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rounded_cornersPerhaps I should explain.

Can I be honest with you?

(that’s my serious face)

Most people will think you're bonkers if you talk about blogging being a full-time career.

“Blogging is fine as a hobby, but be careful about all that make money online stuff”, they'll say

Unfortunately the blogging industry has been tarred by the whole get rich quick nonsense out there in cyberspace.

My motivation behind starting The Make Money Online Blog was to show people that building a legitimate and honest (and profitable) online business through blogging is not only possible, but easier than it's ever been before.

With the right training, tools and support, combined with your diligence and patience make success virtually inevitable.

In April 2014 I launched my first blog within the church growth and leadership development niche – today that same blog sees over 1,000 daily visits and earn me $6,000+ a month passively.

But enough about me…

If you want to know more about me and this blog check out this page.

But I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you’re either a newbie looking to launch your first blog or you're a blogger who's feeling frustrated with your blog’s progress.

That’s good.

If you’re frustrated it means you’re passionate – and we can work with that.

The Make Money Online Blog is all about showing you the tips and strategies I use to build blogs and quickly make them successful. Every article that gets published is an in-depth look at a method, idea or example of something that is working.

My main focus is to help you:

  • Create and build your blog for sustained, long term success.
  • Drive large amounts of targeted, interested traffic to your blog.
  • Capture hoards of loyal email subscribers that buy your things.
  • Build an online income through affiliate marketing or selling your own products.
  • Get more comments, interactions and success on Google.

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