which is why you won’t see me offering a gazillion bonuses and discounts to try and make a quick buck like so many others.

I made it my mission a long time ago to protect honest folks like you who are looking for ways to make money from home from internet scammers who make a living ripping people off with scammy or just plain old low-quality rubbish that ends up costing you time and money and gets you nowhere closer to achieving your income goals.

The sole purpose of this review is to give all you all the information you need upfront to help you decide whether or not CB Money Vine is right for you.

That being said, here’s what I found out:

CB Money Vine Review (At A Glance)

CB Money Vine is a clever little piece of software that enables you to add your affiliate links to 1,000’s of affiliate products in an instant, but making money with this thing is not as easy as Byron Winters and Tom E like to make out.

Whether or not you manage to make money with it ultimately comes down to how skilled you are in driving traffic.

Unfortunately, there’s hardly any traffic training included inside CB Money Vine so if you don’t already have experience with affiliate marketing then you’re going to struggle to make this work.

Want my honest advice?

Don’t fall for shiny get-rich-quick shortcuts like this that get you nowhere fast and take the time to learn how to build a thriving and profitable affiliate marketing business the right way instead.

Start your full beginner’s training course here (no credit card required) and get access to step-by-step video classes and expert support that will equip you with the practical and actionable strategies you need to achieve real financial freedom online.

What Is CB Money Vine?

CB Money Vine is the brainchild of Bryon Winters and Tom E, 2 well-known and experienced internet marketers who claim they have come up with a simple passive income system for people struggling to make money online that will generate recurring monthly commissions on autopilot.

They tell us that thanks to CB Money Vine’s sophisticated technology and software you can “stuff your account” with commissions of up to $500 a sale and achieve 3 to 5-figure days.

Watch the sales video and you’ll hear them dub their latest creation the most powerful one-click reverse income system that gives you your own instant website complete with affiliate offers so you can start earning as soon as you log in.

what is cb money vine a scam or legit

What they are essentially trying to do here is sell you on the idea of making easy affiliate commissions in the shortest time possible.

By offering a completely done-for-you website full of your affiliate links, they are saying you can bypass the time and effort it usually takes to become a successful affiliate marketer and start living the life of dreams doing the things you love like spending time with your family.

Is this all just clever marketing? Are they just telling you what you want to hear or could this really be the answer to your money-making worries?

Bryon and Tom know how to sell a product, I mean that’s what they do, and there’s no denying the sales page makes some pretty hyped-up claims…

But I do think this could actually work, though there are some serious drawbacks we need to consider that I’ll walk you through.

How Much Is CB Money Vine?

At the time of writing this review, you can become a CB Money Vine member for a one-time $20 fee. This apparentely gives you a full 90% discount off the original $197 price.

CB Money Vine Price

Watch Out For The Plethora Of Upsells

I went ahead and signed up, but before was shocked to discover that as soon as you hand over the sign up fee you are bombarded with upsell after upsell asking you to pay out an extra $935 – for a $20 product! That’s insane.

Upsell #1: Commission Accelerator ($47)

Pay extra for this upsell and we’re told we’ll be able to get a portion of the commissions your referrals generate.

Upsell #2: 10K List Mogul ($97)

Join List Mogul and you’ll be given the option of collecting the email addresses of every free and Premium member you’ve referred to CB Money Vine so you can send them done-for-you follow up emails.

Upsell #3: 4-Figure Commission Club ($197)

Fork out an additional $197 for this one and you’re promised the opportunity to earn more in high-ticket sales in commissions of up to $500 a sale.

Upsell #4: Traffic Co-op ($197)

I’m not exactly sure what this does but we’re told your prospects will be added into some kind of traffic rotation system.

Upsell #5: Six Figure Empire ($397)

The fifth and final upsell is a product bundle including some of Bryon Winter’s and Tom E’s previous make money online programs like 5iphon Reloaded, IG MoneyTree And ShopMonopoly.

How Does CB Money Vine Actually Work?

Skip the annoying upsells, get into the system and you’ll see a page that looks a little something like this:

cb money vine sneak peek

There’s a quick 5-minute intro video and a box in the top right corner where to enter your Clickbank and Warrior Plus usernames to make sure you get the credit for any affiliate sales.

Scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of different niche categories pulled from Clickbank categories and the idea is you share your link to this page and if anyone browses through any of these and buy anything, you earn anywhere between 25%-75% in commissions.

how to make money with cb money vine

You’ll find your unique referral link at the bottom of the page you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email to try and get people looking at your page and hopefully buying something.

CB Money Vine Traffic Methods

A second way you can make money with this is by referring other people to join CB Money Vine as your referral.

This makes CB Money Vine somewhat similar to a multi-level marketing scheme where members sign up to make money from recruiting other members under them.

Those members then go on to sign up other members and on and on it goes…

These members are told they need to buy at least 1 Clickbank product per month in order to qualify for commissions generated by their referrals.

This doesn’t necessarily mean CB Money Vine is some kind of scammy pyramid scheme as people are getting something for their money, it is just something to be aware of before you decide whether or not to get involved.

Pros Of CB Money Vine

1. Making Money With Clickbank Is Legit

ClickBank.com has been around since the dawn of the internet and they have a ton of different products in the health and wellness niche, relationships niche and make money online niche (to name just a few) that can you can promote as an affiliate.

No doubt about it – promote the right kind of products to the right kind of people in the right way and you can make a lot of money with Clickbank.

2. You’ve Got 30 Days To Get A Refund

CB Money Vine is sold through Warrior Plus which means if you buy CB Money Vine and decide it’s not a good fit then you can always take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee.

Cons Of CB Money Vine

1. The Sales Video Is Misleading

While I don’t think CB Money Vine is an outright scam, the way they market this as a simple and automated income stream is very misleading.

Bryon repeatedly gives you the impression in the sales video that you can make money starting from the moment you log in, talking over and over again about how easy and simple this all is, but the reality is making money online takes time and if you are brand new to this then you can’t expect to be making money on your first day, first week or even your first few months.

The CB Money Vine software is smart. It’s not exactly revolutionary but it does what it does well and it could work for you if you work on developing your traffic generation techniques.

But anyone buying this and expecting it to be a ‘plug and play system’ is going to be left feeling severely letdown.

2. Your Biggest Problem Is Going To Be Getting Traffic

Even the best looking web page with the best affiliate offers made by the most sophisticated software will never earn you a dime if you can’t get people looking at it and clicking on your links.

Getting traffic is not easy!

When it comes to driving traffic there are basically 2 types: free traffic and paid traffic.

The only free traffic method inside CB Money Vine is sharing your web page link through your social media accounts which, let’s be realistic, isn’t going to get you very far, annoy your family and friends and possibly even get your accounts blocked.

That means you’re basically left with the only other option of paying out a ton of money for expensive solo ads so email spammers send a ton of emails with your links out to people en masse.

Paid traffic is a high-risk strategy, especially for beginners, and should only be done once you’re already generating money through free traffic methods.

By FAR the best way to get free and targeted traffic coming to your sites is through the search engines.

That’s all I do and I get literally 1,000’s of people coming to my websites every single day all looking to buy exactly what I’m offering them.

And yet there’s nothing anywhere within CB Money Vine at all to show aspiring affiliate marketers how to do this.

3. Where’s The Training?

The most disappointing thing about CB Money Vine, keeping in mind the entire sales pitch is aimed at complete beginners with zero experience, is that there’s no training given on how to actually get people to your site.

None at all. I’m not even joking.

All you’re given is a link and told to share it on the likes of Facebook and Instagram and go it alone with paid ads if you want to.

And as I just said, no traffic means no income. It really is as simple as that.

Can You Make Money With CB Money Vine?

At the end of the day, CB Money Vine gives you a great way to incorporate all your Clickbank and Warrior Plus affiliate links onto one single done-for-you website. However, things like figuring out how to run Facebook or PPC ads is something you’re going to have to figure out on your own.

So can you really make money following this system?

Yes absolutely, in theory at least…

Let’s say for example you pay $200 on ads to drive traffic to your page and you manage to get 100 website visitors. Then let’s say 20 of them decide to buy a $25 product at a 50% commission rate.

That’s 20 x $12.50, minus your $200 ad spend which is an extra $250 in your back pocket.

If you can find a profitable ad campaign like this then all you need to do is rinse and repeat.

I just can’t get past the fact that complete beginners are expected to start out paying for ads without any prior knowledge or experience. Running paid ads takes a lot of learning and testing and that’s a sure-fire way to burn through a lot of cash in a very short amount of time.

So the answer is yes, it is possible to make money with this, but are you willing to risk your own money to find out?

The Way I Make Money Online

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2016 and my affiliate marketing websites generate enough for me to live and travel in south-east Asia.

I know it sounds cheesy but I do actually make money in my sleep, all thanks to the power of affiliate marketing.

It would take me too long to go through the ins and outs of exactly how it all works here, but if you are ready to put in the time and the hard work then be sure to take a look at my complete affiliate marketing guide for beginners here.

It’ll show you exactly what I am doing and how you too can get started if you happen to like the idea of making passive income online.

CB Money Vine Review: The Bottom Line

Bryan and Tom have done a good job of integrating a ton of affiliate offers onto a single web page, but there’s no getting around the fact you are only ever going to succeed with this if you can get enough people looking at your site who then decide to make a purchase.

Sharing your website link to social media won’t get much traction as people don’t just scroll their Facebook timelines and start clicking on spamming looking links, leaving you with only the other option of risking your own money and paying for an ads budget with no guarantee of getting a return.

Newbies are going to seriously struggle to make any money with this and could even end up losing money as your only real options are to spam your social media followers or start paying out for expensive ads which might not get you any results at all.

A Better CB Money Vine Alternative?

If you are serious about becoming a full-time internet marketer then Wealthy Affiliate is a serious contender.

They are an all-in-one affiliate marketing training platform that will give you everything you need to start earning 5 or 6 figures online without needing to pay out a fortune on ads or spam social media.

cb money vs wealthy affiliate alternative

Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my start and their training has been proven to work time and time again.

Take a look at this CB Money Vine vs. Wealthy Affiliate comparison and you’ll see why it’s really a no-brainer:

Ultimately it’s your choice my friend, but if you want to give yourself the best chance of success then I highly recommend you take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive as a free Starter member or check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more.

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