Daily Digital Club Review: Serial Scammer’s Reboot Of A Flopped System?!

Daily Digital Club Review

Scams here, scams there, scams everywhere! Is Daily Digital Club one of them? I’ll give you an in-depth review of this program so you’ll know whether this is a ‘golden opportunity’ or you’re better off avoiding it.

With the millions of bogus money-making schemes out there, I’ll help you know which ones are worth your time and money and which ones is not, one review at a time.

So in this review we’re going to talk about…

  • What kind of money-making opportunity the Daily Digital Club is
  • What it has to offer and how much it costs
  • Its pros and cons
  • If it’s a scam
  • And lots more

Stick around until the end, you might get surprised about what you’re about to know!

Daily Digital Club Bite-Size Version
Daily Digital Club Review

Product Name: Daily Digital Club

Product Description: E-Learning Affiliate MLM


The Daily Digital Club is an E-learning MLM with a touch of affiliate marketing. You can’t join unless someone refers you and gives their referral code. It offers training on the digital money-making space through videos, audios, and documents. For me, it’s a very promising opportunity if not for the owner’s dodgy background and history with MLMs.

  • Credibility - 0%
  • Value For Money - 0%
  • Potential Earning - 5%


  • Valuable tools in the money-making area


  • Shady owner background
  • Unsustainable system
  • Ponzi scheme
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E-Learning Money-Making Opportunity

The cyber industry is growing more than ever which made E-learning a rapidly growing market. People want to stay on the loop and adapt to the changing times, and online training plays a big part in that.

This is probably why Peter Wolfing started Daily Digital Club because he saw its potential to thrive in the industry. I’d say he made a good choice on deciding what to offer in the market.

Daily Digital Club offers the following training:

  • List Building Basics
  • Facebook Marketing Basics
  • Facebook Ad Basics
  • Facebook Re-marketing Basics
  • Product Launch Basics
  • Product Creation Basics
  • Bonus Creation Basics
  • Mobile Marketing Basics
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Banner Marketing Basics
  • Twitter Basics
  • Twitter Marketing Basics
  • Video Marketing Basics
  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Facebook Relevance
  • Split Testing
  • Timeline Advertising
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Hiring and Outsourcing
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • E-Learning
  • Affiliate Recruiting
  • Native Ads

According to the website, the content on this training is updated every month and that the videos are timely and relevant to today’s digital age.

But it got me wondering:

Daily Digital Club Outdated Compensation Video

If DDC offers timely digital training (which gives me the idea that they have people who possess digital skills expertise), why then is the compensation plan video from the 1900s?

I mean, you’re offering something that gets people digital advantage; you should live up to that in every way.

Is Peter Wolfing A Serial Scammer?

For one, when you visit the website, you won’t be able to find anything about who runs it. You have to use some internet detective skills to find out that Peter Wolfing is behind it.

This is a huge red flag for me, hiding their identity means they’re hiding something else, like the real score of the business. It can also mean an easier exit in case the business is not earning anymore and it’s time to give it a fancy overhaul in order to dupe more vulnerable money-making hunters.

Credibility-wise, Peter Wolfing is not doing a great job.

Also, I can’t recommend a money-making opportunity unless its creator has a proven track record. Or else, it’s my credibility that’s on the line.

Here are other MLM/Affiliate Marketing Opportunities that Wolfing Launched. Some are still running while most of them have already flopped.

  • Turbo Cycler (cash-gifting)
  • Ultimate Cycler (Ponzi-cycler)
  • Pay Me Forward (cash-gifting)
  • Business Toolbox (chain recruitment)
  • National Wealth Center (cash-gifting)
  • Infinity 100 (cash-gifting)
  • Direct Mail Pro
  • Hand of Heaven
  • Ueconomy

His most popular to date is Easy 1up that’s still running. Ultimate Cycler that collapsed in 2013 was revived by Nigerian scammers in 2016.  

It gets more interesting:

Wolfing rode the wave by redesigning that website so that he can cater to those Nigerians and benefit himself along with it.

He also launched the short-lived Ueconomy in 2017. A year later he launched the blatant religious-themed Hand of Heaven.

Then there was the five-tier pyramid scheme Direct Mail Pro that lost its traffic in December that suggested its collapse.

These are only few of the tons of schemes he launched.

Here’s the deal:

His Easy1up website disclosed that he is the owner, maybe because it’s doing well for now and that’s great exposure for him.

The website also says that Wolfing’s main company. Multiplex Systems has 18 years of experience in “developing and providing support services and training products”. This suggests that he has tons of experience and knowledge in what he does.

If that is the case, he wouldn’t have to create so many start-ups that end up flopping and just focus on just a few ones to make a sturdy foundation.

If these few systems work, it will be a great boost to his reputation and he can then go on creating new systems and opportunities with the credibility he has built.

Sadly, that’s not how I see it. He’s making a bunch of random start-ups that’s injected with few marketing principles. When it flops, he makes a little tweak and launches it again with a new name. (Boy, this guys doesn’t run out of ideas to name his schemes)

If I was a man with reputable experience in this field, I’d make a concrete system that I’m sure will work and will be sustainable.

This tells me that because Daily Digital Club isn’t his first website and it definitely will not be his last.

How Much Are You Charged To Join Daily Digital Club?

You can join for $25 or $100. With $25, you can access some portions of the training library and earn a $25 monthly commission from recruits.

With $100, you can access the whole training library and earn $25 or $100 commissions, depending on the package your recruit chooses.

How Will You Earn?

Daily Digital Club operates on referral marketing. You earn by recruiting others through the personal link given when you joined. When those referrals continue to subscribe monthly, you also earn from their recurring fees.

And because it’s supposed to be an MLM, it makes use of the uni-level compensation plan with a combination if “Reverse 2-Up” compensation plan. This means the monthly commission of the 2nd and 4th person that you personally recruited will be passed up to your sponsor. All the rest will be gifted to you.

Although it offers training tools that are needed so the FTC won’t run after them, the real focus of this program is not to sell the products but to make new recruits.

And because the membership fee of recruits is gifted to the sponsor it’s pretty much a Ponzi scheme.

These kinds of programs will only last as long as there are new recruits and the existing recruits continue to subscribe.

A business won’t be able to survive in this kind of system because you can’t make new recruits forever and you can’t hold existing members if they no longer find value with the training given.

To say that the training is updated every month is not practical. Monthly updates for all those training require a lot of work, and if you noticed, all the membership fee of recruits goes to the sponsor, what will sustain those updates?

What I Don’t Like

It’s not worth my time because it’s dodgy and it’s unsustainable. My time and effort are better spent on real money-making opportunities. This is not one of those.

Is Daily Digital Club A Scam?

It definitely is! Why because, it comes from a long line of shady schemes that have collapsed. And it has a sketchy owner who didn’t identify himself on the website.

And although the FTC hasn’t run after them yet, it will only take a matter of time when someone places a complaint and the FTC will do a thorough check.

You want to know what my guess is?

It will be another exit-game and in a few months’ time, a new opportunity with a new name but with the same old structure will surface.

The Bottom Line

Daily Digital Club is not worth it. You might be able to earn with it, but that’s if you’re one of the first few people who got to position themselves on the top of the pyramid, but after there are no more new recruits made, it will surely collapse.

There’s no such thing as easy money. With just $25 you can earn thousands? I don’t think so. If you want to work on a legit money-making opportunity forget about the hyped-up claims.

You can keep aiming for get-rich-quick schemes that won’t last long or you can start working on sustainable success by learning to create a legit and profitable business.

Check out this SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more on this all-in-one training platform that will not only help you from start scratch but also support you along the way.

I want to know what you think! Comment down below if you agree with me on this review or if you need more information.

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