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Website Profits Pro Review: 4 Iron-Clad Reasons Why It’s A Scam!

Website Profit Pro Review

Only a split second inside Website Profits Pro and it already reeks of a typical scam. You might already have that in mind but you want concrete reasons to back up what you think, this review will give you that satisfaction.

In today’s review, we’re going to leave fairyland and debunk Website Profits Pro for what it really is a phony and overly hyped money-making opportunity that gets you nowhere.

We’re going to weed out the internet of bogus opportunities, one review at a time. If you want to check whether other opportunities that come your way are legit or a scam, you can start out your research with this link.

Website Profits Pro Review In A Nutshell
Website Profits Pro Review

Product Name: Website Profits Pro

Product Description: Get-Rich-Quick Scheme


Website Profits Pro tells you that with a push of a button, you can earn $500 per day. Doing what?? Nothing at all.

It claims to have a sophisticated algorithm that makes money for you with just a single click. (It has “scam” written all over it if you ask me)

You’re only required to give your name, phone number, and email to start earning. Too good to be true? Yeah, I don’t even recommend you doing that.

Overall, it’s just a humongous hype in fairyland ending in a disenchanting fizz.

  • Transparency - 0%
  • Credibility - 0%
  • Value For Money - 0%
  • Success Rate - 0%



  • No info on owners
  • Uses scarcity tactics
  • Fake testimonials
User Review
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Wanna Make Money Online But Sick Of Scams?

What Is Website Profits Pro?

It’s just a typical get-rich-quick scheme like Prime Time Profits, Push Button System, and Explode My Payday.

It claims that: no work is required, no experience is necessary, and is guaranteed to profit – the infamous tactic to give you a false sense of security.

It’s also a self-proclaimed “state-of-the-art” automated money-making system helping you make $500 a day, that’s $15,000 a month. They claim to use an automated transaction tracker that vacuums money off the internet and sends it to you.

So they mean it basically churns out cash for you without the hassle? You know what kind of people makes those kinds of promises? Scammers.

Here’s what’s worse:

They’ve already been known in the cyber world for their bad reputation for outdated websites and upsells.

Get-rich-quick scheme and a bad name? Doesn’t seem this is headed somewhere great.

Here’s more:

If you still haven’t noticed, the guy in the marketing video says nothing genuine. He’s clearly an actor reading from a script.

I’m not saying scripts are not used by legit marketing videos, what I’m saying is that by how this guy presents himself, he clearly can’t work without a script which means he doesn’t really know much about what he’s saying.

The worst part?

The website won’t tell you anything about its founders. I did my research and the name Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow came up, sadly though doing more digging told me that these guys weren’t even real, and just fakes names they use to hide their real identities.

Well, this is not a good start for Website Profits Pro.

How Does Website Profits Pro Work?

You start by:

  • Giving some personal information
  • Watch 4 videos
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Push a button

Remember what I said earlier about no work is required because the product does all the work for you? I hate to break it to you, but it’s not true. It doesn’t even do any work for you!

They just give you some generic internet marketing videos you can find on the internet for free and a ready-made affiliate website that doesn’t really drive traffic which means you can’t really earn commissions from it.

Well, if you really want to make money online, Website Profits Pro is giving you the ingredients for the OPPOSITE to happen.

If you’ve heard things like:

  • “The sales and the money will start coming in IMMEDIATELY…”
  • “You will make your first sale in MINUTES automatically.”
  • “24/7, 365 days non-stop, without dedicating any work…”

I think by now I don’t have to convince you to not believe it.

The reality is:

A website can only generate money with time, effort, and knowledge of what you are doing. If a money-making opportunity comes with training to get you started that’s one point to note about a legit opportunity.

Website Profits Pro can only get you the generic contents also called PLR (private label rights) that are mostly outdated and incomplete.

Still not convinced yet? Maybe the next part will.

Website Profits Pro Dirty Secrets Exposed!

1. No Info On Owners

We’re probably on the same page because you’re reading this review. We don’t just swallow anything that’s put in front of us.

And that is a good thing because an opportunity that’s not credible enough to show faces behind hidden names is something we should scrutinize first.

If they’re hiding who they really are, 99% they’re hiding their true motive.

And think about this:

Without being responsible for Website Profits Pro, when it flunks, it will be easy to make a run and later on start another scheme to dupe more unsuspecting people genuinely wanting to earn online.

Basic truth:

Legit business owners make an online presence.

2. Scarcity Tactic

When scammers want to push people to sign up, this is one of the most common tactics they use.

They usually use a countdown timer to urge people to make a move immediately or else the offer may be gone or the price can go out a hefty amount.

Here’s the kicker:

If you wait long enough for the timer to run out, you’ll realize nothing really happens.

There’s also the “limited slots available” scheme. If it was a local seminar, that will be logical because of the size of conference rooms which means limited seat numbers.

But with Website Profits Pro using this scheme, it’s a different story.

Website Profits Pro Scarcity Tactic

Here’s their reason:

“They don't want other people to know about it; otherwise everyone will take the money and ruin it all.”

Does that make any sense to you? To me neither!

Why did they even have to share it with 300 people in the first place if it can ruin it all?

But you get this:

Once inside, you’ll be asked to fork out $47 to access the membership area. Surprise costs? I’m actually not that surprised. It just makes me even surer of how much a scam this is.

Honestly, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But it doesn’t end there.

The upsells will lumber off a hundred dollars from you! They’ll email you again and again urging you to buy their products to make you earn faster.

So much for earning with just one click. Bummer right?

3. Same Old Sob Story

While a legit businessman explains how they got successful in a logical way, a scammer will most likely resort to a sob story. Website Profits Pro is no exception.

Here’s the usual pattern:

1. Life disaster. (lost his job)

2. Bumps into an old friend who became rich.

3. Friend became rich because of a secret wealth system not everybody knows about.

4. He then tries the system itself and is amazed at the results.

5. Money starts pouring in.

Don’t forget this pattern; you’ll absolutely hear this miracle story again one day.

4. Fake Testimonials

It’s never a good sign if a money-making opportunity needs to hire actors for testimonials. They’re just hired off from Fiverr working as “spokespeople”. He’s just like the guy I mentioned earlier that reads off from a script not really knowing what he’s into.

As you know by now, these “testimonials” are useless because they just tell you how much they earn without really getting you in the process of how they made that money.

Don’t get swayed in this hype!


It’s easy to lie in front of a camera for money.

Website Profits Pro Fake Testimonials
Website Profits Pro Fake Testimonials
Website Profits Pro Fake Testimonials

Is Website Profits Pro A Scam?

I don’t think I still have to answer this because if you’ve read everything above you’re going to be absolutely sure what the answer is.

But for the sake of those who jumped to this section, yes, Website Profits Pro is a scam.

There’s no such thing as magic software that floods your bank account without any effort. If there was, we’d all be rich by now!

Remember this:

If you really want to make legit money online, it requires time, effort, knowledge. Legit opportunities offer training programs that can get you started from scratch.

Website Profits Pro Review: Closing Thoughts

Never fall for push-button systems, they’re just blatant scams.

Logically, no one will pay you for not doing anything, unless their testing you out for some research.

If you still believe that secret mining ways to make money online exist, stop fooling yourself. That’s a ridiculous myth.

Honestly, if you want to make serious money online it has its perks, but it will always require some effort in your end.

The good thing is:

  • A training is provided
  • You can test the waters for free
  • You’ll get support from like-minded people
  • You promote on things you are personally interested in
  • Once, you’ve built a solid online business, you can earn even when you’re not on your computer

If you’re interested in getting started with this opportunity check out this affiliate marketing review and this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review for the step-by-step training to achieve your online income goals.

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