Is Free Turnkey Websites A Scam? Read This Review.

Is Free Turnkey Websites A Scam

Creating an income-generating website can seem burdensome if you’re just starting out. Free Turnkey Websites supposedly helps you by creating a “highly-optimized selling machine that LITERALLY does all the work for you.”

Sounds like a scam, right?

It’s still too early to say whether Free Turnkey Websites is legit so I'm going to sign up and find out how it really works and if you really can make money with it or not.

Aside from telling you what Free Turnkey Websites is, I'm also going to show you a real way to make money online so you leave the fake shiny shortcuts behind.

Free Turnkey Websites Review At A Glance

About: Free Turnkey Websites creates ready-made sites you can use to build an email list and promote other people’s products for a commission.

Price: Sign up is free.

Pros: No initial cost.

Cons: It misleadingly lets you think you can easily make money out of a pre-made website only to get ripped off later with expensive traffic costs.

Verdict: Free Turnkey Websites is not an outright scam, though making money with this is not as easy as they like to make out. 


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What Is Free Turnkey Websites?

Free Turnkey Websites offers to create done-for-you income-generating websites for free, promising to take care of all the domain and hosting expenses for you. 

The sales video says you can make $50-$500 per day, with even their laziest member making $2,000/day since joining Free Turnkey Websites. It promises to generate fast and easy income for you even if you have no previous skills or experience. 

By simply providing your name, email, address, phone number and password you’ll have your own money-making website in just 5 minutes. 

But here’s the kicker. The earning disclosure destroys all the claims they make on the sales page:

Free Turnkey Websites Earning Disclosure

And that’s not all. The Privacy Policy page states your personal information WILL be sent to third-party businesses so they can pitch you offers through email, calls, and text. Get ready to get spammed and to receive unwanted calls and texts!

Free Turnkey Websites 3rd Party Policy

3 Steps To Make Money With Free Turnkey Websites

Get inside Free Turnkey Websites’ dashboard area and you'll see a left-side menu with step-by-step training tabs and where to manage your websites.

Free Turnkey Websites Dashboard

The first video makes it clear that you won’t be able to access the succeeding tabs unless you follow each step. Now, let’s talk about the 1st way to make money.

1. Give Away Free Turnkey Websites

You can earn $1 for each turnkey website you give away and $0.50 if someone who received your free websites also invited others to sign up. Easy peasy, right?

This basically means you make an income for giving something away for free.  

To me though, it checks the tick boxes on a get-rich-quick scheme.

  • The website is done for you
  • Fast income for doing something effortlessly

Things like these always come with a catch, and good for you, I spotted it. You’ll understand this better with the 2nd way to earn.

2. Build An Email List

When someone signs up from your website giveaway, they’d have to provide their name and email. These details go to your list and also to Free Turnkey Websites’ list. 

Here’s the catch:

How will people know you’re giving out free websites? Of course, they’ll need to see it when they search the web. 

How will you get noticed among an avalanche of websites on the internet? Evidently, you need to have TRAFFIC

In this case, you won’t be able to rely on free traffic because most likely you got interested in the “free money-making website” pitch because you have no prior experience in it.

This is why as early as when you were still filling up the sign-up form, Free Turnkey Websites pushed you to buy a traffic package. 

They’ll pitch it again on the first dashboard video because clearly, you’ll need it to get noticed online. 

Yes, the website is free. But then you’ll be forced to fork out money to get traffic. This is where they’ll earn. 

Think about this: 

Free Turnkey Websites offers a free website but makes you pay for traffic which also benefits them because they’ll be adding an email to their list so they can pitch products to earn more. 

Who pays for promotion? YOU.

Who benefits from it? THEM

The funny thing is, not only is the idea sneaky, the whole traffic thing is unreliable. Instead of getting real people to your website, the speculation is, they’ll just be sending bots.  

Crazy, right?

Even if they didn’t send bots it still won’t work.

You see, paid traffic is a game of trial and error. Getting the right paid campaign also takes time and experience and this can mean a lot of spending on your end. 

Unless you get the right traffic to the right audience, you’re just flushing money down the drain. 

I know you initially got interested in Free Turnkey Websites because it’s free. Far from its claim, the whole concept needs you to spend to make money. And you don’t just spend for a day’s worth of trial and error, testing traffic campaigns can take months!

Who benefits the most? THEM.

The whole idea boils down with them collecting leads while you do all the spending. 

BUT WAIT… Free Turnkey Websites promises profitable traffic. Does this eliminate the problem of concocting the perfect campaign?

I don’t think so. 

Think about it:

Why will they sell their “profitable traffic” to you? 

If they did, this means instead of getting all 100% of the traffic to THEIR website, they’ll send a portion of it to YOU. This can mean fewer conversions for them. 

Here’s why:

In reality, they’re not generating any conversions from their traffic. Since they can’t make money from it, they resort to selling it to others to make money this way instead. 

If I had a money-machine traffic campaign, I’ll keep it securely guarded as possible. 

3. Earn Referral Commissions From Partner Companies

Simply, affiliate marketing. The way the sales video describes gives no doubt about it. 

Free Turnkey Websites Affiliate Marketing Business Model

While it’s true affiliate marketing is a legit way to make a sustainable income, what you promote has a great bearing on whether you’ll make money or not. 

Free Turnkey Websites wants you to promote Traffic Authority’s List Leverage. The problem is, List Leverage has some dodgy practices you don’t want to get involved with. 

Promoting unreliable products won’t help you make money, it’ll just give you a bad reputation. 

Is Free Turnkey Websites A Scam?

Free Turnkey Websites is a borderline scam. 

I’d love to say it isn’t but as you can see, there’s more to it than giving out free websites. The front-end product was a mere ruse to get you to buy their traffic packages and let you do all the heavy lifting while they get the overall benefit. 

Plus, done-for-you websites have really little value. This video will explain why:

These are not the only reasons Free Turnkey Websites is not completely legit:

3 Reasons Free Turnkey Websites Is A Scam

1. Unknown Owner

Although the video narrator named himself as Chris, we don't know the real name behind the voice. He doesn’t even mention if he’s the owner or not. 

An unknown owner is a definite proof something is a scam, but it does put it in a bad light. Why else will they hide who they are if their website is legit?

2. Fake Testimonials

The testimonials are what they show us to try and prove they're legit, but it ends up having the opposite effect. Why? because they use fake images:

If people really made money with this, it won’t be hard to find members ready to vouch for them. 

3. They Share Your Personal Info With Third Party Sites

This doesn’t sit with me well. You can’t be too sure they’ll just give out your name and email for sales pitches. Just including the password can be very damaging.

A lot of scammers bank on the idea you'll use the same information for every online account you have, if your information got into the wrong hands, it will be safe to assume you’ll wake up with a zero balance bank account or a stolen identity one day.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Why do things the hard way when there’s an easy one, right? But the thing is, in most cases, doing things the hard way can be the difference between making an income and not making a penny. 

Shiny shortcuts are tempting, BUT THEY NEVER GIVE YOU WHAT THEY PROMISE. 

Instead of wasting your time on unreliable shortcuts, it’s better to learn how to generate a full-time income with legit opportunities like affiliate marketing.

Rather than saying getting your money-making website only takes 5 minutes, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how everything really works. So don’t throw in the towel just yet, making money online is not a lost cause.

You can test the waters out with their first 10 free lessons. You'll learn these 4 real steps to making money online: 

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

1. Choose an interest: pick any topic you like to talk about.

2. Create a website: using Wealthy Affiliate's easy website builders will give you 1,000s of free themes to choose from.

3. Attract visitors: You'll learn how to create content that gets ranked to attract 100s and eventually, 1000s of targeted visitors to your website daily.

4. Earn revenue: Finally, you can monetize your site buy promoting other people's products to earn a sizable monthly income.

Click here to read my full and honest Wealthy Affiliate review and get started.

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