The Make Money Online Blog does not accept advertising or guest posts. Please do not email about it.

I love hearing from readers and other bloggers. But I get a lot of emails (like, a lot) so please have a quick read of this before reaching out. It will save us both a lot of time.

The best places to find me for quick responses: Twitter & Facebook.

NOTE: I try my best to reply to emails within one day. Please keep in mind as I am usually in the Bangkok, Thailand timezone (GMT+ 6/7) it doesn’t always work out.

I want to do a guest post on The Make Money Online Blog
I do not accept any guest posts on The Make Money Online Blog. No exceptions. Even if you are Seth Godin himself – please don’t email me about a guest post.

I want to collaborate on a project
If you would like to collaborate on a project I would be happy to take a look but can’t make any promises as I’m pretty busy working on Make Money Online Blog related stuff these days.

I want you to analyse/audit my blog
I occasionally earmark some time each month to do website audits where I analyse your blog or website and create a list of suggestions and some ideas for better conversions and a cleaner content strategy. These are $500. Please transfer your payment via PayPal to simon(at)themakemoneyonlineblog(dot)com with your contact email address.

I have a quick question for you
If you have a quick question it’s best to catch me on Twitter. I’m online most of the day and happy to chat.

I need someone to talk to because life is hard
If you need someone to talk to because you’re finding life and online business a bit hard I am always around for a chat. I don’t have any professional qualifications but I’m happy to be a friend. Just email me on simon(at)themakemoneyonlineblog(dot)com. I’ve been there.