Is 6 Steps To Freedom A Scam? (What Jeff DOESN’T Tell You!)

Is 6 Steps To Freedom A Scam

Hi, and welcome to my 6 Steps To Freedom review where we’ll be asking:

Is 6 Steps To Freedom a scam or a real pathway to a financially worry-free life?

First off, let me commend you for taking a moment to do your research on this program before rushing ahead to sign up.

This is the best way to avoid scams and find real online income opportunities!

So what about Jeff Lerner? Can he really show you how to get rich or is he just full of baloney?

Here’s what I found out.

6 Steps To Freedom Review Quick Overview

6 steps to freedom review scam Product Name: 6 Steps To Freedom


Created by: Jeff Lerner

Price: $49

Upsells: $10,000+


The slick marketing tactics used to promote 6 Steps To Freedom are highly deceptive. They promise a true road to riches for $47 then dangle the carrot of financial freedom in front of you until you’ve forked out $1,000’s.

How do you recoup your losses? By tricking others into joining the scheme you just joined. The whole is system is making money by signing others up to the system.

If you’re considering 6 Steps To Freedom I wholeheartedly suggest you take 6 steps back and run for the hills.

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No

What We’ll Cover In This Review:

What Is 6 Steps To Freedom?

6 Steps To Freedom by Jeff Lerner promises you an exact system you can follow to become financially free and live life on your own terms.

Head on over to the sales page and you’ll see a banner across the top claiming this program has been featured on places like Newsweek and USA Today… except it hasn’t.

This is fake news and not a good start!

Anyways, when you click the button to find out more you’ll have to enter your email before you’ll be allowed to watch the sales video that asks you to hand over $49.

 what is 6 steps to freedom a scam

So what are the 6 steps to freedom? We’re never actually told.

Instead, we’re hit with dramatic pictures with pictures of yachts, cars, beaches and mansions.

6 steps to freedom jeff lerner

You’ll hear people brag about how much money they’ve made, throwing big numbers around like $72k, $32k and $89k.

Jeff shares his rags to riches story about how he started out working in a bar in Houston, Texas and now he’s made millions of dollars from home.

That’s apparently when he decided to share his money-making secrets with others so he ran a small test group and now he’s ready to share it with the world.

Interestingly, this is the exact same story (almost line by line) and same testimonials I’ve seen in a promo video for a program I reviewed recently called My Hidden Pages.

Except in that video, the guy called himself Mike, even though Jeff Lerner created that too – at least he’s using his real name in this one.

In both videos, we get a lot of hype, but we’re not ever given any solid information like what the business model is, what kind of tasks you’ll have to complete to generate an income, what the 6 steps are and how it actually works.

All we know at this point is that Jeff says we’ll learn the simple techniques he used to generate $50,000 in 5 days selling a $49 product that costs nothing to deliver.

How 6 Steps To Freedom really works


Actually, 6 Steps To Freedom is nothing new – I’ve seen a dozen of programs very similar to this one, all coming from Jeff Lerner.

Jeff is a serial product launcher who comes out with a ‘revolutionary new money-making method’ every few months.

Each time it’s the same basic affiliate marketing course that shows you how to promote the same product you just bought. The only thing that changes is the name.

This is why you’ll notice odd things like the fact 6 Steps To Freedom is being promoted on a website called and when you click on the disclaimer it’ll take you to the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle site.

Listen to testimonials in the video again and you’ll see they never mention 6 Steps To Freedom directly – it’s always “Thanks to Jeff” or “Jeff’s program.

So what’s the business model exactly?

The system is making money by signing others up to the system. There’s nothing more to it than that.

While they do give you some basic training in return for your money, all the training is focused on reselling the same product you just bought.

Does that sound fishy to you? It should!

6 steps to freedom pyramid scheme scam

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a pyramid scheme is:

“A business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme.”

I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself if this program matches that description or not…

Beware the super expensive upsells!

My biggest problem with 6 Steps To Freedom is how much it ends up costing you. $49 is just the beginning of a sales funnel that’s going to push you into spending up to $10,000.

Those personal 1-on-1 advisors Jeff talked about? Sure, they’ll help you get started – by pressuring you to ‘upgrade to take your business to the next level’ and hand over ever-increasing amounts of cash.

Whether you want to call 6 Steps To Freedom an online pyramid scheme or just a triangular-shaped business model, they have 6 levels of membership with a price tag attached to each step.

As the only way to make money with 6 Steps To Freedom is having other people sign up to 6 Steps of Freedom, the only way to ensure you get full commissions is by becoming a fully-fledged $10,000 level 6 member yourself.

If you don’t, you’ll end up losing out.

Let’s say for example you’re at level 1 and one of your recruits joins at level 1 – great, you’ll get 50%! But stay at level 1 and they upgrade to level 2 – you’ll get nothing.

The commission structure is designed like this on purpose to get you to hand over more and more of your money. Jeff and his ‘success coaches’ (aggressive sales agents) will say things like:

  • “You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself!”
  • “You will only succeed by throwing fear aside and going all in!”
  • “Your dream life begins today with one decision!”
  • Are you really going to say ‘no’ to your future financial freedom?”

They’ll say anything to get you to hand your credit card details over!

Do that and you’ll end up like this lady and so many others, desperately struggling to recruit others into the scheme to try and recoup her losses:

I hope you can see now just how so many people have ended up losing $10,000’s through this program.

Can You Really Make Money With 6 Steps To Freedom?

Yes, you can but this type of business model should be approached with extreme caution. It’s very risky and not one I recommend.

90% of people lose money in a scheme like this. The crazy high membership costs 6 Steps To Freedom has meant that’s a lot of people have lost a lot of money.

People start off thinking they’re getting a complete done-for-you system for $49, it’s only once you’ve already bought in that you realise you’re going to have to shell out $1,000’s if you want to go all the way.

On top of that, these systems can only last for so long before they fizzle out and collapse. As this chart shows, you only have to get to 13 levels before you’ve surpassed the population of the earth.


This is exactly why so-called make money online systems like 6 Steps To Freedom get shut down.

My Online Business Education (MOBE) and Digital Altitude were two make money online training programs that were shut down by the FTC in 2018.

They both worked in very much the same way 6 Steps To Freedom does – you draw people in with promises of fast and easy cash for doing next to nothing, hook them with a $49 product and assign them a ‘success coach’ who will pressure them to upgrade to the highest $10,000 level so they can then, in turn, promote the same program to others.

Can you make money?

Yes, but know this is going to take a lot of investment upfront and be sure this is the type of scheme you really want to put your name to and promote.

Is 6 Steps To Freedom A Scam?


Jeff Lerner uses under-handed marketing tactics with promises of financial freedom to lure people into paying for a very basic $49 course.

The true cost of the program is never exposed until you get inside and are pushed with outrageously priced upsells, upsells you’re going to need to buy into to have even a slim chance of making any money.

Look beyond the hype, flashy cars and millionaire mansions and you’ll see the all too common story of people losing money in the $1,000’s with this – heck, even their own disclaimer says:

“You may not even recoup the amount spent on our products and services.”

In my opinion, 6 Steps To Freedom is a scam we’ve seen too many times before and I would urge you NOT to get involved with it.

A Better (Free) Alternative

So many people try and fail to make even a $1 online despite the amazing opportunity the internet gives us to become self-made entrepreneurs.


Because there’s just so much junk out there. Google ‘how to make money online‘ and all you’ll get is get-rich-quick scams and shady pyramid schemes.

The truth is you can successfully build a real income-generating business for yourself with the right training and work ethic. I know because that’s what I did.

In 2014, I finally found a legit training platform that showed me how the whole process of making money online works and gave me the practical steps to take to get there.

Long story short, I quit my old job, bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and make over $7,000 a month.

Follow the exact same training I did and whatever your income goals are, I know you can make it happen.

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