Instant Email Empire Review 2022: I’m Exposing This Scam


Welcome to the only Instant Email Empire review you need to read. Chances are, you've heard the hype about how much money can make but I'm going to show you exactly why Instant Email Empire is a scam you'll want to avoid.

I'm always on the lookout for real make money online training and when I came across Instant Email Empire I started out pretty optimistic.

That was until I realised how this scam really works…

Keep reading for full details, but first, here's a quick snapshot:

Instant Email Empire Review At A Glance

About: Instant Email Empire promises to show beginners how to make millions from home simply by sending emails.

Price: Advertised as free but, in reality, costs $300 a month.

Pros: There are none.

Cons: Fake owner, tons of complaints and bad reviews and they NEVER PAYOUT.

Verdict: Too many people have lost money with this already. You don't have to be next.


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It turns out ‘Bobby' is an actor, paid to promote Instant Email Empire as a guaranteed money-making system where you have nothing to lose.

This is just the latest in a long line of scams that present themselves as risk-free, done-for-you systems before getting you to sign up for several paid memberships.

The deceptive marketing tactics used to lure unsuspecting victims has fooled many into losing $1,000's of dollars.

These clever little scammers give people a false sense of hope as they see their balance going up, but it's nothing more than a number on a screen that will never turn into real cash in your hands.

2022 Update: Read the comments guys, you don't get any scammier than this.

If you want my advice, steer clear of Bobby's get-rich-quick crap and learn how to make a full-time income online by building a real online business.

I’ve written a SUPER detailed review of Invincible Marketer where I outline exactly how this training platform helps me generate $7,000+/month.

What Is Instant Email Empire?

Instant Email Empire is a program claiming you can make millions from home sending emails. The sales video has a guy calling himself Bobby who tells you he's made $1,426,242.09 in the last year alone through email marketing.

what is instant email empire about

He goes on to brag about his ‘gigantic house' and the ‘ridiculously lavish vacations' he's taken with his family. To help you live the kind of life you want, Bobby says he's going to give you everything you need to get started.

He says this is a 100% free system: “You'll never pay me a single dime ever.”

Unfortunately, this is the first of many untruths…

We're told all you have to do is create a free account and Bobby will send you free subscribers every day and even give you the offers to promote to them so you can start earning daily commissions.

Despite my best instincts, I went ahead and signed up (So you don't have to!)

is instant email empire a scam

Click the button and you're taken to a second page with another video, this time giving you a few more details about how you'll supposedly make money…

This Bobby character wants to give you a complete turn-key system. After just 10 minutes' set up you only have to log in each day and see how many dollars you've made.

what is instant email empire a scam

He says he's going to partner with you to give you everything you need to start making money through sending emails.


Because he makes money when you start making money; you only split the profits once you're in profit so you're never out of pocket. As you'll see though, this guy (whose real name isn't Bobby) is full of baloney.

He claims the real reason he's doing this is that his email inboxes are full.

He says email services like Aweber and MailChimp have a limit on how many subscribers you can have because of limited bandwidth and space.

Apparently, he's struggling to add the millions of people trying to subscribe to his lists because his email service provider won't let him:

review of instant email empire

I do a fair bit of email marketing myself and I know this isn't true. There are no limits on the number of email subs you have – ever.

This is a complete LIE!

It's laughable really… it's a bit like saying your Facebook is full… you have so many friends that you need to start sending your new friend requests to your friends' accounts!

See how ridiculous that sounds?!

How Instant Email Empire Really Works

‘Bobby' will earn monthly commissions when you subscribe to the Builderall email marketing platform. This is not necessarily a bad thing, (I make a full time living thanks to affiliate marketing) but Instant Email Empire is not free like Bobby told you.

Members are asked to pay a minimum of $9.90 per month for the ability to build a list of email subscribers and send out emails en masse.

Sign up to Instant Email Empire and you'll see your subscriber count increase and your earned balance go up. This is enough to keep most people paying out for a good few months…

Unfortunately, as I'm about to show you, this is nothing but an illusion – that balance will never translate as real cash in your bank account.

5 Instant Email Empire Dirty Secrets Exposed!

1. Instant Email Empire Is Anything BUT Free

All those claims about this being a completely free system are just not true. The guy behind this wants to fool you into believing this is a zero-risk, zero cash-down business opportunity so you think you have nothing to lose and let your guard down.

Get into the member's area though and you're told to sign up for half a dozen monthly subscriptions for various email service providers and landing page builders.

2. Bobby's A Fake: We Have No Idea Who's The Real Owner

The guy making you all these promises of automatic cash, the guy who told you he made $1,426,242 last year, the guy who said he's going to give you everything you need to get started is nothing more than a paid actor reading from a script:

bobby is a video spokesperson

Despite my best efforts, I can find no information about Bobby or who the genuine owner of is.

This is a huge RED FLAG!

The owner has chosen to hide behind a curtain of anonymity meaning there's no one you can contact to get a refund; a sure-fire sign Instant Email Empire is a scam.

3. Instant Email Empire Is A New Name For An Old Scam

In fact, this is a scam we've seen many times before under a plethora of different names like Guaranteed Income Machine, Guaranteed Email System, GIM System Training, Copy My Email System.

The list goes on and on…

Each time the scam works in exactly the same way; people hand their money over expecting to see a return on investment only to never receive a payout and have their complaints completely ignored.

When complaints start mounting up the con artist behind the site will just shut up shop and relocate to a new web address so he can continue ripping off unsuspecting work from home job seekers.

4. Prepare Yourself For An Avalanche Of Spam

You'll remember when I signed up I had to hand over my name and email address. Since then my spam folder has been inundated with 41 emails in just 3 days from Bobby, Michael and Christian:

bobby instant email empire

If you are going to sign up, I highly recommend you use an alternative email address so you're not bombarded with spam.

5. Instant Email Empire NEVER Pay Out!

Every single review of Instant Email Empire tells the same sad story, with members reporting when it comes time to withdraw funds they hit a brick wall.

I haven't managed to find a single instance of a member getting paid what they're owed, as these reviews show:

Don't be fooled by the fake numbers in the members' area. Sure, your balance and the number of email subs will look like they're going up but unfortunately these will never amount to anything in the real world.

It's all just a cleverly designed ruse to keep you paying into the system so the owner makes as much money from you as possible.

Is Instant Email Empire A Scam?

Yes, Instant Email Empire is a scam, no doubt about it. This is an elaborate scam with empty promises and a fake owner where, thinking they've struck gold, people happily pay monthly membership fees as they see their fake earnings increase. But sign up and you only lose money.

This scam site may only be around for a couple of months before it's shut down. That's just the nature of hype in the world of get-rich-quick schemes.

Email marketing is a real money-making method and there are so many legitimate affiliate marketing courses out there giving real training on building profitable online businesses without the hype.

I've reviewed a few email marketing courses here on the blog before like Evergreen Wealth Formula and Inbox Inner Circle but the only training system I've seen stand the test of time is Wealthy Affiliate; where I started.

The best part?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and start your first website in the next few minutes.

Your Instant Email Empire Review

If you've tried Instant Email Empire, tell us what you think below!

Got any questions about building a real business empire online?

Ask and I'll get right back to you!

44 thoughts on “Instant Email Empire Review 2022: I’m Exposing This Scam”

  1. Well Im at the $1000 mark lets see if they pay sounds like … NOT… but ill let everyone know . Wealthy Affiliate looks like a good plan . ill try that and will be sure to let you know; Oh and Simon you have the only reviews I look at and have saved me a lot of headaches . thanks

  2. Hi Simon.

    Thanks for the information about what a scam CMES, CLICKBETTER, INSTANT EMAIL EMPIRE and I need to know if CLICKSPIDER IS A SCAM??

    I joined Instant Email Empire, but I did not give them any money so far. I did join CLICKBETTER – NICHE AMBASSADOR OR CLOUDLAUNCH which was charged to me for $47.00 billed by BLUEHOST.

    What do you know about this program – I think it is also called Income Sites Online??

    I am retired and am at the poverty level of Social Security !! I only get $805.50 monthly and my rent is $425.00 alone!! I am 69 years old and am trying to find a legitimate computer – based home business. I am retired and have plenty of time to apply to a home business!!

    I don’t expect to be rich, I just want to make a reasonable income per month and when I do , I plan to live on my own income and not depend on Social Security!!

    I plan to get a refund from ClickBetter, even if I have to call the Better Business Bureau and the FTC and mine and ClickBetter’s State Attorney Generals, as well as close out my Credit Card and have my bank online send me a new card!!

    I appreciate any and all information that you can share. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’ll be honest, I haven’t come across ClickSpider and searching online all I managed to find was – a broken website full of glitches and computer code. Feel free to send me a direct link if you have it and I’ll definitely look into it, possibly even write a review on it as it might help others out there too.

      You have to be really careful of online scams Michael, the internet is flooded with them! You know something’s not quite right when someone promises you fast and easy money for doing next to nothing.

      Also be careful of any so-called “done-for-you” systems and programs as these pop-up and fizzle out before you can say “It’s a scam!”

      You can start earning money online form the comfort of your own home in a whole variety of ways:

      Online reward/survey sites are good for an extra side income.

      Swagbucks is the best one to start with. You won’t get rich by any means but you can certainly earn a few dollars here and there by doing simple things like watching videos and taking surveys.

      But if you’re looking for a more substantial income then affiliate marketing is a great business model where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products or services.

      This is ideal for beginners because there’s no product creation, customer service or payment handling to worry about and there is no end of products or business you can promote. is probably the most well-known online store where you can earn up to 10% of any sales you generate by pointing people to their site.

      Check out my Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners to find out more about how it works and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

      It takes a bit time and work upfront before you start to see results but the pay off that will inevitably come for those who stick with it makes it all worthwhile! 🙂

  3. Simon, I fell for this scam too. Now I just want to get out.

    I was told I had to make the $1000 threshold before receiving any commission and would would receive all my commission at the end of the month that showed the $1000 threshold was met. Nothing happened, but they still collect the monthly fee.

    How do I stop paying?

    ClickBetter says they can’t help, same with ClickBank. Click Aggregators just doens’t respond. What should I do to get out?


    • I’m so sorry to hear this Cass and you’re absolutely right: you need to make sure these scammers don’t get any more of your money.

      You’re not going to get very far trying to plead with ‘Bobby’ as we already know this is a fake name and the unscrupulous scammer behind this has no conscience.

      I would get in touch with your bank if I were you and as soon as you can. Cancel your card so no further charges can be taken out of your account and tell them you’ve been a victim of fraud because that’s exactly what this is. You paid in good faith based on their misleading promises and they failed to deliver. Your bank will most likely reverse any fees you have accrued and charge them back.

      You can also report the Instant Email Empire scam to the FTC. Here’s how to do that.

      I hope this helps in some way. Please let us know how you get on and stay safe out there.

      • Like so many others, I was gullible enough to believe that if I sent emails every day, I would actually get paid the money they were promising. When it came time to collecting that money, Bob/Brian was were nowhere to be found. He simply did not respond to numerous emails that I sent to their support sites – NOT Instant Email Biz – NOT Clickaggregators – NOT Bob – NOT Brian – Nobody seems to be home. I lost $600 that I certainly could not afford to lose!

        I sure wish I had looked at these SCAM WARNING sites before I wasted my time and money. Thank you to people like Simon who attempt to warn people from online thievery like this. Be smarter than I was and heed their warnings!

  4. I just bought in and ole dummy here did not check reviews first.

    The reason I purchased is because it was thru Clickbetter. Like Clickbank they give a 60 day refund or at least they say they do.
    I have not asked for a refund on a Clickbetter product but have never had a problem with a Clickbank refund if within the 60 days it is automatic.
    Hopefully this is also but some of the upsells say no refund like when you buy subscribers.They said I could also email other offers to the subscriber and I am trying that today.
    I do not know what the quality of the email are as I have purchased several from Udimi and for the most part they are crap also. They signup OK but do not open the following emails so not much value.
    Like most are saying that $1,000.00 dollar payout will take awhile at .20 cents a click..
    So I am hoping to sell other Clickbank or Clickbetter products. If not I will be testing the refund at Clickbetter for sure.

  5. 8.29.2019 Yes, I am one of the fools who fell for this scam, I bought two upgrades for more subscribers
    to the tune of $220.00 plus three months subscription $111.00 and generated over 500 clicks for this
    scam that earned me $1,160.00 (at 20 cents per click) I located the phone number to the scam vendor
    of this program in Seattle 1-866-661-1120 they have lied to me twice about getting paid, and now they
    just hang up on me. I contacted clickbank where this program is living under the radar, and their top
    man said “there was nothing they could do”. clickaggregators is also part of this scam along with
    clickbetter who collects the monthly subscription rates. Just when I thought I was finally making
    a little money online as a retired vet…I get the screw job for trusting others!

  6. Dear Simon, thank-you for alerting people to this total alimentary canal of a human being running this scam site. How much lower can it get- scamming the elderly, the infirm and uninformed, it makes mugging seem far more honorable- at least you get face-to-face time with your operator and a personal (not so gentle) touch.
    I’ll be praying these people develop a Guinness Records case of hemorrhoids and pruritus ani (itchy bung hole). If there’s a just God, alll his local chemists will be out of Calamine and Preparation H
    Thanks for looking out for the little guy- prayers and best wishes to you, Skipper.

  7. I am trying to find an honest online program to generate about $2000. per month to just allow me to stay afloat in NJ. I am 81 years old but my mind is still sharp. What can you steer me to?

    • Hey Robert, in the last few days I’ve come back from a visit to the UK and had to find a new condo here in Thailand so please accept my apologies for the delayed response!

      I can tell you $2,000 per month is very do-able online. There’s nothing super quick or automated about it because running a profitable online business is just like running a business offline – you’re going to need to learn new skills and apply them before you’re going to see results.

      I’ve reviewed over 400 make money online programs since 2015 and here’s a list of the best training programs I’ve found.

      Wealthy Affiliate (link to my review) is my all-time number one top pick and they have a free Starter membership so you can try out the training platform without paying a dime.

      I hope this helps! I know that with the excellent community support and very well laid out video training that you can do well. Here’s my personal profile if you have any questions and, as always, I’ll do my upmost to get you up and running.


  8. I have fallen for the instant email empire and now after reading this I have tried to unsubscribe and contact the site and cannot do either! How do I get rid of it. I have only had it for 5 days and want to get away as soon as I can. Any advice to remove my details please?

  9. Hi, I can not believe all the ugly comments that you see. In my case I tell you that I am generating income every day with this system, not only sending mails but also selling the products through clickbetter. I’ve already generated $ 400 in 30 days, which is not much but I’m just starting, so I’m happy

    • It’s always worth a shot, though to be honest I wouldn’t hold your breath. I just tried clicking on the refund policy link in the footer of their website and it’s not working…

      Maybe you’ve just got to cut your losses Matt and be glad you didn’t put any more money into it.

      Sorry pal

  10. I wish I had read your review sooner I am one that fall prey to this con artist and cannot get my money back. I have sent them over a thousand dollars I live off of s.s, and thought it was a way to make money to help me get by. I hope this guy can live with himself.

    • I am so sorry to hear this Agnes, it really is heartbreaking to hear what happened to you and shows just how merciless this Bobby character is.

      I don’t know how they justify the downright willful deception, they’re the worst of the worst.

  11. Wow. You literally might have just saved my life. See, I just opened an email from them, watched the video and was about to message them and ask them to save my spot until the first. I am not a stupid person but, that one I almost fell for. My boyfriend of 12 years died without life insurance and it is imperative that I find a way to make money online. Am on SSI so can’t get a “real” job. So. Thanks!

    • Close call! I am SOOO glad you found this review in time though and I really appreciate you letting me know. I mean it when I say your story alone makes writing this review worthwhile.

      Did you try out the free online certification course yet? If not, you can click here to get started. You don’t need a credit card to sign up either. It’s excellent training and gives you a legit online business model to follow without the hyped-up scams etc.

      I’ll hopefully see you inside the members area. Stay safe!


  12. What stops fellow scammers giving negative reviews of competitor programmes and like the good saviours . .. .they divert you to their own scams in the name of “better options”??? Online life is tricky and extremely risky!

    • Hey Joshua, please don’t try and lump me in with all of the other crappy reviewers just because I run a review blog.

      If I write positive reviews, people say I’m writing positive reviews just to make money. If I write negative reviews, people say I’m writing negative reviews just to make money. This is why I just have to ignore the criticism that will come either way and give people my honest opinion.

      Wealthy Affiliate (link to my review) is free to join, no credit card details required. Just your name and email to access 10 comprehensive video lessons and walkthroughs on how to start making money online. I’ve got nothing to hide – you can try it completely risk-free and decide for yourself if you like it or not.

  13. I just signed up for the Instant Email Empire. It sounded easy enough and I have been scammed by so many affiliate marketing companies online.

    So I go to send my first 500 emails I can’t log in to the members area. I called the number given in an email they sent me. The guy answering the phone said he would unlock my account. He then proceeded to ask me about my financial situation. I told him that I wasn’t in any financial position to invest yet and that I would just take my chances with sending the daily emails. He didn’t argue but he didn’t unlock my account as I still can’t login.

    I am so sick of this kind of online scam! I have paid over $600 in start up fees to get nowhere. Money that I couldn’t afford to lose.

    Some of those companies had a 60 day money back guarantee which was a bunch of crap as well. I just want to work from home and do something that actually makes me money. I’m not trying to get rich quick but I am starting to realize that I am too gullible and that there is no such thing as a money making online work from home business and that I should just start looking for a job out in the world so I can once again become a slave to the government’s American way of life!

    • Hi Sherill, it makes me so angry to read about what happened to you, these people are utterly shameless and should be bought to account.

      The only reason the guy on the phone was asking those questions was because he wanted to know how much credit you have available so he can try and squeeze every last cent out of you. I am so sorry you had go through this.

      You’re not the only one to have fallen for the lies and deceit guys like this use to suck people in, I was scammed so many times and every day I talk to people who were too. The problem is that as soon as you start talking about and searching Google for how to making money online, all the internet scammers come out of the woodwork.

      If you want my honest advice, try this free beginner’s training course. It’s just an name and email to sign up and no credit card details required. You’ll meet so many like-minded people who are building successful online businesses for themselves and get access to 10 completely free lessons to help you get started. Yes there’s a $49/month full membership option but at least you can see it all for yourself and decide what’s going to be best for you going forward.

      I’ve been a member since 2014 and I will available to you at every step of the way.

      I thank you for sharing your experience with us and I hope it will serve as a wake up call to others.

    • I’m not sure what you mean Dennis. You mean Instant Email Empire haven’t asked you for your bank details yet? Honestly don’t waste your time with that program, no one has ever received a payout.

      All the best,


      • i have been with instant email empire for 10 months and have gotten one pay out so far of 1149 and they put in my checking account but all of a sudden my account now has been closed and there was supposed have been a deposit to my checking account that did not happen in order to get that money i have to send them another 34 dollars its not going to happen I GOT SCAMMED and not happy about it

  14. Wow,If I wouldnt have googled the reviews on this i would too have fallen into this…I always wondered why they wanted to know your annual income,debt racio and so much more.Someone once told me that if someone wants you to work for them they will pay you…not you pay them!
    So glad people were able to post there review on here so I would make the right decission not to fall for this scam!

    • Thanks for sharing Lisa, your story alone has made researching and writing this review worthwhile. What Instant Email Empire are doing is insidious to the core and yes, they ask you those personal financial questions to find out how much they can milk you for. One of the worst scams imaginable.

  15. Thank you for this honest review, I have been victim of some many schemes out there promising beautiful returns only to later realise that I have made the wrong investment. I read your review of instant email and I couldn’t agree less with you  that is a big scam. They will just spam up your mailbox and you get nothing in return for your start up price. 

    • It’s not that they just spam your inbox, they’ve programmed the Instant Email Empire members area to show your email subscribers numbers and earnings going up to make you feel like you’re actually getting results. Thinking they’ve stumbled across a hidden goldmine, a lot of people invest even more. It’s the worst kind of scam.

      I’m just glad you found my review before getting duped. 

  16. Yet another scam out there. The Instant Email Empire appears to be the same sort of scam I have seen a 1000 times since starting with online marketing 4 years ago.  I do not know how they manage to keep ahead of the law, nor why the scammers continue their hard efforts to set up these elaborate scams rather than get into a reputable and honest business.

    These kinds of offers appeal especially to the newbie marketers who are looking for how to get started. Unfortunately, the offers will turn many away from the business when they learn they have been scammed. There are reputable programs and platforms out there, so the issue is how to capture these newbies before they get scammed.

    Your recommendation for the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a good alternative, one of the best I have seen since starting in the business. There are other platforms and tools that do provide value as well and will help you leverage your online efforts. How to find them?

    My advice for all online marketers is to do a search for reviews for whatever tool or product that you are considering buying. It will give you a better picture of what you really are getting, and keep you from wasting money and time for the many scams out there. 

    This Instant Email Empire is a perfect example of why I recommend doing this research. Whenever I see “Instant” or “Push Button Profits” or  “$1000 (or whatever sum) in 5 minutes a day of work” or other such outlandish claims, I normally will walk away, or run away…

    There are no instant millionaire opportunities online. It takes a plan, dedicated hours of effort on a regular basis over time, and a process of reviewing and making corrections as may be indicated as you progress to have success. Having said that, just as with any business, if you do follow these steps, your chances of success are pretty darn good (and real)… 

    • Thank you Dave, I really appreciate your feedback and I couldn’t agree with you more.

      One of the many reasons I like Wealthy Affiliate is that they have a free Starter membership which gives you the ability to test out the whole system and start for free. They have a $49/month Premium membership but you only upgrade once you’ve decided it’s for you. I love that transparency.

      I also really like that you point out it takes hard work. There’s no getting around it. Whether you’re starting a business online or the old-fashioned way, it’s always going to take effort and commitment. Great points!

  17. It is unfortunate that most of us always fall for such programs. Newbies online are just unable to identify these type of programs as scams from the very onset. All the signs are always there like getting rich quick without doing much work. This is like the Achilles heel for most people and they tend to always fall for it.

    When I started online, I can assure you that I was almost falling for the same line but luck would have it that I actually ended up on buying into such programs. With some few months online I am now able to identify such scams thanks to reviews like these. I hope people do some more digging in before they actually buy into any program.  

  18. Honestly I am so tired of seeing all the scams out there.  I know years ago I was a victim to plenty of them and I know so many others are.

    It is very refreshing to see someone like yourself trying to bring education to the scam world and hopefully keep people away.

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review.  


  19. My name is Taiwo, I’m from Nigeria. The only experience I had was from “Resell write weekly” Their site somehow looedk genuine, because they also give training on Online jobs. I tried to experiment with their $ 1.00 trial products for one week through Paypal, unknowingly, after the one week trial I did not know that it is an automatic payment…

    When I checked my account, $17.00 has been taken from my account in Naira Equivalent. I was furious because earlier before that one week expire, I looked for a link on their site to stop this trial moment, but could not see the link, I need to quickly disable their payment on Paypal platform to stop other subsequent payments.

    I read your review as well on Wealthy Affiliate, but when I went to sign up at least to get the training – I have actually input my details on their platform, only to discover from their prompt that Nigerians are not allowed to register. What is your opinion?

    • Hi Taiwo, thank you for sharing your experience with us and I’m sorry this happened to you. Maybe cancel any direct debits or standing orders to ensure no more payments are taken out of your account.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great option and it’s the best way to start for beginners. Unfortunately, due to high levels of fraud and spam, the free membership isn’t available in some countries, including Nigeria, though the $47/month Premium membership is.

      See this post for more info.


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