Is Click N’Flip A Scam? The ONLY Review Telling The TRUTH!

Is Click N'Flip A Scam

Hi, and welcome to my Click N'Flip review where we ask:

Is Click N'Flip a scam or a legit money-maker?

Let me start by commending you for doing your research on Teo Vee's latest program before jumping in and handing over your money.

It's your due diligence that will protect you from all the hyped-up get-rich-quick scams out there and lead you to the real way of making money online.

So what's really going on with Click N'Flip? Let's find out!

Click N'Flip Review At A Glance

About: Teo Vee's make money online opportunity flipping pictures. (I know, doesn't even make sense to me too!)

Price: $97 for starters then $,2000, $3,000 or even $5,000 to ‘take your earnings to the next level.'

Pros: None at all.

Cons: Not upfront about the cost, fake testimonials, lots of complaints, steep-priced upsells.

Verdict: Click N'Flip is an outright scam that tries to convince you making money is as easy and fast as flipping pictures when you don't even know what it's for.


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‘Teo Vee' is a guy who claims he went from making money flipping burgers to making money flipping pictures, all thanks to a French child genius who showed him the way – yeah, it's a crazy story with outrageous income claims that just don't add up.

There's nothing real or legit about Click N'Flip – the names, video testimonials and income generating methods are all lies created to manipulate and deceive.

Not only is Click N'Flip a scam, but it's a dangerous and costly one that leads its unsuspecting victims through a downward spiral of higher and higher-priced upsells leaving them $1,000's worse off.

What Is Click N'Flip About?

Here's a guy trying to sell you on his ‘crazy simple trick' to using pictures as a way to create a consistent online income.

All we know from the landing page and sales video is that apparently there's a webpage out there that lets you click and flip pictures and get solid payouts.

If you've seen the video you would have heard ‘Teo Vee' say he's going to show you exactly how his formula works… but then he doesn't.

what is click n'flip
Teo says they're worth $10,000…

Instead, the video goes on about how Teo was working in a deli store in New York and his car was repossessed. He was a complete failure. Until of course he had a big breakthrough.

At church one day he was introduced to a 14-year-old French genius (yes, that's really what he says!) and his eyes were forever opened.

This little kid blew Teo's mind when he sat down and supposedly ‘dragged and dropped' an image. They waited… until suddenly the picture got a click!

Then another…!

And another!

After a few minutes, this French kid had made $400 in sales! Sales of what exactly? We're never told.

He could be talking about making money with online ads or affiliate marketing; either way, it's never as straightforward as simply copying and pasting random pictures and waiting for people to click.

The video ends by telling you to hit the Add To Cart button to get the full course on how to ‘click and flip'.

He says in return for paying $49 you'll get:

  • A complete training system
  • Personalised, dedicated help and support
  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Can You Make Money With Click N'Flip?

This is a funny question to answer because, well… clicking and flipping pictures isn't actually a money-making thing. How can it be?

Sure, it's a catchy name for a training course, but as a business model, it doesn't make any sense.

In the video Teo says, “People click on pictures and buy, then you get paid…”

But what are they buying exactly? If this all sounds a bit odd, it's because it is…

Click N'Flip makes a lot of big promises but offers very little substance.

4 Click N'Flip Red Flags To Watch Out For!

1. How Much Is It Again?

There seems to be a lot of confusion over how much Click N'Flip actually costs.

Go to the homepage and you're told you buy the training course for $47:

click nflip cost

Hit the Add To Cart button and you're taken to a payment form, only this time you're asked to pay $97:

click nflip pricing

This means that, even though this is being advertised at $47, the actual price is $97. If they can't get even get a basic thing like the price right, what do you think the quality of their training is going to be like?

2. Nobody Makes Any Money With This

That's right, there's nobody who has gone through Teo's course and made millions.

But what about all those video testimonials we saw from members saying they'd made like $80,000 in a day?

100% fake! These people aren't members at all, but paid actors reading from a script!

make money click nflip

If a program is legit they'll never struggle to find successful members more than happy to share their success stories. With Click N'Flip they have to resort to paying people to say the system works.

Obviously, when a get-rich-quick guru comes along claiming to have a foolproof money-making formula has to use fake success stories, this is a HUGE sign this is not what it's cracked up to be.

All those promises about making $1,000's on your first day – utter nonsense.

Even the disclaimer at the bottom of the Click N'Flip website says, “No income claims are made, implied or guaranteed.” – definitely NOT what they said in the video!

3. ‘Teo Vee' Is Behind Many A Weird Scam

Click N'Flip owner ‘Teo Vee' is actually Teo Vanyo, the same guy behind a whole plethora of programs like Social Stinger, Amazing Rapid Cash and Ecom Cash Code.

All bizarre and elaborate scams making all kinds of crazy claims to draw people in, before leaving them high and dry.

You'll find a TON of negative reviews and complaints about Teo and his get-rich-quick schemes on sites like Better Business Bureau.

Here's one of his latest scam victims demanding her money back:

click n'flip reviews scam complaints

Here's another review giving an insider glimpse at how Teo's scams are designed to squeeze as much money out of people as possible:

what is click and flip a scam
This scam victim lost $2,000 on what started out as a $49 product!

How did she lose $2,000?

Well, as I'll show you in a second, the $49 you pay for Click N'Flip marks just the beginning of a very long and expensive sales funnel.

4. Click N'Flip Is A Gateway Scam (Beware The Upsells!)

Online con-artists know asking people to pay $2,000 upfront will scare them away, so they take a more subtle and sophisticated approach.

They begin by luring you in with promises of instant and easy cash, then ask you to make a small ‘investment' of $47 to show you're serious. Once they've got you in the door and know you're a buyer, they'll quickly ramp up the aggressive sales tactics.

Remember the ‘personalised, dedicated help and support' Teo promises you in the video? He says he has a team of advisors ready and waiting to guide you every step of the program.

These advisors are really nothing more than pushy salespeople who will try their best to convince you to part with an extra $,2000, $3,000 or even $5,000 in order to ‘take your earnings to the next level.'

Is Click N'Flip A Scam?


With crazy stories about a French child genius making money flipping pictures, fake names, fake success stories and hundreds of complaints:

Yes, Click N'Flip is a scam.

Not only do you not make money with this program, but you could end up losing up to $10,000.

Want my advice? Stay away from Click N'Flip and keep your money in your account where it belongs.

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8 thoughts on “Is Click N’Flip A Scam? The ONLY Review Telling The TRUTH!”

  1. I’ve been through my fair share of scams and this must be one of the newer ones.

    This is all about flipping pictures?You know it’s always the upsells after the initial charge that get me.

    There’s no guarantee you can even make any money even if it’s legit.I got tired of all the scams and found Wealthy Affiliate and this is the real deal!

    You won’t find a more honest program online.You choose a passionate niche, build your website, get traffic, and create income.If you follow the training and ask for help, you’ll be successful!

  2. I am glad to found this post. WOW, crazy and expensive scam. Loosing up to 2000 on this ugly scam is horrible. I see people all around searching for some real and legit way to earn money online (as I see some of them even ready to invest 2000 dollars). Pity there are so many scams online. That creates highly untrusted environment for starting online business. 

    I’ve checked the platform you recommended. Actually, this seems to be the best deal I’ve seen. They are offering a basic training course, possibility to open own website and use a keyword research tool with limitations of course but for FREE, this is amazing. I saw your story as well, so how long does it take to earn money online?

    • It’s so true – there are a lot of people out there like me who make a full-time income (more than) from my websites so it definitely is possible. The problem is you have to break through a wall of scams before finding a legit program that actually works and a lot people lose too much money to half-baked trainign programs and after seeing no results, just quit.

      Yes one of the reasons that program gets my highest rating is because people can test drive the whole program for free as a Starter member. As you say, there’s a free 10 lesson course on getting started as well as free website builders and hosting. 

      There’s the option to go Premium if you want ($47/month) but only if you’re feeling like this is definitely the direction you want to go.

      I started in March 2014, made my first sale 2 weeks later (just $1!) but that proved to me it worked. 

      At the 6 month mark i was making a consistent income and at 12 months I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and never looked back! I worked hard, especially in those first few months but it definitely pays off in the end if you stick with it. 

  3. It really makes me upset when people are getting scamed out of their hard earned money.  We all need to do a lot more reseach into the programs that we are interested in because some of them just sound too good to be true and they are, too good to be true that is.So many promises and too many upsells.  These programs are just designed to take your money and not to make you any money.It is great that you take the time to expose some of these scams so that people can avoid them.  All of them should be exposed and taken down.

  4. Thanks for the warning. I already thought this click’n’flip is suspicious when I saw the landing page.

    It sounds too good to be true to make a lot of money with just posting images. I wonder how this should work.

    To discount something from $97 to $47 but eventually ask for $97 is already a scam if you ask me.

  5. Someone sent me an email telling me about a unique online opportunity that sent me to the Click N’ Flip website. I’m glad I found your review before I did anything.

    A French genius? Haha, what a joke. And you have to pay $49? What’s sad is that a lot of people desperate for money will fall for this and will eventually realize they have been victim of a scam. 

    I know because I fell for one a few years ago, even though I was aware that there were scams out there and sharks waiting for you to plunge into the deep ocean. Anyway, thanks for making us aware of this product. Keep it up!

    • That’s great to hear Ben, even just saving 1 person form falling prey to this scam artist makes it all worthwhile!

      On the landing page it’s advertised at $47 but go to the payment page and it’s $97, so who knows how much it is lol

      Scams are getting more and more sophisticated as people learn what signs to look out for. Even 20 years after the birth of the internet, it’s still the wild west out there with too many people putting in scammers pockets. One of my personal goals is to stop making scams profitable so there’s less of them around – one can but hope!

  6. Thank you for the review. Will take note on the name Teo Vee. These people make me wonder on how come they are still scamming people online and do not get any consequences? Everyone wants to get rich quick I guess, I used to be one those people too. Hopefully a lot of people come across your page (do any research) before quickly giving their hard earned money to them. I almost fell for Dan Lok too. Great read.

    Happy Holidays


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