Instant Success Site Review: Why I Had To Get A Refund

Instant Success Review: Why I Had To Get A Refund

Instant Success Site creator Dan Green expects you to believe building a real online business is as easy as a single click. That’s what he says on the website:

Talk about hyped-up gimmicks!

As my grandma always used to say, if it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is!

So, in this full Instant Success Site review, I’m going to expose the Instant Success Site for the scam that it is. 

We’ll uncover the truth behind the “100% done-for-you commissions 24/7” claim and expose every red flag so you can determine if Instant Success Site is worth buying. 

Instant Success Site Review At A Glance

About: Instant Success Site is a WordPress plugin creating done-for-you content to help you make money selling ClickBank products.

Price: $17 for a single site license plus $168 in upsells.

Pros: Comes with a 30-day refund option.

Cons: Misleading and hyped-up claims, the owner is a notorious get-rich-quick system creator, and WORST it won't make you money.

Verdict: Instant Success Site is a low-quality plugin that creates useless spun content that'll do nothing to help you get rankings, traffic or affiliate sales. Invest your time and money elsewhere.


0.5 Star Rating NEW

Dan Green promises to create original content for your website to help with Google rankings to increase traffic and ultimately increase conversions.

It’s only good in theory because the content is merely spun from existing content which Google can easily detect and even penalize. 

You can make money with this in theory, though it's going to involve posting spammy links of your site all over social media.

Instead of creating an income-generating website where people come looking for you, you're going to constantly have to be chasing those sales and will probably get your social media accounts blocked.

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What Is Instant Success Site?

Instant Success Site presents itself as an automated software helping you create income-generating websites with one click of a button. It claims to create 100% done-for-you affiliate sites for ClickBank products.

In reality, though, Instant Success Site is a mere WordPress plugin spinning content from various sources for your website. Because it’s a plugin, this means you're going to need to already have a website, basically defeating the idea presented in the sales page of it creating 100% done-for-you affiliate sites.

It also claims you won’t need to pay for ads because it comes with “social traffic” where you’ll just need to connect your social media sites so it can post your website’s spun content to it for you.

The whole concept reeks of a get-rich-quick scheme. It promises to make you an income without doing anything at all. The problem is, this concept doesn’t work in the real world.

It’s a shiny shortcut attempting to trip you into believing you can make money online without lifting a finger. 

Instant Success Site Hyped Claim

In schemes like this, there’s always a catch because no one’s ever going to offer you income on autopilot simply because they want to help you. 

Think about it:

If this really worked as promised, everybody would quit their jobs and just pay $17 or $19 and make money without doing anything at all.

While it’s true you can make a decent sustainable online income, it always involves work and effort. Something offering less sweat should send the alarm bells ringing. 

Meet Instant Success Site Creator: Dan Green

Nope, this is not novelist Dan Green who creates stories appealing to the young. This Dan Green is the guy who tries to sell you the idea that, “creating a successful and profitable site from scratch is REALLY HARD” because you need to spend tons of hours on creating content and working on traffic. 

Instant Success Site Owner

It’s true, building an online business is not a walk in the park, but what worth doing is?

Connecting the dots, I realized this Dan Green owns the Youtube channel Byte Marketer (most of the videos on the members’ area are from this channel.)

Also, the WarriorPlus receipt mentions contacting [email protected] as the seller.

Instant Success Site Owner

Here’s the interesting part:

Dan Green aka Byte Marketer has tons of get-rich-quick system tutorials on his channel:

Instant Success Site Owner Byte Marketer

He's also the guy behind the Click And Bank scam. It makes me trust him less knowing Instant Success Site is not his first, nor his last get-rich-quick system. 

How Much Is Instant Success Site?

A single site license costs $17 while an unlimited site license costs $19. The difference between the two is self-explanatory. Of course, you realize the cheaper option is just a ruse for you to choose the $19 option thinking it’s a way better for just $2 more. 

The thing is, after handing out a seemingly good deal of an amount for an autopilot program, you’ll now come face-to-face with 4 upsells costing $168 in total. 

1. Upsell 1 

Is a $27 Pro Upgrade giving you “100% Original Spun Content.” (Talk about a contradiction!) It also includes Twitter and Reddit Integration so you can get traffic and grow followers. 

Higher rankings? Not really. Google is smart enough to detect spun content so instead of growing your rankings, you’ll risk getting penalized.

2. Upsell 2

Is dubbed as Advanced Ninja Training where instead of just getting good results, you’ll get “great, outstanding, and amazing results!” Add another adjective and I might just fall for it! 😉

3. Upsell 3

Is named Developers + Commercial/Agency License where you get “rights” to handle clients’ social media and traffic generation without any work needed because the software will do it for you.

4. Upsell 4

Is a Reseller’s License, a “right” given to a “limited number of people” letting you sell the software and keep 100% of the profits. 

The whole idea of the upsells is to convince you you’ll get the best-earning potential for spending more. The good news is, you can opt-out to all 4 upsells and you get 30 days to ask for a refund for the initial cost and the upsells. 

Inside Instant Success Site’s Members’ Area

Once inside the members’ area, you’ll see a huge header then a link to download the plugin. Under it is an outdated WordPress installation tutorial from 2016:

Instant Success Site Members Area

After it, you’ll see 6 basic 2 to 4-minute videos made by Byte Marketer that cover the basic steps of how to set up the plugin: 

Why do you need tutorials if you’ll make money in a single click? And, do you really believe video tutorials under 30 minutes can help you earn $100s a day?

Here’s the real score:

1. Learning to make legit money online doesn’t happen overnight.

2. Creating original and quality content yourself is what will help you rank and get noticed. Search engines like Google DO NOT rank duplicate content even if they are spun. In the end, you’ll have a website that doesn’t have any visitors to check out and buy your products. 

No matter how good your website is, if it doesn’t drive traffic, you won’t make any money. 

What about the social traffic?

Unless you already have a lot of followers, you won’t get anyone interested in clicking your shared content. Even if you do, they’ll eventually get tired of your dull content and end up unfollowing you. 

Instead of just one click, Instant Success Site involves:

  • Setting up your WordPress site
  • Installing the plugin
  • Choosing 1 out of the 5 niches available
  • Adding your ClickBank affiliate link
  • Connecting your social media accounts to your website

Still, even if you do all these steps, because your content is not unique, it’s no use. 

Instant Success Site Review Final Verdict

Instant Success Site is not an outright scam, but I can't recommend you use it either. The sales page is downright misleading and I doubt you’ll make any money.

I won’t say it’s a total scam because it does provide you a plugin. But all it can do for you is provide unoriginal content that won’t get ranked. 

Even the disclaimer exposes the whole hype as fake:

Instant Success Site Disclaimer

If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, shiny shortcuts won’t do. You have to do the heavy lifting yourself. But it’s not as heavy as what Instant Success Site makes it seem. 

A Better Instant Success Site Alternative

Yes, you can make $100s, even $1000s from affiliate marketing but it's not as easy as Instant Success Site likes to makes out. 

It takes TIME and WORK but it's worth it. The good news is Wealthy Affiliate will give you the training you need and a community of like-minded people you can get help and advice from. The best part? The first 10 lessons are free so you can try it out!

Stay as far away as you can from every glittery ticket to success. Learn how everything works yourself and have full control over your income potential.

Here’s how affiliate marketing really works:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process
  • Create a niche-based website (basically on anything you like, there’s tons of products to choose from)
  • Create ORIGINAL, NON-SPUN, compelling content
  • Get ranking and shares by promoting relevant and useful products from the niche you chose

Check out our in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to discover how you can replace your full-time income online with affiliate marketing and get started.

What’s Your Take?

Do you think the sales pitch was full of hype? Were you surprised it was just a low-quality plugin that doesn’t deliver? Scroll down and share your thoughts in the comments, we'd love to hear what you have to say. 

10 thoughts on “Instant Success Site Review: Why I Had To Get A Refund”

  1. I purchased quick home cash order#110601 and secret traffic software access order#404589 on July 14, 2021. Then I was charged $100 unauthorized by me on my bank account causing an overdraft fee. I called on July 27, 2021 requesting refunds if the $40, $99, and the unauthorized $100, for a total refund of $239. I still want it cancelled and my refund of $239. Carol Shaw

  2. Hi my name is Brad Twaddle and I found two charges on my statement from Discover of $100 each for days apart no I didn’t sign up for this program so you guys need to refund me that money immediately otherwise I’m gonna take a course of action you won’t like so let’s get on it thank you

  3. purchased quick home cash/quick success was called and wanted to get refund@ Customers Quick Success. Site/ usable to continued/ called site phone numbers/ no success/ do not purchase sites/total scam site

  4. Dan Green understands that people are lazy and want to get things done the quick way and that’s why he is able to create this instant success platform that tries to get people to buy into a plug-in that spuns content. Apparently, Ranking on the search engines with content of this nature is next to impossible and the content just wouldn’t sound right and that’s not to add the upsells involved too.

    • So true Suz, as long as some people still believe in the existence of shortcuts, guys like Dan Green will happily exploit them. 

      You’re right about content spinners too – the language sounds unnatural and weird. Even if you do share your site on social media (an ineffective strategy because who clicks on spammy-looking links these days?!) you have to engage with them once they land on your site so they take action. Crappy spun content just isn’t going to cut it.


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