5 Reasons To Avoid The Mailbox Profits Scam [2022 Review]


We’ve reviewed over 700 work from home programs so far…

We've come across some legit money-making programs as well as a lot of hyped-up scams that make ridiculous promises but never deliver.

I have no doubt Mailbox Profits will fall into the latter category and in this review, I'm going to do my utmost to show you exactly why you should run for the hills as far as this scam is concerned.

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Mailbox Profits Review At A Glance

About: Mailbox Profits is a money-making opportunity currently being advertised that wants you to believe you can make $8,000 if you just send them $100.

Price: $100.

Pros: There aren't any. Seriously.

Cons: This is a blatant cash gifting scheme; both illegal and unsustainable.

Verdict: Mailbox Profits is a scam. It's a pyramid scam that can get you in trouble with the FTC. Avoid at all costs.  


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How The Mailbox Profits Scam Works

Mailbox Profits is an easy, guaranteed way to get cash amounts of up to $8,000 sent to your mailbox every week without doing any advertising or selling.

At least that's what their promotional letter (PDF) and sales video tell us:

mailbox profits scam

If you want to start making money, you're told your first step is to enclose a payment of anywhere between $100 and $20,000 in cash (depending on your chosen membership level) and send it in an overnight box via FedEx.

You can then choose how many sales letters you want to send out, that is, sales letters identical to the one you just received in the hope others will ‘return the favour' and the mailman will arrive at your door with bundles of envelopes stuffed with cash.

Does this really sound a legitimate, long-term business plan to you?

If you believe this scam is legit then you are already well on your way to becoming their next victim and losing a lot of money.

Still not convinced?

Here are the 5 top reasons Mailbox Profits is one of the most blatant and scummiest scams you could ever be foolish enough to get involved with:

Reason #1: Mailbox Profits Is A Get-Rich-Quick Pyramid Scheme

“A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money based on recruiting an ever-increasing number of ‘investors.' The initial promoters recruit investors, who in turn recruit more investors, and so on.”New York State Attorney General

Ever seen that episode of The Office when Michael tries to sign everyone up to a get-rich-quick scheme?

Here take a look, it's hilarious:

I love this so much because it perfectly sums up how pyramid schemes work in less than 2 minutes.

The Mailbox Profits sales letter acts exactly like a chain letter that turns scam victims into scammers themselves.

I've seen this many times before. Funnel X ROI, Instant Cash Solution and 6 Steps To Freedom all follow the same pattern – the only way you can ever make money with Mailbox Profits is if you dupe others into joining so they can, in turn, dupe others into doing the same.

And on and on it goes…

There's no viable business model here, no products or services on offer, just a push to recruit as many scam victims as possible.

Reason #2: Mailbox Profits Is Illegal (And Rightly So)

I know this is probably going to get me some hate in the comments but the truth is the truth so here we go…

Why is Mailbox Profits illegal?

Because despite claiming to be legit on their FAQ's page, they are in fact a cash gifting scam where you are told to pay money in return for a monetary reward and recruitment of others is the only way any revenue is generated.

Essentially this is a more expensive version of the old mail chain letters where you would send $1 to the person at the top of the list, copy the list, remove that person, add your name to the bottom, and forward it on to 10 more people. The idea was in 6 months' time you'd make over $10,000 though that never actually happened.

Chain letters are illegal in the U.S. and most other countries for that matter. Here's what the legal experts at LegalBeagle have to say about sending money in the mail:

“You can mail chain letters that ask for items of minor value, like recipes or postcards, but chain letters that ask for money are barred by federal law. If you're mailing money to 10 friends as part of a “get rich quick” scheme – even if it's just $5 – then you're committing a federal crime.

USPS recommends that you write on the envelope, “I received this in the mail and believe it may be illegal,” and hand the chain letter to your local postmaster.”

So now you know why Mailbox Profits give new members some rather odd and suspicious instructions on how to send their money packages like:

  • “Remember to always prepare your packages in private, never in a public place.”
  • “Put the cash in a regular #10 envelope, then place the envelope inside of a magazine. Wrap the magazine in a newspaper then place the wrapped magazine (with the cash already inside) in a large 9×12 envelope.”
  • “Use your hand to feel your packages to make sure a wad of cash cannot be easily detected.”
  • “WARNING: If you skip any of these steps, you are at risk of your cash being lost or stolen by a FedEx employee.”

Source: BehindMLM.com

The reality is all this ‘concealing wads of money in the dead of night' nonsense has nothing to do with FedEx employees swiping your gear and everything to do with the fact you are committing a federal crime.

Get involved with Mailbox Profits, get caught and you'll be left with either a hefty fine or jail time.

Reason #3: This Is NOT A Sustainable Business Model!

The only way you can make your money back is if you can find enough recruits willing to pay the signup fee.

The problem is it doesn't take very long with every Mailbox Profits member sending out the same sales letters to completely saturate the market and there's no one left to recruit…

mailbox profits pyramid scheme scam

For example, let's say someone gets in early and manages to sign 6 people up. Those 6 then manage to sign more people up.

By the 11th level, you've exceeded the U.S population and by the 13th level, you've exceeded the population of the entire planet!

Which is why pyramid schemes pop up, do well for a while before fizzling out. There's just no long-term sustainable business model here to build a solid financial future on.

Reason #4: Mailbox Profits' Full Membership Will Set You Back A Whopping $39,350!

Nope, that's not a typo.

There are 8 membership levels to choose from, each with ever-increasing costs and commissions. I always say it's important to count the cost of any biz op before diving in head-first, so here they are:

mailbox profits costs and membership options

The amount of money you can earn goes up incrementally at each level:

  • Level 1 pays $40
  • Level 2 pays $100
  • Level 3 pays $200
  • Level 4 pays $400
  • Level 5 pays $1,000
  • Level 6 pays $2,000
  • Level 7 pays $4,000
  • Level 8 pays $8,000

But here's the real kicker:

Recruit someone who joins at a higher level than you and the commission goes to the first qualified person in your upline and you get nothing. You're only eligible for payments up to whatever membership level you're on and nothing more.

The entire compensation structure is specifically designed to entice you all the way up to the $20,000 level 8 membership.

Reason #5: There's A 90.4% Chance You'll Lose All Your Money

The 5th and final reason you'll want to steer clear of this scam is that your chances at succeeding with this are very slim…

Studies show 90.4% of those who join pyramid schemes lose everything. (See: PyramidSchemeAlert.org)

That means 9 out of 10 people will end up worse off than when they started, with some a lot more worse off than others.

Remember, we're talking about 100's if not 1,000's of real people here who have been hoodwinked into paying $20,000 to join this thing in good faith, only to never get a penny of it back. Please promise me you won't let that be you.

So What Now?

I know you want to make money and I can show you how. But we need to get a few things straight:

1) You need to put in the time to LEARN

2) You need to put in the WORK before you see results

I launched this blog because nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping aspiring entrepreneurs like you get up and running with your first income-generating online business.

Follow the same free beginner's course that enabled me to quit my job and become my own boss and see exactly how you can too.

Don't Be A Stranger!

I'd love to hear your take on schemes like this. If you were thinking about joining and this review convinced you otherwise, or if you have already had the misfortune of joining Mailbox Profits, scroll down and let us know.

If you have any questions at all about this or any other online income opportunity then get in touch! I'd love to hear from you! 🙂

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Avoid The Mailbox Profits Scam [2022 Review]”

  1. Thank God and THANKYOU!!!! I found this article you’re on time so no money loss here THANKYOU God for saving me!!!! But now it’s like you figure it a real plan to make money I’m always willing to put the time and effort in but I’m looking to make it not have to give it away first in order to maybe make it!!!!

  2. I’ve learnt my lesson that all these shiny skin business offers that poses a lot of money with no work are filled with scam. Mailbox profit actually would’ve been noticed to be scam by someone into more of online businesses because nowadays anything you will definitely require you to put in your best effort in order to make enough money out of it, unlike this Mailbox profit scam that offers cash amount up to $8000 per week, even affiliate marketing requires no break of work to accumulate this kind of money in a month. This should serve as an awareness to newbies who are in haste to make more from no work. This kind of post should be seen more often, it’s very useful and educating. Thank you.

  3. Mailbox profits is just another scam oriented pyramid scheme that make bogus claims and have no way of fulfilling it because it is not being realistic in the first instance. Immediately I came across this platform, I knew something was not right and I decided to do my research on them. Thanks so much for this.

    • Sure thing Shelley.

      It’s not that these schemes fail to deliver it’s that they’re DELIBERATELY designed so money gets funnelled up the line away from members at the bottom who will always end up worse off.

      So even if you manage to turn a profit, it’s the people you’ve directly recruited or their recruits that end up the losers. Either way, it’s not a viable income model.

  4. No, not at all a fan to all these. Especially when we all know that pyramid schemes are illegal and they can be probed by the authorities. Once a platforms only way to make money is by recruiting others, that’s not a good one. Seeing that on mailbox, there are so many memberships and one can can spend so much joining is really sad. Also you have pointed out that one can lose all their money. I wouldn’t want to lose so much to an online platforms when there’s a better option.


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