Anthony Morrison: Scammer Or Saint? You Deserve The Truth!


Fun fact: Every hour of the day someone in the world googles “Anthony Morrison scam”

By the end of this review, you're going to know without a shadow of a doubt whether you should follow this self-proclaimed guru or if he's a scammer not to be trusted.

Anthony Morrison‘s released dozens of making money online programs over the years and each time we're told this one is really the one that will show you the “never before seen” and “mind-blowing” secrets to catapult your online earnings to $1,000/day.

anthony morrison training programs

Readers are always asking me if any of Anthony's products are worth buying and, after exposing several Anthony Morrison scams here on the blog, the answer is always going to be a huge resounding “No!”

I wouldn't trust this guy as far as I could throw him.

Wanna know why?

Because Anthony Morrison rakes in huge amounts of cash by using misleading and unethical marketing to sell his books, courses and extortionately priced coaching programs to people looking for a real way to make money online.

So, if you're considering buying one of this guy's products but you're still on the fence, I'm really glad you're here!

Let's take a closer look at Anthony Morrison's track record to help you decide whether you should trust this guy or not.

4 Dirty Secrets Anthony Morrison Should Tell You (But Won't)

Here are my 4 main reasons Anthony Morrison is a scam artist and why I think you should run as far away from his training products (and anyone who's promoting them) as possible:

1. Anthony Morrison Got Banned From ClickBank

If you're looking for ways to get started online, you can't get much worse than ClickBank. Search their E-Business listings and you'll see the internet's scammiest and scummiest get-rich-quick schemes all laid out in front of you.

So the fact that Anthony got banned from ClickBank is really saying something.

The reason?

His refund rates are just way too high.

Or in other words, too many people thought the claims his ‘Success With Anthony' made did not match the reality of the second-rate videos and eBooks.

Nowadays Anthony sells all his courses under the banner of Morrison Publishing.

Some of these schemes include:

Credit where it's due: Anthony is a very talented salesman and a slick marketer. He knows exactly what you want to hear and the emotional buttons to press in order to persuade you to part with your cash.

He makes money by selling you on the idea that building an online income is fast and easy, especially when you pay to discover his profit-busting secrets and magical money-making software.

When someone promises you can make easy money for doing nothing, don't believe a word of it. This is the oldest trick in the book.

The more you trust the crazy income claims, the more money you will lose to internet con men like Anthony. The best way to protect yourself is to know what common tell-tale signs to watch out for and avoid scams online.

2. Anthony's Aggressive Sales Tactics Will Bleed You Dry

Here's Anthony on the Hansen Report promoting his Advertising Profits From Home book where he claims for just $20, people can discover his income-generating strategies:

“All you gotta do is get the book and apply the methods I teach.”

First of all, the video testimonial you see in the video was actually from Anthony's dad and secondly, did you notice the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen?

In case you can't make it out, it says:

“In a recent survey of existing clients, the average book buyer does not apply the strategies in Anthony's books and does not make money. Some students may have purchased optional addition support programs.

Not only do people NOT make money with his books and programs, but many of them lose $1,000's after being pushed to buy into several high-priced upsells.

How every Anthony Morrison scam works:

The phoney interview you've just seen would be shown as an infomercial on late-night TV.

At various times throughout the 9-minute segment, Anthony would tell viewers to call the toll-free number to place their book order…

When they call in they're put through to a high-pressure salesman posing as a personal ‘success coach' whose sole job it is to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible.

They're specifically trained to find out as much as they can about your personal finances and how much credit you have available before they go about employing manipulative and slimy sales tactics designed to empty your accounts.

Read the full script Anthony wrote and gave to his sales team here (PDF) to find out exactly how they coerced people calling into parting with their hard-earned cash. It’s a real eye-opener.

anthony morrison scam artist

There are literally thousands of complaints online from people who fell for Anthony Morrison's BS and ended up losing $10,000's as a result. This is no joke.

3. Beware The Crazy-Priced Big Ticket Items

Take a look at any of Anthony's courses and you'll see they're very modestly priced – $7 here, $37 there. No one would blame you for thinking this was a small price to pay for an apparent $1,000/day system.

Except, after reading hundreds of reviews, it's clear signing up and getting involved with Anthony always ends up costing you way more than you ever thought possible.

Here's a visual representation of what Anthony's sales funnel looks like:

anthony morrison prices and costs sales funnel

Once his team of salesmen have your name and number you can expect to be called and harassed until you authorise the payment required to go to the next step…

Politely decline their offer you'll be bullied, berated and even threatened.

Let me give you some real-life examples of this playing out. This guy's story is typical of someone who enrols into any of Anthony's programs:

The Morrison Publishing support staff decided NOT to give this person a refund.

Here's another guy who signed up for Anthony's Inbox Inner Circle System, a scam I've recently exposed on this site. What started out as a $77 program ended up leaving Kevin $4,000 worse off:

4. Morrison's Courses Are All About Making HIM Money, Not You!

The final reason Anthony Morrison is a scammer you should most definitely avoid is that all training products are focused on teaching people how to make money online by promoting HIS training products.

In my recent Partner With Anthony review, I exposed the fact that the only way to make money with this latest program is by promoting the said program to others.

Digital Marketing Mastermind is all about getting you to pay $99 a month for ClickFunnels through his link.

Every single one of his courses is solely designed to put more money in his pocket, not yours!

You'll Do Better Without Anthony's ‘Help'

I know it’s easy to fall for the fake smile and fancy sales talk and give Anthony the benefit of the doubt, believing you'll learn something valuable from his courses, but please don't.

anthony morrison scam review
Yeah, no thanks…

You absolutely CAN create and build a very lucrative online income stream for yourself, but try and do that through any hyped-up Morrison Publishing course and you'll find yourself losing money rather than making it.

Rather than being a genuine guy helping people find true financial freedom, Anthony Morrison has scammed countless people into maxing out their credit cards, leaving them to drown in debt without a chance of getting a refund.

My hope is that having read this review, you won't be duped into funding Morrison's scam empire and you'll now be wise to his salesy gimmicks and tricks and won't be fooled into handing your personal contact details over and have to deal with aggressive sales calls.

If you're looking for a no-nonsense guide to earning a full-time income online then get my FREE affiliate crash course here.

You can always go back to Anthony's programs if you think I’m talking crap.

The choice is yours, my friend.

Share Your Thoughts & Experiences

Have you ever fallen for Anthony Morrison's scamming tactics only to find out you'd been duped? What would you say to anyone considering buying any of Anthony's courses?

Scroll down and share your thoughts and comments about Anthony and his products below so that others can learn from your experiences!

92 thoughts on “Anthony Morrison: Scammer Or Saint? You Deserve The Truth!”

  1. On the second day of the $37 -3 day workshop, he gave his presentation on getting us to sign up for his other programs ranging form $3000-$7000. As it was towards the end of the day, and the previous day ended at 3pm. Some people left or were asking when it was going to end. There was no schedule or itinerary for the 3 day workshop. He started to get angry and talked mad crap about the people that needed to leave early. So, guilt tripping the rest of us was his solution. It was negative and made me feel bad. Here he shows his true colors! I knew he was not a good person. I felt like a 15 year old girl stuck listening to a southern Baptist Preacher, being told I was going to go to Hell if I didn’t do something. I’m from the south, and his southern Mississippi fear tactics do not work on me. The third day, he kind of does the same thing here and there where he gets mad at someone for a comment they posted in the zoom chat. I don’t want to hear it. He could have been the better person and just ignored the comment. The workshop is also pre-recorded from a different session, so no questions get answered from our group! There is a moderator who will kick you out if you say the wrong thing, or complain in the chat. Forget transparency, or freedom of speech here. Unprofessional and unethical.

  2. Back in 2021, he was using a burner account on twitter to scam people sending out fake checks to bounce in their accounts, at the same time asking for 30% of the fake check thru some money transfer app.

    He went by a fake name (ironic I know), David Sanitago or @HelpingHandDave, his account has since been deleted. After getting scammed, you do a little digging on him, and eventually you find out his real name and websites like this that pretty tell you how morally bankrupt and vain this man is. I hate being reminded that I got scammed from this guy, preying on me and all the other vulnerable people during the pandemic over money. And from how I see it, this was apparently his side scam, I guess at the time he wasn’t making enough over his main one. He went on to do it a second time with some other bullshit name which I forgot, and that got shut down even faster.

    This was the first time I ever got scammed, I was naïve, thought I knew better yet wasn’t familiar of the concept of checks bouncing. After all the grief he gave me, every fiber of my being, I don’t intend of falling for another one.

  3. Hello… Started out my husband found Anthony Morrison on, which was way back in May 2022. He decided to sign up with him and ended up costing us let’s see on May 17, 2022, a total of $231.00. These charges came through our account as, Morrison Publishing, $99.00, & $34.00. The other charge came through as, Partner with Anthony, $98.00. Which totals $231.00. Then on May 22, 2022, Morrison Ambassador came through as, $1,497.00. After my husband tried to contact Anthony Morrison a number of times & failed he began to think this was a possible scam. So my wife sent a email directed to Anthony Morrison which ended up bouncing back to her as Mail Undeliverable. Then by chance my husband received a phone call from one of the associates of Anthony Morrison & after a long speel to get more money from us, this individual finally listened to my husband requesting a refund. He told my husband to contact: support@anthonymorrison to request this refund. We did this & guess what it was bounced back to us as MAIL UNDELIVERABLE! So we have been scammed out of a total of $1,728.00, WOW just think of how many millions Anthony is making with this SCAM. Our advise don’t do it!!!!!

  4. Guess my original comment didn’t make the grade but for what it’s worth I’m leaving Morrison’s ERC group and Bottom Line Concepts too. I should’ve checked that company out first but luckily I didn’t talk to anyone about the program though I did email one business owner and dropped a link a couple of times. Yikes! A near miss dodge the bullet.

  5. I don’t have any of his stuff but I did sign up for the ERC referral partnership with Bottom Line Concepts. I commented on a post in the gtoup that all you need for the opportunity is a search engine and email. He’s got all these people locked into training and funnels, and systems etc. I started seeing what a distraction all of it is just from my limited time in the group. People don’t know that you can get free leads/contacts by accessing the list of people who got PPP loans and it’s free. The SBA released it and there are a couple of websites that provide the names and other valuable data for free, though there is a list broker who’s trying to skim people for $1,1000. There are 3 to 5 million names depending on what site you use. More than enough to contact on your own. And now those people can get ERC too as well as other businesses who didn’t get loans. Anyway I’m 69 and have a MBA in Marketing and one in Project Management too, and I started online marketing with the first wave in 1997 when it was very primitive. About my comment in the group, he told me that my post doesn’t make any sense and I’m thinking I just want to tell people who are struggling, look, how do you think business got done before the Internet? I mean, you just went out there and connected with people, and developed a rapport and trust, presented what your offer is, and closed. We used Direct Marketing too (mail order). Now really all people have to do is just drop the link and the company does all of the rest. Morrison said himself that you don’t have to know everything. A basic 3-4 bullet point intro with a link in email or an in person visit to BNI chapters or brick and mortar small business, I feel bad for those of us hungry for money, success, and maybe a bit of recognition who really want a win-win with the business owner. People don’t know where and how to start and it is in some ways so simple really. Stop training and just do it. You’ll get better each time, and shrug off rejection and keep at it in a calm and relaxed way. Does it make sense to you guys? I really want to tell people. I mean it took no more than 15 minutes to get more leads than can be contacted by one person and people are out there buying FB ads, using his marketing webinars and technology. I didn’t know he got banned from Clickbank. That’s juicy.

  6. Well he definitely scammed me. Offered free money when drawn on one of his webinar call. Three of us were told we had won the weekly draw for $500. He also said he would pay an equal amount to the Dallas flood victims. After trying many times and many ways and him denying accountability, he banned me from his webbies. He is a really awful person – the kind I despise, with his over the top materialism. Trophy wife house, cars, holiday unit in Destin. He even used a webinar of his wedding to sell more stuff. Constantly talks about himself – his assets and his earnings. And the gold necklace wtf. Seedy af family.

  7. Agree with above comments. This guy is shyster, and should be in jail for fraud.

    Guess I got off light. I’m only out $97 for initial PWA subscription. Cheap “School of Hard Knocks” education considering stories I’ve read here. If I’d read these reviews like I should have, wouldn’t be out even that much. This guy is snake, simple as that. So smooth, slick, and full of phony sincerity he could sell reading glasses to a blind man. Within moments of foolishly signing up for PWA, received a flurry of e-mail upsells for myriads of programs to “accelerate my success” (ie, InnerBox Circle, Ambassador Club, Traffic Boot Camp programs etc. Fortunately, I entered a phone number whose service was due to expire days later. So, escaped phone harassment. Still getting sales pitches via E-mail, though most now blocked through unsubsribe.

    What opened my eyes was Morrison’s constant promises of “done for you” tools to help build MY business. Yes, he does provide tools… to build HIS (PWA) business! I may be dumb, but not stupid! Glad I bailed when I did. What a con man. This guy should be in jail.

  8. Hi Simon,

    I am so glad that I stumbled onto your site!

    I signed up Anthony Morrison Ambassador program paying USD $1,500 in 2019.
    I requested a refund soon after but was informed by their support staff they do not have a refund policy. I got my bank to issue a chargeback. However, the chargeback was later cancelled and the credit awarded back to Anthony Morrison group.
    I requested to have my account reinstated since they took my money. Their support staff led me round the bush. He required me to produce a bank statement to say that they money was send back to them. He did this knowing banks do not issue statements. I informed him of that and in its place, I sent a copy of my bank statement listing the chargeback and the credit back to their account. The support person REFUSED to reinstate my account even though I gave him proof that they had my money.

    I am glad to have found your site as it highlighted that Anthony Morrison group is nothing but a highly sophisticated SCAM organization. Readers please be warned.

  9. Phew… your exposing reviews pulled me back from the brink, I was considering launching in with Anthony Morrison!

    So, MASSIVE thanks and so grateful there are informed people like you prepared to give their time to truly helping educate others.

  10. I just signed up with Anthony a week ago and couldn’t believe the amount of videos and money he is willing to rip you off with. One comment I read here from someone was eluding to the fact that people who fall for this thing are basically stupid, not so! this was a desperate move and lapse in judgment on my part as I am usually skeptical of everything. I got a phone call right before I was supposed to get a call from an associate who was going to help me sign up, well this call was someone asking about my personal financial information, when I shut him down my set up call went unanswered and he cancelled the appointment, I already knew by this time (too late) it was all just to bleed you dry. I am very new to anything that has to do with making money online and navigating through all the scammers is not easy. Thank you Simon for being who you are I wish I had done some homework and found you before I was ripped off.

    • Absolutely Toni, no shame in it whatsoever. Anthony scams people for a living and is very, VERY good at it. And your gut instinct is right, these calls are designed to extract specific information from you about how much credit you have available and what funds you have available so they can squeeze you for every last penny.

      Put it down to a lesson learned I guess. You’re not the first and I’m afraid you won’t be the last…

      • I am also a victim he needs to be charged with fraud contact
        Your authority’s, the FBI. HE Needs to be shut down.

  11. I bought his $7 course and I noticed the red flag when it was structured in a way you can’t finish it asap. When I saw the promoted program was his, I just closed the page and never returned. I am happy I used a prepaid card so I just left it empty so that the renewal won’t happen. Your site has made it even more clarifying on his personality.

    • Great job Victor! You thought you were getting access to an actual course but really it’s the entrance fee to his sales funnel where the upsells are neverending. I’m happy you spotted it early! 🙂

  12. I’ve been had too, believing them from coach to coach cause they switched me 3 times…🤷
    Also sucked over $4500 usd from my credit card, we’re talking almost $6000 cad. Should have checked if he was legit before doing any move like I usually do…🤦

  13. I am sorry to hear about people being scammed it is horrible. I know what it is like as I have been scammed not once but twice.
    But I learned from my mistakes and now have a very successful marketing agency which is the best online business as well as affiliate marketing.
    It takes a long time to become a super affiliate and with the right training you can get to 10k a month within 6 months.

    • I am sorry that I did not come to this website before joining Morrison Publishing.

      The thing is he promised all kinds of help etc and that never happened. Meanwhile, he took over $3K and I don’t even have an address nor phone number to get a refund, a refund which he promised.

      How did you get your refund?

  14. Hi all.
    I am sharing a few of the many issues I encountered with this organisation:
    1. Its MLM : the aim is to on-sell and upsell at every opportunity
    2. The so-called customer “service” is beyond abysmal. They are rude to the point of belligerent. There is only communications when they’re threatened. So try that (with legal reasons)
    3. Every single video is an attempt to upsell. You wont get much,if any, actual training or quality info. Its all about the sales pitches and hype to con you into upgrading.
    4. The inner circle system is set up that you wont be able to finish it within the 30 days “free” (ha) trial period. As there’s 30 modules, and they only release access to each one every 24 hours after you click “complete”. Hence, if you dont do one every day, you wont get to finish it. So much for if you cant do one a day.

    Further, if you happen to finish a module at a certain time of the day, in my case it was 2am, then, you wont have access again until 2am ongoing! Or you have to skip a day to re-set the clock.
    Truly a pathetic system. Id say its a con to make people want to pay past the 30 days.

    5. Despite numerous technical (or deliberate?) “glitches” at their end that caused such issues as not being sent a log-in, being logged out, getting “system errors” codes etc (that I took screen shots of), they will claim there is nothing wrong, and will not extend the free trial period to account for them.

    6. I begrudgingly filled in a W8 IRS tax notice they have, (I regret this now), as they claim that one cant proceed into the inner circle system until one is done.
    Think about that. You have paid to get access to a system/training, that they wont give you, unless you send them your personal tax info.

    I would suggest this is highly unethical, and now wonder if they are using them in some other unethical way. So if for no other reason, I would never give them this, and have learnt a lesson on this.

    7. I spent countless hours (maybe 20-30) watching the endless con videos waiting in anticipation for some quality training, as promised all the way. I got none. There was maybe a few good bits of info, but it wasn’t training.

    8. There was nothing shared that couldnt be learnt for free online.

    9. There was numerous outright lies. For eg: The claims that the videos were “live” is nonsense. They are pre-recorded. This in itself was a big red-flag to me about what lengths they / he was prepared to go to to con.

    Let alone the ongoing bs that he spouts. “Once in a lifetime opportunity…”//
    ” I have only just developed this idea… (& its dated 2019)” //
    “my staff are avail 24/7 to answer your calls” (factually one wrote-rudely- to me that I was “lucky to get a reply”)
    and on it goes.

    I say this: I would absolutely warn all against signing up. But, If you want to test it/him, then, sign up, and put an alarm alert on day 25 (not 30) on your calendar to close the account/s and get your refund. Do as much as you can in that time (which wont be much, as its set up to drag things out past the 30 days) , then decide for yourself.
    But I would not in a million years trust this mob, and would not recommend them under any circumstances.

    I am considering reporting them/him, and will be adding this type of review to as many sites as I can to warn people. Good luck all.

    • Hi Misty,

      I want to thank you so much for sharing your experience with Anthony Morrison’s training programs.

      I am not at all surprised by the rude customer service. They see people as a cash cow, that is all. Once they have your money or sense their not getting any more money out fo you, they immediately lose interest.

      I recently reviewed his Inbox Inner Circle System and yeah, its sole aim is to get as much money out of you as possible.

      I’m shocked they ask you about your tax information. They only ask you for this after you’ve already paid?! This is ridiculous and I suspect it’s an underhanded way to see how much money you have. I’m sure their pushy pohone sales people will find this info very useful whent hey’re trying to pump you for more cash.

      Thank you again for sharing your review. Readers will most certainly find it helpful!

    • Thank you. I have someone texting me nearly every day about the Mentorx program of Morrison’s. That’s how I found this page, looking for information on the program.

  15. Is Brian Tracy also a scammer?

    Or did this guy scam Brian Tracy?

    Just saw a mastermind course Brian Tracy is offering in partnership with this guy – which initiated a search.

    In the email he raved about “Anthony” … I only clicked because I thought he was doing something with Tony Robbins.

    My Brian Tracy perception just got torpedoed. I would have thought he would be more careful.

    Thanks for this post, I’m sure you’ve saved many people from wasting lots of time and money as well as all the suffering that comes along with getting scammed when you are trying to better your life.

    All the best!

    • I don’t know Brian Tracy too well Dean, except that’s he’s a successful author. It’s probably that they did a sponsorship/paid promotion type deal. Anthony’s done this many times in the past.

      You’re exactly right Dean, I get so and because these con artists are taking advantage of people when they’re trying to improve themselves and their living situations!

      All the best to you too 🙂

  16. Simon and all of you here. Thank you for bringing this to light. I really thought Anthony was a good and trust worthy person. I bought into Partner With Anthony recently. Yes, upsells galore and to “position” yourself, but luckily I have not done so. I also purchased the Inbox Inner Circle where you are supposed to get 500 subscibers ($77).. I mean it is all so well done, you really think you are going to get something out of it. Glad I found this before I bit the bullet and went ahead and joined at the Ambassador Level. Seems so legit earning commissions on his programs..but I guess it is all just smoke and mirrors. What a damn shame. I am very saddened. I really want a LEGIT way to make money online.
    Simon, can you please do a review on these as well?
    I am really considering BUT.. would love your take on it.
    The first one is really BIG ticket and VERY convincing..

    And then there is Anik Singhal (sorry for the long link)

    And lastly GOOGLE Maps.. this really seems legit.. I have done some google maps stuff before..

    Thank you in advance if you are able to do a review on any of these.
    I will take a look at your program you mention here.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your message and it’s great to be connected! 🙂

      I have added Bio Brdige (Bridge?!) Team, Anik Singhal’s Email Startup Incubator and Google Maps Elite to our review list.

      Just watching the first sales video, it sounds like one of these done-for-you systems. I think you’ll find Day Three of the Invincible Series really insightful. Basically it talks about why done-for-you systems are a total hoax. Those who get in early might do well by promoting the system to others but it doesn’t take long for conversion rates to plummet.

      My biggest gripe with done-for-you systems is they think you’re too dumb to do internet marketing. Why not teach people how to create their own landing pages and write their own emails instead? Why not training and equip aspiring marketers instead of patronising them with sleazy sales talk and supposed quick fixes?

      Ok, rant over, onto the next…

      Inbox Startup Incubator looks better and Anik Singhal seems a lot more credible. It’s basically a course about how to get started with email marketing. At $997 it’s a little pricey and I don’t like the zero refund policy.

      Invincible Marketer would be a good option. It’s $67 a month or a one-off $430 for lifetime membership. I’ve gone through the entire course myself and applied it and I’ve had 2,000 email subscribers in the last 2 months. Aaron Chen really knows what he’s talking about.

      Here’s my full Invincible Marketer review

      The last link takes you to what seems to be a portal site to Arbour Academy aka Google Maps Elite by Chad Kimball. This could be useful if you’re looking to start an online agency but again, at $997 it’s not cheap and local SEO is not something I’ve tried before. Some people seem to be getting good results from it though.

      In the end, there are so many ways to make money online and I guess it comes down to what route you want to take. It seems to me you’re looking to build a full-time online business rather than just create a side hustle. Read my blog for more than 2 minutes and you’ll see I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing but other people do great with Amazon FBA or freelancing for example.

      Let me know what you think and I promise to do whatever I can to help you out in any way.

      Speak soon,


  17. Yes. Gerald, I am saddened as well. I was contemplating very hard on going ahead with the Ambassador program. Sure glad I did not do so. Really sad. Trust no one apparently.

  18. Simon, thank you for this. Watching that interview video, my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw his father as the fake ‘happy customer!’

    His father must be a conman too, sh*t often runs in the family

    My jaw is still on the floor!!!

    • I know Morgan, it’s just shocking. Are there no limit to the lengths scammers are not willing to go to get your money?

      I’m glad your eyes have been opened though. Please stay safe out there!

  19. I was looking at his crap. For only $7.00. I laughed as I usually laugh when I can feel inside they are Full of Garbage!! I am happy happy happy that so many ppl did NOT Fall into his scam. There are so many scams like Anthony’s I just felt I had to google about him. I was. RIGHT. Now I Love to Email him and tell him A couple of things, that’s on my Mind.
    He is only making $$$$ there off ppl who are clueless to internet Scams.
    Thanks for posting this for ppl that are unaware of these types of ppl.
    Time to email these jokers and any who gave them or him any money. Start A Class Action Lawsuit OR Start your own
    Class Action Lawsuit.
    Good Luck to all of you out there.

  20. Im so glad I found this article as I was contemplating joining. He is so persuasive and sounds so sincere. I think everyone who has lost money should report him and his brother Adrian to whoever manages online scams in the USA. I am currently involved in a class action suing promoters of a pyramid scheme dating back to 2017. People need to be aware of scammers like the Morrison brothers.

  21. well now i know it wasnt my fault i never got my logon detailes after joining inner circle but he just got the second half of the payment i will be watching and waiting for his days of freedom to come to a end and hope to be part of it what a piece of s… thanks for the info

      • Just want to confirm the posts on this feed. I paid 1497 in full for his ambassador club crap which is a bunch of modules to go through and a bunch of hidden upsells. Once you pay your money you will never get in touch with anybody from customer service either by phone email or any type of messaging. They called me one time right after I purchased for a one time coaching call, I missed the call and tried to call back and message them to reschedule the call and never got a response. The only reason I thought Anthony was legit was because he’s been around for years but he’s clearly a scammer no different than the rest. I don’t recommend his program at all. Total rip-off for sure and he clearly just wants your money.

      • Gee whiz, I’ve just been going through my bank account details & I noticed a few charges for the partner with Anthony programmes, point is I’ve never been partnered with Anthony at any time because I am a pensioner here in Australia & I could never afford any of Anthony’s programmes, I was just checking the internet to find some easy way to make money when I came across Anthony Morrison & that’s how I wound up here, I am grateful for all the information I found here about Anthony. I was truly dumbfounded what I’ve read, thank you everyone I have been made aware of this scammer who doesn’t mind scamming pensioners either.

  22. Hi Simon, You seem like an upstanding fellow and I came across your blog because I was skeptical about the PWA program that I had signed up for with Morrison Publishing LLC. I had no problem canceling my accounts with them and getting a refund. I did go to the BBB and looked at all the complaints filed there. I particularly was interested in the one from 3/25/19 that you reference above. In reading that complaint and the response to it from Morrison Publishing, I found that the reason for the denial of the refund was because the customer had already received a chargeback from his credit card and there was nothing for Morrison to refund. Reading through many of the other complaints, it seems that Morrison Publishing was responsive and fair-minded in resolving each issue that I read. The bottom line is, for the purpose of integrity you may want to update the claim that no refund was given on the 3/25/19 complaint because that is not the complete truth as per the BBB account.

    • Thanks for the feedback Paul, it is appreciated!

      I see what you’re saying and I can see Morrison Publishing’s response on the BBB complaint, but it’s not been marked as resolved by the consumer and, in light of everything else we’ve uncovered, I’m just slightly hesitant about taking their word for it.

      It’s good to hear about your experience with them. Clearly, you weren’t satisfied with the quality of training which is why you also requested a refund?

      • I did get that something is fishy feeling because every new section of training seemed to include some kind of upsell and each time the price was getting higher. I did some research and came across your blog. Thanks for your reporting on that and thanks also for your WA review. I had come across their site but was of course a little skeptical. I signed up for the free training and took a long hard look at the program. I am very pleased with them. I have learned a lot. They have been totally straightforward, no surprises and the community of bloggers they have helping everyone is really great!

  23. Hi , I am Odirile from Botswana I want to start marketing business, thank you for your warning I almost made a mistake

  24. Hi,

    Unfortunately, I have signed up to the Partner with Anthony membership. $77 or so. I have paid a few fees every month on this not much but about the $20 per month all in total. I did not sign up for the next level as I thought it was a bit fishy. now three months in and only more costs. I have today requested to cancel my membership. Let’s see what they say, I will keep you posted.

    Also, should I cancel the direct debit?


    • Hi Israel, you might want to cancel your direct debits to be sure no other payments are taken out of your account. I hate to say it but going from all of the complaints, I just wouldn’t trust these guys to honour your request.

      Yes please, do let us know how you get on!

  25. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing the affiliate package.

    It is totally misleading and once I paid now it’s nothing but upsells to try to get me to the end goal of having a done for you system which he clearly leads you to believe you are paying for on the front end.

    The salesperson was rude because I was asking specific questions about what am I getting after being duped.

    I can not recommend The Morrison Brothers, it’s a good chance these tactics will lead to jail time.

  26. Dear Mr. Crowe,
    I have seen this guy
    Morrison for a very long time doing what he’s doing.,Thing is, How and why is he not locked up.,
    I was tempted by this
    CRIMINAL’S crap, never
    Signed on.,I Investigated
    His BULLSHIT, however
    Many lost money and
    Their livelihood.,Why aren’t Morrison and
    Company put AWAY ?!

  27. I signed for some free book and never downloaded it because I read bad reports about Morrison just in time Thank God I didn’t or give my bank details to him. But now He is hounding me to join everyday two emails and one from Susan whoever that is in the title. Is there anyway this man will give up. Been three weeks now if I block them he will just use another title Patrick

    • Glad you were able to see the light before handing over your hard-earned cash Patrick! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences!

      See, this is what I’m talking about. If someone wants to unsubscribe from your email list just let them unsubscribe. Take the hint and stop trying to ram products down people’s throats when they’ve already said they don’t want to hear from you! I think this tells you a lot about the ethics of this guy.

    • I’m working with Anthony right now and he is doing everything for free because I can’t pay and he’s giving me all of the information and all of the books and is helping me with every step. I haven’t felt anything fishy or fraudulent at this point. He has thousands of people working with him and he always answers questions in a easy to understand method. I can’t say anything bad about him because he’s been great to me and hasn’t asked for a penny or my bank information. I’m reading these messages but you have to realize how big that company is and how many thousands of people who are joining everyday. I haven’t seen like I said anything fishy or crooked. I’ve watched the videos that all of the others put out there and they are so slimy and they always say every things free until you get to the end of the video and then they want this much or that much and then they try to get more and more money from you and that’s where I say Hell No. I started with another company that I will not name and what they didn’t tell me is all of the accounts I would have to open for servicing my accounts and that was about $400 per month and you would have no guarantee that you would even make that much. So I can’t say that I don’t trust Anthony. I also don’t see anything criminal that he’s doing. People make their own decisions so that’s part of life. God bless

  28. I’m sadden by these reviews…. I didn’t expect it to be an easy overnight money maker, but I did think it was legitimate steps to creating a successful internet business.

    • It’s disappointing when products don’t live up to their own hype, but better to know now than later. Anthony’s programs are going to lead you down a path you don’t want to go down you are going to be treated like a piece of financial meat (they are going to try to sell to you over and over again).

      But don’t lose hope Gerald, there are much better alternatives out there.

  29. Not just this guy but have you noticed how many there are ???? utube trying to sell their platforms on how to make money online. Then I believe you still have to pay more money for upgrades. ads etc. There is so so many out there. My take is that they are trying to make money off people like us looking for that opportunity. If they are making so much money already then why bother going through all this effort. BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO SCAM US AS WELL.

  30. I think people are very stupid when it comes to making money fast and easy. Let me tell you all something “THERE IS NO SUCH THING” and if people are that stupid not to do the research on the person you are investing in then you do not have any sympathy from me.

    If you all want to drop this guy in it then get in touch with the IRS and inform them what he’s doing. If he’s a scammer I can guarantee he’s trying to scam the IRS also. This is how these people work and think. They get to a point where they think they are “untouchable” again “NO SUCH THING” People who want this get rich quick attitude have one thing on their mind MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Pure greed and I WANT! I WANT!

    This guy like many others is a scammer, a thief and lowers than a snake’s belly! However ask yourself this Mr Scammer can you look at yourself in the mirror every morning when you wake up because mark my word there will be a day when you can’t. It might be next week it might be 30 years from now but that day WILL come. Every dishonest person falls and when they do they hit the ground much harder than anyone else.

    SO!!! Don’t bother chasing your money you have lost what’s done is done, just move on take it as experience. Don’t dwell on the past it will slow you down. Take Care and be safe on these trying and difficult times.

    • Absolutely spot on Brian!

      There are no shortcuts or loopholes to online success. It takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately while there are people out there with this get-rich-quick mentality guys like Anthony will be standing by ready to take full advantage.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. I am taking his Email Domination course. It is pretty solid and has much better stuff than some of the other internet gurus. Not sure about his facebook courses though.

    • I wanted to know how is the email course coming along. I signed up last week before I read reviews. I really thought this wasn’t a scam, considering WHERE the recommendation came from

    • Hey Jake.. how did this work out for you? Are you pleased?
      Tell me details about this if you are out there..

  32. I was just watching his “live video” with the fake number of online people on the top right, it was going ok, he knows how to take advantage of people who are lost, looking for a way to make money. But not me buddy – once he said this video is live lol cmon dude wth, glad found this article

  33. Wao, I was just going through some conversations in my head regarding this man and what he has done for me. So I said let me try to check him out! By reviewing him. Well I just wish like others here, to come across this site before joined Morrison Education.

    You will find below my videos I sent him to try explaining to him the reason why I want my money back. I sent him these two videos via success connection messenger and other email correspondences but never got a reply.

    The fact that he said he was going to give us traffic to start of, and he didn’t was awful. And for that I should have my money back. When I asked about the support of traffic he was going to give us monthly while learning I never got an answer for weeks, till the moment I said should I ask for my. Money back? That’s when Matt (a waste of space guy) replied by saying or Mr. Morrison does that at the end of the month.

    I should be patient a bit and I will receive them. 4 months later I got nothing I started to ask again, as a newbie that was my MAIN reason to purchase ambassador club 997.00. Anthony replied to me very nasty and manipulatively… Saying I want things straight away, I don’t give his stuff a chance etc and I am thinking this is 4 months on you still tell. Me to wait? And take things slowly. So I did.

    Believe me or not I still fell for coaching training program which was 1497 plus monthly subscription of click funnel 97 since January 2018. I joined via small ticket 40.00.

    Most of the support you get especially in coaching via the. Phone you can tell they are not very educated to it most of them. You only given access to e-library course with bunch of stuff to learn things as a new bee will take you forever to put it together in a right way. Even if you call for support you can’t fix what you Don know. They are not there to fix that, as. I understood they try to help you with what you know and struggle a bit. I joined bse I couldn’t get support from ambassador club I was then informed they don’t know much about ambassador club I have to contact ambassador support, where I hardly got support… More in the video.

    If you calculate is $997 plus 1497 plus 97 monthly since last year January plus 40 dollars WITHOUT EARNING A PENNY that is simply insane an u humane. Telling me most of the mistakes are self inflicted. Asshole.

    I am soo angry with him so mad considering he knows steps to follow in order to sell high tickets but he doesn’t tell people that. Instead he tell us oh take this link drive traffic to it. What is he soo scared of, of people. Being successful? He just want to keep people there with his bulshit prize money which I hate! Sitting there and wishing its you bse you are so broke. Its nasty stuff. If he was here in UK I could defo get my money back, but USA I Don know what to do. I will try to write to federal Trade Commission and take it from there.

    Yes, someone said here why his successful student Don come to the community and share really figures. People keep falling to his crap by him asking anyone earn money with Anthony… And they say yes. Most is just peanuts. I was saying those who succeed in his business they definitely can’t be new to this. They know what they are doing already before joining.

    By the end of creating PWA one guy not sure his name. Probably Roger.. He told him what a corn, he got mad and used f words during live session yes he apologised later. But Roger was right to his own understanding, you promised people $500 for all participants of PWA creation and you end up tell them oh! You know that 500 I said I will give you, is in Credit when you purchase any of the program in the Morrison Education you will be pay less 500.

    Hahaaah, and without a shame he even put a timer on it. Forcing us to buy till… Shocking.

    He asked Roger to leave and promised to give him his money back.

    PLEASE GUY IF YOU KNOW THIS ROGER CAN HE PLS GET I TOUCH WITH ME VIA MESSENGER ON HOW I CAN GET MY. MONEY BACK TOO. This man should not be allowed to get away with this, he ruins people’s lives.

    I don’t wish him dead I don’t have that in me, but he has to be stopped somehow more people will suffer.
    During profit cycle product creation, he mentioned people are after him, people wish him dead and that he is receiving death threats. Well Anthony what do you expect when you do slickly things, we are not stupid we give you the benefit of the doubt so many times and you keep f… it up!

    Guys I live across the pond, I need help how I can legally claim my money they SHOULD be a way. And if you can direct Roger to my way I will appreciate.
    My plan is if he doesn’t give me all. My money back, I am going to do a long YouTube video showing every document I had conversation with them to where I am. And make sure I have rank it on no. 1. Including the article I put it on Google showing him now I now about Internet marketing anthony and its no thank to you but it’s about YOU.


    • So sorry about what you went through Lulu. I was about clicking the buy button before my gut feeling told me to pause and google search a review of him. Your narrative is really telling of the FAKE AND SCAM he is. Did you succeed getting your money back?

  34. Hi, thank God I googled this before going for the Partner with Anthony Morrison course. I was ready to pay the $7 to see whats its all about and by the sounds of it waste my time!

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great stepping stone and provides great training for affiliate marketing but even that is becoming out dated and there is quite a few upsells involved.

    Thanks for your advice I will continue to look for a good course to actually learn value.

    • Hi Ben, I’m so glad you made a lucky escape and I appreciate you letting me know!

      Wealthy Affiliate (link to my review) is a really solid option in my view, which is why it’s one of my all-time top picks. The training is being updated and refined all the time to keep on top of WordPress updates and so on.

      I’m not sure what you mean in terms of upsells at Wealthy Affiliate though, unless you mean the optional Jaaxy keyword tool. Other than that everything you could possibly need to start an online business is already included in the Premium membership.

      Whichever direction you take, I sincerely wish you every possible success!

    • Hey me too,

      I actually clicked the buy button but what raised my suspicion was that, when I clicked to buy for just $7 (I told myself that this amount wasn’t worth not risking). But then, once you click, it brings you to another page asking you to buy for lifetime of $97. You know, his insistence on his video of NO HIDDEN fees or any other fee, just a few dollars is what made me suspicious. He is a FRAUD.

  35. Hi there,

    I thought I had finally found a decent person paying it back to the people out there just trying to make a bit extra, I paid my nine dollars as I thought I would do the monthly payments, I have a debit card so can stop any further payments going through, have messaged him to stop any further problems, I’m so sick of scammers is there anyone out there decent?

    It all sounded a bit too complicated for me anyway as you go further in there yes, he wants to get you on board with more thing to help you, but it started to sound suss to me and I came out of it and found this site that verified yet again another scam, I will never again venture into trying to make a bit extra money as for these con artists I wish karma to do its thing.

    So thanks guys for all your information.

    • Thanks for getting in touch Maureen and I know that a lot of people hearing about your experience are going to find it really helpful. Don’t worry, karma will catch up with them in the end, it always does!

      The truth is there are a lot of legitimate ways to make money online, but to get there you have to push past a whole bunch of people who make money simply promising to show others how to make money. It’s like the picture of the lizard eating its own tail.

      I totally get that you’re sick and tired of all the scams out there. I’ve exposed 100’s of them here on the blog, but with new scams being inflicted on the general public on a daily basis, I know I’ll never be able to catch up. I too was scammed a half a dozen times or so on my search. You can read about my story here.

      I just want to encourage not to lose hope. If there’s ever any program you’re looking at but are not sure, feel free to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to give you my honest take.

      The best program I’ve come across so far is Wealthy Affiliate (link to my review). They are an all-in-one training platform and community that teaches affiliate marketing, my favourite way to earn online 🙂

      One of the many reasons this is the best program for beginners is that you only need your name and email to create your free Starter account. They have a Premium membership at $49 (no upsells or additional extras!) but you only upgrade once you’ve taken the first 10 lesson course and experienced the community for yourself and have decided it’s right for you.

      You’ll find me in the members’ area every day answering questions and helping people on their journey so I will always be on hand to give you help and support.

      Here’s my personal Wealthy Affiliate profile so you can contact me directly.

      I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do and please stay safe out there! 🙂

  36. I Think this guy is fraudulent and should be exposed to discourage him from defrauding more people. I had a bad experience with them. First of all when you go to his site then ( about 5 years ago ) they will show the price as $97. If you want to navigate away from the site they will offer it to you for $50 or so. Next attempt to get away from the site the price would drop to $39 etc. Eventually it will end up at $19. The moment you buy anything you have many people calling you claiming to be personal coaches or mentors assigned by Anthony Morrison. They use all tactics to get you to sign up for training. They signed me up and said the course has been financed for me and that I was going to pay monthly. Later I didn’t find value in the teaching. I decided to cancel, they said I was still owing them even after I canceled. I threatened to report them to Federal Trade Commission. That is how I final stopped them from calling me for the debt. His brother Adrien sell CDs and DVDs and books too. I didn’t have much interaction with Adrien, but it appears his webinars are not much different.

  37. Yes I agree with Vinod. Mr Morrison is a Evil Criminal and uses his internet marketing persona
    as a means for deceiving innocent and trusting people who are just trying to make some extra
    money to make ends meet. If his marketing program is so successful as he claims they are where is his community of people on line sharing their success with others who have been successful?
    Of course as we all know they’re isn’t one because they’re haven’t been enough people who have been successful with his program. The only community he has on line are the many people sharing their experiences about being conned by this Self Proclaimed Internet Marketing Whiz.
    Mr Morrison is an Evil Sociopath who Loves, I repeat Loves stealing your HARD EARNED $$$$$$. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t buy into his Bullshit scam. If you really want to learn about internet marketing there are many Great places to go, Following The MASTER GURU MORRISON is NOT one of them. Following him in any way will leave you broke & depressed.
    For anyone reading this and considering buying his program DON’T DO IT!!!!! OR YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID. I hope this post will save some people their time & money. God Bless!!!!!

  38. I joined inbox inner circle. As part of that you need to join click funnels. I cancelled the click funnels account, send an email to Anthony Morrison advising closure of account. All documented. Then I forgot about it.
    My partner brought to my attention a reoccurring charge from Product Mastery Funnel Club (no indication this is from Anthony Morrison for the inbox inner circle) from Oct 2018 to June 2019. Through my investigation I found who the vendor was and they would not refund.
    – They had no clue the account was closed within 1 week.
    – Because I did not send email to a specific email address, they are justifying their billing even when the account was closed and company email notified.

    Its all a scam: hype people up in the webinar with a dream, get the money, get more money.
    The only way to make money with Anthony is to fleece other people.
    Morrison Education is getting away with it. All his program are are guise to benefit from the click funnel affiliate charge, flog people high ticket sales and keep the money.

    Its a rip off. Stay away.
    You get similar opportunities on JVZOO and Warrior plus at a bargain at the introductory release offer.

  39. Hi Simon

    I’ve reviewed a lot of online money-making sites recently and I must say this is one of the best written articles I’ve read.

    I’ve seen a few of his sites in the past. One big red flag is the $37 fees. That’s the first giveaway, especially with book offers. It’s sad that people still fall for these.

    The idea of making money with no effort should set alarms off too.

    Wow, he does have a slick website. Looks like one of these TV evangelists. That alone should set off alarms.

    Well, presented.



    • Thanks Dave, yeah people are lured in by the front-end low cost and hand over their phone numbers and email addresses with no idea they’ve just paid to go through a sales funnel. 

      You definitely can make money online though, but you’re right – it does take work and effort and you need more than tidbits of information designed to get you to buy more expensive upsells like Anthony gives you. 

  40. Wow Simon – what a helpful article ! It’s so sickening when people choose the unethical route and how blessed we all are that you share these truths with us. You certainly gathered all the facts here to deliver a comprehensive list of reasons why we shouldn’t trust Anthony Morrison – and believe me you did a great job explaining why – I will never trust Anthony Morrison. I found it absolutely hilarious he included a picture of his dad for the guy experiencing ‘real’ results. That’s funny.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great option – I love it too it’s a clear choice !

    Thank you so much! I know I can rely on you for all the clear and up to date information – thanks again!

    • Hey Karsha, you’re more than welcome and thanks for agreeing with me! 

      This guy has been conning people for over a decade and I have no idea how he’s gotten away with it for so long. Hopefully like you will do their due diligence and research for jumping head first into Anthony’s latest program.

  41. Thank you for composing this comprehensive review of Anthony Morrison. Someone emailed me about his Partner With Anthony course but I never really got the chance to look into what’s he really about. But now it looks like just another sale funnel to get more money from the people.

    The fact that he even got banned from Clickbank just got me shocked. Clickbank itself is not really a great platform for selling courses and it is rare that someone can be banned by such a bad rated program. Appreciate this informative post!

    • Exactly, I’ve never heard of anyone else getting banned from ClickBank – ever.

      Yes, Partner With Anthony is nothing but a sales funnel you have to go through and buy into first so you can try and make money sending others through the same funnel. Total waste of time.

      Glad you found this useful Jayden, stay safe online!


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