Boomerang Buddy Review: A Great Way To Make $142 A Day?

Boomerang Buddy Review

In this Boomerang Buddy review, I’ll go through what it is, what you get and what the full costs are so you can decide whether this program is worth buying.

If we're to believe the sales video, Jono Armstrong uses this system to generate $142 per day and is now laying out his money-making strategy in a step-by-step blueprint you and I can follow to get the same results.

Jono Armstrong promises $100+ in earnings by this time tomorrow for no more than 5 minutes' work on your part…

We've heard Jono make claims of fast and easy cash before, but let's see if Boomerang Buddy really is a $36,500/year generating software or not.

Boomerang Buddy Review At A Glance

About: Boomerang Buddy is an automated way of contacting Instagram influencers so you can ask them to promote your affiliate offers.

Price: $22.21 and $495 for 5 upsells.

Pros: Method taught to promote affiliate offers can work.

Cons: The creator is a serial product launcher and the upsells are expensive.

Verdict: Boomerang Buddy is not a scam but it won't be easy to earn the amount promised on the sales page, it's just too hyped up.


0.5 Star Rating NEW

I Don't Recommend This Product If You…

  • Are brand new to affiliate marketing and never made a commission before
  • Expect money to flood your account in 24 hours for doing nothing
  • Don’t know anything about affiliate websites, keyword research and SEO, creating content with intent etc.


Because Boomerang Buddy isn't about teaching you how the whole process of how making money online works and is probably not the best option for newbies.

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For those of you with a bit more experience under your belt, Boomerang Buddy could be a nice little side hustle to supplement your existing affiliate income.

The simple but clever software will help you connect and build relationships with Instagram influencers who you can then pay to promote your offers to their followers.

The (Ever So Slightly) Misleading Sales Page

I'd say at least 99% of affiliate marketing training products and make money online programs make the same 3 promises:

1) Make A LOT Money…

2) Make A LOT of money SUPER FAST…

3) Make A LOT of money SUPER FAST for doing NOTHING…

Look at this screenshot from the sales page and you'll see Boomerang Buddy is no exception:

is boomerang buddy a scam or legit

I guess using hyped-up marketing is just what keeps the make money online world spinning, after all, it helps sell copies. When it comes to the internet people want life-changing amounts of money like right now at the click of a mouse.

Can you imagine if ran with the headline:

“How to slowly earn a measly $10 for working your ass off!”?

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? In fact, that's exactly the kind of thing you'd say if you wanted to create the worst sales page ever.

Please don't get me wrong: I'm not saying you can't make money using Boomerang Buddy, because you can, just know it's not going to be as quick or as easy as Jono and his pals would like you to believe.

How Boomerang Buddy Works

Essentially, Boomerang Buddy gives you a quicker and automated way of finding and contacting Instagram influencers so you can ask them to promote your affiliate offers for a small fee to get you traffic, clicks and sales.

The price depends on what you agree with the influencer, but you should expect to pay from $10 upwards, depending on their follower count and engagement stats.

The Boomerang Buddy members area gives you 5 short training videos that show you exactly how to use the software:

boomerang buddy software and training program

The short but concise training videos do a great job of running you through exactly how the software works and how you can make money with it.

Inside the member's area you'll be able to access the Boomerang Buddy software:

Once you've downloaded the software onto your PC or laptop, you can start by searching any chosen niche (make money online, muscle building or home cooking for example) to find the most influential Instagrammers.

You'll see their IG handle, follower count, how many posts they've made, average engagement as well as their contact information.

what is boomerang buddy a scam or legit review

All this is $27 but pay $10 extra for the Boomerang Buddy Pro upsell and you also get done-for-you email templates and the ability to contact influencers directly through the program itself.

boomerang buddy pro

All in all, this is pretty neat software that will definitely save you a lot of time scrolling through Instagram and searching hashtags.

Brace Yourself For The Upsells

For $22.21 you can get the Boomerang Buddy training course and main software and these come with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Just be aware that these guys are going to do all they can to get you to buy any of the 5 upsells:

Upsell 1: Boomerang Buddy Pro – $37

Upsell 2: Limitless Traffic for 365 Days – $197

Upsell 3: “Advanced Training” – $67

Upsell 4: “Done-For-You” Campaigns – $97

Upsell 5: Full Reseller's Rights – $97

Is Boomerang Buddy A Scam Or Legit?

Jono Armstrong is a serial product launcher in the affiliate marketing and ‘make money online' space and to be honest, he has a pretty patchy reputation…

I've reviewed several of his programs and they can be hit and miss. Here's a list of my Jono Armstrong reviews:

Jono uses hype and unrealistic income claims to promote all of his products and this one is no exception. However, I don't believe Boomerang Buddy is a scam.

Can you make $142 a day using this?

It's certainly possible if you negotiate a decent price, find the right affiliate product and match it with the right audience but as I say, I don't think it's nearly as fast and easy as the sales page makes out.

This is legit software that can help you generate traffic from Instagram and make affiliate commissions even if you've never considered Instagram a serious traffic source before.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with the upsells (with the exception of Boomerang Buddy Pro perhaps) but for a low $22 fee you're going to save yourself a lot of time and hassle scrolling through Instagram trying to find influencers with high levels of engagement with this software.

What's Your Take?

If after reading this review, you have any unanswered questions about Boomerang Buddy then be sure to scroll down and ask in the comments. I'll make every effort to get back to you as soon as I can.

Did you sign up for this software? Share your experience, we'd love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Boomerang Buddy Review: A Great Way To Make $142 A Day?”

  1. Hi Simon,
    Congratulations on your success and being able to travel to Thailand!
    $142 bucks a day for 5 minutes of work … and he’s going to tell us all how we can do it too?
    I think your headline “How to slowly earn a measly $10 for working your ass off!” is much more realistic!
    I added up all the costs for a whopping $532, and that’s before the pay off to the influencers!
    Did you give this a thumbs up because it “could” work

    • Hi, 

      I always try to give a real breakdown of the costs involved because of course you’re never going to get that on the sales page. I think a lot of people are duped into thinking they pay a one-off fee to start earning money with no clue to how many additional costs there are once you get in the back end. 

      I gave Boomerang Buddy a thumbs up because, while it’s not a complete online money making system, they are legit in the sense the software does exactly what they say it does which is make it easier to find big influencer accounts with a lot of engagement you could potentially advertise with.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 

  2. After reading your review about Boomerang Buddy, yeah I agree it is not for newbies. It seems though and I could be wrong, that you might get lucky, now again I could be wrong so I’m going to quote you. “if you negotiate a decent price, find the right affiliate product and match it with the right audience” you’re able to make that money. Also, you did indicate it’s not fast and easy. 

    From my experience anything you do that is legit is going to require testing and a right fit for the person. For me, I’m passing, but I’m sure people who are looking for something specific might find Boomerang Buddy useful. Thanks for sharing your excellent review.

    • Hi Evie, thank you for your thoughtful response.

      If you have affiliate marketing experience and money for an ad budget then using social media can definitely be a quicker way to making your first commissions, if you’re looking to start an online business with very little money down then creating an affiliate marketing website and learning how to rank on top of search engine results is a better option. 

      My top-rated training platform is Wealthy Affiliate (link to my full review) and their training takes you by the hand and guides you through exactly how to start an affiliate marketing website step-by-step.

      Yes the free and organic traffic route can take longer initially but it’s a far more lucrative and long-term strategy.

      If you have any questions, just let us know 🙂

  3. This is a great review and it seems that like most programs you need a lot of acquired information in order to effectively use the methods that they say generate so much money in a day. Have you made any money using this program and do you think that you can earn money if you put in the time?

    • Hey Jon,

      Great question! Personally I haven’t dabbled too much with Instagram as I like to focus on 100% free and organic traffic sources like Google, YouTube and Pinterest. 

      That’s not to say you can’t make Instagram work for you though and the earning potential is there for sure. I like the fact Boomerang Buddy gives you engagement stats because it filters out  lot of so-called major Instagram influencers who just buy followers to make themselves look more credible than they are.

      Get the right product in front of the right audience and you could do very well with this – the key is to make sure you’re making more in commissions than you’re spending on marketing.

      Hope this helps! 🙂 


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