Is Nikken A Scam? Or Is It Just Another Overpriced MLM?!

Is Nikken A Scam

Is Nikken an extraordinary MLM or is it just another scam? Will it be worth your while to join this MLM? You’ll find out in this Nikken Review.

I’m going to tell you deciding points you need to consider before signing up for this business opportunity. I assure you this will make you reconsider your initial impression!

By the end of this review you will know:

  • What Nikken is
  • How it works
  • Its cost and pricing
  • The pros and cons
  • If it’s a scam or legit
  • And lots more

Nikken Review At A Glance

About: Nikken is a health and wellness MLM with a special focus on the health benefits of magnets.

Price: $99 to become a Direct Distributor.

Pros: Long history and no monthly quota for beginners.

Cons: Expensive products, questionable product effects, low income potential.

Verdict: Nikken is not a scam. But you have to keep in mind making sales in this field is very hard. It's not for everybody.


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A Background On Nikken

Nikken is founded by Japanese named Isamu Masuda 45 years ago.

With the company’s growth, they moved their headquarters from Japan to California in 1988.

This is a good indication of its legitimacy and sustainability because I can tell you that only 1 in 3 MLMs still exists after a decade.

They dub themselves as a Research and Development Company specializing in “helping people improve their 5 health pillars”:

  • Body Health
  • Financial Health
  • Family Health
  • Societal Health
  • Mental Health

But here’s the deal:

Nikken’s magnet wellness effect focus makes them highly controversial. However, because they have a large product line, you can find products that don’t involve magnet wellness.

Still, like all other MLMS, Nikken has some good and bad sides.

Only $99 To Sign-up?!

Yes. With $99 you can start being a Direct Distributor.

But here’s the kicker:

Being a Direct Distributor only afford you 20% retail profit.

Nikken Compensation Plan

Here’s a bigger view of the compensation plan.

As you can see, when you start working on the business, you won’t have to catch up on the monthly sales quota to remain as an active member.

When you get promoted to another rank though, you’ll have to hit 100PV and a higher quota along the way as your rank gets higher.

To me, this is just a misleading perk to get you started. Of course you’ll work on going up the ranks so that the retail commission will get higher. That’s where the real hustle begins. By then you’ll need to sustainably sell to reach quota and stay active.

Monthly qualifications are a common red flag for all MLMs so there’s no need to be alarmed.

How Do You Earn From Nikken?

There are two ways:

1. Sell the products and earn a commission

2. Recruit others and earn from their sales

To make it clear: You won’t earn a commission from the recruitment itself. This is a clever way to dodge a pyramid scheme charge.

Still, I see a subtle way of being obliged to recruit here. You only get promoted and earn a decent income when you recruit.

Additionally, when you reach silver and gold ranks, you’ll be required to attend training. This is great of the company covers the cost.

The downside is:

The training focuses less on education and more on hyping you up. Mostly likely you’ll need to travel to another country for this and personally covering the cost of travel and accomodations!

Here the worst part:

Majority of Nikken members on earn $552.40 per year on average! That barely gets you by in a month.

Here’s a link to the full income disclosure.

Is The Bonus Worth It?

The bonus might look impressive when you first look at it. BUT the requirements are pretty high to hit. It’s not even accessible unless you get to silver rank.

Honestly to me, these are not really bonuses. You have to sell a certain amount in order to qualify, which gives the company commission enough to pay you back for the effort you made.

So really, it’s YOU who’s giving yourself the bonus not Nikken.

Nikken Products (What You Should Know!)

Basically the products are divided in to for categories:

  1. Nutrition – Supplements, weight management, bone health
  2. Personal care – Skin care, moisturizers, shampoos
  3. Rest and relaxation – Sleep masks, magnetic products together with jewelry, wraps, insoles, back support
  4. Environment – water filters, sport bottle, accessories

Like most MLMs who have a flagship product, here is Nikken’s:


Really? Why?

Because according to their “research and development”, magnetic technology aids in correcting unhealthy imbalances those results to optimum health.

They also say it improves blood pressure, improves sleep, increases metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Sounds like a magical medicine to me.

The first magnetic technology they promoted was the “Magnetic Insoles” that supposedly give relief to aching feet and in general lead to better health.

They also have a watch, necklace, earrings and a deep-tissues magnetic massage machine that has the said technology.

This is king of suspicious to me and is still subject for debate.

For one thing, a promoter will always want to believe their product works, so they convince themselves that it does.

The question though is this:

How will you know? How do you prove that the “magnetic technology” can improve circulation and lead to a better health?

It’s human nature to have a tendency to see things the way we want it to be. Have you ever heard of the Placebo effect? There’s great scientific evidence that the “magnetic technology” is just an overhyped fad.

Nikken also takes pride in its water purifier. There had been a huge hype about how this can alkalize water but honestly it’s just another pseudoscience!

There’s really no evidence about this whole idea.  They only use hyped-up testimonials to convince you about this whole gimmick.

Let’s clear things out. The water filter will work the way it’s supposed to without any issues.

Here’s the problem:

Nikken’s water filter products are ridiculously expensive! And it’s just a marketing strategy to say that they’re the best there is.

But get this:

There’s no evidence to that hyped up claim either!

Logically, as a distributor, you’ll do the best you can to sell. This can mean making use of the convincing skill in your pocket to make them believe it’s worth its price. Can you do that all the time though?

Give it a month, customers will see if the products you promoted can deliver. If it doesn’t it will reflect poorly on you. When word goes out (and it flies real fast) it can ruin your chances with future sales.

The majority of MLM products are overpriced and so they are over-hyped with no evidence that it can deliver promises. Nikken products are no exception.

Quick advice:

Whether it’s Nikken or just about any MLM, don’t take product reviews from distributors too seriously, be careful with them because it will mostly be hyped-up. You’ll just end up disappointed.  

Plus, even if you’re totally convinced about the “magnetic technology” and alkaline pseudoscience, people around you are not. You’re just going to end up stressed thinking how you will be able to sell.

What I Like About Nikken

  • Long history
  • No monthly quota at first

What I Don’t Like About Nikken

1. Low Income Potential

Nikken Income Disclosure

Take a look at this. Even if you’ve reached the Diamond rank, you’ll just earn $18,322 per year. That means just $1,526.85 per month. The effort is not worth it.

And that’s just the average, you can earn less from that.

2. Expensive Products

Now here’s a little homework for you. Trying researching a similar product from what Nikken offers. Say food supplements for example, take a look at a nutrition value and you’ll be shocked to see that a cheaper product has more nutrition value than a Nikken product.

Remember, these are roughly similar products with what the market offer in general; it’s the hype that will make you buy the Nikken product. That’s going to be hard to sell!

If I were to promote a product, I’d keep my credibility in mind and choose products that are worth promoting. Or else I’ll end up with no one believing me.

3. It’s AN MLM

Don’t get me wrong you can earn with a legit MLM, even with a scammy pyramid one (for some time anyway). But MLM involves recruitment and for someone who doesn’t want to bother my friends and family, this will not work for me.

I don’t want to end up being the person everybody avoids because I’m becoming too pushy to make a sale.

Is Nikken A Scam?

It definitely is not! It’s legit with a pretty long history no scam will be able to survive.

But I don’t recommend it because I don’t think it’s worth all the effort you can give.

Closing Thoughts

For some extroverts gifted with social and marketing skills, being an MLM distributor with companies like Sisel International, Pink Zebra, and Total Life Changes can be great as a side hustle.

But for people like me and almost everybody I know I think it’s not worth it. You only have limited products to sell which are mostly overpriced.

For me, affiliate marketing is a better choice because:

  • No recruiting needed
  • Wide range of choices to promote from different sources
  • No need for face-to-face selling
  • Your website can generate sales even when you’re away from the computer
  • It’s free to get started

See this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to know more about the training they offer that will help you achieve making money online.

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