StealthD Review: Will Jono Armstrong Make You Rich?

StealthD Review

In this review, we'll be looking at Jono Armstrong's StealthD program that promises to show you how to generate a lot of clicks and sales in a very short space of time.

Jono's sales page tells us StealthD is a brand new method newbies can follow. You don't need a list of email subscribers, a website or to pay out for expensive solo ads to be able to make money with affiliate marketing.

what is stealthd

This sure sounds interesting, but does the StealthD method work and will Jono Armstrong really deliver?

Is StealthD a fly-by-night program that's here today and gone tomorrow or a legit way to earn your first paycheck online? Let's find out!

StealthD Review At A Glance

About: A short course on getting started with Gmail ads for affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95 plus $528 in upsells, but paying for paid ads will add to that total.

Pros: A viable online business model. Comes with a full money back guarantee.

Cons: Jono has a mixed reputation. Requires an ads budget making it risky for beginners.

Verdict: If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer looking for a new traffic source then StealthD might be worth a look, otherwise don't bother. 


2.5 Star Rating NEW

While I’ve no doubt Jono has made a lot of money implementing what he’s teaching, I don’t believe this is something affiliate marketing newbies should be buying into as there’s just as much potential to lose money here as there is to make it.

Which is why it’s best to start with learning how to get free traffic first. This free beginner’s course will show you how.

However, if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer looking for a new traffic source to increase your monthly commissions then StealthD is worth a serious look. Read this review in full to find out why.

First Off, I Don't Recommend StealthD If…

  • You are a complete affiliate marketing beginner
  • You haven't mastered free traffic methods yet
  • You don’t know the fundamental process of how affiliate marketing works

This is because StealthD advocates using paid traffic methods, namely advertising through Google's Adsense program, and while this can be a highly lucrative strategy, it does mean risking your money upfront.

Making money with paid advertising is never as quick and simple as some people would like you to believe and you have to make sure you get the right products in front of the right people and keep your ad campaigns running optimally to be in a chance of coming out on top.

Get this wrong and ad costs could easily spiral out of control leaving you worse off.f.

If you're an aspiring affiliate marketer and you want to get the best start possible then check out this free beginners course instead. You'll get instant access to by far the biggest affiliate marketing community and training platform online.

You'll also find out exactly how to create websites that attract laser-targeted traffic 24/7 for free. You can put your wallet away too because it’s free to get started.

For those of you who already have a successful online business, stick with me and I'll show you how StealthD can help you tap into a little-known traffic strategy you can exploit to push your affiliate income to the next level.

Who Is StealthD Creator, Jono Armstrong?

who is jono armstrong creator and owner of stealthd

In case you've never heard of Jono before, he's been earning a very lucrative online income for over 10 years now and there's no doubt he knows his stuff.

Jono is known for releasing a variety of training programs every couple of weeks or so that are aimed at helping people earn their first commissions online.

Here are just a handful of Jono's courses I've reviewed here on the blog:

As you can see, with the tight launch schedule he keeps, some programs are definitely better than others…

Now we know a bit more about the guy behind StealthD, let's take a look at exactly what his latest program is about.

What StealthD Is In A Nutshell

how you make money with stealthd

StealthD is all about how to get your affiliate products in front of the right people without them ever needing to subscribe to your mailing list.


With Gmail ads.

For $12.95 you get full access to the StealthD 6 module training course that'll walk you through exactly how to generate affiliate commissions through Gmail marketing.

The neat thing about this method is you don't need to build an email list, use an email autoresponder and no need to pay solo ad vendors to spam inboxes.

Here's the man himself giving us a live demo of the StealthD training area:

Is this is a new and revolutionary method?

Not by any means – people have been advertising on Google's Gmail platform for years, but this is the first training course I've come across that's ever dared to cover it.

Honestly, it's refreshing to see a make money online course that doesn't follow the same old ineffective strategy of paying a ton of cash out to solo ad vendors to spam subscribers with affiliate offers that results in very few clicks and even fewer sales.

Inside The StealthD Training Area

As you can see, the training is well laid out and easy to navigate. You can access the 6 video lessons from the left-side menu:

Jono walks you through all the steps of making money following his tried and tested method; from picking the right products to promote to narrowing down your target demographics to get the most bang for your buck.

My favourite part of the training is when Jono shows you how to get your hands on a $100 Adwords coupon so that even though you need an advertising budget to implement the StealthD method, you at least get a little head start.

StealthD Pricing And Upsells

Buy StealthD and it'll set you back $12.95. I'm not sure how long this ‘early bird' price will be available for but it is covered by a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unfortunately, every single one of Jono's training courses comes with a whole army of upgrades and StealthD is no exception to the rule:

Upsell 1: Advanced StealthD Strategies ($37)

This upsell will give you further training on optimising your Gmail ad campaigns and advanced marketing strategies.

Upsell 2: Limitless Traffic For 365 Days ($197)

Buy this upgrade and you'll be able to add tracking pixels to your sales pages to start building your list of email subscribers.

Upsell 3: $1000 Commissions Solution ($197)

This gives you access to Jono's video ads that generate $1,000 per sale. All you have to do is promote.

Upsell 4: The “Done For You” Option ($97)

This final upsell gives you 10 of their highest-converting sales funnels you can use to send traffic to and generate commissions.

Can You Really Make Money With StealthD?

Full disclosure: While I've played a little with Google Adwords with some success, I've never dabbled with Gmail ads specifically.

And even if I had, I still wouldn't say you'll definitely make money with this but what I can tell you is this is a viable (and potentially very lucrative) business model.

Like any paid advertising, the key is to continually optimise your ads to make sure they're only showing up in the inboxes of those most likely to click on and buy your product and this may take a little tweaking to begin with.

Check out this useful video that will give you a better idea of how Gmail Ads work:

Google Adwords is good at giving you all the stats you need to make sure your cost per sale doesn't exceed your affiliate earnings so you can ensure you're always earning a healthy profit margin.

Once you have a campaign that's making more money than it's costing you, you're onto a winner and the next step is to scale up!

Is StealthD A Scam Or Legit?

StealthD is definitely not a scam.

What Jono's teaching here is a legit and often overlooked way of increasing your affiliate income. And at just $12.95, StealthD is a steal.

I think it's a high-risk, high-cost strategy for those just starting out in affiliate marketing, but for those of you with more experience this training program could open up a brand new traffic source.

Questions Or Thoughts?

Those of you who are experienced affiliate marketers – have you ever considered Gmail as a possible traffic method? Now you've read this review, what do you think about Jono Armstrong's StealthD method?

Do you have any questions about this product or about affiliate marketing in general? Scroll down and leave your comment and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

10 thoughts on “StealthD Review: Will Jono Armstrong Make You Rich?”

  1. Hi Simon, I bought STEALTHD + OTO1. The training is good BUT the support is inexistant!
    I sent 3 times a question to the support, 3-4 messages to Jono, a message by Messenger and some messages to Brandon his partner! NOTHING! after 19 days of trying to contact them, I asked for a refund: 1 time. 2 times!
    And when I received a promotional email from Brandon trying to sell me something, here is his answer:
    Instead of sending promotional email, could you please answer your support tickets and make refund when asked??
    Thanks Stephane”

    His answer:
    “The problems of selling $500,000 worth of stuff in 30 days is it bogs down your support
    All our products are epic, though.
    So asking for a refund is a bit lame anyways.
    I’m sure you will get it in due time tho.
    All the best.”

    and after a message explaining that i was very patient before asking a refund, here is his answer:
    “When you refund a good product… you are not a customer… You are a refunder.
    We don’t want your business.
    Contact the support desk, and they will get to your ticket. Since they are a bit busy at the
    moment, it could take a few days.

    I let everybody judged his attitude. I’ve never seen a such arrogant product seller!

    • Wow Stephane, that’s shocking…

      I’ll do a more thorough review of Brendan Mace and his never-ending low-quality products like Secret Weapon. So the mentality is, you’re asking for a refund so you’re not a customer? Right… That’s absurd!

      “The problems of selling $500,000 worth of stuff in 30 days is it bogs down your support desk.” Translation: Our products are so hyped-up the refund rate is through the roof.

      Basically they’re just stringing you along until your 30-day ClickBank money back guarantee expires. As a general rule, never go to the vendors themselves for a refund because, as you’ve seen, they’ll just give you the runaround. Instead, request a refund via ClickBank’s website and they’ll issue your money back right away.

      Thanks for shining the light on scum like Brendan Mace, may it be a warning to anyone thinking about putting their trust in this guy.

    • The comment of Stephane must be in the main page with H1 title as is Brendan Mace a SCAM?
      So your page would appear to more people willing to buy Brendan’s products.
      Before I was promoting him but I found his products are crap. I’m sorry that Jono partnered with him.
      Thank you Stephane for your feedback!

      • Hi,
        I finally could discuss with the support: their reply:
        “Hello Stéphane,
        We’re sorry you weren’t totally blown away by STEALTHD. We tried our best to make this a win for you, but it’s not for everyone.
        We’d like to give you two of our award-winning courses to make up for this experience.

        Here’s the list of choices:
        5K Publishing Paydays
        Five Figure Freedom
        Zero Hour Work Days
        10X Commissions
        Double Your Publishing
        Fully Loaded 5K
        Lindgren’s Lazy Method
        The Awakening
        DFY Printables

        If you would like us to give you two of our award-winning products in exchange for STEALTHD please let us know. We would love for you to find the method or course you are looking for.

        And if there’s anything I can personally help you with I’d be more than happy to help out, or we can continue with the refund.
        Just let us know which is best for you 🙂

        Customer Support
        P.S.: A high percentage of the profits from the ” STEALTHD” was donated to the starving children of Indonesia (see video here: I hope you understand that by processing your refund, you are effectively removing food from these kids mouths. If you feel that you need the money more than them, then we can continue to process your refund)”

        my reply:
        “Hi and thanks for your message. I waited for almost a month!
        You are sorry that I was not blown away. Me too!
        But a training without support is like a great car without tires. You go nowhere!
        Normally I would have accepted your offer!
        STEALTHD could be for everyone contrary to what you say, but with an appropriate support!
        First time I contacted support on the 9th of May after completing all training. And every two days or so, I tried to contact you one way or another: email support, email to Jono, Messenger to Jono, email to Brandon, … in all 8 or 10 messages!
        I did everything to make it work, I asked support questions to help make it work. But without any answer!
        But despite that, I could have accepted your offer.
        I understand that you were overwhelmed and I am understanding.
        But I have received arrogant, unpleasant and pretentious Brendan messages that do not make me want to accept! NO EXCUSES for lack of support!

        And I would even say that I ask for the refund doubled according to your Guarantee (see pic below): I did not win $ 2,000 following each steps of your method and I spent $12.95 (FE) + $97.00 (OTO1) = $109.95 so x2
        it’s $ 219.90 back
        I do not accept his inappropriate attitude and if he does not want to work with me: “we do not want your business” I do not want to buy from a scornful salesman
        And about your “emotional PS”: if you give money to an Association, do not promise a doubling guarantee of investment if you do not have adequate support.
        And as Brendan boasted of having earned $ 500,000 in 30 days, I am sure he will be able to make up for the outcome of his attitude.
        All the best
        with pics as proof of their guaranty

        They refund me but only $12,95!!!
        Even their guarantee is fake

      • OMG Stephane ! They only refunded $12,95!!! out of the $109.95 spent !!! and the “A high percentage of the profits from the ” STEALTHD” was donated to the starving children of Indonesia. I hope you understand that by processing your refund, you are effectively removing food from these kids mouths. If you feel that you need the money more than them, then we can continue to process your refund)” IS SHOCKING how they play on emotional !
        your awful experience should become viral so everybody should be aware before buying Brendan Mace’s products, so sad

        • Yes I agree their methods are shocking.

          I followed their method, Jono explains rather well.
          But with a budget of 10€ / day, Google charged me € 49 (I’m in Europe) in 2 hours! so I asked the support how it was possible and what I could do. And that’s where I never got an answer.

          They gave a guarantee (it’s written on the Sales Page): If we don’t make at least $2 000 following their method they refund the double!
          It’s completely BS!

    • At least you got an response. I have sent support tickets, emailed, skyped and facebook messages to both Brendan and Jono asking for help with The fuego multiplier that I purchased for $197. Instead of answering my questions Jono keep sending me emails trying to sell me more products. The worst part is Jono sent an email to his subscribers stating we could ask him anything by replying to the email. When I replied to the email asking for help I didn’t get a reply back. I know he reads his emails because in a previous email he asked me about the city I lived. He and his wife will be visiting my city in a few months. I feel abandoned and disappointed.

      • Hi, It was the same with me. No answers when I replied to his email!
        For the city, I think it’s a automated email with the city you live! I received the same saying that he wants to visit my city! It’s BS too.
        I found a way to talk to him: a comment under one of his YT video. When he presented the new Big house of Brendan, I made a comment saying he was a liar. He didn’t appreciate and we exchanged some comments. Finally I got refund the FE and OTO1 ($12,95 + $97). You should try the same! Good luck. One thing is sure I will NEVER buy one of their product again and I unsubscribe all email promoting one of them!

  2. Dear Simon,

    The timing of this review post is amazing because I just came across this recent Jono and Brendan mace product on Warrior plus. As we all know nowadays most of the make money online products under-delivers it’s a must for me to do some research before I make my purchase decision. Your review post is a greater help and saved my time.

    As you rightly said, In my experience I learned that if you are a newbie or just starting affiliate marketing it is not advisable to try paid ads. It’s always advisable to go with the free traffic methods and after gaining some experience we can try paid ads. Because in paid ads without experience we may lose money.

    I hate upsells and in my opinion if there is upsells means the product is not complete, although they say just the front-end product itself is enough but even before we enter into the members area they will claim that with upsells we can achieve fast success and save our time etc., so we don’t have other option we need to go for their upsells. So $12.95 is not the end of the story.

    After reading your thorough review Stealthd is not on my list.

    Much Success!


    • Hey Paul, I aim to please 🙂

      I completely agree about free traffic methods. As I said in the review, you want to make sure you have a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works, what offers and landing pages convert the best etc. before venturing into paid advertising.

      Honestly, I hate upsells too, I’ve ranted enough about them here on the blog and it’s true too that a lot of course creators stick a low initial price to lure people in so they can make more money from them further down the line. I sincerely this is not the case with StealthD and so I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt here.

      Thanks for your feedback and whatever you decide to do, I wish you every success!


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