Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam Or Does It Really Deliver?

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam Review

Get Weekly Paychecks promises to help get fat commission checks sent to your door and show you how to make money step-by-step so you can live the life you want.

If you've found yourself on their website recently or had a friend trying to recruit you then you're at the right place!

By the end of this honest and frank review, you're going to know if Get Weekly Paychecks is a scam or a legit work from home opportunity.

Get Weekly Paychecks Review At A Glance

About: is a $25 per month training course designed to help you promote the Motor Club Of America MLM. 

Price: $25 per month plus $19.95 per month for MCA membership.

Pros: Some of the selling and recruiting is done digitally.

Cons: MLMs have a 99% failure rate.

Verdict: Get Weekly Paychecks isn't a scam but with a strong emphasis on recruiting they are a borderline pyramid scheme. I recommend you avoid this one.


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As they're a multi-level marketing company (MLM), you can only begin to make money once you've recruited other recruiters into your downline.

As the main source of income comes from recruiting rather than selling a product or service, some accuse them of being a pyramid scheme.

Whether it is or not, you're going to have to get comfortable selling face to face and recruiting your family and friends. That's a lot easier said than done!

Personally, I think this is the old way of doing business and it isn't for everyone. That's why I started an online business that generates more than $7,000 per month.

I followed proven step-by-step training and got results.

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What Is Get Weekly Paychecks?

The Get Weekly Paychecks website really doesn't tell you how you make money with this. All you're presented with is a signup form with social sign up options:

get weekly paychecks review

The only clue we're given is in the Get Weekly Paychecks' slogan:

The World's #1 All-Time Best Selling MCA Sales System”

MCA? After a bit of digging, I found out MCA stands for Motor Club of America; a direct sales company that sells roadside assistance.

To find out more I decided to go ahead and sign up. Unfortunately, I came up against a couple of glitches right from the get-go… the connecting with Facebook button redirects you to a blank page. It just never loads.

I signed up using the email option and straight away I was taken to a payments page where I learned that this is a monthly payment plan for $25.

get weekly paychecks is a scam

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not going to sign up for something I know nothing about! After browsing the site a little I found two different landing pages.

Here's a screenshot of Landing page 1: just a simple video with a signup form encouraging you to sign up as an independent referral agent to earn up to $2,000 a week.

what is get paid weekly

Landing page 2 explains making money with this system is as easy as creating an account, signing in and setting up your Get Weekly Paychecks “marketing system”:

is get weekly paychecks a scam or legitimate

This is dubious, to say the least. I earn a full-time income online but only after putting in a lot of time and effort. After reviewing hundreds of scams I know a red flag when I see one.

Anyone promising fast and easy cash is only trying to dupe you or sell you something!

Get Weekly Paychecks' REAL Monthly Bill

The monthly bill for Get Weekly Paychecks is $25 per month. For that, you'll get help with website hosting, creating landing pages and setting up SMS texting campaigns.

make money get weekly paychecks review

But here's the thing:

Since the only way you're ever going to make any money is by promoting Motor Club of America, you're also going to have to sign up as a paid member with them.

The cost?

You're required to pay an additional $39.90 for your first month and $19.95 per month afterwards, on top of your $25 per month GWP fee.

So in reality, you're paying $64.90 the first month and $44.95 every month thereafter.

What do you have to do to make money?

Take a look at and you'll see the full compensation plan, but here it is in a nutshell:

There are two ways you can earn commissions with this pyramid style structure:

  1. Sell roadside cover to your family and friends
  2. Recruit those same family and friends as independent referral agents and earn a commission of their sales.

This is how all direct sales marketing companies work. If this isn't something you can see yourself doing then you'd better look for another opportunity.

I'm not saying you can't be successful with this, just that it takes a certain type of personality to go out there and get those all-important sales and recruits.

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam?

While I think the monthly fee is expensive for the mediocre services they offer, they're not a scam. They're upfront about what they are; a sales program for Motor Club of America.

Get Weekly Paychecks could be a legitimate work from home opportunity for those with the right personality, drive and skillset to make it happen.

I just find for me, learning how to create websites that generate sales around the clock a much more effective way to achieve financial freedom.

Is Get Weekly Paychecks Right For You?

To help people just like you find the best ways to make real money online I've reviewed dozens of direct sales marketing companies like Motor Club of America such as:

And honestly, my verdict is always the same:

The products are almost always overpriced, becoming a sales agent is definitely not for everyone and they often have unfair and overly complex binary commission structures.

Face to face selling is such an old-fashioned, pre-internet way of doing business…

I get paid monthly by my online businesses.

How did I do it?

I joined Invincible Marketer worked my way through the training.

They have a thriving community of entrepreneurs and top-notch training to get you to where you want to be.

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6 thoughts on “Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam Or Does It Really Deliver?”

  1. Dear Simon,

    Thanks for the thorough review on Get Weekly Paychecks and I wanted to give you a thumps up. You have addressed all the details I need to know. I’ve tried out many other programs online and failed to make any money with all of them. So I always read reviews about products to gain more knowledge before buying it. Your review is very helpful I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks again.

    Your Friend,

  2. Hello friend,

    I really like Your review. You were very thorough with every single detail about this MLM program.

    To be honest, I have never liked any MLM program at all. And this is simply because of their pyramid scheme. I just hate the idea of having to go round looking for people to recruit them.

    And like You rightly said, if You’re not ready to do the job of recruiting other members, then You’re going to benefit from their compensation plan since most MLM programs solely depend on recruiting and direct face to face selling.

    In addition to that, MLM programs are not FREE to get started. Thanks for this honest review, You’re going to save a lot of people from wasting their hard-earned $25.


    • Don’t forget the MCA membership price on top of that!

      I tried the whole MLM recruitment game and its painstaking!

      It’s much easier to put the work in once to create an online business that can generate sales and commissions for you every day of the year, but hey maybe that’s just me 😉

  3. They don’t sound like a scam but I would still stay away from them. I have tried multi-level-marketing before and I found that it just wasnt for me.

    Though the help, support and group meetings were great, I was still asked to talk to family and friends and try to convince them to either buy the product for commissions or to join under me, which I found made me very uncomfortable.

    I have to agree with you, that the business model can be great for those people who are outgoing and just love working in general. But it isnt a viable opportunity for just anybody,

    • Me too Reyhena, I tried Amway at some point and even had a few people in my down-line. This was before I discovered the 21st century to do business by leveraging the wonderful technology of the internet 🙂


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