Is 30 Minute Commissions A Scam? $700 for 30 Minutes’ Work?


Buy an eBook for $14.95 and you’ll learn the secrets to effortless affiliate commissions for doing hardly anything.

Yep, I’ve just pretty much summarised the entire sales page.

Raj Sidhu claims to have found “a weird trick” for generating $100 a day for just 30 minutes work.

I know this program has been promoted heavily by affiliate marketers to their email subscribers and there’s a lot of hype but in this honest review where going to cut the fluff and ask:

Is 30 Minute Commissions a scam or a legitimate money generator?

Here’s what I found out:

30 Minute Commissions Review At A Glance

About: 30 Minute Commissions is Raj Sidhu’s short PDF that supposedly reveals the trick to make $100/day in affiliate commissions.

Price: $14.95 and $209.95 for upsells.

Pros: None.

Cons: The trick is spamming, not exactly a solid long-term strategy.

Verdict: It’s not an outright scam but its claims are way overblown. The methods taught won’t get you anywhere, don’t waste your money.  


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What is 30 Minute Commissions? Claims vs. reality

Let’s start with the pretty bold claims you’ll see and hear on and I’ll do my best to keep a straight face…!

Raj says this very brief PDF file will show you exactly how to generate affiliate commissions of $100 or more per day with just 30 minutes a day of work.

30 minute commissions scam or legit

He says there are 2 steps to his success…

20 minutes to do one thing and 10 minutes to do the other…

30 minutes in total.

In this video the eBook owner Raj Sidhu claims he twisted some of the normal affiliate marketing rules.

He tells us the sob story that he was so disillusioned after not getting the affiliate sales he was hoping for. He was in a pretty dire financial situation and getting further and further into debt… until the answer finally came!

In a SPAM email!

What he read in that SPAM email completely changed his life.

He discovered a weird method for making $100 a day and put his own little twist on it and he wants to share those secrets with you after you pay up of course.

I’m not making this story up, if you’ve already seen the sales video you’ll know this is true. Check it out and you’ll know I’m not joking!

Is he telling the truth?

What you actually get

Now let’s get back to the land of reality and talk about what you’re actually getting for your money (this time without the hype).

Once you’ve paid your money you’ll get an email with the link you need to download the PDF file.

This short eBook is a very short book with a couple of chapters about how to drive free traffic to your affiliate offers using Facebook.

The secret to 30 minute commissions you’ll be told when you read the PDF is that you need to join as many Facebook groups as you can within your niche.

Raj tells you to be helpful in the groups, build relationships and a good reputation, then you can start by sharing your affiliate links, hopefully leading to traffic and sales.

Let the upsells begin!

The initial $14.95 is just to get your foot in the door so they can promote higher-priced products to help you “fast track your success”.

Here it is in their own words at the bottom of the sales page:

30 minute commissions up sells

If you go ahead and purchase the 30 Minute Commissions training, you’ll be presented with 2 more upsells. As you can see, the first upsell is for a gold membership at $12.95 per month and the second is for one on one coaching at $197 per hour.

30 minute commissions is a scam

Is 30 Minute Commissions a scam? No, but it’s super hyped up

30 Minute Commissions is aimed at people looking for a quick and easy buck, Raj sure knows how to draw you in with promises of fast and easy cash.

I have to say this is very scam-like; the Bulletproof Profits and Easy Retired Millionaire scams do the exact same thing.

Instead of showing them how to build a real internet marketing business, he’s just offering gimmicks and sensation.

At $14.95 is worth the punt? I mean, the PDF file comes with 30-day money-back guarantee right?

Honestly, I can not recommend this eBook, even despite the low starting price, because it encourages the ‘get rich quick with no effort’ mentality which will always lead you down the same path of searching for the magical shortcut system or mysterious Google-boosting software and ultimate lead to your failure online.

Why spamming Facebook groups with affiliate links won’t work

Spamming Facebook is one sure-fire way to get blocked, not to mention annoy the hell of your family and friends.

You don’t want to be that guy.

Heck, I LOVE affiliate marketing and I honestly believe becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best and scalable ways to make money online…

I even teach people how to get started for free in my 10-day email course but you have to go about it the right way.

The best source of free traffic I know is search engine traffic – I bet you found this review by searching on Google, am I right?

By building out your affiliate marketing website with high quality, useful and helpful content you’ll ensure a steady and growing stream of commissions that will give you an income for years to come.

The good news for you is there are free online training courses out there that will teach you exactly how to build a legitimate affiliate marketing business for the long-term.

My favourite is Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification course (free registration) because it’s got action steps with every lesson and a whole community of people behind it who are more than happy to help you out if you ever get stuck.

(It’s also where I got started!)

Put in the work, be consistent, stop looking for the scammy shortcuts and I know you’ll do well.

If you’ve gone through the 30 Minute Commissions training, I’d love to hear your take on whether or not you think it’s worth it. Please feel free to share your own 30 Minute Commissions review below.

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