Ecom Cash Code Review 2022: Teo Vee Strikes Again!


Welcome to the ONLY Ecom Cash Code review that exposes the truth. You'll find out if Ecom Cash Code is a scam designed to take your cash or a legit training course worth pursuing.

I do not work for the guy calling himself Teo Vee and I'm here to help you avoid scammy get-rich-quick schemes and find real money-making programs.

I signed up to Ecom Cash Code, so let's take a look at what I found out:

Ecom Cash Code Review At A Glance

About: Teo Vee says his Ecom Cash Code course reveals the “secret code” to unlock online earnings of $365K/year.

Price: $97 discounted to $49 plus $10,000+ in upsells.

Pros: Seriously none I can think of.

Cons: Fake claims, fake names, fake testimonials, pushy sales calls.

Verdict: Victims are taken down a spiral of expensive upsells leaving them $1,000s worse off. Ecom Cash Code is clearly a get-rich-quick scam you want to avoid.


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Ecom Cash Code can be found on several websites across the web but they all work the same way:

You pay to access a ‘secret code’ you can ‘plug into’ for unlimited profits for zero effort.

‘Teo Vee’ (a fake name) is a serial scammer who will tell you anything to dupe you into handing over your cash.

There’s nothing real or legit about Ecom Cash Code; the fake names and fake video testimonials are only designed to manipulate and deceive.

Not only is Ecom Cash Code a scam, but with ‘expert coaches’ calling every hour of the day trying to convince you to buy expensive upgrades, victims are led down a spiral of higher-priced upsells leaving them $1,000’s worse off with nothing to show for it.

Want my honest advice?

Stay away from this get-rich-quick crap and learn how to generate a full-time income online instead.

Read my SUPER in-depth Invincible Marketer review where I outline exactly how this training platform helps me earn $7,000/month.

What Is Ecom Cash Code?

Ecom Cash Code is a program created by Teo Vanyo that promises to give you the “ultra-secret code” to make $1,000/day online.

The webpage is pretty basic and it looks like they're not going to tell you anything about how this program works until you fill out the form giving them your name, email and phone number.

is ecom cash code a scam

Across the top of the site, it says this is the system that everyone's talking about with Ecom Cash Code calling itself the way to make an easy side income.

I think it's strange that a system calling itself the ‘Ecom Cash Code' is on a website called This tells me this could be one of those scams that are littering the web using a whole array of different names and websites.

Already suspicious but curious to find out more, I filled out the form using fake details. (If this isn't legit I don't want any annoying sales calls!)

sign up form

I filled out all my details but the sign up has some kind of glitch and wouldn't take me to the next screen so I dug a little deeper and found another Ecom Cash Code website that looks like this:

what is ecom cash code a scam review

Finally, I could watch the video, but to be honest it didn't give me much to go on…

‘Teo Vee' says he started $213 in commissions overnight. $6,822 in a week, 90 days $114,500 all because a friend showed him how to find a website that interested in and then ‘plugged in' this special code…

He says since he's discovered this amazing code he's shared it with others who have had similar results…

He says Ecom Cash Code works by ‘plugging into a code'. You don't need any knowledge about computers – all you need is an internet connection and a desire to make it happen.

We're supposed to believe you can make $350,000 a year if you just plug in the code (what does that even mean?!), sit back, relax and watch the automated Ecom Cash Code do all the work for you.

So obviously this all sounds a little bit far-fetched… 

Do things this great actually happen in real life? Or is this just some fairytale load of BS that is going to suck you into a nasty scam and leave you with less money than when you started?

You'll also find the Ecom Cash Code on a whole variety of different website domains. Here's the few I know about so far:


Add any others you come across in the comments below, that would really help us out.

How Much Does Ecom Cash Code Cost?

Full access to the Ecom Cash Code system is sold for $97, but try closing the website and you're offered a $50 discount to bring the price down to $47.

As I'll show you in a second though, sign up and this won't be the last time you'll have to get your wallet out.

4 Ecom Cash Code Ugly Truths Exposed!

1. Scammer Teo Vee Strikes Again!

teo vanyo scammer
Teo Vanyo – expert con artist

‘Teo Vee’ is the fake name Teo Vanyo uses to hide his true identity.

Teo Vanyo is the guy behind get-rich-quick scams like Click N'Flip, Get The Discovery and The Ecom Club to name a few…

With Ecom Cash Code he claims he had a friend who told him the code, with Click N'Flip a 14-year-old French genius gave him the code.

In all the scams the basic story is the same: he's the only one with access to this ultra-secret life-changing code and you're gonna have to pay Teo Vanyo $97 to get it.

2. I've Seen These Fake Video Testimonials Before

Watching the video, I instantly recognised the people pretending to be making $1000's a day following Teo's method.

They're nothing more than hired actors who will say anything you want for $5:

ecom cash code scam proof

Notice how the members never mention Ecom Cash Code by name?

This is because, when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Teo uses these exact same video testimonials across all of his scam sites.

The whole video is full of fake and recycled ‘earnings proof' and success stories to deceive you into thinking this is legit.

3. Ecom Cash Code Uses Fake Verification

At the bottom of the website, you'll see verified eCommerce logos…

So the site is verified? Brilliant! But verified by who exactly?

ecom cash code pricing and costs

These look good, right? They fool you into thinking your money is safe.

Teo cuts and pastes these images onto his site to try and give his scheme legitimacy but in truth, they're completely meaningless.

4. Teo's Expert Advisors Will Squeeze You For Cash

Teo says you'll be working with an ‘expert Ecom Cash Code advisor' who will check in with you to make sure everything is working properly for you and to answer any questions you might have.

Immediately this raises a huge red flag! I've lost count of the number of scams I've reviewed where they use so-called ‘success coaches' to hard-sell you on more expensive upsells and upgrades.

These are trained and pushy salespeople who will not take no for an answer.

They'll manipulate you by asking how serious you are about living the millionaire lifestyle then try selling you a $2,000 ‘full training' package and monthly web hosting fees.

My advice?

Do NOT give them your phone number because you'll be harassed by sales calls from these so-called ‘expert coaches' who will say and do anything to bleed you dry.

Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam Or Legit?

All the signs point to Ecom Cash Code being a scam; you're told you'll make crazy amounts of money on autopilot, there's actors hired to pretend the system works and we have an owner who doesn't want you to know his real name.

Teo Vanyo uses lies, deception and aggressive sales tactics and should definitely not be trusted!

How Making Money Online Really Works

If you’re sick and tired of wasting your time and money on get-rich-quick scams like this that never get results then let me offer you a better way.

Work from home scams like Ecom Cash Code will always sell you on the idea making money online is instant and automatic but I promise you, there's no revolutionary new system or ultra-secret code that pumps money into your account while you sleep.

The biggest secret to online financial success is that there are no shortcuts.

It can be a bitter pill to swallow but the good news is you can build a real online business for yourself if you're willing to put in the effort and work hard.

For those willing to take massive action making money online is really not that difficult. Anyone can make money online, you just need the right program to follow.

Why listen to me? Because I started my first income-generating website in 2015 and I now make over $7,000 a month (and I'm just getting started!)

I’m not a technical whizz, yet because I followed a legit step-by-step course and applied what I learned I became very successful. Follow the same training I did and you WILL get the results you're looking for.

The course I’m recommending?

It’s completely free to start so put your wallet away! I know whatever your online income goals are if you really want to make them happen then you can!

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28 thoughts on “Ecom Cash Code Review 2022: Teo Vee Strikes Again!”

  1. So I spent exactly 10 minutes researching this and all the Ecom Cash Code “method” is about is paying out for shitty sub-par “training” which tells you to buy into various upsells so you can then dupe others into doing the same thing and cashing in.

    How is this NOT a pyramid scheme??! Definitely another one for the scam trash pile.

    • Kudos for doing your research Benson! If more people took the time to do this before diving in at the deep end then Teo Vee and friends would soon be out of business! 

  2. Be careful of Teo Vee or whatever he calls himself nowadays. I know him. He comes across as sincere and helpful sometimes but people have ended up spending thousands of dollars on his products and gone bankrupt.

    It seems like he’s always coming out with the next big thing but as soon as the hype dies down he just releases another. I bought his Social Stinger program and what a waste of money that was! Don’t do it guys! 

  3. Hi Simon, thanks for your review on Ecom cash code, yes I have seen the ads for it a few times but never tried it because I assumed it was a scam site. 

    The warning signs you provided here are valuable.  We all must be more vigilant, thanks for the alert. Debbie.

    • Some people are better at knowing the difference between a legitimate program versus a scam that’s going to take advantage of them. I am glad you didn’t fall for this one like so many others who have lost a lot of money thanks to Teo Vee and his scammy programs.

      • Teo Vee is a complete piece of shit for a human being. He scammed me out of 10s of thousands of dollars. This website here actually looks like something he would construct. Ever see the movie Joker? Nothing would make me happier than to read in the news one day that Teo Vee gets what he fucking deserves.

  4. Hy Simon,

    I am always impressed by the way you help people identify scams online. It is really a great job and I am impressed by the logic you have used to get how scammy the website was!

    Being sincere, I was about to be among the victims who are losing money to these scammers but this article has played a big role to save my money. Actually not the article, but the writer Mr. Simon.

    Thanks always!

    • I appreciate this more than you know! We’ve exposed 100’s of internet scams so far and we’re just getting started. After a while it gets easier to identify the common scam warning signs.

      I’m glad you get to keep your money where it belongs – in your bank account NOT Teo Vee’s! 

  5. Wow, it is actually very sad to see that there Isa platform online like this one that is only out there to get people’s money from them. I didn’t ever think that I will find a platform like this one that lies and has so much upsells like this. I think the authorities need to take a look at this and make some investigation because this is a big scam. I almost fell for it. Thanks for this review.

    • Unfortunately half-baked get-rich-quick courses are all too common which is why I spend a large part of time scam busting… I’d much rather stay on a more positive note but people need to be aware of the tactics scammers like Teo Vee uses so they can stay safe.

      Glad you found the review Riley, close call!

  6. Hi Simon!

    Your review is very well done! I like how you gave us all the facts and I hope a lot of people will understand that ecom cash is a scam. The guy is using the same testimonials used in his other scams to attract people and get their cash.

    I hope people will take the time to learn exactly how to make money online really works. And understand that there is no short cut to make money online, you need to do the work, be consistent and be patient.


  7. Thank You Simon Crowe for your honest review. We need to post this review everywhere in order to expose this guy for what he really is:

    A Superb Ecom Con Artist for Sure…

    I am going to Wealthy Affiliate for sure.


  8. Consumer’s Original Complaint with Better Business Bureau
    I purchased 2 websites as I was led to believe that with a bit of work I could expect a reasonable income but I did not make one dime. It’s a scam.
    On August 9, 2018 I purchased the two website, “Done For You”, package with check #1017 from my Sunmark FCU account for $1997.

    My Ecom Club stressed that with their constant supervision and support, a person like myself could expect to earn a reasonable, moderate income. I did not expect to get rich or anything outrageous like that, I juat thought that things would go as I was led to believe, namely that if I took the online classes and applied myself, i could expect to earn a moderate income given time. However, They make you sign documents that state you only get 3 days to request a full refund. I wanted to give this a chance to work so for the next year I took their online classes and consulted with their advisers.

    Because of the constant drain on my limited finances, not only was I not able to open the 2nd website, but the first website never made one thin dime. On August 16, 2019, I contacted their executive offices and demanded an immediate refund. All I got back was an email on the 19th from account manager Denise Pitts saying that they were denying my refund.

    I am now convinced that My Ecom Club is a scam directed at separating senior citizens like myself from their limited, fixed incomes. Please assist me in obtaining a full refund.

    Consumer’s Desired Resolution:
    I was led to believe that with the coaching and constant support they give you, a person like myself who applied themselves could expect to make a reasonable amount of income over time. However, the contract that they have you sign only gives you 3 days to cancel for a full refund. I now believe that this is a major scam designed to rob senior citizens like myself of the limited funds they have available on a fixed income.

  9. Thank God I just read your review. I was about to fall for that scam. What about Is that a scam too?

  10. Thank you so much for that review! It’s awful how people out there take advantage of those who are really just trying to find an alternative to the daily 9-5 grind. We need people like you out there exposing creeps like this! There just is no such thing as making money for doing nothing. 

  11. Thanks for a forthright and objective review of the Ecom Cash Code product. From the creator to the fake testimonials, the nonspecific means you will earn, to the unrealistic amounts you will earn, and finally, the fake trust images, this entire program reeks of scam.

    You are right that there are legitimate ways to make money online, there is no need to scam people, and this creator seems to have the formula down pat on how to lure unsuspecting new to the internet entrepreneurs into his products, where they will be further milked for more money.

    The alternative you suggest is far better to learn what really is required and even shows you step by step in their training how to get a viable online business set up. I have used the Wealthy Affiliate platform for almost 4 years now, and it has provided a clear path to establishing and then growing the online business in an ethical manner.

    Programs such as this Ecom Cash Code need to be exposed so that fewer people fall into their trap and the real ones can guide the would-be online marketer in the right direction. You have done a good job showing why this product is not worth the time of day.  

    • Thank you for sharing Dave and I think you raise a very valid point – a lot of people trying ‘the make money online thing’ then end up falling for scams like this and then give up on the whole idea entirely. This is a real shame because as you and I both know, there are tons of ways to make money online from affiliate marketing to drop shipping, freelancing, local SEO and so on and so on.

      I’ve been a WA member for just over 5 years now (here’s my success story) and I will never leave. It’s great to see a fellow WAer on the blog, thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  12. Well well! And how do people just want to invest money and sit around, doing nothing and expect a return? Thanks for this review. We need all these scammers exposed!!

    I am with you on the Wealthy Affiliate Program. A full step by step tutorials that is guaranteed to help you make money online. Totally Legit!

    • I’m not the one hiring paid actors to give fake testimonials, using a fake name or promising you fast and easy money for doing nothing. Plus, if I were a scammer I’d tell you to buy Ecom Cash Code and make a nice $5,000 commission…

  13. Hello Simon, 

    I am seriously looking to generate an extra income online and if Ecom Cash Code really works I’d love to find out more about it. I lost my job recently and can not work now due to health problems and I am afraid of all the scams out there.

    What other work from home programs can you recommend that are legit?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Clauia, as I said in my review Ecom Cash Code is a scam and I would strongly recommend you stay well away from it! 

      How To Quickly Learn To Make Real Money Online instead as it will give you 10 free lessons and community support on starting your first money making website from scratch. Don’t worry it’s really not as technical as it sounds and the lessons will walk you through everything you need to know step-by-step. 🙂

      You won’t start earning overnight but if you have lots of time to working from homke this is an ideal solution for you as you can build your online income right from where you are.

      Hope this helps!

      • I recently bought into teo vee’s ecom club n gave him $2000 to build me 2 stores online. He did build my store I’ve got products and a domain name is it still fake?After reading what u had to say is there anyway I can get my money back? Please help me because I invested my income tax money n I don’t have any other income

        • Hi John,

          As I say in the review, the outrageous earnings claims, hired actors and aggressive sales tactics designed to take $1,000’s out of your account, ‘Teo V’ is not to be trusted. If you can get a refund I would try and get one.


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