Is All In One Profits A Scam? Here’s Why It’s Not A Sure Bet

Is All In One Profits A Scam

The name can strike the product as a complete package to scale your online money-making opportunity. But the thing is, when you take a closer look at All In One Profits, you’ll realize it’s just a sliver of the full scope. So, is it a scam or not? We’ll find out. 

I must say, this platform is like it’s been cut from the same cloth as and WorldProfit. If offers web hosting, autoresponders, DFY squeeze pages, and more. 

It can seem like a convenient choice and the perfect solution to your online business needs. But just wait until I tell you all about the red flags I came across.  

All In One Profits Review At A Glance

About: All In One Profits offers web tools, autoresponder and other web tools to build a multi-level network to earn from. 

Price: $11.50 for the Basic Level membership and $21.74 for the Pro Level membership. 

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Outdated website, outdated marketing strategies, and largely involves recruitment to make money.

Verdict: All In One Profits is not an upfront scam. Although they have services to offer, the main income source being recruitment makes them reek of pyramid scheme. 


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What Is All In One Profits?

The goal is to make you feel All In One Profits is your one-stop shop to grow and direct traffic for your online business. 

It was created in 2012. There was no information about the owners on the website, so I had to do more digging and found out it is run by Johan Van Geffen and Isabela Capsuna. 

Here’s the thing:

Product owners who are confident in what they offer will be more than proud to introduce who they are to the public. I don’t know what Geffen and Capsuna’s reasons are but not telling us who they make me feel a little off. 

I also found out Capsuna has been linked to some low-key recruitment scams where she defended herself in some debate. 

Back to the product, All In One Profits claim to be the “suite for essential web tools and services”. 

They offer web hosting, autoresponders, DFY squeeze pages, downline builder, PLRs, DFY banners, and a lot more. 

Web hosting and autoresponders can help a great deal in drawing in traffic, but just having the services doesn’t mean the work is done. How effective it can be is still in question.

Here’s the kicker:

I think they need to hire a web designer. I went over to their website and boy it was from the past century. It felt more like a high school webpage project more than a professional and legit marketing service website. 

All In One Profits Website

I’m not just talking about the landing page, but the whole website. I’ll show you how the members’ area looks a little later. 

If they’re trying to convince people to sign up for their services, it will surely need a lot of persuasions. 

How To Join All In One Profits

If you were genuinely interested in this part, I’d put you in an interrogation room with a single light swinging above our heads and seriously question you why! 

But anyway, if you really want to know, you’ll need a referral link from someone who already signed up then you fill out the form with your personal details.

You will then have to choose between two membership options: Basic or Pro. 

All In One Profits Membership

How All In One Profits Works

All In One Profits Members' Area

You’ll have to be visible in the online market space for people to notice you. So, All In One Profits builds squeeze and landing pages, send email campaigns, hosts your website, and gives you PLRs to learn from. 

Its advertising opportunities include creating banners with your link on it and advertising it to their network. It’s basically ad exchange.

The problem with ad exchange is this:

It’s outdated and you won’t get targeted traffic so your ads will just be sent to random people in their network who are not necessarily interested in your offers. The endpoint is, the ads will be useless because you won’t make a sale. 

People turn to social media now for niche-based product campaigns, not to ad exchange. So I don’t think ad banners campaigned to an unspecified group of people will get people to visit your website and buy your products. 

They also offer autoresponders or an email marketing service. Its purpose is to reach people through their emails so you can pitch your product. 

But get this: 

Not every autoresponder available on the internet is effective. Only well-known autoresponders recognized by ISPs like Google and Yahoo will work.


Because low-end autoresponders like what All In One Profits is offering will only lead your campaigns to spam folders, not the inbox. 

All In One Profits claimed it has a 99% deliverability rate in its emails. Sadly, there’s no proof of it. The only thing proven and tested is that low-end autoresponders will not deliver your campaigns where you expect it to be. 

If your campaigns go to the spam folder, people will feel it’s not credible enough unlike when it lands in the inbox. The truth is, even if it does go to your inbox, if the owner has no interest in what you offer, you won’t make a sale. This is why targeted campaigns is important like what I emphasized earlier. 

If you’re up and giddy with the ebooks you can access in the members’ area just remember they’re PLRs. This means you can easily find these books on the internet for free so it doesn’t really give you the value for the money you forked out no matter how cheap it may be. 

Not just that, most of the content of these ebooks are generic and outdated, so you won’t really get anything relevant out of it. The bottom line, PLRs are useless. 

Now the web hosting feature can seem interesting. But here’s the kicker:

You’ll only get 500Mb of disk space and 5Gb bandwidth. It not really much if you think about it. Like what I mentioned about autoresponders, only recognized hosts will work. 

If you’re worried about the price, you can get a $5 monthly fee from well-known web-hosting sites which will give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. 

By now, I hope you realize the marketing strategies offered by All In One Profits don’t work. I think they presumed this will happen because they included another opportunity you can “seem” to earn from. 

They’re offering commissions for recruiting others to sign up. Sound like an MLM right? But mind you, they claimed they’re not. 

All In One Profits Not An MLM

Here’s how it works: you can earn from every other recruit you make. This is also known as the even up formula. It means #2, #4, #6 and all even recruit commissions will go to your sponsor, in your case, you’ll get the commission from the odd-numbered recruits. 

All In One Profits Compensation Matrix

Actually, I find this recruitment thing uncanny because it’s given more emphasis than marketing strategies. So, I’m having the feeling that the recruitment opportunity is their core offer. 

The problem is if you can really persuade people to sign up and pay. Because the whole system is outdated, people will generally find no value in signing up.

What I Don’t Like About All In One Profits 

  • Outdated Website
  • Outdated Marketing Strategies
  • Involves Recruitment
  • No Refund Policy
  • Owners Do Not Reveal Themselves

Is All In One Profits A Scam?  

This sort of a gray area for me. There had been some red flags like the one about the owners that makes me skeptical about this platform. 

However, they do have marketing strategy services to offer. I’m just really not optimistic it will work. It could have worked before, but not in the current make-money-online dynamics. 

If you think this will flood your bank account with tons of cash, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll have to look somewhere else for that to happen. 

Basically, my point is, it’s not a platform worth recommending. It won't help scale your business.

All In One Profits Review Bottom Line

Here’s an overview of how you can make money online with your business: you have to drive the right traffic to your website, so you’ll get potential customers who are really interested in what you offer.

Think about it:

Will you offer mountain bike parts to elderly people, grade-schoolers, and disabled people? Of course not! They won’t be interested in your products because it will be of no use to them.

Logically, you’ll offer this to bike enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, and sports buffs. So, you have to target those groups of people, so you’ll get a better chance of sales.

Granted, you have to learn the ropes of these to make it work for your business. But outdated training and strategies can’t help you. 

If you’re an affiliate marketer or someone interested in affiliate marketing, you can check out this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to get a better hold of those ropes. 

But even if you’re not, you can still get some valuable strategies with the training it comes with which you can also apply to any money-making opportunity you are in. 

Outdated strategies do not work, no matter how many of it you try? If you agree with me or if you have a story you can share, feel free to drop those thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you. 

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