Top 10 Real Work From Home Opportunities (That Aren’t Scams!) You Can Start Today

10 Real Work From Home Opportunities (That Aren't Scams!)

Not having fun in your 9-5 office job? I don't blame you. Right now I'm going to show you 10 real and reliable work from home opportunities that are not scams.

I worked in call centres for years before starting to make money online and I hated it!

I hated having to get up before daylight to take my place in the traffic queue. I resented having to ask my arrogant boss for a measly couple of days off.

I was frustrated with spending my days working for somebody else, doing something I had no interest in.

ways to work from home

But what can you do?

I mean, you have to earn a living right?

Unless you are a freegan who's found a way to live entirely off the grid, you probably need some sort of steady income coming in.

So let's make a plan – once you've decided you definitely want to work from home it's time to get it done. Here's to telling your boss where to stick it.

Why Working From Home Is The Best Thing I've Ever Done

Learning how to build an income online is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

You can read my personal success story here.

It's not just about working from home in pyjamas (though that's cool), it's about taking control and living life on your own terms. It about having the freedom to spend your time doing what you love.

The good news is that thanks to the internet, working from the comfort of your home has never been easier

4 billion people are online every day – that's 4 billion potential customers from all over the world you can access to generate an income around the clock.

So let's get started… here are 10 work from home opportunities you can take advantage of to create a full-time income stream online:

1. Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

You can keep looking for the shiny shortcuts or you can start investing in your long-term success by learning how to build a real online business.

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly simple, yet powerful online business model that means you earn a commission every time someone clicks one of your links and buys a product or service you’re recommending.

These are 4 basic steps to affiliate marketing:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process is by far the best affiliate marketing platform that will give you the step-by-step training, tools and support you need to build your online empire.

Thanks to affiliate marketing I've been able to:

  • Kiss my call centre job goodbye
  • Book a one-way ticket to Thailand
  • Make at least $7,000 every month
  • Earn over $1,200 in one day
  • Officially became a super affiliate and got an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas

Check out my SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more. Their training works – it’s been proven time and time again. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you test drive the entire platform yourself for free here.

Here's a look inside the Wealthy Affiliate online community:

2. Sell Stuff On eBay

real work from home opportunities that aren not scams

What work from home opportunities list wouldn't be complete without at least mentioning eBay at least once?

Most people use eBay all the time to get rid of clutter and make some fast cash in the process.

But what if you could take this a step further?

I mean, go pro with it.

You could source new or used items at super low-prices at auctions or online wholesalers and sell them on eBay for a handsome profit.

This work from home opportunity may require a little investment, so check out what's in your garden shed, get it listed and use the money you earned to invest in stock. Use your newly cleared shed as your eBay storage space.

Your seller rating is obviously crucial so keep an eye on your inbox and answer buyer's questions. It's also a good idea to set reasonable minimum bids to make sure you get a decent return.

3. Get Paid As A Freelance Writer

If you've got a natural flair for writing, this third work from home opportunity could be for you.

Sites like and these iWriter alternatives are always looking for good writers to join their teams. The beauty of this is you get to choose what topics you want to write about and when you do it.


Website owners and online businesses are always looking to outsource their blog posts, eBooks and other content creation. This is where freelancing writing comes in.

4. Become An Online Customer Agent

If you've ever worked in any customer service role, whether face to face, over the telephone or online, working from home as a customer service adviser could be an option.

Instead of using call centres, more businesses are now using work from home customer representatives. In most cases, this means individuals answer calls, answer emails or man a live chat website window.

If this interests you, check out

I did this for a while with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It was pretty cool and easy to do. After an initial interview, I had a 6 week online training course. All I needed was the right experience, a laptop and internet connection and a quiet room.

5. Design And Sell T-Shirts

Random I know, but websites like and have opened up new work from home opportunities for budding online entrepreneurs.


Take a walk around most college and high school campuses and you are likely to come in contact with a lot of words. I'm not talking about term papers or library books, but T-shirts!

We live in an age where people like to wear customised, unique T-Shirts with simple logos or ironic phrases. Usually, the more offbeat and unique the design is, then the more desirable the T-shirt.

With and and even, you can launch your own online store boasting of your unique T-Shirt designs.

A strong online brand combined with your one of a kind, bespoke designs will make you stand out from the crowd. If you're ready to get creative, this could be the work from home opportunity for you.

6. Offer Financial Services

This work from home opportunity is for the more fiscal-minded. If you have any bookkeeping or accounting experience then why not set up shop for yourself? This could be a great way to work from home and choose your own hours.

Businesses need people who can provide freelance financial services like tax preparation, accounting, payroll processing and bookkeeping.

Simple promote your services via your website or local press and start building a client list.

7. Teach Kids Online

With every passing year, there always seems to be an increasing pressure for middle, elementary and high school students to get good grades so as to prepare for a good path to getting higher education.


What's your specialty? Maths? English? Biology? Music?

For some students, this usually means getting the help from a tutor so as to bridge any gaps that might exist in understanding certain subjects.

Replacing the traditional way of tutoring, internet-based tutoring services have become really popular.

When you decide apply for these jobs, you normally have to take certain tests in your subject areas and then submit to the background checks.

Even though you can start your own online tutoring services, sites like VIPKid allow you to set your own availability and can pay you up to $22 per hour.

8. Start An SEO Consultancy Business

This is easier than it sounds. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a big and growing area of online employment. Companies hire SEO consultants to evaluate and improve their search engine rankings.

With no experience needed, as a self-employed search engine optimisation reviewer working in a company such as Leapforce, you could work the hours you want, when you want, all from the comfort of your own home.

Leapforce give you all the training you need so all you need to do is take the leap.

9. Make Money Flipping Domains

Based on luck, business savvy and strategy, domain flipping can be one of the most lucrative ways of earning a living online.

This term comes from the real estate trick which involves buying old and undervalued houses before fixing them up so as to make them more modern-looking and attractive so as to sell them for higher prices.

In this case, we're talking about website domain names.


Hundreds if not thousands of domains expire every day. It could be because the owner chooses not to renew, they forget or have simply transferred their website over to a new domain.

This is where domain name flipping comes in. What the domain registrars want to do is cash in on the domain that someone forgot to renew, so they offer that domain to sites like and offer it up to the highest bigger.

This can be a great way to buy really valuable domains at dirt cheap prices.

Domain names are the new commodity. By buying low and selling high, domain flipping could make you a nice not-so-little profit.

10. Sell Your Handmade Goods


Earlier, we considered using websites like eBay to sell stuff you don't need. We've also discussed how you can offer various freelancing services to work from home.

This 10th work from home opportunity involves selling your original handcrafted creations online – turning your craft or hubby into a full-time online business.

Sites like and are full of already successful online entrepreneurs who sell their handmade good to well-matched customers who appreciate the quality of work they do and re willing to pay a premium price.

There's hundreds of different products you could potentially sell depending on what your skill area is.

Here are a few ideas:

  • knitting
  • crochet
  • quilting
  • painting
  • needlework
  • sculpting
  • glasswork
  • metalwork
  • woodworking
  • greetings cards
  • and anything else that you can make at home.

If you enjoy getting creative, this work from home opportunity's perfect for you.

Choose Any One Of These And Start Today

There you have it! Well done – you made it through the top ten list of work from home opportunities.

Now it's time to stop dreaming about what your life could be and take action 🙂

If it's possible for me, it's possible for you too!

The most important step is the first – so don't wait until tomorrow to start taking action to make your dreams a reality.

Pick any one of these work from home opportunities and start today.

Got any questions about how to get started or have an idea of your own you'd like to share with us? Scroll down and let us know in the comments!


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