Zero Hour Work Days Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Zero Hour Work Days

Easy, money-grabbing, copy, and paste campaigns making you over $9,000 a month for less than an hour every day?! Is Zero Hour Work Days for real? Today, we’re going to review another Brendan Mace product and see if it glitters with gold.

Tons of make money online products bombard the internet but only a handful stand to be legit. Additionally, not all legit products can make you a great deal of money, so in this review, we’re going to find out if Zero Hour Work Days is a training course worth paying for. 

Zero Hour Work Days Review At A Glance

About: Brendan Mace's email marketing training program with done-for-you campaigns promising to help you make $9,000.

Price: First you'll be told it won't cost you a thing but once you get to their funnel, you get forked out of $2,375.

Pros: You can learn online marketing basics with the modules.

Cons: The owner has a bad reputation for being a serial product creator, the sales page is misleading, the income claims are hyped, and has many hidden upsells.

Verdict: I won't put Zero Hour Work Days in the scam list only because some of the modules have decent content, but all the other elements to this program are sketchy.


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What Is Zero Hour Work Days?

Basically, it’s a training program to build an email list to pitch affiliate products. The idea is Brendan will give you done-for-you campaigns to gather email leads by simple copy and paste. 

A smart approach to make an email list? More of a lazy one. You can then use the list to run promotional emails to get people to buy products so you can earn a commission. 

Brendan shares his thoughts on how you can make more than $9,000 using this approach. That’s a very handsome looking income, but hold your horses, you’ll be in for a little surprise a bit later. 

Who’s Brendan Mace By The Way?

Brendan is a self-proclaimed successful online marketer, together with his friend Jono Armstrong, they’ve created multiple money-making products and training every now and then. 

My question is: why don’t they just invest in creating one of the best digital products instead of jumping from one product to another?

For just a couple of weeks, they’ll be back again with another “brand new” product which is just actually a rehash of their old products sprinkled with a little tweak to look new. 

Within days you’ll see a number of positive reviews on the “product”. No, not because the product was able to market itself, but because they have in their backs an army of money-hungry affiliates ready to make them look good. 

I recently did a review on Print Monkey, also made by Brendan Mace if you want to get a bigger picture of how his products look like. 

 There’s also a review on Secret Weapon and 7 Minute Sales Machine which he co-created if you want to know more. 

How Much Does Zero Hour Work Days Cost?

You’ll actually be led to think it won’t cost you anything at first. 

Zero Hour Work Days Misleading Sales Page

After you click the “add to cart” icon though, you’ll be led to the page where it says’ you need to pay $37 to get the copy and paste email campaigns.

Zero Hour Work Days Upsell

That’s not the end of, you’ll also have to pay for:

  • Done-For-You Money Pages – $67
  • Profit Builder – $67 or Clickfunnels – $97/month
  • Coaching Program – a whopping $1,997!
  • Paid Solo Ad Traffic  – $100 or more
  • ClickMagick – $12/month

In total, the minimum cost you’ll have to fork out it $2,375! For someone new, this won’t be a good cost to pay. It’s not even worth risking your monthly bills budget over.

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Zero Hours Work Days Course Module

The whole course consists of 8 modules plus a case study, we’ll go on to check each module.

1. Module 1 – Intro To Zero Hour Work Day

Here, Brendan will discuss the difference between free traffic and paid traffic. He’ll also talk a bit about how to use Facebook, Google Alerts, and SEO to get free traffic. 

2. Module 2 – Free Resources

Brendan will now discuss how to find and join Clickbank testimonial groups on Facebook to trade traffic with other marketers. He’ll teach you how you can make a deal with other marketers to send traffic to your page which you’ll also do for them in return. 

He’ll also talk about ClickMagick to track your traffic campaigns. 

3. Module 3 – Tips To Get Lots Of Traffic

This is another module where he’ll talk about utilizing Facebook, but now to find marketers who sell solo ads at reasonable prices. If you’re just starting out, this can still cost you around $100 as I mentioned in the cost earlier. 

4. Module 4 – Free And Paid Traffic Sources

Brendan gives a list of trusted traffic sellers in Facebook you can turn to for a cheap price.

5. Module 5 – How To Get ROI

Now Brendan will talk about Profit Builder and Clickfunnels. This module is actually designed to coax you to buy any of the two software mentioned to make squeeze pages for you. 

He’ll also talk about his prebuilt pages which are made to gather leads to pitch Zero Hours Work Day itself for an affiliate commission. 

6. Module 6 – Build Your Landing Pages

This is where he’ll promote Aweber to manage your leads and prepare automated campaigns. 

7. Module 7 – Promotional Ways For Your Affiliate Products

Brendan will now teach you how to find WarriorPlus affiliate offers together with email swipes.

8. Module 8 – How You Can Manage Your Commission Sales

This is where Brendan will discuss how promoting high-ticket products are your best shot for making tons of cash. 

Then there’s the case study where he’ll highlight how you can reduce the cost for each subscriber. After paying for ads, he’ll discuss how you can re-access the traffic minus the cost. 

The thing is, it’s all just theory unless Brendan shows evidence it really works. Will you ever fork out more than $2,000 for something that has no sure ROI? Me neither!

Matter of fact is, many internet marketers are known for setting up systems promising overnight success with little effort to get their hands on people’s money. Most of them, if not all will end up failing to deliver. 

Hyped-up claims are no more than main ingredients for a catastrophic crash!

The truth is, if you’re looking for time-tested money-making opportunities, the best ones are those that tell you straight on that making money involves some time and effort. Shiny shortcuts are mere fairytales.

What I Like About Zero Hour Work Days

  • The product owner has a face and name and not just hiding behind stock photos (still, he has a reputation for being a serial product maker)
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • The course module has some substance

What I Don’t Like About Zero Hour Work Days

  • Misleading sales page
  • Overhyped claims
  • The course is not comprehensive enough for beginners

A great emphasis on upsells there because honestly, I think this is solely designed to suck up as much money from you while you’re caught off-guard. 

Think about it:

If the product is as good as how they market it to be, they won’t need to fork money out from you using deceptive techniques. They can generate tons of money from the product itself. 

Is Zero Hour Work Days A Scam?

I won’t actually say it’s an outright scam, though I think it’s leaning towards it. They do provide training content. But marketing it in a very dodgy way doesn’t sit with me well. 

I think another thing that stinks is how they created the impression making money comes off very easy and that you can earn quick cash and live the laptop lifestyle and travel anywhere you want with very little effort.

Don’t get me wrong, the laptop lifestyle can really give you the freedom to travel, but it’s not an overnight success. As I’ve said earlier, you’ll need time and effort to build yourself a money-making machine to reach your online income goals. 

Zero Hour Work Days is not something I’ll recommend to you, especially if you’re a newcomer to the online industry because working with campaigns and traffic need time to master. There’s also the trial and error process to get the perfect concoction for income-generating campaigns. Zero Hour Work Days fails to explain this part to you. 

In my eyes, Zero Hour Work Days is just another training designed to squeeze as much cash from you. Someone does make money from it: Brendan Mace, not you. 

Zero Hour Work Days Review Closing Thoughts

I think I’ve pretty much explained everything you can expect from Zero Hour Work Days, and I hope you get the picture. It’s far off from how Brendan paints it to you. 

Affiliate marketing is actually a great money-making opportunity, only if you have the right understanding of how everything works.

A little overview: it does involve some cost. You have to pay for training which will teach you everything you need. It’s not as hefty as Zero Hour Work Days' cost. Just $49 per month. 

If you’re apprehensive, you can always try it out for free first. If you want more information on this, you can check out this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review

Plus, it will require work. The best thing about it though is this: after you’ve established your website, it can start generating income even when you’re away from your computer. This is how you’ll really get to enjoy your dream vacation!

The bottom line is shiny shortcuts won’t get you anywhere, there’s no easy way to success. You have to work for it, but if you do it right, you’ll be living the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

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  1. I am so disappointed. I am a grandmother needing to make a little extra money since my SS is only $600. a month. I did notice they wanted money for every little thing. Money that I don’t have. I thought there were still some good people out there but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for sharing so disappointed. When you need help you thought you had it.


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