Is Type At Home A Scam? Read This Review.

Is Type At Home A Scam? says you can make $175 on each typing job, but here's the catch:

To access these jobs you first have to pay for their ‘typing training kits'.

Is Type At Home a scam you should stay away from?

Yes your sneaking suspicion is right – Type At Home is yet another typing job scam and in this review, I'm going to show you why.

Beware The Fake Type At Home Reviews

type at home affiliate program fake reviews

Let me be straight with you:

Unlike many of the fake reviews out there, I am not affiliated in any way with the Type At Home (TAH) home scam.

But there's a reason so many fake reviews exist…

Some people are more than happy to sell you a lie in return for a reward. I am not one of those.

I'm just a successful online entrepreneur giving my honest opinion on what works and what doesn't to help you on your road to making money online.

What Is Type At Home?

Type At Home claims to be the world's leading provider of typist jobs.

Many people are duped into thinking by paying the $29-$89 training and registration fee they'll be well on their way to making a full-time income from home.

According to their terribly outdated YouTube video (below), you can get paid up to $45 per assignment as a part-time typist, $50 per assignment for a full-time typist or $100-$175 as a business owner.

If we're to follow what this scam is saying, there are just 3 steps to becoming a professional typist:

Step 1: Register for a position with them

Step 2: Complete a basic 30-minute typing course

Step 3: Finish you first work assignment and get paid

People think you just sign up, hand your money over, go through the training and sign up for readily-available jobs where you type up documents for well-known and respected companies.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

In reality, you're paying for a random set of videos and articles that have been thrown together as well as access to a web page with outdated ‘job offers' that don't payout.

The only person making money with Type At Home is the website owner. By promising big sums of money for easy work he can persuade you to go ahead and hand over your cash for the worthless typist kits.

Type At Home Reviews And Complaints

Browsing through the many Type At Home complaints online, I see the same story again and again. Nowhere will you find anyone thanking TAH for their success in becoming a full-time typist.

Here's what people who fell for scum have to say…

1. There Are No Real Typing Jobs Here

Type at Home's Facebook page has just 2 reviews – both reviewers give this work from home the lowest possible rating:

type at home scam legit review

2. It's Impossible To Get A Refund

Take this complaint from the Better Business Bureau. As you can see, once you've paid the fee, you can wave goodbye to your money forever.

type at home scam complaints

Bottom Line: Is Type At Home A Scam?

Yes, Type At Home is a scam just like Writers Work and Freedom With Writing.

The whole site is designed specifically to convince you this is a legit opportunity worth paying for.

Every review I've read from genuine people who tried this program are about them trying to get their money back. Don't fall for this common typing home jobs scam.

One of the best ways to avoid work from home scams is to stay clear of ‘opportunities' that require an upfront payment from you.

Any legitimate work from home opportunity will equip you with the tools and information you need to do your job.

The Best Advice I Can Give You

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What Do You Think?

I hope you've found this Type At Home review helpful. If you have any questions about getting started online leave your questions below.

If you've had any experience with Type At Home then share your experience with us in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Is Type At Home A Scam? Read This Review.”

  1. The woman in the video is like a bully. You don’t get help. You can be purnished or banned for asking questions. No refund. Somebody say they sell your bank details to another part and they are not operating the ID system..GDP or what is it called?
    At every step you pay.

  2. Thank you for enlightening us though I am victim of these guys. In 2017 I paid around $24 for part time type at home jobs but it didn’t go beyond training. I would love to get another best way to earn online. Please help me

  3. Foolishly I paid $59.99 for the full-time typist course and once I realized Type At Home is total garbage I tried my best to get a refund but they would not even reply to my messages. I might just have to accept the fact I’ve lost my money for good.

    Anyone out there reading this Type At Home review thinking about joining – DON’T! It is a complete scam! There are no real jobs offered, the training is full of random blog posts and the  videos you can find anywhere online. I wish I had read this review before signing up, up would have saved me a lot of time and bother.

    • Hi Barry, I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us but I am sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully this will serve as a warning to others.

  4. Thanks for exposing these frauds! This is why I always do my research before signing up for services. Well, unless it’s free of course (:

    I always try to follow the saying, when it sounds too good to be tried it usually is.

    My friend was actually looking into joining type at home, but luckily we came across your article before he loses his hard earned money.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks for sharing Eric, yes as I pointed out in this review, Type At Home is nothing more than a fraudulent way to sell a low-quality course that offers no value whatsoever. 

      Glad to know this review helped!


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