Is The Big Profit System A Scam?

is the big profit system a scam

Hi, Simon here and welcome to my harsh but honest Big Profit System review where we ask the hard questions like:

Is the Big Profit System a scam to stay away from or actually a real money maker?

Let me start by commending you for doing your research before signing up to any program like this as it’s by far the best way to avoid scams and find real ways of making money online.

The Big Profit System calls itself a business in a box, a true done-for-you income stream but is it really possible you could make more in a month than most people make in a year with their fail-proof system?

After taking a closer look, here’s what I found out:

Big Profit System Review (Quick Overview)

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Product Name: Big Profit System (BPS)


Created by: William Foley

Joining fee: $280

Upsells: Up to $21,000 (yes, really!)


The Big Profit System tries to disguise itself as a ‘high-ticket direct sales company’ where members sign up and wait by the door for their checks to arrive.

In reality:

This is nothing more than a pyramid scheme with a crazy-expensive joining fee and it’s only a matter of time before it gets shut down.

With full membership costing $21,000 and a 91% failure rate, The Big Profit System is a scam I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to sign up to.

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No!

Wanna Make Money But Sick And Tired Of Scams?

What Is The Big Profit System? is a website that says it can give you a completely hands-off money making strategy where you could be earning $1,000’s without having to sell to anyone or do any recruiting.

The banner across the top of the site says The Big Profit System reads:

“The Simple 2-Step Formula For Building A $15,000 Monthly Income In The Next 90 Days – Even If You’ve Never Made Any Money Before.”

The homepage really doesn’t tell you more than that.

Next, you’re invited to add your name, email and phone number to get more information.

what is the big profit system about

There’s an odd little questionnaire asking what you’re going to do with all this extra cash that’s supposedly going to start dropping on your doormat as soon as you sign up.

I didn’t bother giving my phone number (and I recommend you don’t either) as I don’t want any aggressive sales calls, but it still let me through to the next page…

This page has another banner telling you how much money you’re going to make. I watched the video hoping for details of the money-making methods that are involved but instead we just get more sales hype.

The video shows apparent members opening checks ranging from $500 to $10,000…

The video voiceover claims its because these people are getting checks like this on a weekly basis ‘delivered right to their door’ is because they paid a one-off fee and took their success coach’s advice.


We’re told this is a system that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you don’t need a telephone line or internet connection to start making money.

How The Big Profit System Works

We’re told Big Profit System is not a network marketing company or multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

After digging a little deeper, I found out that there’s a 3 step program:

Step 1: Lead Generation

When you sign up, part of the $280 admin fee is to cover them making a cloned website that you can send people to to start generating sales.

They’ll also give you access to pre-designed postcards that you can order and have mailed out.

Step 2. Closing The Sale

If you can generate the leads and send them to your site they’ll fill out their contact details and confirm they’re interested, then the BPS team of ‘success coaches’ step in, follow up leads, make the sales calls and close the sale for you.

Step 3. You Get Paid

When a success coach closes a sale with one of your prospects they’ll send you an email confirming the sale. Your cheque will land on your doormat a few days later.

Can You Really Make Money With Big Profits System?

The quick answer is yes you can, but at a cost and it’s an incredibly high-risk strategy.

You’ll see dozens of members posting YouTube videos saying how much money they’ve made and opening up their checks.

We’ve seen how the process works and Big Profit System definitely have a good sales process in place they do pay out, but notice anything missing from this equation?

There’s no product!

And this is where things start getting murky very quickly…

I’ve exposed many an online pyramid scheme on this blog like Your Dream Websites and Fearless Momma before and what they all have in common is the money making system is selling the money making system.

The only product people are buying here is the Big Profit System itself.

You’re going to need AT LEAST $1,280 to get started (that’s before paying out for promotional materials) and your only goal is to get other people to join Big Profit System just like you did.

That means you’re going to have to try and convince 3 other people to part with $1,280 just to recoup your losses!

But it gets way worse that that…

Big Profit System have 5 levels of membership with the price increasing incrementally the higher up you go. You’re going to have to buy-in before you have the right to promote and hopefully start making commissions.

Let’s take a quick look at how much you’re going to have to shell out:

Level 1 – $1,000

Level 2 – $3,000

Level 3 – $6,000

Level 4 – $12,000

Level 5 – $20,000

That’s a whopping $21,000 in total!

There’s also a $280 ‘affiliate fee’ to pay for each upgrade.

Buying in at Level 1 membership allows you to earn a 50% commission when you sign others up to Level 1.

If you join at Level 2 ($3,000) you can make 50% commissions when your prospects join at Levels 1 or 2, but if someone in your downline upgrades to Levels 3, 4 or 5 you miss out.

You can see the big problem with this kind of model right? It’s going to cost you $21,000 to just have the chance to make the kind of money they say you will.

If you’re thinking about getting into this, you need to know you’re going to be strongly encouraged to hand over more and more cash in order to ‘take your business and earnings to the next level’.

All of this should be setting off alarm bells.

While BPS try to diguise themselves as a “high-ticket direct sales company”, they are in fact, an expensive pyramid scheme. Without a doubt!

Watch this video explaining what a pyramid scheme is and you can decide for yourself:

The Big Profits System is a pyramid scheme because they promise you’ll make huge sums of cash by recruiting others into the system. There’s just no real business here. There’s no actual products being bought and sold.

The only way you get paid is when you dupe someone else into paying a fee to join the bottom of the pyramid. The only way your recruit gets paid is by recruiting someone else and on it goes.

For each person you see bragging about how many checks they’ve got on YouTube, there’s at least 9 other people who have lost a minimum of $1,280.

Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who actually makes money from this program, but honestly – is this really how you want to make a living?

5 Big Profit System Secrets Exposed!

1. The Big Profit System founder is a notorious scammer

The Big Profits System was created by notorious internet scammer William “Bill” Foley trading under the name of Legacy Systems Marketing Inc.

This guy’s been involved in a long line of get-rich-quick scams including Get Weekly Paychecks and Empower Network (now gone bankrupt).

With someone with a track record like this running the show, do you really think is a good long-term business opportunity? I don’t think so.

2. Fake-Ass testimonials

When you land on the BPS sales page you’ll see testimonials from supposed members, except these are completely fake.

proof the big profit system is a scam

The guy who put this site together has obviously just copied and pasted random photos from Google. This is really odd because there are people making money from this, so why not just share their success stories?

While this is not proof on it’s own that The Big Profit System is a scam, it’s a sure indicator not everything they tell you can be trusted.

3. The Big Profit System comes with a BIG Price Tag

They’re pretty upfront about their membership level costs saying outright this will require a huge upfront investment from you before you can even get started.

Fill out that form and you’ll get a call from a BPS success coach.

‘Success coach’ is code for ‘high-pressure salesperson’ who will aggressively push into buying at the highest level possible, even if that means getting into debt.

And we haven’t looked at any of the other expenses yet…

While BPS promise to close the sales for you, you’re still going to have to get out there and generate leads – that’s going to require an advertising budget.

Your success coach will tell you you need to pay for BPS promotional postcards to be printed and mailed out. They recommend using their partner

500 postcards will set you back an extra $362 and with the typical 1% response rate you’re going to have to see some sales coming in quickly.

It breaks my heart to think about how many people out there have paid money or even maxed out their credit cards in good faith, thinking this is a good online income opportunity – only to end up way worse off as a result.

4. You’ll have to dupe others to make money

We’re talking about large chunks of money here. It’s not going to be easy convincing people to part with $1,280 of their hard-earned cash for what appears to be a dodgy get-rich-quick scam?

The sales video tries to sell you on the idea of buying into an automated, done-for-you profit generating system but in reality you’re going to have to forever chase after new potential recruits.

It’s not as easy as they make it out to be. How many spammy postcards will you pay to be sent out before cutting your losses and calling it a day?

How do you feel about recruiting people into a pyramid scheme knowing 9 out of 10 of them will only lose money?

5. Pyramid schemes like this never last long

There’s a reason pyramid schemes are illegal – you get the 1% at the top who cash in and the rest never make a penny. Research shows 90.4% of people are at the bottom of a pyramid and lose their investment

big profit system pyramid scheme scam

Not only are they unethical, they’re completely unsustainable.

As this video explains so well, this model can not last long before petering out – a pyramid only has to reach 13 levels before you surpass the population of the earth.

If you’re going to go all in with this and build your whole financial future into this system, what will you do if they get shut down or collapse? (and programs like this do, often)

Since you don’t own anything, your whole income is wiped out in an instant.

Is The Big Profit System A Scam?


Big Profit System is scam and should be avoided at all costs.

When selling the system IS the system you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

Anybody signing up to this program risks losing a lot of money and your chances of recouping your losses are slim at best.

What Is Better Than Big Profits System?

Forget lousy, crazy-priced get-rich-overnight by doing nothing type schemes like this and learn how to make money online for free.

When you build a legitimate online business there’s no expensive upfront investment and absolutely no triangular-shaped commission structure to be seen.

There’s no need to struggle to make sales and you don’t need an advertising budget because people come looking for you.

I make $7,000+ a month and I don’t sell, I don’t recruit and I don’t need an advertising budget because people come looking for me.

My websites generate a steady income day and in and day out. I really do make money while I sleep!

The best part?

The exact step-by-step training I followed is completely risk-free because it’s 100% free to start.

Just For Fun 🙂

Questions Or Thoughts Of Your Own?

I hope you’ve found this review helpful. If you have any experience with this program or still have questions, feel free to scroll down and leave your comments. We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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