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ready made turnkey websites for saleIf you're looking to buy ready-made turnkey websites for sale then you've come to the right place.

For a few months now I've been looking to outsource my website building, keyword research and content creation but kept coming up against worthless cookie-cutter websites that are sold 100+ times.

Honestly this does happen unfortunately!

Finally, I think I might've accidentally stumbled across the answer to this at Human Proof Designs.

Dominic Wells founded Human Proof Designs in 2014 after seeing all the cookie-cutter website sellers out there and seeing a golden gap in the market.

In 2016 alone, he's created over 500 done-for-you websites and helped hundreds more make their first affiliate commissions.

What we'll cover in this post:

  • Why it makes sense for affiliate marketing newbies to buy a ready-made turnkey website
  • What you get when you buy a ready-made turnkey website from Human Proof Designs
  • Browse ready-made turnkey websites for sale

Why it makes sense for affiliate marketing newbies to buy a ready-made turnkey website

I write a lot on this blog about how building affiliate websites and making money online through affiliate marketing is the best way to go about building an online income for yourself.

This involves signing up to the best affiliate marketing training online and learning how the process of making money online works, building your site out from scratch and learning how to use keywords to rank in Google and other search engines.

Hundreds of readers here have gone through my 10 day make money blogging course and gone on to launch successful affiliate websites and now earn more than a full-time income from them.

But I've seen a pattern emerge…

Because they're starting from scratch, the learning curve is steep and Google doesn't start taking your site seriously until around the 6 month mark, a lot of affiliate marketing beginners give up before seeing the breakthrough in affiliate earnings.

These people had high hopes, set goals for themselves and now they're probably walking around saying “that internet marketing thing doesn't work“. This is heartbreaking to watch.

Well, the good news is I've recently come across a solution that I think might be able to help you speed up the process, especially if you're just starting out – ready made turnkey websites from

what is the best place to buy don-for-you Amazon affiliate websites

buy ready-made turnkey websites for sale

Whether you're just starting out and want to fastrack your online earnings or you're looking to grow your affiliate website portfolio, this could be an ideal solution.

Done-for-you affiliate websites are available from as little as $998 and each website is 100% unique.

Right now they have ready-made turnkey websites for sale in the health, sports, technology, home improvements, pets, gardening, health and beauty niches and tons more.

Browse ready-made turnkey websites for sale here.

Each and every niche website created by Human Proof Designs is built using premium themes and plugins on a well-researched popular, yet untapped niche.

[alert-note]“My team at Human Proof Designs built close to 500 sites in 2016 alone. We've already built close to half that many in 2017.


Needless to say, I have learned how to build out sites in a very systematic fashion, and have many systems in place to help my team.”


– Dominic Wells @[/alert-note]

Expert writers who understand SEO have written high quality product reviews and comparisons, logos and social media accounts set up.

What's more, with each website you'll get an estimate monthly earnings breakdown with a tailor-made plan of attack so you can maximise your new website's earning potential.

The best part?

You'll have instant access to result-driven training that works on getting your site ranked, attracting visitors, optimising your conversion rates and an expert support team on hand to give you all the support you need to make your new online business a success.

Here's founder, Dom Wells on how Human Proof Designs can help you reach your online income goals:

ready-made turnkey websites for sale

What you get when you buy a ready-made turnkey website from Human Proof Designs

A high quality website that's 100% unique

When you're looking to buy a pre-made website you have to be careful. There people out there who will sell you a website… you and 100 other people.

A site like this is worth absolutely nothing. Google will mark the website as having duplicate content and it'll never see the light of day.

With Human Proof Designs, every target affiliate niche is unique, every post and review is 100% unique.

[alert-note]“One thing I noticed was that there was A LOT of junk on Flippa.


Too many people were creating turnkey sites that would never make any money, and people were buying them on false promises and hope.


I thought “Well, if I could produce something quality instead, that would be awesome”.


So that’s what I did.”

– Dominic Wells @[/alert-note]

A beautiful looking website

how to start a wordpress blogEach website is professionally designed with a clean, crisp look so your website visitors can get the information they need and take the action you want them to.

Simplicity is king.

This is why everything from the premium themes, logos and layout of your website is structured to optimise user experience meaning you'll get more people clicking in your affiliate links and more commissions as a result.

A popular yet untapped niche

what to write a blog aboutYou're not just buying a website – you're buying a business.

Most newbie affiliate marketers waste time trying to dominate an online niche that's either already too saturated so they never get any traction, or they enter into an online niche with no-ones interested in… both lead to a lot of wasted time and money.

With Human Proof Designs you can be sure whichever niche website you choose, the niche has been well-researched and found to be popular, untapped and profitable.

High quality articles written to rank

how to make money by bloggingWhichever package you choose your website comes with pre-written, high quality content.

The Starter package comes with 8,000 words and the Premium package comes with 16,000 words.

Human Proof Designs have a team of keyword researchers and a team of professional writers and editors to ensure you only get top-notch content.

Each post is written to rank, focused on high traffic, low-competition keywords to ensure high Google rankings so you get a constant stream of free targeted traffic to your site.

Their team of in-house writers know how to write great content for readers that gets ranked in the search engines.

An SEO optimised site

how to drive traffic to your websiteAll of the websites for sale include sitemaps and Google Analytics already done for you.

You'll be able to access a full report showing you what the website is already ranking for and a list of keywords you should target in your blogging strategy going forward.

The more traffc you get, the more successful your website will be.

Top-notch Training and Tutorials

exactly how to start your own blog and get paidWhat I really like about how Dom and the team at Human Proof Designs is they don't just sign the website over to you and leave you stranded…

It's their after sales care, support and training where they really shine!

It's pointless to give you a website if you don't know what to do with it.

This is why as soon as you choose your ready-made site or request a custom-built one, you'll get instant access to hours of video training and detailed tutorials created to teach you everything from setting up your affiliate links to making your first sale.

Done For You Price Comparisons

All done-for-you Amazon affiliate websites come with relevant keyword targeted product reviews and a comparison on your home page which helps your reader find all the information they're looking for so they can click through your affiliate links.

I'd say it's all done in a really simply, but effective way.

Social Setup

How To Use Social Media For Marketing Your Online BusinessWith the Premium package (you can take a look at the differences between the Starter and Premium packages here) your website comes with social account already up and running.

This includes logos and social media images for Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Just another thhing you don't have to worry about!

Browse ready-made turnkey websites for sale

Finally a done-for-you website builder I can wholeheartedly recommend!

And it's not just done-for-you websites the Human Proof Designs team do either – they now offer high quality content creation and keyword packs, basically all of your outsourcing under one roof!

So, if you're…

  • Looking for a legitimate online business but don't quite know where to get started…
  • Want to fast track the whole earnings process, save time and avoid making the mistakes newbies like to make…
  • If you want to be confident you're building a strong site on a solid niche…
  • If you've got money to invest but you're time-poor…
  • If you're serious about replacing your full-time income..
  • Or you're looking to invest into a new affiliate niche website to grow your existing website portfolio…

Then buying a ready-made turnkey website might be just about the smartest move you've ever made.

You can check out pre-built sites are available as well as find out more about what any particular site's potential earnings are here.

Have you ever bought a ready-made affiliate website before, what was your experience?

Do you have any questions about the buying process of how affiliate websites work? Be sure to ask in the comments and I'l always try to give you a good answer quickly!

16 thoughts on “Ready-Made Turnkey Websites For Sale”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve heard great things about Human Proof Designs, and have even had the chance to interact briefly with Dom Wells, and read some of his posts.

    It makes a lot of sense. Though I unfortunately didn’t have the budget when I first started out in internet marketing to buy one of these ready-made sites, it would have saved me a ton of time. And possibly even money in the long run.

    Are these generally WordPress websites? I’m definitely a WordPress fan.

    • Yes all ready-made affiliate sites are built using WordPress and I know that WordPress is covered within the training modules you’re given too. 

      I was the same as you – starting out in affiliate marketing I had to learn how to do everything myself, though now I’m earning a respectable monthly income I can now re-invest some of that to keep my business growing. 

  2. Hi there Simon,

    Big thanks for sharing your thoughts in regards to ready made niche sites by Human Proof Designs. It is fully appreciated, thanks.

    I am actually fairly familiar with Dom And HPD, may I ask these sites, what is the ongoing support like and by what means, email? messenger? Phone? and above all how much content in terms of the number of articles created initially on the sites?

    In short, I am looking to figure out how strong the foundation is for these sites are.

    • Hi Derek, they actually have a whole after-sales support team who you can email and chat to at anytime. They also have an online community and a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get answers. You’re also given tons of training modules and video training. The support here is really strong for sure.

  3. This is a great post! When thinking of starting an affiliate website, that’s enough to get me discouraged. The not knowing how to go about doing things, can make the idea feel Ike it isn’t even possible.

    With your guide for finding a turnkey website, it removes the questions of what do I do, and will there be any support as I go through this process.

    • It’s true Mara and I couldn’t agree more. The reason most people quit before they ever make a dime is because there’s a lot to learn and a lot of cogs to fit into place before you start seeing returns. Of course when you’re buying a ready made turnkey website much of the ground work is done for you and you’ve got all the training and support you need to take it all the way.

  4. Hello Simon,

    Great article! My friend is trying to get started with affiliate marketing, but he doesn’t want to go through the beginning phase of creating his own website and writing his own content.

    Personally, I like to succeed on something that I’ve built for myself, so I can replicate that for other niche websites.

    However, it’s great that there are legitimate places to purchase pre-made ready to use websites for beginners.


    • Yeah buying a ready made turnkey website for sale is definitely a quicker option then having to do everything yourself, but I think it’s also great for more established, professional affiliate marketers too who are looking to outsource some aspects of their online business.

      For example, I’ve ordered keyword research packs and article packs from Human Proof Designs before and will do again. As your business grows to scale you want to outsource as much as you can to keep your business growing and ultimately make your online income more passive.

  5. I want To buy readymade turnkey websites. A person Tells Me is the best place to buy websites online. Guyz Kindly checks This site and And tell me is this website is the right place to buy websites online.

    • Hi Sara, after doing a quick check into Payme0 it looks like it’s yet another Flippa scam. Check out this article on BlackHatWorld.

      PayMe0 basically charges you a whopping $3,000 and theres tons of complaints about them online.

  6. I must say this is an interesting idea. I have seen a few websites selling “ready made” websites before but nothing that seemed to be worth the price.
    The idea of a ready made website is very tempting. I am really eager to get to the “make money” part of my website but I am not there yet. There is soo much to do and I have already worked on it for over a year.
    I think I might try a website like this as soon as I start making some money, because right now I am on a tight budget.
    Thank you for showing me this.

    • Of course Jojo, you’ll know when the time is right to expand your website portfolio but if you’re a beginner, I recommend focusing your efforts on one website first.

      The mistake a see many newbies make is they try and do too much at once – it’s better to have one site that’s really going somewhere than 5 that are not doing much!

      Wishing you every success in your online business! Do give me a shout if there’s anything I can help with 🙂

  7. I have purchased ready-made sites before. It was a few years ago, but the concept is the same. The reason I purchased a site instead of building my own was I had time limitations. I already built my own site and was busy keeping it updated. I just did not have the time to create and build out another site myself. So I opted to try a pre-built site in a specific niche (puppies).

    I think a build-to-design is a good option for people who don’t have time to launch their own site or would rather have a site up and running so they can focus on marketing their products.

    • Hi Glen, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us. 

      I completely agree with you – if you have more time than money, built your niche site yourself, but if you have more money than time, buying a ready-made turnekey website is a fantastic option, specially if you want to build your online businesses to scale.

      This is assuming of course the people you’re outsourcing to know what they’re doing!

      Thanks again Glen, all the best to you! 

  8. That is a great idea. I am quite new as an affiliate marketer and the one thing I am really bad at is all the technical issues surrounding it all. I feel I can find some great niches but I found it difficult executing it with building the appropriate website.

    One question I do want ask is what should I do or where should I look for ready websites but in different languages?

    • Hey Manor,

      It sounds like outsourcing the technical website building aspects out to a third party might be a good option for you, freeing you up to focus on what you’re good at and growing your online business.

      If you’ve already found yourself an untapped website niche idea you could request a custom-built affiliate website and the Human Proof Designs team will create the website for you.

      To answer your question, I just checked in with Dom and he confirmed what I thought, at the moment they only build websites and create content in English.

      I hope this helps! 


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